Johnny Vegas' Incredibly Powerful Speech Against Trump & Detaining Children | The Last Leg

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • Rosin Conaty and Johnny Vegas join the panel, discussing Trump's immigration policy.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  20 days ago +31

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    • brexit britain
      brexit britain 11 days ago

      No thanks, I was kind of hoping that johnny was going to say something pro american when I stumbled across this clip, but sure enough it was the same liberal crap ( full of untruths ) that along with the bbc is constantly being fed to the British public. All respect lost for johnny vegas! (And whoever them other minor celebrities are featured in the clip).

    • Eric Wolff
      Eric Wolff 13 days ago

      So is overthrowing democratic countries just because your rich buddies don't get their own way in them. The USA has a one hundred year history of imposing cruel dictatorships in Central and South American countries. The people currently being incarcerated at the border are fleeing extreme violence begun by the USA itself. The US government has a moral obligation to give them a fair hearing at the minimum.

    • Flea bitten
      Flea bitten 13 days ago +1

      Agent Samson Food, water, bed, air conditioning and the so called cage as big as a large waiting area. What happens to illegals in Mexico? Hmmm maybe CNN will investigate....

    • Agent Samson
      Agent Samson 13 days ago

      bluerhizome Putting children in cages is wrong, but also entering a country illegally is also wrong.

    • Ilona Kushneruk
      Ilona Kushneruk 13 days ago

      ❤️💘🔥👍 *_Yоu are lơоking for hȯt girls in уơur аreȧ? Тhat waу_* ⮞⮞⮞ ⮜⮜⮜ ❤️💘🔥👍

  • SyQClanGaming
    SyQClanGaming 6 days ago

    This comment section is cancer. Buthurt americans getting triggered over one mans point of view/say. Get a life.

  • Morris Anderson
    Morris Anderson 8 days ago

    An no one said a word when horny Bill Clinton signed an enforced the law when he was president, an obummer carried out the same, looks abit 2faced to me, but it's OK for someone to pick an choose what makes him /her all sanctimonious, dipshit

  • The Poet McTeagle
    The Poet McTeagle 8 days ago

    " Do not break the Law " fucking Liberals !

  • Raymond Bates
    Raymond Bates 9 days ago

    "Fuck Trump, in fact fuck Johnny Vegas anaw. In fact fuck Trump, fuck Johnny Vegas, fuck The Last Leg and fuck Channel 4"
    Shower ae shite.

    • Raymond Bates
      Raymond Bates 8 days ago

      Scumspawn ***** Yeah, well your safe with my son. You don't want to meet Uncle Norman though ;)

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 days ago

      Ah Raymond Bates ..I know your son Master Bates. 😇

  • jakamneziak
    jakamneziak 9 days ago

    3 minutes beforehand Johnny VEgas was going on about masturbating on a bus that landed in a birds nest, then he comes up with this beautifully poignant and punchy speech that shows how intelligent he is. I saw this when it was first roadcast and to see him shift gears so swiftly like that I honestly thoguth someone had put LSD in my coffee. Surreal.

  • Sarah Mike
    Sarah Mike 9 days ago

    Shouldn’t Melanie trump be be deported back to Slovenia she ain’t American da faq. So if Mexicans aren’t allowed she should either

    BIGBOYKDOG 9 days ago +1

    Where were they when Obama was doing exactly the same thing .

  • C MC
    C MC 9 days ago +1

    Where was this outrage in Obama's era? Bush's era or when Clinton fucking brought it into law? Fuck sake wake up and get off the "trump is racist" bandwagon. Hes enforcing the fucking laws in the US

  • jonofitz11
    jonofitz11 9 days ago +1

    People break the law and get seperated from their children TEMPORARILY. Stop fucking overreacting

  • L30887
    L30887 9 days ago +1

    Obama's admin got sued for keeping the kids with their parents 'putting kids in prison' so switched it so that it wouldn't happen. Not Trumps policy, anyone ranting about Obama.... No

  • Mark Newcombe
    Mark Newcombe 9 days ago

    I love America. Seriously 👍👍👌.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 10 days ago

    These people are ILlEGAL IMMIGRANTS, so what's the leftist ruling? You can illegally enter any country that you like as long as you are holding a child's hand your allowed a get out of jail card and clear entry into said country. Without borders there ARE NO COUNTRIES. The illegal immigrants are to blame for dragging innocent kids with them through squalor and danger to get to the USA house of plenty.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 days ago

      Well if its a house of plenty surely you don't mind sharing some of it with the less fortunate.
      Bless you my son.🙏

  • John O'brien
    John O'brien 10 days ago

    Trump is great he’s doing a greatest job it’s marvellous he’s the best prezz ever so shat you gob vegas

  • jwgeezer
    jwgeezer 10 days ago

    I used to like this guy but ........... what a cock! What a total bellend he is here.

    • jwgeezer
      jwgeezer 8 days ago

      Trump is just a puppet like all Presidents, Vegas hasn't got a clue. He's going all anti-Trump to try and get his career back on track because that's the standard luvvie default position.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 days ago

      Yeah you're right thats what trump is exactly..that's what were all saying..well said.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 days ago

      Yeah fuck trump

  • Tony Cook
    Tony Cook 10 days ago

    Comics are nearly all left's a great market for them. Being a left winger makes them money, which kind of ironic when you think about it. Taking a liberal, left wing approach...and making money from it. Hahahaha!

    • jwgeezer
      jwgeezer 10 days ago

      There's an irony there with these liberal knobheads.

  • kevin chell
    kevin chell 10 days ago

    Just stop entering countries illegally!!any leaders first priority is to protect/defend his or her own citizens..if an illegal decided to enter another country then this the's their own fault,,get over it.. Johnny vegas,,,just a fat unfunny bloke,,,,oh no!! everyone's going to get offended now because I've used the word fat!

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 10 days ago

    Yes these people may be on television but they are so ill-informed and parroting the BS that they have heard from another parrot.
    The fact is, a study was done on immigrants crossing the border. Most children were not with their parents as they had deliberately cast off their children miles back.
    The reason? Kind of obvious.
    A lot of these children end up getting scooped by scumbags that enslave the children, sexually or otherwise.
    So the narrative is 'kids are being split from their parents'. Just think about that.
    Now they are all kept together with their 'parents'. Cracking job of the far-left yet again.

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 10 days ago

    So what would the alternative be to detainment? Just let them all in?
    UK, Germany, France among many others went that route and look at the shit state our countries are in now.

  • Truzo
    Truzo 10 days ago

    Wasn't this in effect while Obama was in power ?!?!

  • Nicky Nicholas
    Nicky Nicholas 10 days ago +1

    I'm surprised that the 2 fatties on the right side of the couch didn't tip it up and catapult the two on the left into space.

  • Tez Wharton
    Tez Wharton 10 days ago

    Fake News!, now fake celebrities!. But they do need to keep there jobs with the radical far left liberals criminals, pedo bbc crackpots and the governement!.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 days ago

    To all those trying to justify Trump's policy:
    It's quite funny how the right always say the left is stupid to believe 'corrupt' news organisations, when the fact of the matter is it is the right wing politicians who always have alterior motives. Don't believe the garbage that they are forcing down your throat.

  • Nailsby Natassia
    Nailsby Natassia 10 days ago

    Russia’s ok though I suppose

  • Callum R
    Callum R 10 days ago

    "We cant deal with a country that treats people like this". Those people are illegal and more likely to commit crimes than American citizens, how is it treating people badly when the law against illegal immigration actively protects American citizens in favour of people who have committed crimes in a foreign country. I like Jonny Vegas but the only leg his argument had to stand on was the emotion behind it. It was ironically his last leg.

  • Cassian
    Cassian 10 days ago

    I’m just curious: where was Johnny when Libyan kids were being shot? Where was Johnny when Jewish kids were cowering schools because Hamas was shooting rockets are schools? It’s easy to be outraged when everyone else is doing it.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 days ago

      He was probably in the same place as you and me and many others ..well out of it ..we don't have to be there to abhorr it.

  • jovan lipovatz
    jovan lipovatz 11 days ago

    Viva Trump.

  • Paige Short
    Paige Short 11 days ago

    Im sad to find out that celebrities I used to like have such little knowledge. Fame is so overrated

  • john phillips
    john phillips 11 days ago

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, The Potters Clay and ODD Reality.

  • Raymond Perrelli
    Raymond Perrelli 11 days ago

    Johnny vegas, stick to your comedy act, and leave politics alone, please

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill 11 days ago

    Johnny Vegas has been tamed, he is now a left wing knobhead

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill 11 days ago


  • poolplayer poolplayer
    poolplayer poolplayer 11 days ago

    #walkaway please don't listen to the brainwashing left!!

  • BeinZilex
    BeinZilex 11 days ago


  • Aaron Babyblue
    Aaron Babyblue 11 days ago

    Never any condemnation against the invading hordes who endanger their kids in the first place and take them away from the parents at home, fathers mothers all seperated at home by one parent using their kids as a human shield against the law . And what of those who have no evidence that they are their kids to begin with ? The Toxic rabid leftists just want these criminals let out into society regardless of the risks or drawbacks, claiming nonsense like ' america was founded by migrants' and '' migrants help boost our economy ' that doesn't mean importing human traffickers drug cartels and terrorists who devour hearts and mutilate families ...

  • Fart pants
    Fart pants 11 days ago

    And where was Johnny Vegas's powerful speech when Obama and bush did the same as Trump Splitting children from there parents. Obama did worst stuff while he was president. where was this powerful speech when Obama was killing women and children with his drone strikes. Channel 4 Bias fucks

  • Mr Meeseeks
    Mr Meeseeks 11 days ago

    Johnny Vegas is a fucking moron. Literally in the delicate stages of brexit and the tub is like, let's not trade with the largest buyer of our exports. Fuck off back to telly you Over zealous twat.

  • karen taylor
    karen taylor 12 days ago


  • chris mason
    chris mason 12 days ago

    dumb fucking yanks

  • Weird Sinbad
    Weird Sinbad 12 days ago

    Obama did it. And Canada do as well. Better then having the kid around ppl you can't identify. Think how bad that could go. There isn't always a easy solution, no matter how much you feel.

  • XhoowieX
    XhoowieX 12 days ago

    I love the Americans saying it has been going on for decades as if it's a defence. So you've been voting disgustingly for decades rather than a few years? Congratulations.

  • sayar1975
    sayar1975 12 days ago

    Jonny vegas he is bloody awesome , he needs his own show he has lots to say and has his head well screwed on ...

  • Bjamin M
    Bjamin M 12 days ago

    British comedy is quite pish

  • Jane Dow
    Jane Dow 12 days ago

    The U.K. also has immigration detention centres & the conditions are just as vile. Britain always likes to bitch about North America but forgets what they do on their own turf

    • Saj170673
      Saj170673 11 days ago

      Jane Dow
      Someone hit ur anti trump or anti yank button? I don't really care do you?

    SCOTTISH GAMES 12 days ago

    Well as sad as this sounds but these people are trying to get in the us illegally and if they don’t want to get split up don’t go to the us illegally

  • David Gill
    David Gill 12 days ago

    I don't understand why the mainstream media in countrys outside the US are only now upset about injustices carried out by the US government because Trump is president.
    "We can't have a special relationship with a country that treats people like this!". Did we hear you say that when Obama promised to shut Guantanamo Bay, but then failed to do so. I'm not saying we should overlook children being caged - the outrage is justified. However it needs to be directed consistently at whomever carries out immoral acts.

  • Elsolra Saul
    Elsolra Saul 12 days ago

    Dont believe the fake news. Trump 2020

  • Ry Telford
    Ry Telford 12 days ago

    Trump signed an executive order weeks ago to end this you fucking idiots. These are the same wankers that kissed Obama's ass while he did the exact same thing for 8 years...all while eviscerating families with drones and then fuckin joked about it. There's a million reasons to hate Trump...preaching free trade then threatening tariffs, cherry picking his press room, failure to denounce right wing extremists...pick one that actually holds water.

  • mk 1
    mk 1 12 days ago

    The last leg is running out of ideas again it's not funny anymore

  • Levent Taskan
    Levent Taskan 13 days ago

    Maybe the UK needs a SPECIALRELEXIT..

  • 15schaa 15schaa
    15schaa 15schaa 13 days ago

    Umm, Adam, that's not why people are talking about the coat.

  • teddy81
    teddy81 13 days ago

    Some obscenely fat wealthy guy who isn't effected at all by immigrants abusing welfare, nhs, social housing and so on.
    Classic liberal bullshit to point the finger at the people who actually pay for all these people to stay here despite them causing a destructive effect on a culture.

  • Marky 74
    Marky 74 13 days ago

    Lol, cry harder fatty....!

  • The Judged
    The Judged 13 days ago


  • Tony P
    Tony P 13 days ago

    Johnny Vegas. For the first time mate I'm sorry but your a first class PRICK..Would you of sooner had Clinton in then. You Clown.

  • FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom

    Lets just think about all the awful things criminals use kids for in the UK. Now amplify that to a region run by Cartels and you'll understand why that certain policy is in place.

  • ellia-video-enterprises ford/st/mk1/170

    it just more publicity bad or good that what they want

  • Joaquin Marti
    Joaquin Marti 13 days ago +1

    What a bunch of morons you all are, get your facts straight before you start running your mouth, these laws are in place for the last 15 years, if you transgress the law in the UK, you will be taken away from your kids, thats in any country worldwide, buch of retarded libbertarts!!!

  • Eric Wolff
    Eric Wolff 13 days ago

    It's a shame we can only see this programme in bits and pieces on TheXvid. A pity it is not a made available here in NZ.

  • Eric Wolff
    Eric Wolff 13 days ago

    Dare I mention Mannis Island? Cruelty inflicted by the Australian government on asylum seekers escaping violence in their own countries are ending up in what can only be described as concentration camps for a very, very, very long time without trial,. Australia and USA have more in common than people realise. The governments in both countries are arse-holes. As far as the trump junta imprisoning young children and then putting them on trial in court with NO legal assistance/lawyer, that is pure and utter evil. To think otherwise you must have a heart of cold pure ice and have no moral ethics of any sort. Overthrowing democratic countries just because your rich buddies don't get their own way in them is something the USA has been doing for more than a hundred years - imposing cruel dictatorships in Central and South American countries. The people currently being incarcerated at the border are fleeing extreme violence begun by the USA itself. The US government has a moral obligation to give them a fair hearing at the minimum.

  • gazkop57
    gazkop57 13 days ago

    And how would you deal with it Johnny,let em all in,yea,that’s why our country is fucked up,too many do gooders

  • TDC
    TDC 13 days ago

    Just in case these judgemental know it all twats don't know Obama did the same thing back in

    THE TWISTED GENT 13 days ago

    Don't break the fucking law it's simple....

  • David M Jackson
    David M Jackson 13 days ago

    Moronic. Donald Trump did not create illigal immigration. None of the panel cared about anything but their own virtue signalling Left-wing opinions. Losers.

  • Spencer Markham
    Spencer Markham 13 days ago

    Very rich coming from a country that locks up severely ill children in their government run hospitals and keeps them there till they die! At least we Americans don't kill children in our hospitals unless you consider abortion murder!

  • Dr Woo
    Dr Woo 13 days ago

    It’s not about who started it, it’s about who’s going to end it!

  • William Haines
    William Haines 13 days ago

    Channel 4 left all dignity a long time ago absolute zero neutrality simply spurting out left wing propaganda

  • Alfonso Mcpatel
    Alfonso Mcpatel 14 days ago

    Johnny Vegas clearly knows fuck all.

  • Prince Rupert
    Prince Rupert 14 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how long a bad practice has been in place. It really matters when those in power at present make a bad practice horrifically worse.

  • fuck the EU
    fuck the EU 14 days ago

    Dear me if you look into it you will see it was obummer who introduced this. Still leftards don't worry about facts do they

  • Piss Flaps
    Piss Flaps 14 days ago

    So Obama wouldn’t let the kids be with the parents, now trump is here you can do that and it’s still bad... will you lefty pricks make up your minds, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation, some people are only happy if they have a ‘righteous’ thing to shout about to make themselves look good...

  • Gabriel the messenger
    Gabriel the messenger 14 days ago

    well meaning inbred from Wigan. famous for being drunk and stupid.

  • MrAckers75
    MrAckers75 14 days ago

    Omg Vegas shut up you village idiot.

  • Charlie R
    Charlie R 14 days ago

    The ss (social services) have been separating innocent families in this country for decades and many of the children disappear yet that is treated like a taboo subject and never spoken about in the media yet a country 1000s of miles away do the same and it’s all over the U.K. media 🤔

  • Zee Vahzav
    Zee Vahzav 14 days ago

    Under Obama this was happening but you did not say anything then

  • Its Time!!!
    Its Time!!! 14 days ago

    Funny as the runs.,

  • JoylessDancer
    JoylessDancer 14 days ago

    The best part is Europe has been ingrained with immigration hardliners for centuries.....

  • benji
    benji 14 days ago

    Wait can I go to any country I want now and just stay?

  • James Stuart
    James Stuart 14 days ago

    Another bunch of lefty fuckwits gobbling up what the mainstream left wing news feeds them without looking for facts!

  • rokmole
    rokmole 14 days ago

    im british and like trump if only we had a leader like him to tell the eu to fuck off

  • rokmole
    rokmole 14 days ago

    this fat northen drunk libturd is an embarresment

  • awake and aware
    awake and aware 14 days ago

    stop the bullshit fookin fake news . you have trump derangement syndrome this is why i do not watch tv utter lies believed by brainwashed morons . do your own research obama started putting kids in cages not trump .

  • CraigRattleHead
    CraigRattleHead 14 days ago

    Trump isn't separating children from parents. Even the girl on time magazine cover was not separated from her pathetic law breaking mother.

  • Roman44
    Roman44 14 days ago

    Fuck you ignorant fat fuck. The policy was in place since 1997, they aren't citizens here so there's nothing else to do with them unless you'd like us to toss them into the desert and if you want the kids you take them. While your at it fix your own fucking government locking up journalists and political opponents without due process!

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone 14 days ago

    Johnny Vegas, putting his 3rd Class Honours Ceramics Degree to good use.

  • jston60
    jston60 14 days ago

    For fucks sake most of these comedians would use this as a topic, so called political correctness , surprised at Vegas when it has been proven to be fake news

  • Colin Mcmillan
    Colin Mcmillan 14 days ago

    Johnny vagas is a wanker... trump will be the greatest president ever
    Where was the outcry when Obama was doing exact same thing

  • Retro Wrath
    Retro Wrath 14 days ago

    Horrible show, so political and all they do is hate on Trump, Channel 4 should be ashamed of this blatant propaganda.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 15 days ago

    Immigrants (economic migrants who want to sponge off the British taxpayer) bring with them their backwards cultural enrichment practices such as forced marriage, child marriage, familial Muslim grooming gangs, female genital mutilation, polygamy, terrorism and a whole lot more. The regressive Left actively want white British to become a minority in their own country by bringing in millions of new voters. We haven’t reached the tipping point yet but the third English Civil War is brewing and will be fought between patriots and the Left which has failed in its slavish devotion to the policy of forced multiculturalism. Notice how the Left looked the other way as thousands of white girls were raped by Muslim grooming gangs.

  • Mister Grimm
    Mister Grimm 15 days ago

    The policies were set in place long before Trump became president and just because he is now actually enforcing the law (Unlike his predecessors )He's suddenly the bad guy. Here's a question for all you liberals, if someone broke into your home and demanded you take care of them, clothe and feed them while they did nothing, would you call the police or would you just accept them and let them stay?

    • awake and aware
      awake and aware 14 days ago

      i know this and i live in uk i follow us news daily . yet these brainwashed morons know nothing just beleive what they hear on tv and read in newspapers , trump has done so much good yet he gets the piss taken out of him cos they are terrified he will expose the paedos in goverment etc we have many who need to swing in public .

  • Dr Evil
    Dr Evil 15 days ago

    Donald Trump ended this thing about children. It was continuing under Clinton ans Obama. You left wing scum disgust me.

  • budmanuk
    budmanuk 15 days ago

    Lets not forget that Channel 4 is 100% owned and operated by the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. So this propaganda against Trump and the anti-globalists is to be expected.

  • The Greasy Strangler
    The Greasy Strangler 15 days ago

    Lol all I saw were a bunch of Z list fast asleep celebs...

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 15 days ago

    Like Johnny, but is Trump the only one he hates, I mean there is a good line of nasty leaders....well has been since politics/rulers/royalty began.
    Same thing when I ask few questions where people dont have google to look on yet asure me they are right or outraged.
    "Obama better than Trump" ok, in all those he was there, name 3 things he brought about that was for the better (no good saying here you have net) most answers are...errrrr, Obama care, and that's it.
    With Trump "name 3 bad things he has brought about" the interesting thing is, they normally list the last 3 things that been all over Facebook.
    Its so hard to find middle ground, I mean for me if I see any news story that is just a normal write up, yet they stick a photo of that person caught pulling a bad face, smug, crazy looking, when they have 1000s of normal ones to pick from, that tells me already they are trying to influence me before I even read the story.
    Most places hope you see a photo and believe what they print, just get it out there, make money and move on, keep people split.
    There was a famous photo of a immigrant family on train tracks in Hungary, it went around the world, the image gave the impression that the police were been rough and dragging them up.
    Later a video came out, turns out the farther pushed his wife and baby onto the tracks and laid there, the police were trying to stop him as the baby was getting man handled by him and at risk, yet the photo that went around the world gave another message.
    Its a bad situation, but one that only one side was given to push home what a particular media outlet wanted.
    That's the problem, you need to look at left and right media just to try and find middle ground.

  • vic odell
    vic odell 15 days ago

    Donald Trump is of course quite right. If immigrants don't want their children in internment camps then don't take them to America I only wish we in the UK were protected from the mus lim cancer that is spreading thoughout the land

  • bri jones
    bri jones 15 days ago

    leftist comedians who are not funny except for snowflakes

  • bri jones
    bri jones 15 days ago

    obama started it in 2014 you ass wipes

  • Bodragon
    Bodragon 15 days ago

    A remark, as powerful as it may be, is not a fucking speech.
    Very deceptive title.