• Published on Dec 7, 2019
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Comments • 1 577


    The real deal , a fit Whyte beats anyone you put in front of him

  • JG 700
    JG 700 23 days ago

    Still pissing at Birdie num num

  • James James
    James James 25 days ago

    Can you get this interview in English??Wtf.

  • Joe Dera
    Joe Dera Month ago

    Dillian whyte, that fight shows that u need to retire and say good bye to boxing in order to save yourself from disgrace and getting hurt so bad!

  • undisputed one
    undisputed one Month ago

    Dillian whyte has beaten more w,b,c, ranked fighters than Wilder!!! THE TRUE W,B,C, HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD...DILLIAN WHYTE!!!😉👍

  • Mason Brown
    Mason Brown Month ago

    Whyte failed a test, not only that but on the same week as 2 fighters died, he can't complain.

  • Daniaal Ali
    Daniaal Ali Month ago

    Alots of respect for Dillian May Allah bless him and his mother and family. Amen

  • Ronnie Sutton
    Ronnie Sutton Month ago

    Dillian I put you above everyone. I know you lost to AJ but you rocked him.And the brown bummer won't fight you.I'm from South London too,so your my kind of fighter.Keep going and you will be world champ.

    HASSASIN ALI Month ago

    "I give him some raas licks" looooool

  • Chevy Chaze
    Chevy Chaze Month ago

    Congrats (For being innocent anyway ??) & It's come at
    Just at the right time for a great 2020 !! Beat wall Wach
    Now you need to get Danny Jacobs onboard Dillian (`-')
    Work with his Snac diet, Go in say 17st 7, Wilder's toast

  • 274Deon
    274Deon Month ago

    Off the juice!!😂😂He would have never beaten Oscar Without help!!💯💯

  • karlos Lowry
    karlos Lowry Month ago

    Birdy numb numb

  • karlos Lowry
    karlos Lowry Month ago

    Dillian has a lot of work to do next fight I hope his weight comes down.

  • Kanmi Iyanda
    Kanmi Iyanda Month ago

    D almost gave away a secret about his eyes....lol.

  • John Burnett
    John Burnett Month ago

    You da man. Try not to let it get to you and turn it into a positive 👊🏻

  • Mckever Lewis
    Mckever Lewis Month ago

    Man please you're that dude who fights like a old drunken man flailing around the ring like your having a seizure at times just look at that jaw you can't fight.

  • Aqeel Bashorun
    Aqeel Bashorun Month ago

    they making him the black sheep of boxing... great fighter right here... i hate politics

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    Hate seeing him like this, seems like a good guy and definitely can hang with the top heavyweights.

  • StarFight Express
    StarFight Express Month ago

    I hope he reads through these comments and sees the love he’s getting man. Big year next year bruv 👊🏾

  • Woke
    Woke Month ago

    Fight Ortiz and shut up ! LDBC tha Mob

  • Donnie
    Donnie Month ago

    Wach only trained a week for your sorry ass🤣🤣🤣

  • jake templeman
    jake templeman Month ago

    Fight anyone will Dill. Warrior

  • Jonny Jangles
    Jonny Jangles Month ago

    Am glad Dillian admitted to the poor performance.... AV bigged him up to much leave it like that...! Biggest fan...!

  • KDC Office
    KDC Office Month ago

    This man has been through hell !! He is dignified and is just himself - "No Media Training " Good luck in 2020

  • Dom Rice
    Dom Rice Month ago

    My great grandma once said to me never ever trust anybody who as whyte or hearn as a surname.I said no grandma I won’t,gd rest her soul 🤥

  • G Darko
    G Darko Month ago

    Don't mind him not looking his greatest long as he wins
    Him not looking great might make that coward wilder fight him

  • Michael Woodard
    Michael Woodard Month ago

    hate? who hates i want you to be in great shape and get this k.o. after fury in the summer

  • LR266
    LR266 Month ago

    It's good that all this shit has been cleared up and people can stop talking shit about Dillian.

  • DraughtKing
    DraughtKing Month ago

    To be clear, the ukad ruling actually admitted that he failed the test, however they still cleared him to fight..... so no fake title and drop him from the ranks for this fraud

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence Month ago

    Glad your back Dillian keep on running Beyonce Wilder

  • Mister Strange
    Mister Strange Month ago +1

    I always skip the start lol

  • Fight Night
    Fight Night Month ago

    Wow he looks like 💩and this guy thinks he can beat 👑 WILDER? He just wants the PAY DAY
    " nobody wants to fight Oscar Rivas" 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Greer
    James Greer Month ago

    Dillian whyte is a top boxer proved everybody wrong who was dissing him over b samples and needs a title shot next year without a doubt been way too long. Go on dillian always believed in you

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MC Month ago +1

    Birdie num num!

  • dalie1990
    dalie1990 Month ago

    This guy deserves his shot! It's an absolute disgrace what this mans been through.

  • Ralph Stevens
    Ralph Stevens Month ago

    Birdy num num

  • Ralph Stevens
    Ralph Stevens Month ago

    Get on the case and you will do just fine

  • Emil N
    Emil N Month ago


  • bozza7777
    bozza7777 Month ago

    Use that anger to fuel the fire Dillian... your chance is coming, no-one deserves it more, never ducks a fight, always willing to get in the ring!! BIRDY NUM NUM!!

  • Fong Wong
    Fong Wong Month ago

    Next step is sue UKAD for gross negligence. They cannot catch anyone on dope so they picked Dillian as everyone else was screwing him over without vaseline anyway, so they decided to have a go. They cannot catch anyone so they only wanted a have a name on their record books for once. This gross negligence tarnished his reputation, Dillian must sue!

  • marlon wesley
    marlon wesley Month ago

    Stay well clear of wilder cause wilder is ready! I do believe that wider will dispatch this fighter in a really bad way! He gets too tired and sloppy after 5 rounds!Don’t fight wilder he will destroy you bruv!

  • yiannis marcou
    yiannis marcou Month ago

    Dillian used to come to my gym, I never actually spoke to him but you could see he was humble, respectful and a nice guy. I don’t don’t understand why people hate on success.
    Respect to Dillian and his camp, wishing him the best for the coming years!! 🙌🏻👏🏼

  • Michael Mckenzie
    Michael Mckenzie Month ago

    Wilder still running

  • Victor Supreme
    Victor Supreme Month ago

    The WBC screwed him to try and keep Wilder undefeated for his rematch with Fury.

  • Puertecitos68
    Puertecitos68 Month ago

    he is a mediocre fighter and just needs to go back to the 9 to 5 , thats all.

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    I feel for Dillian. He has done everything he has to do. People trying to screw him behind the scenes. Wilder is such a piece of shit on every level. Man up and give the man his chance.

  • Opon M
    Opon M Month ago

    Give back what's his.... simple

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas Month ago

    Respect dillian your time will come mate. Keep ya head up an channel the anger into ur training turn the negative into a positive..

  • Stu Clark
    Stu Clark Month ago

    Dillion has gained so much more support than he knows, unfortunately hate & negativity is so much louder than respect & goodwill.
    I was in 2 minds regarding purchasing the AJ vs Ruiz 2 broadcast & was leaning toward risking finding a back door stream, when I found out Dillion was on the card my decision was made & I purchased the ppv.
    This guy has certainly earned my respect & I didn’t particularly like him a few years ago, his boxing & work ethic alone turned me to an avid supporter, now any negativity toward him is just the foundation laid for his point to be proven in the arena & a slightly irritating noise to be silenced.
    Just keep doing what your doing & go get em.

  • Richard Mccarthy
    Richard Mccarthy Month ago

    So happy for Dillian to win, but it so sad to see him down after all the shit he has had to injure. The wbc would better give the man his shit back after messing him around for 3 1/2 years as number contender but let wylder fight nobody's apart from fury but Dillian should have had a shot way before and then make him have a fight to become a mantary number one. Then take it all back and can't fight for their title till 2021 although he had passed all the vada testing which is the wbc's testing. They found him guilty when he done nothing. Give him back all he worked so hard and fought for in and outside the ring.

  • Rick Menlove
    Rick Menlove Month ago

    Frank Warren's got some heat coming his way.

  • Ryan Morley
    Ryan Morley Month ago

    The politics of boxing. It's a shame. He's a star. Also, looks like he needs a good cry. Let it out fella, let it out...

  • robert atcheson
    robert atcheson Month ago

    When is this man going to get a title shot

  • Taferzz
    Taferzz Month ago +1

    Who’s ukad

  • The Voice of Reason

    Listen Dillian these ppl can't make money off u because u are one of the most authentic boxers. U don't fix fights or act like the others. They don't want u because if u become number 1 they would prefer others who they believe wd act accordingly and fix matches.... Boxing is a joke and becoming like WWE.... Fraudulent industry not like the days of Tyson and Ali.

  • Nick 999
    Nick 999 Month ago

    Yardy taking his chances as a big man would.

  • Mark mcintosh
    Mark mcintosh Month ago

    big up dillian , ballocks to them get Christmas sorted back Number 1 contender

  • Luke Lee
    Luke Lee Month ago

    Dillian says it how it is and does his best to back it up every time he jumps in the ring. Props to the guy!

  • Nuclear Zeus
    Nuclear Zeus Month ago

    Always found it strange that the second it looked like he would get the wilder fight he tested positive. I never believed it and thought something funny was going on. Somebody didn’t want him to fight Wilder.

  • Sexy Mac
    Sexy Mac Month ago

    Love Whyte. Only boxer in the division who will fight any body. No bullshit just wants and loves to fight.