'Henderson MOTM!' | Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Player Ratings

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
  • 'Henderson MOTM!' | Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Player Ratings
    Chris is outside Anfield with a buoyant crowd to discuss the player ratings as Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 to remain unbeaten in the league!

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Comments • 387

  • Sophie
    Sophie 23 days ago +1

    Klopp deserves recognition for leaving fabinio out agaist villa incase he got a yellow and missed this game , paid off perfectly, what a game fans get a 10 for the atmosphere also well deserved

  • Teguh Setyasa
    Teguh Setyasa 28 days ago

    I think cdm is the most important thing for club like Liverpool with striker they already have against club like city

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long Month ago

    For the people that dont notice this when Hendo dont play we loose a little defense in midfield

  • Lucy Reid
    Lucy Reid Month ago

    Lfc shud buy depay in jan

  • Eoin Coffey
    Eoin Coffey Month ago

    The guy in the red next to Chris was chatting out of his arse

  • Eoin Coffey
    Eoin Coffey Month ago

    The amount of hippies in this fuck me

  • Dog's Opinion
    Dog's Opinion Month ago +1

    They look like Orks.

  • Mira cles
    Mira cles Month ago

    He have yellow teeth 😉

  • Nathan Blavo
    Nathan Blavo Month ago

    Lets calm down bout Trent. Defensively he really needs to improve but the quality is there to see.

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard Month ago

    Gini motm ,dribbled his way out of trouble through 3or4 men each time.Class .

  • Aria Strwn
    Aria Strwn Month ago

    Ohh andy andy

  • Royale With Cheese
    Royale With Cheese Month ago +1

    Henderson was amazing! Get in there REDS!

  • Cru Cut
    Cru Cut Month ago

    Fabinho is my motm.

    Just been told that we have collected 101 points from the last 38 games. Wow! if that's right.

  • Alex Martons
    Alex Martons Month ago +1

    Salah is the best from a man city fan.

  • Ryan Maxwell
    Ryan Maxwell Month ago

    Fab has gave them ago a few times when we’re against 2 banks of 4 but rarely materialised. He scored similar goals for Monaco in the same positions so he definitely has it in his locker but it’s OTT saying it’s the best goal scored at Anfield. I think Fab will bring us a few important goal over his time here it’s just difficult when they’re is never any space for us since last year. No one wants to go head to head with us anymore that’s why we’re struggling to wipe teams away like we did last year. Everyone knows our capabilities and they can’t match it so they prey on counters and corners

  • Mike Keel
    Mike Keel Month ago

    MOTM, Jurgen Klopp. He is the man. He has made our great players so much better than when they arrived. He has turned Trent and Robbo into magicians. Made our midfield invincible and our attackers graceful, hungry and beautiful to watch. Never underestimate Jurgen Norbert Klopp.

  • Irish Red
    Irish Red Month ago

    Sooooo many people talked shit about Henderson and he's proved them wrong by doing absolutely brilliantly in a big game yet again... captain fantastic

  • Bon Scott
    Bon Scott Month ago

    City are in 4th place.😍

  • Alfred Malam
    Alfred Malam Month ago

    Are you Liverpool fans still talking shit about my defender (WC Finalist) Mr Lovren? Well, keep talking shit and hating while Mr Lovren keeps proving these disrespectful LFC Fans wrong. Go ahead and MAKE HIS DAY! Some of you guys are so biased against Lovren, you need to STOP it. Give credit where credit is due, would you? And So is Henderson, show some respect lads, we all lover the team right!
    Lovren! Lovren! Lovren! the guy defended and worked his ass off in this game, He made a crucial block in this game probably won Liverpool this game. Even Van Dijak congratulated him for that block he made. Man City even have to withdraw Aguero, Lovren gave him no room in this game.

  • Sherif Kolieb
    Sherif Kolieb Month ago

    Mo is a 9 ?!!!!!
    He is the man of the match

  • Sérgio Sousa
    Sérgio Sousa Month ago

    No one Fuckin' ranks the hotdog lads?!?!?!??! 15 out of 10, they made the lads happyyy!!!!

  • Tawfiq Muhammud
    Tawfiq Muhammud Month ago

    In d next 2-3 year Alexander Arnold gna be a ballon d'or player. He's just amazing.

  • Davok
    Davok Month ago

    6-32 drops the shoulder, rounds the keeper and shoots .. Chris Pajak has just scored 10/10 lol YNWA

  • spinach-colour-Joey

    Every game every player 10/10! The least objective player rating haah

  • Calum Caldwell
    Calum Caldwell Month ago +1

    Allison 8.5
    Trent 7.5
    Lovren 8
    Van Dijk 9
    Robertson 9.5
    Henderson 9
    Fabinho 10
    Wijndum 9
    Salah 8.5
    Firmino 8
    Mane 8

  • it's all about Liverpool fc

    0:58 sec, this guy is fucking looks like alisson 2 🤨

    JAVED SHA KK Month ago

    Masha Allah , Liverpool is got now a good rhythm ... Klop polished everyone .. Arnold , Ox,Vandijick,Salah,Mane, Bobby, every one ❤️ you Liverpool

  • MrCarpio
    MrCarpio Month ago

    Origi -10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10
    Origi - 10

  • ethelburga
    ethelburga Month ago

    Are we the only club whose player rating show is a musical?

  • edvinbar
    edvinbar Month ago

    Hendo was never man of the match.

  • dio cletian
    dio cletian Month ago

    Milner's legs suddenly gone. Wtf happened to him. Slow , miles away from opponents, gets turned so easily. He is a worry going forward. For a back up sub its worrying. Must improve

  • blackadder
    blackadder Month ago +1

    How good was gini!!

  • KillerDarc
    KillerDarc Month ago

    I usually just slam Gini for being too conservative despite having the technical ability to take more risks, and that's what he did today. Good going forward, dribbled out of trouble, kept the ball well under pressure, pressed ferociously instead of jogging around just to cover spaces. This is what Gini is capable of, and what he should do week in week out, instead of passing the ball backwards 5 yards everytime it finds him.

  • Noah Bolan
    Noah Bolan Month ago

    Thank you LFC 🍻

  • Marlon Stewart
    Marlon Stewart Month ago

    That was a focking brilliant result! Lfc do this.

  • daibonehead
    daibonehead Month ago

    Gini is a genius. A combination of power and poise and panache. Love the guy.

  • karan5m
    karan5m Month ago

    Like one Carragher was not enough.

  • Dudemar
    Dudemar Month ago


  • Dudemar
    Dudemar Month ago


  • Dudemar
    Dudemar Month ago


  • Dudemar
    Dudemar Month ago


  • Dudemar
    Dudemar Month ago


  • ralph walton
    ralph walton Month ago

    YNWA. Great to see such excitement after a classic top quality game. Brilliant.

  • Sadio Salah
    Sadio Salah Month ago +1

    Gini Man of match

  • Greg
    Greg Month ago

    motm for me is Mane, mad man running around cover for robertson and then play up front alone. hendo is 2nd motm

  • Jimmy Yeung
    Jimmy Yeung Month ago

    Micheal Oliver 10!

  • gum mino
    gum mino Month ago

    each player should have from 8 to 10 at least

  • gum mino
    gum mino Month ago

    Henderson is great but Fabino should be MOTM he was like Super fighter

  • Leul Achamyeleh
    Leul Achamyeleh Month ago

    I thought we Americans curse a lot , boy do the Brits curse too!

  • ToysIncSG
    ToysIncSG Month ago

    I was wondering for a moment how did u get to interview Alisson on player ratings 😂

  • Hanish Ramdin
    Hanish Ramdin Month ago

    damn i know you guys love hendo but seriously this is getting ridiculous. Fabinio was motm

  • Noh Mohd
    Noh Mohd Month ago +1

    can you just brush your teeth.. it is really disturbing

  • Geo LFC
    Geo LFC Month ago

    Allison 7.5(didn’t have much to do)
    Trent 8
    Lovern 9(Stepped up brilliantly)
    Virgil 8
    Robbertson 8
    Gini 10
    Hendo 9
    Fabinho 10
    Mo 8
    Firmino 8
    Mane 7.5

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood Month ago

    Trent is hands down the best full back in the world. Every time i watch him, im blown away. He can smash the ball up the field across the pitch as if he were eating toast. He dribbles past anyone he wants. He can pick the ball out of the air with ease. One of the best crossers in football.

  • Avisek Ganguly
    Avisek Ganguly Month ago

    The small guy wearing the white T-shirt looks like Gotze

  • Houdifa Taboun
    Houdifa Taboun Month ago

    gini was motm! in a midfield of Bernardo, KDB etc he shone the most! what a player! so under rated!

  • rudyRye58
    rudyRye58 Month ago

    Loved Lorven blocking the shot while taking a snooze on the field...and yes this channel is a million times better than aftv😂

  • Panglossian
    Panglossian Month ago

    0:46 alisson

  • Akshay Basavaraj
    Akshay Basavaraj Month ago

    Lovren MOTM for me. Just for that block on sterling which was WOW!!

  • S J-C
    S J-C Month ago

    Alisson - 8
    Robertson - 8
    Van Dijk - 8
    Lovren - 9
    Alexander-Arnold - 8
    Fabinho - 10
    Wijnaldum - 9
    Henderson - 9
    Mané - 7
    Firmino - 7
    Salah - 6
    Milner - 6
    Oxlade-Chamberlain - 6
    Gomez - 6