We SURPRISED our editor with a brand new ELECTRIC SCOOTER!

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
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Comments • 451

  • RayWJEqualsFavorite

    BOIKS!!! Pease see this are these scooters illegal? Ive just bought one not got it yet but apparently up to a £300 fine and 6 points on your licence did you have any trouble? PLZ HALP

  • Mike Kristiansen
    Mike Kristiansen 2 months ago

    Smith - "85% off all scooter accidents are headtraumas"

    73.6% Of All Statistics Are Made Up :P

    XX_FADED_BACON_XX 2 months ago


  • Joe Knaggs
    Joe Knaggs 3 months ago

    I appreciate that! Love you guys

  • Joshua Cramb
    Joshua Cramb 3 months ago

    eight hundred and ninety fousand!!??

  • Clunk
    Clunk 3 months ago

    You do realise that those scooters are illegal to use in public spaces, right?

  • Tristan Derksen
    Tristan Derksen 3 months ago

    goddamn glorious smith tits in this vid

  • Luke Slatter
    Luke Slatter 3 months ago

    Nightmare that they're illegal

  • shawnsvp
    shawnsvp 3 months ago

    Do these clickbait titles work?

  • Rusins
    Rusins 3 months ago

    Hope the UK legalizes PEV like this soon. Glad to see you are wearing helmets; even experienced riders get hit by cars sometimes.

  • Jurian
    Jurian 3 months ago

    Craig is the 4th! Loving it

  • Shoulders
    Shoulders 3 months ago

    I missed these boys. I forgot how much I loved the Yogscast and Hats Films when I started rewatching their videos. Good to see they're still doing good

  • najtrows
    najtrows 3 months ago

    I am a bit of a periodic watcher nowadays. But only because I love catching up on your channel and binge! You are still so great dudes :D Love seeing that you are still doing new things

  • Richard Porritt
    Richard Porritt 3 months ago

    Great video but you realise it's illegal to ride those scooters on roads and pavements right now and you can get £300 fines and six points on your license!!!

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Graig me up inside

  • Weaver
    Weaver 3 months ago

    How many subscribers do you have?
    Slight pause where Trott try’s to hold back the tears,
    “1 million minus 110,000”

  • Daryl Cooke
    Daryl Cooke 3 months ago +1

    Trott rocking the Tool shirt 🤘🤘🤘

  • Batt Mrown
    Batt Mrown 4 months ago

    7:11 haha that's me in the blue hoody!! We were in Bristol for our NCS course

  • DJsquare3
    DJsquare3 4 months ago +1

    that was a really nice feel good video

  • Elk Elushka
    Elk Elushka 4 months ago

    I think ummmmmmm electric scooters are illegal in England or at least not allowed on uk roads, cycle lanes and pavements so be careful

  • Yurac Hunt
    Yurac Hunt 4 months ago

    guy at 7:05 looks like lewlew if he weren't vegan

  • Daniel Moar
    Daniel Moar 4 months ago

    I no joke thought haz was just some hobo chancer in the wide shot 🙈

  • Linken_88
    Linken_88 4 months ago +1

    This may be the most wholesome video to ever be made by the Hats.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 4 months ago +2

    Smith looks like he's about to start breastfeeding ...

  • door
    door 4 months ago

    wait trott has a tool t shirt, awesome xD

  • siana brooker
    siana brooker 4 months ago +1

    Ayyyy, sporting them NCS t-shirts. Best time of my life 😂😂

    • siana brooker
      siana brooker 4 months ago +1

      Agreed. I met my best friend who in turn introduced me to a whole load of great friends. I'll always recommend it

    • Land Of Tom
      Land Of Tom 4 months ago

      Yah met my ex on NCS
      Never mind that's she's my ex
      Ncs was preety fun

  • Gregory Whatley
    Gregory Whatley 4 months ago

    Just realised this video probably got in trending because A - it was a vlog
    B- because youtube picked up Trott saying "Maverick" and thought it was a Paul video. That and they mentioned him later on
    Fuck youtubes system sucks for trending their shit so much
    Good thing I guess no one clicks that tab ever

  • Gregory Whatley
    Gregory Whatley 4 months ago

    I get the sense that they prank Craig a lot
    Fuck me that's some paranoia haha
    Good shit Craig, too bad it doesn't pay your rent...
    3:59 nice, cut out yourself crashing into that man
    Ha! 5:31 nearly did it again. Nice

  • LeoTehJester
    LeoTehJester 4 months ago

    I thought HatFilms was always gonna be an absolute bag of dirt, but they've redeemed themselves...

  • naqi_
    naqi_ 4 months ago

    fucking NCS kids😂😂 i worked on NCS as a team leader, fucking mental couple of weeks



  • Jerf1
    Jerf1 4 months ago

    Hat Films: sweet and salty, the perfect combination.

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 4 months ago

    I love Craig with all of my heart

  • Richard Nunn
    Richard Nunn 4 months ago

    I have but 2 words for you to consider.... Stunt.....Lads

  • Bill Buck
    Bill Buck 4 months ago

    Is NCS like a group for disabled kids or something?

  • DonkeyWan
    DonkeyWan 4 months ago

    Top video, showcasing all that is good about Hat Films.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 4 months ago

    loved the new video?

  • Joanna
    Joanna 4 months ago

    boys yo are trending on youtube :)

  • VeggeMight
    VeggeMight 4 months ago

    Why is Smith wearing a pushup bra.

  • Jacob Brodie
    Jacob Brodie 4 months ago

    My fav part was when they let the kids have a go. The smiles on their faces and the excitement at hearing your subscriber count was awesome.

  • thelaurens1996
    thelaurens1996 4 months ago

    Ninebot is also from xiaomi :P
    So all three of you where using Xiaomi's

  • Cassie
    Cassie 4 months ago

    Very nice video...Great :)?

  • less kiss
    less kiss 4 months ago +1

    Look at hat films breaking the law 😂😂😂 somehow it's illegal in the UK to ride electric scooters on pavements and roads

  • Redshiftlight
    Redshiftlight 4 months ago

    The travel/lifestyle videos seem like really great content for Hat Films!

  • Lone
    Lone 4 months ago +1

    Why does everyone know so much about scooters in Bristol

  • Jemith
    Jemith 4 months ago

    Oi! Teenage boiks in the video! If you are reading this please sub to HatFilms and tell your friends! They are funny, stupid, complete twats and are just plain good lads, you'll love um!

  • SuperNeatra
    SuperNeatra 4 months ago

    New hat films shirt that says “you’re gonna die Craig. Put your helmet on.”

  • Rendom Stranger
    Rendom Stranger 4 months ago

    I personally prefer a bike but that is because I live in the Netherlands. Also because it is faster. I can really see those scooters being nice in areas where cycling is dangerous though. Also, there is nothing better than a gifting video, just saying.

  • Heal Please Heal
    Heal Please Heal 4 months ago

    890 thousands? But wait, your graphic shows 111 Million!!! Somethings not right here. LOL

  • Joe Stretton
    Joe Stretton 4 months ago

    Love that Barry is just rocking a Sasha Grey top ahah

  • Sawyer Houghton
    Sawyer Houghton 4 months ago

    scooty gang scooty gang scooty gang!

  • Izaac Oak-leigh
    Izaac Oak-leigh 4 months ago +1

    I love Craig with all of my heart

  • Couldbeworse
    Couldbeworse 4 months ago

    Kids are so cringey.. "are we gonna be on youtube? how many subscribers do you have??" as if HF wasn't cool enough before they said the amount. Argh. So angry. Lol.

  • Rogue Rage
    Rogue Rage 4 months ago +1

    Wow, this is trending!

  • Matt Rose
    Matt Rose 4 months ago +1

    Just saw this on the main trending page! Has this happened to Hat Films before? 😲

  • chickenpie595
    chickenpie595 4 months ago

    i lov hat

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 4 months ago +1

    boys yo are trending on youtube :)

  • DirtRich
    DirtRich 4 months ago +1

    Do my eyes deceive me or are the boiks on trending?

  • Kaath Kilo
    Kaath Kilo 4 months ago

    Got an ad for the exact same scooter lol

  • SpeedDS DemonStar
    SpeedDS DemonStar 4 months ago

    You should get Craig a helmet and customize it for him!