Crazy Animal Attack - Giant Frogfish eats poisonous Lionfish!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2010
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    Shot using Gates underwater housings -
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Comments • 50

  • Ryaquaza 1
    Ryaquaza 1 3 years ago +13

    Tfw you spend millions of years evolving the perfect toxic defence mechanism that saves you from many predators
    And then frogfish,
    frogfish doesn’t give a sh*t he’ll eat you anyway

  • rockee06
    rockee06 9 years ago +4

    I've seen my lionfish eat another lionfish but not a frogfish eating a lion...dang! Gonna be rough coming out.

  • Sean Gillis
    Sean Gillis 5 years ago +11

    there is another frogfish infront of the one that ate the lionfish

  • bio_poison28
    bio_poison28 8 years ago +2

    All these very camoflauged fish creep me out!!

  • SZtv
    SZtv  10 years ago +1

    It expands its mouth incredibly fast then sucks in the prey! One of the fastest strikes in the animal kingdom you need a high speed camera to capture the detail. It's too fast for the naked eye!

  • SZtv
    SZtv  9 years ago +1

    It's a common lionfish. Truly beautiful for a 'common' fish.

  • 6Twisted
    6Twisted 10 years ago

    How did it eat it? I tried watching it frame by frame but it was so fast it took less than a frame for the lion fish to completely disappear.

  • Deux Norwood
    Deux Norwood 4 years ago +3

    He didn't even chew he just sucked it up

  • Theresa Price
    Theresa Price Year ago

    I think there’s 3 of them there red one to his left 😮unless they’re hunting they don’t even move amazing 👀

  • Joe Hare
    Joe Hare 2 months ago

    Thats insane 😳

  • laugh190
    laugh190 10 years ago

    @madarauchiha1218 Dendrochirus Brachypterus. ( The common name is Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish). That red morph is uncommon...too bad it got eaten!

  • The Toontastic Toon
    The Toontastic Toon 4 years ago

    this looks edited, but it isn't
    it's like somebody went into an editing program, cut the scene out where the frogfish swallows the lionfish, and replaced that scene with the scene of the frogfish with the lionfish in its mouth, like there was no fluid transition between when the lionfish was alive and when it got caught, it was just instantaneous
    holy mackerel

  • Thong Yang
    Thong Yang 6 years ago +5

    I can't see the frog fish at first

  • Jordan Dunaway
    Jordan Dunaway 8 years ago +2


  • SZtv
    SZtv  9 years ago +1

    Yep. It was still there the next day!

    GUNDAMZGOK 10 years ago +1

    wow, so fast, i can't see when the red one disappear??

  • LV Nyx
    LV Nyx 9 years ago +1

    Can It really eat that and not die?

  • SW2010
    SW2010 6 years ago +1

    It's magic

  • Kip 0414
    Kip 0414 3 years ago +1

    “Good feeling gone”- Marlin

  • Stevettm
    Stevettm 3 years ago +1

    It was at that moment he knew he friked up

  • kingkong7299
    kingkong7299 9 years ago

    What type of lionfish is this?!? I want one!

    • B D
      B D 3 years ago

      kingkong7299 fuzzy dwarf

  • Griffon
    Griffon 11 years ago +1

    i thought the darker one was gonna eat it

  • Juan Camilo Navarro
    Juan Camilo Navarro 7 years ago +2

    I wonder what is the song played in the footage.

  • OsHi
    OsHi 11 years ago about indigestion

  • MartinTjen
    MartinTjen 10 years ago

    what the fuck!, how did that lionfish fit in that frogfish! they were almost the same size!

  • Kynoch Reale-Munroe
    Kynoch Reale-Munroe 11 years ago

    at the end, is the frogfish's stomach jerking from the lionfish?

  • Cammie010
    Cammie010 11 years ago


  • The Acorn
    The Acorn 11 years ago

    What kind of lionfish was that...? its quite beutiful

  • critterfreek82
    critterfreek82 11 years ago

    I suspect that fish's midnight snack might not agree with him.

  • Lore
    Lore 9 years ago

    the frogfish is immune to their posion

  • Admin LEJ
    Admin LEJ 7 years ago

    That was a scorpion fish and not a lion fish.

  • Brian Can't Animate
    Brian Can't Animate 2 years ago

    when it says poisonous

  • Jim Jefferies
    Jim Jefferies 8 years ago

    Wtf lol

  • Tim Mooney
    Tim Mooney 7 years ago


  • Hek Lik
    Hek Lik 3 years ago +1

    Frogfish... uummm Delicious poison

  • Trevon Walker
    Trevon Walker 9 years ago +1

    what the frick

  • Spongebobnopantzz
    Spongebobnopantzz 10 years ago


  • Thomas Farmer
    Thomas Farmer Year ago

    Frog fish mafia intro music

  • y0u73b3r9
    y0u73b3r9 11 years ago

    did he died?

  • Jess Stark
    Jess Stark Year ago

    it is gonna take every diver working hard to control these rascals - here is my contribution to the effort in Cayman - - feeding snapper and - Feeding Moray

  • johnqps122
    johnqps122 6 years ago +2

    That was a lionfish, not a scorpionfish. Lionfish are not poisonous, they have venomous spines, which is completely different.

    • Lord Bloodraven
      Lord Bloodraven 3 years ago

      jonqps122 You were close, with one correction required: the spines are poisonous because they keep the lionfish from being eaten.
      Venom is what predators when hunting/eating something else. For example, Amazonian Tree Dart Frogs secrete a poison to keep from being eaten.
      Venomous snakes use venom to help kill (and often times digest) their prey.

  • Mon Te
    Mon Te 8 years ago +1