The All-ROG Gaming PC!

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
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    Enter to win one of two ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502 gaming notebooks
    The PC of the Republic is here - Join us as we build the all-ROG gaming machine from the ground up and take it for a spin!
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Comments • 8 266

  • birbelot 007
    birbelot 007 32 minutes ago

    21:33 are those scratch marks?

  • gh_3_2
    gh_3_2 2 hours ago

    if only...

  • Enrique Limon
    Enrique Limon 4 hours ago

    I want one.. for Dwarf Fortress XD

  • Jack Games
    Jack Games 4 hours ago

    If for whatever reason you wanna buy this and you have over $5,826, go ahead because this thing is over the top and over priced

  • zeke saxman
    zeke saxman 5 hours ago

    The other guy is really fucking fat Linus.

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    No ROG cpu? Clickbait.

  • Deangelo Blount
    Deangelo Blount 5 hours ago

    Can you build me a PC I have no money

  • James Sinnett
    James Sinnett 5 hours ago

    Love this computer. I like to own this computer if I only had the money for it

  • ᔕ O ᑌ ᒪ
    ᔕ O ᑌ ᒪ 5 hours ago

    Asus CPU must be next?

  • Fidget Jackson
    Fidget Jackson 7 hours ago

    pick colorblind friendly rgb colors pls

  • B Bowling
    B Bowling 7 hours ago

    Uh, it's upside down. Lol

  • HorseySlumz
    HorseySlumz 8 hours ago +1

    Can it run minecraft?

  • vipercraft44
    vipercraft44 9 hours ago

    Everyone watching this: *old laptop*

    Linus: "today we will be making an all rog gaming pc" (and not doing a giveaway)

  • ag.floats XR
    ag.floats XR 10 hours ago +1

    Wearing long sleeves while doing a build. Mmmmm static.

  • bigdog95321
    bigdog95321 12 hours ago +1

    There should totally be a giveaway of this build. 👀👀👀

  • Animal Crosser
    Animal Crosser 13 hours ago

    Drop Reverse Yuh

  • booogik
    booogik 15 hours ago

    RGB is only for gehs...

  • big man
    big man 15 hours ago +1

    I have 1080 ti and I don't have a cpu and I have 150 dollars for it. Can you tell me what cpu shut I buy?

    • vipercraft44
      vipercraft44 9 hours ago

      Get a i7 8700 or a i7 9700, rlly good for the price

  • Rohn
    Rohn 17 hours ago

    what hard disk did u guys use??

  • Dank Franklin
    Dank Franklin 18 hours ago +1

    You should nickname it "The BullROG"

  • SarcasticSid
    SarcasticSid 20 hours ago

    *Am I hearing Letterkenny speak?*

  • Karthick Damodharan
    Karthick Damodharan 21 hour ago

    I am going to school only to get rich enough to own stuff like these

  • brianpc pc
    brianpc pc Day ago

    hi ltt team , how do you come up with the knowledge of the best components and what information is all this based on ? please do not say the asus rog site as this is obviously biased towards product sales .. ...

  • Weaponized Emoticon

    I know, late to the game.
    But dang did Asus think through these components. It is a gorgeous system.

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc Day ago

    "SotTR - 4K, ultra details!"
    "Wow! Motion blur, too!?"
    "... STFU." *slaps

  • sean simpson
    sean simpson Day ago

    ya but can it run crysis

  • Mr. Eric
    Mr. Eric Day ago

    Guys if u got a little bit of time then.. check out my Instagram page... I post clips nd photos featuring Call of Duty Modern warfare nd PC mods nd some gaming rigs..

  • Logi Gamer
    Logi Gamer Day ago

    man, that's my dream p.c but I wish I could come to you guys in the U.S because I live in the middle eastern areas so, I guess I've gotta keep dreaming about it.

  • Ulfath Ahmed
    Ulfath Ahmed Day ago

    As a ASUS fan boy watching this video is like linus is building my dream,and that dream is telling me don not dare to dream. Having all ASUS component PC and thinking that never gonna have that much money to play on a that kind of PC or go near
    what a life !!!

    also your true fan from Bangladesh , linus ❤

  • יונתן אייזיק

    Can't believe I just sow the whole video without skipping

  • daniel holbrow
    daniel holbrow Day ago

    I would absolutely love this pc 😔

  • AnØnymØus ÜnHøLy DarK CrØwÑ – SÇELETÏALL

    - 2X RTX 2080 TI
    - 64X2 - 128 GB RAM
    - WINDOWS 10 64 - BIT OS

    AFRO PYRO 2 days ago

    is the LinusTechTips t-shirt still available ?

  • salison salim
    salison salim 2 days ago

    I love my Xbox 1, takes only 50 sec to switch on and start my game . And it takes 50 sec to switch off and run to work .

  • Mister gaming XD
    Mister gaming XD 2 days ago

    Anthony low key looks like Steve wozniak

  • PewPewPotatos 21
    PewPewPotatos 21 2 days ago +2

    “64gb of memory is unnecessary for gaming”

    *minecraft shaders RTX 4K texture pack:*
    Am I a joke to you?

  • Gregory Saldanha
    Gregory Saldanha 2 days ago

    I, too, love it when ASUS reaches out to me

  • James Moore
    James Moore 2 days ago

    but does it play Minecraft?

  • Arathel McArthur
    Arathel McArthur 2 days ago +2

    I swear LTT is flexing on the pc community. ROG is like Gucci for me

  • AliSot 2000
    AliSot 2000 2 days ago

    The PSU screen I actually find more useful than the screen on the cpu cooler. And the slightly stuttering animation on the cpu cooler is also not to great.

  • harrison herring
    harrison herring 2 days ago

    all nzxt build

  • Almogozi
    Almogozi 2 days ago

    The screen is a bit red-ish, isn't it?

  • Yuri Savinsky
    Yuri Savinsky 2 days ago

    Kim Kardashian: dies

    Me: 1:47

    • Donald Wright Justice
      Donald Wright Justice Day ago

      Stop stealing jokes, just because you get bullied at school doesent mean you have to steal things from others.

  • Sodeeen
    Sodeeen 2 days ago

    Linus: Builds 10000$ PC
    BFV @ 4k-60FPS-RayTracing: Not Today

  • yu sevrice
    yu sevrice 2 days ago

    the are not come from made in china?

  • Christian Borromeo
    Christian Borromeo 2 days ago

    some people watch mukbang, techies watch linus build pc.

  • Book
    Book 3 days ago

    So insane. I hate that I want this system so bad lol

  • Jack liu
    Jack liu 3 days ago

    So you're telling me that the Coolers screen doesn't show the CPU temp? Complete missed opportunity

  • zma khan
    zma khan 3 days ago

    This Competition has ended

  • zma khan
    zma khan 3 days ago

    give a wayy plsss🤩😍😍

  • BlakRoze
    BlakRoze 3 days ago

    i want this pc nowwwww....... faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • IguanaGang17
    IguanaGang17 3 days ago +1

    I have one of these next to my Lamborghini.

    I don't have a Lamborghini.

  • Siege __
    Siege __ 3 days ago

    That’s so sexy

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson 3 days ago

    That is my dream PC right there. Every single component in that PC

  • Music and Truth
    Music and Truth 3 days ago

    Cost to build?

  • CakeZombi
    CakeZombi 3 days ago

    Funny fat man have the Bad voice

  • afroula21
    afroula21 3 days ago

    So we are building super computer in ..THE KITCHEN?! LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND

  • Anglerio
    Anglerio 3 days ago +1

    To a point when your pc looks better than the game

  • Fiton
    Fiton 3 days ago

    ROG = Asus way of making you pay premium prices like dell and alienware. anytime i see ROG or Alienware shit i just ignore it downright. you could by a equal or better performing LG or Samsung monitor for instance for half the price and same or better performance.

  • Joey Pug
    Joey Pug 3 days ago

    it isnt all rog pc >:( I GOT CLICKBAITED