HIGH SCHOOL COOK-OFF *Food Battle Challenge*

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • It's Home Economics class and things get crazy when Tootsie and Cinnamon go face to face in an EPIC FOOD BATTLE to win an A on their school midterm. Who is the champion? FIND OUT NOW! #HighSchool #HighSchoolCookOff
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  • Sophie Ashton
    Sophie Ashton Hour ago

    Who else loves BTS

  • Yahir Lopez
    Yahir Lopez Hour ago

    What about the summer crush riya?

  • princess singh
    princess singh Hour ago

    u guy did this cooking challenge and it was awesome . but I was thinking u guy would have make a fashion challenge with your friend and the mean red head devil.

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  • Seungwoo’s Son
    Seungwoo’s Son 4 hours ago

    5:25 I swear gladys reads mind when I saw you could change the key board I paused the video just to get the app and changed it to BTS lol 😂

  • Gana Bat
    Gana Bat 4 hours ago

    3:01 I died

  • Gana Bat
    Gana Bat 4 hours ago

    2:46 ok Rhubarb ask urself Hoe do u survive ?

  • Anthony Leon
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    BTS fans here-

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  • Elisa Baxa
    Elisa Baxa 6 hours ago

    Who else was surprised when she said “bts keyboard “

  • Ronny Sicurella
    Ronny Sicurella 6 hours ago

    Can u do a father reveal

  • Khira Patel
    Khira Patel 6 hours ago +1

    You know the drill
    1. Riya
    2. Tootsie
    3. Daniel
    4. Cinnamon
    5. Raja
    6. Rhubarb
    7. Strawberry
    8. Zoya
    9. Melvin
    0. Other
    Reply with who u got!
    (I got Riya)

  • Hope Robinson
    Hope Robinson 6 hours ago

    How is dan still fit when he eats big macs almost every episode cuz when I eat a single big Mac I gain 92776465765 pounds😤😲😲😤

  • Basya Basanda
    Basya Basanda 6 hours ago

    You know that girl that speaks Russian which is actually Dan I am Russian but are you Russian I understand you very well without reading the thing

  • Ruby Hammond
    Ruby Hammond 7 hours ago

    Hi dan + diya thanks for saying to download the face emoji app 😁

  • Dragon Kids
    Dragon Kids 9 hours ago

    Types of friends

  • Elizabeth Contreras
    Elizabeth Contreras 10 hours ago

    Why are you guys not postin}:‑)

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  • glory georgia
    glory georgia 12 hours ago

    Te amo 😃

  • glory georgia
    glory georgia 12 hours ago

    How did u get it to have strawberrys dad when she typed in her name

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    Make more videos

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    I- My cat is orange & Is called Ginge Lmao 😂 love that

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  • Anamarija Kastaneti
    Anamarija Kastaneti 13 hours ago

    you are stupid

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    Nehemias Mendez 14 hours ago

    Make another video its been forever

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    Sade Foster 15 hours ago

    Loving facemoj so amazing my keyboard tropical love the app

  • Glodi’s room
    Glodi’s room 17 hours ago

    i have daniels snap and he said that riya and him arnt as happy as they are on camera and riya tried to commit suicide a few times
    and was innopropiate

  • Brooke Langlands
    Brooke Langlands 18 hours ago +1

    Make a app for me to play on🥰

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    Mohikanta Ray 18 hours ago

    Where is candy

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    Why aren’t you guys posting frequently

  • Aisheriee Transfiguracion

    Omg new video coming tomorrow 10.21

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 23 hours ago +1

    Hey thanks to strawberry I have the face 🙂key board. If you are reading this you should done load this app, it's amazing💕😍.

  • Keiyona Green
    Keiyona Green Day ago

    I love you guys

  • Marlene Fonseca
    Marlene Fonseca Day ago

    Omg I love the facemoji app it's AMAZING \(*T▽T*)/

  • The jr Robloxian
    The jr Robloxian Day ago +1

    Who is watching this in 2019 thumbs up

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    Julie Kwak Day ago

    Can u put bts emoji

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    Why aren’t you posting a lot of videos? I am waiting

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    I never enjoy these videos if there isn't a part 2!

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