PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    Can Dennis keep up with an experienced PC builder in a game focused around PC building?
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Comments • 8 716

  • Gael Jesus
    Gael Jesus 5 hours ago

    The tables have turned
    Whites are smarter then Asians

  • tchgs11 zdok
    tchgs11 zdok 12 hours ago

    Yeah... I don't believe he sucked that much, still funny tho

  • Josi_sVenture1
    Josi_sVenture1 19 hours ago

    Than moment when the asian can't figure out 16-2

  • Quan To
    Quan To 23 hours ago

    He's just disguising himself as an Asian, lol

  • Noam Lahmi
    Noam Lahmi Day ago

    Linus Douche Tips

  • Palamozhi N
    Palamozhi N Day ago

    Follow Dennis and have a working short circuter

  • C P
    C P Day ago

    Attention starved "host"... drop the earrings and the snark.
    No proof he's a "builder". Attitude implies he's NOT a "make it happen" guy.
    Millennial... all gripe, no contribution.
    Thanks for playing.

  • Afterox
    Afterox Day ago

    They’re like oil and water

  • JoshOG
    JoshOG Day ago

    Wait I thought it was a VR game

  • NOCH
    NOCH Day ago

    The paste before the CPU?! Dafuq?! How does Dennis work at LTT? What does he do?

  • Noble Arch
    Noble Arch Day ago

    Is Dennis canadian?

  • TheSpoi
    TheSpoi 2 days ago

    that was painful to watch

  • TyRackTDP
    TyRackTDP 2 days ago

    Dennis: That's like the size of a rice! (10:33)
    British people: That's like the size of a pea!
    That annoying friend who always jokes about the size of your d*** : That's like the size of your d***!

  • TyRackTDP
    TyRackTDP 2 days ago

    10:33 "That's like the size of a rice"
    He's a genuine asian everyone watch out

  • Siddhant Thakur
    Siddhant Thakur 2 days ago

    Is this what they mean when they talk about virtual machines??

  • mitchyk
    mitchyk 2 days ago

    Always come back to this to make the verge video look like best practice! lol

  • psinjo
    psinjo 3 days ago

    honestly i want to hear more about what Linus was talking about, where specifically does the game fall short? ok the board didn't have 1 sata port active... but what else?

  • IamTheaveragegamer
    IamTheaveragegamer 3 days ago

    I think Dennis just doesn't know how to play games in general. Lol


    lets make it happen

  • Nuno Mota
    Nuno Mota 3 days ago

    Wait. So Dennis is the editor, and a Good one (i presume) and he actually said thermal paste before the CPU? Dennis my friend, stop that. You making a fool of yourself is not funny.

  • Bob Wiggle
    Bob Wiggle 3 days ago

    does the one on the left have some sort of mallfunction or is he special the dennis guy

  • Joseph Stevens
    Joseph Stevens 3 days ago

    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
    Oh I do like to be beside the sea!

  • Eggbrt
    Eggbrt 3 days ago

    He's a disgrace that's why his parents threw him away to US

  • ChristmasBear
    ChristmasBear 3 days ago

    i dont think im smart but i know how to build a pc better than him and im just 15. sry just wanted to flex im kinda random

  • Johnny Marvéll
    Johnny Marvéll 4 days ago

    LMAO I'm a PC building noob, and even I know you don't put in paste before installing the CPU.....

  • Jake Hix
    Jake Hix 4 days ago

    "Don't drop it." -- I'm dead. Send me him. I must have one.

  • llen Shaw
    llen Shaw 4 days ago

    Just saw this, I was in tears laughing so hard

  • IRMacGuyver
    IRMacGuyver 4 days ago

    Linus please stop using slave labor from Korea

  • Canakya Puthra
    Canakya Puthra 4 days ago

    Jesus...all this salty nerds in the comments

  • Jason Ver
    Jason Ver 4 days ago

    Was that $20?

  • KayyH 40
    KayyH 40 4 days ago

    he said 500 gb std

  • FoxeyPlayz
    FoxeyPlayz 4 days ago

    Lol how did denis get hired lol

  • David Hodgin
    David Hodgin 4 days ago

    denis has to be really good at editing

  • Ketchup8 z
    Ketchup8 z 4 days ago

    dennis vs the verge

  • TheRulleskoejten
    TheRulleskoejten 5 days ago

    I feel sorry for Dennis

  • Pixelated King
    Pixelated King 5 days ago

    10:52, the editor having too much fun

  • rexxed757
    rexxed757 5 days ago

    jay actually was a mix between dennis and linus at this game

  • King Alex
    King Alex 5 days ago

    How to Build A PC Mode Can teach you how to build a PC.

  • Slipknot21 No
    Slipknot21 No 5 days ago

    im 13 and i am making a computer that is making a 24k benchmark, this game is easy and fun, while dennis is bad at it and he is a adult

  • moonsterino
    moonsterino 5 days ago

    How does Dennis survive a day?

  • Shmoll
    Shmoll 5 days ago

    the only paste dennis needs is toothpaste....

  • Ruben Marien
    Ruben Marien 5 days ago

    i went from not knowing what was in a computer to building my own XD
    not because of the game though

  • Xen-G MaJin
    Xen-G MaJin 5 days ago

    10:27 DON'T DROP iT Linus's face priceless XD

  • Michael Wenborn
    Michael Wenborn 6 days ago

    Had a good laugh! More videos with Dennis!

  • Ömer Ulger
    Ömer Ulger 6 days ago

    Guy next to you is so cringe...

  • NGC gamer
    NGC gamer 6 days ago

    i wish this game was free

  • Trevison Clark
    Trevison Clark 6 days ago

    I did it just to see what my build would look like.

  • Anson Chau
    Anson Chau 6 days ago

    5:58 weird flex but aight

  • Zbyněk Strnad
    Zbyněk Strnad 6 days ago

    I hope this guy does not a management position in your company :D

  • The Tech Monkey
    The Tech Monkey 7 days ago

    I just figured out Dennis is areally just Jian Yang from Silicon Valley. Except hes happier

  • Mazter-
    Mazter- 7 days ago

    And I thought all Asian people were good at making PCs

  • Brett Bowers
    Brett Bowers 7 days ago

    Almost died laughing this isn't a milk in first or last scenario you definitely shouldn't be thermal pasting your cpu into the motherboard! Lmfao

  • Skinnypete07
    Skinnypete07 7 days ago

    This begs the question, what does dennis do working for linus. Because im pretty sure he isnt qualified...

  • bob gowbrown
    bob gowbrown 7 days ago

    dennis is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • Kristis Playz
    Kristis Playz 7 days ago

    6:27 That's what she said

  • Rynn_
    Rynn_ 7 days ago

    still better than the verge’s pc build

  • speedy seed boi
    speedy seed boi 8 days ago

    Not gonna let you jump from pc building simulator into building a pc"
    Jokes on yall thats what i did. I only got thermal paste on the cpu and in the psu.

    Fr tho, id used this channel to learn what hardware i wanted but playing this game on a friends pc made assembling them a lot easier, except cable managment, i got a psu that had the wats i needed but way to many connections, still hate that

  • TheCandian
    TheCandian 8 days ago

    God that video was too hard to watch...send poor Denis back to Richmond for retraining....

  • leo qin
    leo qin 8 days ago

    I thought linus workers were meant to be smart

  • Thiago R
    Thiago R 8 days ago


  • Masqerader
    Masqerader 8 days ago +1

    Truck Simulator only simulator worth playing

  • tadie1235
    tadie1235 8 days ago

    Poor Dennis - Linus you love tormenting Dennis

  • R. Sergi
    R. Sergi 9 days ago

    "you need a paste to put a processor right?" LOL

  • Brothers of the Storm (f-f)

    Who is dennis and what does he do? He should be fired

  • KingLit671 KingLit671

    What’s the game?

  • Kenneth H
    Kenneth H 9 days ago

    Thank you Dennis. You've made a potentially boring video very fun and entertaining to watch.

  • King420x
    King420x 9 days ago

    Dennis is making me cringe lol like watching someone who doesn't know what their doing completely fuck something up 🤣

  • Rubha9A
    Rubha9A 9 days ago

    its story blocks

  • JulioAbel90
    JulioAbel90 9 days ago

    Dennis is the reason Wood Division Ranking exists.

  • Hugo Saraiva
    Hugo Saraiva 9 days ago

    Dennis is cute but it was difficult to watch this video

  • Photonix
    Photonix 10 days ago +1

    Even though this is late but..

    Denis trying his best..

  • Carpet DM
    Carpet DM 10 days ago

    Is Dennis mentally lacking?

  • sagar deb
    sagar deb 10 days ago

    Uses laptop for gaming

  • CallMe Koonie
    CallMe Koonie 10 days ago

    if dennis is the red head i agree with half of the comment section

  • Garrett Demshar
    Garrett Demshar 11 days ago

    9:53 sounding like The Verge😂

  • Richard O'Donnell
    Richard O'Donnell 11 days ago

    I use my semen as thermal paste before i put in the cpu

  • The Loop
    The Loop 11 days ago

    Please hire me, I promise I'm better at building than Dennis.

  • euaneill
    euaneill 11 days ago

    Hahaha its almost as if linus thinks it takes talent and skill 2 build a pc.

  • Will Paxman
    Will Paxman 11 days ago

    Dennis: don't drop it
    Linus: stfu bitch I know I'm clumsy

  • Bernard Lierse
    Bernard Lierse 11 days ago

    I hav fiva dolla

  • Repairman Jared
    Repairman Jared 11 days ago +24

    Dennis: "Don't drop it" ouch sick burn

  • Reinhart Hadiwijono
    Reinhart Hadiwijono 11 days ago

    I’m not a hater but did Dennis even went to math class

  • NovaRanger
    NovaRanger 12 days ago +1

    Denis: wooosh, swoosh....
    Linus: why are you making that sound!
    Denis: I'm still blowing

  • Fatoosh
    Fatoosh 12 days ago

    Disgrace to Aisa

  • Tom Jarvis
    Tom Jarvis 12 days ago +9

    2238 A.D. - Actual footage of the only instance in human history showcasing a North American handily defeating an Asian in an e-sport environment.

  • Kirnale
    Kirnale 12 days ago

    Swear this is gold comedy.

  • Shady Garage
    Shady Garage 12 days ago

    They should come back to this and do a watercooled build

  • Pink Cunt
    Pink Cunt 12 days ago

    >simulator game
    >asking if its acryit
    If is was I'm a brain surgeon.

  • i am a human
    i am a human 13 days ago


  • Allan Figge
    Allan Figge 13 days ago

    This was pretty hilarious

  • Devon Asher
    Devon Asher 13 days ago

    Linus’s face when Dennis said don’t drop it 😂☠️

  • randomv3iwer
    randomv3iwer 14 days ago

    Never ask Dennis the cameraman to do a computer job.
    Don’t fire Dennis

  • TwinRocketMedia
    TwinRocketMedia 14 days ago

    "Don't drop it." haha!

  • Gabe Dodd
    Gabe Dodd 14 days ago

    An Asian that works for a tech company and has no tech knowledge whatsoever great hire Linus

  • Lesh1170
    Lesh1170 14 days ago

    I'm guessing, what do he do??!!!!!!!

  • Dennis Bonilla Lamboy
    Dennis Bonilla Lamboy 14 days ago

    I find it funny that Dennis is using an ROG Strix laptop. I'm also named Dennis and I'm also using an ROG Strix laptop.

  • Tacoultimite209
    Tacoultimite209 14 days ago

    Dennis: Don't drop it
    Those are some bold words that are coming from someone who thinks the thermal paste goes before the CPU

  • Th3_ UnKn0wN
    Th3_ UnKn0wN 14 days ago

    Best way to learn to build a PC is by watching L.T.T Video's... i Personally built my first system when i was 10 yrs old but that was years ago... and things have advanced a lot since then and i only ever did 1 machine so this is a great refresher. And great video's over all

  • Usman Ghani
    Usman Ghani 14 days ago

    9:42 Fuck You Dennis.

  • Luka Nedeljkov
    Luka Nedeljkov 14 days ago

    dennis im sorry but you are either really stupid or you pretend to make linus look smart lol