Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer (As Told with LEGO Bricks)

  • Published on May 19, 2018
  • We're putting together a crew... with LEGO bricks in this version of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer.
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Comments • 330

  • Peter Enderman
    Peter Enderman 29 days ago

    May the 4th be with you

  • Tien Tran
    Tien Tran 7 months ago

    can star wars with the help of ea and dice help make a live action battlefront 2 movie from the story mode

  • Smashball Face
    Smashball Face 7 months ago

    That L3 tho. Why not make a figure? Like, in a set, maybe?

  • Trev B
    Trev B 8 months ago

    Looks better then the solo movie

  • Sebec Kawamura
    Sebec Kawamura 8 months ago

    Hello Daito! This video is awesome!

  • daito suzuki
    daito suzuki 8 months ago


  • lewis rhys
    lewis rhys 8 months ago

    "Big shot gangster putting together a crew"

  • Tracer main
    Tracer main 8 months ago

    Hey kid. *Big shot gangster putting together a crew*

  • Swisscheese ninja reacts

    But I'm not going to lie it's a really good animation

  • Jonah Goforth
    Jonah Goforth 9 months ago

    B I G S H O T G A N G S T E R

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon 9 months ago

    Another marxist, feminist disaster of a movie.

  • A Very Random Noobie
    A Very Random Noobie 9 months ago

    You Guys Should Partner Up With Lego To Make The Lego Star Wars Movie!

  • Shikamaru Uehara
    Shikamaru Uehara 9 months ago


  • Arthur Wacker
    Arthur Wacker 9 months ago +1

    For some reason *LEGO* has always been a world I've wanted to live in....

  • rrod128
    rrod128 9 months ago

    I love it

  • Spinozin
    Spinozin 9 months ago

    And SOLO bombs on its openning weekend!!! TLJ is unforgivable

  • Sam Hale
    Sam Hale 9 months ago

    Stop it. This is a merch advert.

  • BryanStopMotionProduction

    Who Made this?

  • Blue Brix Productions
    Blue Brix Productions 9 months ago

    Yes lego, first time you made it on the star wars channel

  • Parzifal Productions
    Parzifal Productions 10 months ago

    Yay for afols!

  • Fennek Films
    Fennek Films 10 months ago

    Awesome!!! Brotherwoodworkshop???

  • Rhysio Eren
    Rhysio Eren 10 months ago

    I'm watching the movie today! 😎

  • Zuny folds
    Zuny folds 10 months ago

    I just watched Solo yesterday night and I must say it is really good!!!!👍👍👍

    BLACK OPS Man 10 months ago

    Love it!!!!!

  • mason man production coffey 2222


  • Jasler Primus25
    Jasler Primus25 10 months ago

    Put that lego star wars the movie

  • Kaiser Leviathan
    Kaiser Leviathan 10 months ago

    How does that Lego look more like Harrison Ford than the guy thats in the movie?

  • Jordan Caoile
    Jordan Caoile 10 months ago

    this is the best trailer i have ever scene in Lego keep up the good work Lego Star Wars : )

  • ALegoProductions 205
    ALegoProductions 205 10 months ago

    She needs a particular type of driver...

  • Jim Young
    Jim Young 10 months ago

    Disney Star Wars SUCKS

  • Haeden Couturier
    Haeden Couturier 10 months ago

    As if Phil Lord and Chris Miller weren't triggered enough.

  • Ronan Flynn
    Ronan Flynn 10 months ago


  • Vadigrie
    Vadigrie 10 months ago

    I really hope we're getting a lego videogame for Rogue One, Episode 8 and Solo soon

  • aleksandar JEDAI MASTER
    aleksandar JEDAI MASTER 10 months ago

    Cool. Lego movie video star wars

  • EmmaTheGuppy
    EmmaTheGuppy 10 months ago


  • Alex Soetekouw Productions

    Wow, the animation really does accentuate the terrible voices.

  • Chan’s Galaxy Gaming
    Chan’s Galaxy Gaming 10 months ago


  • Zane
    Zane 10 months ago +1

    So this was Lord and Millers version of the movie before Ron Howard took over

  • James Masz
    James Masz 10 months ago

    Isn't this a kind of rubbing it in for Lord and Miller? I don't see the coincidence.

  • Brick Workshop
    Brick Workshop 10 months ago

    Amazing !!!! The animation is very nice !!!!

  • Zoetrope Arts
    Zoetrope Arts 10 months ago

    I just really dislike the haters of this film

  • J P
    J P 10 months ago

    I'd actually watch this.

  • stefansmith
    stefansmith 10 months ago

    0:43 New music from the soundtrack?

  • Arbeetor
    Arbeetor 10 months ago

    Big Shot Gangster: A Star Wars Story

  • planet drool
    planet drool 10 months ago

    I’m not going to watch this move.

  • Clone Unit 501
    Clone Unit 501 10 months ago


  • Woohyun Jung
    Woohyun Jung 10 months ago

    What the...

  • Hasan Nasir
    Hasan Nasir 10 months ago +1

    Noice! Good and cool

  • Zioltouch
    Zioltouch 10 months ago

    Mind blowing job guys, it’s incredible!!

  • Sekiberius Welkesh
    Sekiberius Welkesh 10 months ago

    Soylo a SJW story

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 10 months ago

    This is awesome.

  • Rebel Trooper Chris
    Rebel Trooper Chris 10 months ago

    Awesome i new somebody would don this one day!

  • T-70 X-Wing
    T-70 X-Wing 10 months ago


  • J Sagy
    J Sagy 10 months ago

    Nice job to whoever did the stop motion for this

  • NonWavyBone
    NonWavyBone 10 months ago


  • Izac T
    Izac T 10 months ago

    I got a feeling that solo story's ending is going to involve meeting luke and ben at the cantina,just a feeling

  • Ariel Casanova
    Ariel Casanova 10 months ago +2

    You've got to respect peeps who put in the work to make stop motions with LEGO. It's one of the most fiddly, tedious, time-consuming past times!

  • Kush Garg
    Kush Garg 10 months ago

    I absolutely love seeing Star Wars movie trailers in LEGO, especially this trailer.

  • Cave Miner
    Cave Miner 10 months ago

    I recently made a lego stop-motion animation too. It's about the clone wars though.

  • SpitBrix
    SpitBrix 10 months ago +4

    The power of LEGO is very strong on our side.

  • Kitten on the Keys
    Kitten on the Keys 10 months ago

    Omg this is amazing who made this?? It's got to be the best Lego trailer I've ever seen

  • Tiel
    Tiel 10 months ago

    Glad my lego figure is pansexual

  • Daniel Rafuls
    Daniel Rafuls 10 months ago +3

    Even LEGO Lando steals the show.

  • Andrew Waples
    Andrew Waples 10 months ago +1

    Okay, there needs to be a Lego Star Wars movie now.

  • JRA Tu Amigo
    JRA Tu Amigo 10 months ago +2

    Lego Solo A Star Wars Story

  • Jaeden Sports
    Jaeden Sports 10 months ago

    Nice job!

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 10 months ago

    Awesome birthday present.

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 10 months ago


  • TargLife
    TargLife 10 months ago

    This was really cute. Can't wait to see the movie.

  • Mikey Drum
    Mikey Drum 10 months ago

    Big shot feminists putting together a crew. You in ?

  • 서지원
    서지원 10 months ago


  • Bugsy !
    Bugsy ! 10 months ago +1

    This is great! I love how it’s actually stop motion and not CGI

  • Shaq4real
    Shaq4real 10 months ago

    This looks brickin amazing.

  • The Brick
    The Brick 10 months ago +1

    That is so cool I can’t wait till it comes out😁

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez 10 months ago

    This is so cool. All of the scenes are done so well.
    Great job!

  • Nameless
    Nameless 10 months ago

    This was better than the actual movie.

  • GeoBricks
    GeoBricks 10 months ago +1

    I love this Guys... Hope to see the same for episode 9!

  • Artifact
    Artifact 10 months ago

    For a second I thought the entire movie was being spoiled until I read the word "Trailer"

  • Stuart Allen
    Stuart Allen 10 months ago

    Looks awful

  • SAM
    SAM 10 months ago

    This is awesome

  • F.P.P Extra
    F.P.P Extra 10 months ago

    Sean Willets you are amazing.

  • rob brown
    rob brown 10 months ago

    Anyone know if this is all CG or did they actually photogragh real Lego (and add a few effects)?

    • rob brown
      rob brown 10 months ago

      Yeah if they spend enough money on the CG, it can be hard to tell with Lego stuff, but I agree that this looks very real (i.e. stop motion).

  • Roy Wilson
    Roy Wilson 10 months ago

    Very cool

  • Eric Frazier
    Eric Frazier 10 months ago

    Great job

  • Thunderbird 2 Fan
    Thunderbird 2 Fan 10 months ago

    The movie is coming out in 5 days

  • Panda Squad_YT
    Panda Squad_YT 10 months ago

    This looks lit

  • PapaPalpi66
    PapaPalpi66 10 months ago

    Honestly looks better than the is....

  • Rick Channel
    Rick Channel 10 months ago

    in portugal may 24

  • cookeycat
    cookeycat 10 months ago

    Show Quay figure. He's beautiful.

  • Ayin. V
    Ayin. V 10 months ago

    I want to see this movie. Lego Solo Movie. Love Lego Cartoons

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 10 months ago +4

    0:40 Saesee Tiin survived Order 66 😱

    • Knight Production
      Knight Production 10 months ago

      Anonymous yeah I Saul very funny but darth might be in it and Saesee might fight😱😱😱

  • Darth Ben
    Darth Ben 10 months ago +1


  • The TrueGhost
    The TrueGhost 10 months ago


  • Dj Tenders
    Dj Tenders 10 months ago

    Nice slap in the face to the lego directors... who probably would have made a better film

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 10 months ago

    great lego version! :D
    I love Lego! XD

  • DigitalWizardsStudios
    DigitalWizardsStudios 10 months ago +16

    Glad to be a part of this! Disney assembled an incredible crew.

  • jedimario22
    jedimario22 10 months ago

    This is even worse when you only hear their voices.. I say no to the Soylo!

  • Karim Labbée
    Karim Labbée 10 months ago

    Cant wait to see it in Lego.

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 10 months ago

    Big shot gangster putting together a crew

  • Ricky VanDusen
    Ricky VanDusen 10 months ago

    Can you believe wolverine was in deadpool 2!! Oh spoilers