Dead Stolen Audi, can we fix it?

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
  • In this video we diagnose and fix a dead mystery auction Audi that was stolen.
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  • David St
    David St  +59

    now you now what happend.. with that comfort modul..

  • Phillip Bailey

    Excellent demonstration. You're one of the most professional TheXvid technicians out there. Not only are you great at diagnosis but your video quality is superb! Keep up the fantastic content.

  • Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics

    That was a really neat diagnosis, Dan! Very logical thought process :) Would be interesting to see the programming process too...please show it next time!

  • Belux Auto

    That was a tricky one but you are a master in logical thinking. In the end it is easy for anyone to say " of course " but sometimes coming up with a game plan is the hardest part. It all makes sense in the end but I bet that many would get stuck at wanting to make sure that the key was matching the car. Great video Danny. A pleasure to listen and watch.

  • HughShower
    HughShower  +104

    Reminds me of the BMW you diagnosed with a comfort module blocking things due to the passenger side door handle being shorted out. Great diagnosis, great vid - thanks. 👍

  • Scott Farris

    Still my most favorite auto-diagnostician, Dan. You explain things so well and make it seem like we could do these diagnostics on our own…..which I clearly could not. 😂 keep up the great work, Dan! Lifetime fan, here.

  • Paul Hutchins

    Always, logical, methodical and proves in multiple ways where the problem is. Great stuff. No taking anything for granted or guessing here. Well done. 👍🏼

  • mike berry

    Great job Dan , your so right to split the circuits to check for the faults , your customer will be so happy that you have the expertise to diagnose and fix a problem like this , well done sir 👍👍👍

  • Frank Muschetto

    Another great video, Dan. Very informative and interesting. Glad you shared it with us. Once again you solved a difficult situation with your unique ability to logically break things down and explain what's happening so us far less talented folks can understand and learn.

  • Garage It Yourself

    Great videos as always and I'm always intrigued in how electronic gremlins are resolved 🙃 The tech required to diagnose these modern vehicles sure seems to be out of the price range of most DIY enthusiasts though. Unless there are some reliable cheap options for oscilloscopes and ODB2 scanners.

  • Ferenc Tulics

    Great video, very helpful and informative, as usual! In order to be able to do the job the right way, we need the wiring diagrams, location of the modules, the relations between them, as well as their role in the whole system. Without all these info's is really hard, if not next to impossible to finish the job.

  • firewalker

    Really Nice!!! Did you do a board level inspection of the old module for simple obvious component level failures (water ingress, shorted tantalum caps etc)? I would love to see a module programming/coding.

  • lascut simion

    Man, you're amazing. Great job, great explanations. I'm glad I found you. What you do is great. Not everyone shows what the car really was! Congratulations!!

  • TryingToFlyNathan

    Dan can I just say a massive thank you. I have been watching your Channel for a while now as I'm trying to get my head around and get into the diagnostics side of the automotive trade. Your videos are so informative and easy to follow and your knowledge comes across. Your videos are definetely playing a big part in my learning so thanks for all the time and effort you put into your videos.

  • tornado34

    Awesome work. Methodical, logical and structured diagnosis. A true professional not just a ‘swap it and hope’ merchant. Full respect for your skills. 💪🏻

  • Mark Edwards

    you are a top technician and your videos are highly informative and entertaining and shows how complex car electronics have become!

  • J S
    J S 

    Dan, your videos are brilliant. Well paced and clearly methodical and simply explained. You are the best diagnostician going by far

  • Eletroivan

    Great job,well done. The VW family is too much complex to get a diagnosis,but you make it easy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Happy new year from Brazil.

  • New Level Auto

    Another great diagnosis my friend. Keeping it simple and straight to the point. Happy New Year !

  • Stephen Saines

    Unlike many mechanics, you approached this as an electronic tech. Good work. One question remains though: Could the original comfort module be reprogrammed? It might have gone into a default status due to detecting unauthorized use of the car.