Johnny Vegas' Incredibly Powerful Speech Against Trump & Detaining Children | The Last Leg

  • Published on Jun 25, 2018
  • Rosin Conaty and Johnny Vegas join the panel, discussing Trump's immigration policy.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  8 months ago +34

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    • Joey Jones
      Joey Jones 7 months ago

      Change you user name you moron. Efin this and efin that. I'm john Smith you're an idiot.

    • brexit britain
      brexit britain 8 months ago

      No thanks, I was kind of hoping that johnny was going to say something pro american when I stumbled across this clip, but sure enough it was the same liberal crap ( full of untruths ) that along with the bbc is constantly being fed to the British public. All respect lost for johnny vegas! (And whoever them other minor celebrities are featured in the clip).

    • Eric Wolff
      Eric Wolff 8 months ago

      So is overthrowing democratic countries just because your rich buddies don't get their own way in them. The USA has a one hundred year history of imposing cruel dictatorships in Central and South American countries. The people currently being incarcerated at the border are fleeing extreme violence begun by the USA itself. The US government has a moral obligation to give them a fair hearing at the minimum.

    • Flea bitten
      Flea bitten 8 months ago +1

      Agent Samson Food, water, bed, air conditioning and the so called cage as big as a large waiting area. What happens to illegals in Mexico? Hmmm maybe CNN will investigate....

  • terrortorn
    terrortorn Month ago

    Exactly the same policy under Obama but lets pretend otherwise C4.

  • Dr Chunky Biscuit
    Dr Chunky Biscuit 2 months ago

    Completely wrong. This was around WAY before President Trump came along & Obama actually used to have them locked up in cages. It was President Trump that changed it & they now have clean beds in rooms to stay in. #FAKENEWSFROMCHANNEL4

  • Doing Things Sober
    Doing Things Sober 2 months ago

    Obama did the exact same thin, in greater numbers than trump.

  • Fiirecrash
    Fiirecrash 2 months ago

    Funny how under Obama this was ok and when it still happens under Trump it's an issue. YES it was happening while Obama was president. Hypocrites

  • Stephen Petit
    Stephen Petit 3 months ago

    Just a reminder: Obama did it first

  • joseph gurnsey
    joseph gurnsey 3 months ago

    Obama did it too and no one said anything

  • CDickerson
    CDickerson 3 months ago

    Dumb asses. That policy was started by Bill Clinton. Obama also enforced it. It was to keep the kids safe, until they could determine if they were actually the parents and not involved in human trafficking. Stop believing everything you hear/see on CNN and the like. Don't believe me? Look it up. This wasn't a Trump policy. This was started by the Democrats.

  • mr gwanson
    mr gwanson 3 months ago

    another star who’s in his mansion who will have no immigrants near him...what a bunch of deluded leftie morons..they arnt in cages its just a lock up were they are being treated better than what homeless people are being treated! game consoles toys beds good food...they are illegals end of story shut up you fat unfunny st helens twat

  • Harry 8642
    Harry 8642 4 months ago

    Yeah, not like they get 35k a year spent on each of them! They live better than most US citizens! Fucking libtard spreading propoganda, maybe if their criminal parents didn't come illegally it would be fine. The children also have a choice, stay in the US or go back with their deadbeat parents. Anyway, trump didn't actually start this policy, the killtons did and Obama didn't even bother changing it but yet again he is black and liberal.

  • David Polasky
    David Polasky 4 months ago

    The parents knowingly place their children at risk here. It is well known that we have a system in place where people can come here in an orderly and controlled manner. You apply for a Visa, you tell us about yourself and your plans, we verify your info (I'm not going to go into the vetting process here) and usually when it is your turn, you come to America and we welcome you with open arms. This is common knowledge to most of the world basically. So our President, doing what we elected him to do, is at fault when parents who don't think they should wait their turn like all the people before them? They should just grab their kids and expect us to just roll over because their shit parents? Fu**. That. Oh, you don't think you should have anything to do with the US? Who would that hurt the most? I love Johnny, he's my favorite entertainer for a while now. I don't agree with his ideas here. No disrespect to Johnny. I'm an American, I voted for Trump and I'm proud of how this country helps nearly every single country on this planet to live a better life. Now maybe it would nice if the rest of the world showed a little respect and appreciation while we go through our own growing pains. We'll be just fine. Thanks.

  • miserable ben
    miserable ben 4 months ago

    So do they all think that illegal immigrants shouldn't be detained just because they've got kids with them?

  • MrMcGiblets1
    MrMcGiblets1 4 months ago

    You fucks believe everything you hear or see from the liberal media. Do you realize that most of the pictures and Images of children in those "internment" facilities...were taken while Obama was POTUS.

  • King Alfreds Shieldwall

    Love Trump. Smash lefties.

  • Lewis Whittley
    Lewis Whittley 6 months ago

    Tori supporters

  • Claire Delaney
    Claire Delaney 6 months ago

    I 💜 Johnny Vegas

  • full moon productions
    full moon productions 6 months ago

    As an American I am so sorry about what the president has done.

  • cal brogan
    cal brogan 6 months ago

    Fuck this pc shit, why should you be able to enter a country illegally, what is the point in having borders and rules in countries, the word illegal immigration means it is illegal

  • Borytastards
    Borytastards 6 months ago

    I love johnny Vegas

  • Techno Demic
    Techno Demic 6 months ago

    All mass-murderers should be set free if they have kids, then?

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell 6 months ago

    Vegas has more sense than any of them.

  • Guy Jones
    Guy Jones 6 months ago

    Why are you bothered about trump? Concern yourself with what YOU CAN make a difference with... go figure.

  • Gabriel Rd
    Gabriel Rd 6 months ago

    Johnny Vegas is so hilariously dysfunctional as a comedian that when he says something like this - so serious, relevant, thoughtful, poignant, it has that much more of an impact.

  • pixel girl
    pixel girl 7 months ago

    Over 20% dislikes on a video taking a stance against putting kids in internment camps. Well done humanity, keep it up!

  • Messiah Complex
    Messiah Complex 7 months ago


  • blaise marcc
    blaise marcc 7 months ago

    I do believe Melania is going to snap soon.

  • blaise marcc
    blaise marcc 7 months ago

    Johnny Vegas is right. It was a message to her husband.

  • cipher88101
    cipher88101 7 months ago

    It was a policy in place before Trump came into office. He didn't institute it. You people act like it was the first thing he did after hanging up his coat. I didn't even vote for Trump, but I know bullshit when I hear it. It's a policy on ILLEGAL immigration, not immigration. Apparently that is too complicated a concept for some of you. Let one of these illegals kill somebody in your family, then haul ass back to their country scot free and see how fucking understanding you are about them. We have no issue with legal immigrants. Never have. Don't bring your child along when you break the law and then they won't have to spend time in protective custody while responsible adults sort it out.
    Get off of your fucking high horses and check out these stories you fucking hypocrites.

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart 7 months ago

    wow,, the hard right is out in force in the comments,, and as a usual, full of shit, obama and clinton did the same thing?? show a source for that statement, that isnt from faux news style right wing propaganda machine, that hasnt been fully debunked

  •  7 months ago

    Good thing Obama didn't do anything similar...

  • Peter Danner
    Peter Danner 7 months ago

    Legitimate question. What are you meant to do with illegal immigrants who cross a border with their children. Do you let the whole family in therefore penalizing people who didn't have children? Do you turn them all away? Do you house them all together in a detention center. Seriously, I'm far removed from being a fan of Trump but as a sociopolitical conundrum I'm not sure what the answer is and no country on the planet seems to have an answer

  • Cory Smith
    Cory Smith 7 months ago

    Yet Saudi Arabia is a UK ally

  • goody657
    goody657 7 months ago

    C4 at its leftist best

  • Henry Jacobsen
    Henry Jacobsen 7 months ago

    There are not kids in cages. And fuck off, we've seen how immigration has fucked Britain,don't want it here. Do y'all send kids to prison with their parents? Did Tommy Robinson's kids join him?

  • Sean Poag
    Sean Poag 7 months ago

    Im so sick of Trump. Why does he even exist?! I cant wait for him to burn in Hell like he deserves.

  • Isaac Hunt
    Isaac Hunt 7 months ago

    When are celebrities going to research what's really going on before spouting off? The cold hard facts of this appalling situation totally exonerates Trump. Obama did keep kids in cages & where was all the libtard outrage then?
    I love your work guys, especially Johnny, but ffs, learn the facts before kicking off!

  • Andrew Nissen
    Andrew Nissen 7 months ago

    It's simple. Criminals go to jail. Crossing the border illegally is a criminal act. If you are claiming asylum, you can do so at a port of entry. You will only get arrested - and rightly so - when you cross over the border illegally not at a legal port of entry.

  • seeker143
    seeker143 7 months ago

    Get educated. Most do there homework before opening there traps and condemning a president. Oh I forgot, Your payed to b.s people.

  • Stavaros Hugo
    Stavaros Hugo 7 months ago

    Oh dear,channel 4 clickbait bullshit once again, powerful my arse

  • Sarah Kinsey
    Sarah Kinsey 7 months ago

    What is happening now here in the US is beyond not okay. We need some sort of border protection, but separating families is NOT okay. It has been happening for 20 years, but because of the internet, only Trump is being blamed. The policy has existed through both Conservative and Liberal Presidencies. We need to come together as a nation to compromise, and help each other make a better future.

  • Frederick J.
    Frederick J. 7 months ago

    Finally, somebody from Europe who might get heard tells it straight and gets it dead on right. Euro folks, and people all over the world, have got to rise above their short term economic interests and tell THIS hostile-to-it's-own-democratic-foundations, dystopian, captured United States of 'Amerikkka' to just fuck off... for real -- sanctions and all, just like they do for other rogue, violence promoting nations with institutionalized policies of human rights abuse. Hell, you don't have to look farther than the brutally unfair and grotesquely inefficient & for the immense profit of a relative few, "healthcare" system... which abuses women; distributes services selectively by massively unequal standards based on class, indentured servitude to a job, etc.; bankrupts hundreds of thousands of families per year (most of these HAVE "health insurance"); and literally condemns tens of thousands to unnecessary, premature death (the U.S., richest of all, ranks about 30th -- !! -- in the world for average life expectancy at birth, and falling; and appallingly high in infant mortality... thanks, of course, to "pro-lifers", "Evangelicals", right wing economic parasites and predators,, and the apathetic accommodations of "neo-liberals").
    Not to mention a prison system that holds about 2 million+, or about 1% of the ENTIRE adult population in cells, including the cruel & unusual punishment of 23 hour a day solitary confinement for "offenders" 100% free of ANY sort of violent history. Or take the consequences of grotesque levels of income inequality and it's thoroughly and appalling levels of social dysfunction by standardized measures, compared to most European, 'post-industrial' societal norms...
    Don't just say it's Trump -- OVER 70% OF THE U.S. VOTING AGE POPULATION could not be bothered on election day 2016 to lift a finger to stop the PROMISED debacle in brutally deconstructing effective government, in launching a comprehensive broadside assault against science and expertise of all kinds, in instituting extremist ideological tests as, virtually, it's ONLY meaningful de facto standard for government service in either the executive or the judicial branches of the federal government. Don't forget characterizing the work and heavily documented conclusions of the FBI, the CIA,, as just more "fake news". It's the "Big Lie", all the time: it worked for Goebbels... for awhile, anyway. The fascist playbook is always the same.
    As I watch the comprehensive trashing of the traditional standards and ideals for American government universally taught and promoted in sensibly run, traditionally conservative Midwestern public schools like my own of half a century ago -- in Civics class, in American History class, in American Government class, -- it's now the KKK, American Nazis, Constitutional rights hating "religious"-fascist reactionary extremists, and violence loving, fetishist nut cases who cheer, and have cheered all along this tribalist, cultist rush to the bottom.
    This is not the America I grew up in. Don't just gripe, Europeans, LISTEN TO JOHNNY VEGAS: You can't keep up business as usual and still claim some moral high ground. Sensibly progressive, fair-minded, and scientific knowledge / expertise respecting Americans have lost this fight big time, not just to the loudest extremists, but also to the disfunctional, apathetic (but still griping) dystopian majority. We're the ones who need rescued now; but who is standing up abroad for the kind of ACTIVE dissociation and sanctioning it will take to wake up a nation of morally compromised, dazed and confused effective illiterates; isolated, even awash in torrents of media, within a hyper-provincial, effectively self-obsessed, bunkered culture? Millennials to the rescue? Who the hell do you think it was, giving lip service to change, but staying home in such discouraging numbers in November 2016?!
    So here's to Johnny Vegas -- the voice of moral authority, with the courage for a REAL call to action!

  • Miguel Campos
    Miguel Campos 7 months ago

    A fat fuck talking about Americans. Contradiction much?

  • Johannes Bertilsson
    Johannes Bertilsson 7 months ago

    johnny is looking good

  • peter kreisler
    peter kreisler 7 months ago

    Who brought the law in to detain children................Obama! You clowns

  • 54321 Ob
    54321 Ob 7 months ago

    So what is America suposted to do with these kids? Their families shouldn't have tried to smuggle them selves in to the us in the first place

  • Chris G
    Chris G 8 months ago

    I've got to be honest, I'm confused. What would be "the right thing" to do when people get caught trying to sneak illegally into any country with their kids in tow? Arrest them and keep the kids with them while awaiting prosecution and/or repatriation, or arrest them and separate the kids from them? Those are really the only two options.

  • ™阿甘杨
    ™阿甘杨 8 months ago

    You say that but there's hypocrisy because he was pressured into detaining the kids to prevent them from being separated from families which is what Obama did.
    Trump can't win with you people

  • Con Rar
    Con Rar 8 months ago

    3:25 say it don't spray it, Johnny boy

  • Rob Knowledge
    Rob Knowledge 8 months ago

    It's not racist when Obama does it, it's only racist when Trump does it, ok guys? It's like female genital mutilation, it's not illegal when a muslim does it. The lack of objectivity in the current sociopolitical climate has gone beyond depressing.

  • Mark Barlow
    Mark Barlow 8 months ago

    Children of interned illegal immigrants were separated from their parents and confined during the Obama administration but it doesn’t suit the narrative to mention this.

  • Super Angad
    Super Angad 8 months ago

    know your Superheroes

  • SyQClanGaming
    SyQClanGaming 8 months ago

    This comment section is cancer. Buthurt americans getting triggered over one mans point of view/say. Get a life.

  • Morris Anderson
    Morris Anderson 8 months ago

    An no one said a word when horny Bill Clinton signed an enforced the law when he was president, an obummer carried out the same, looks abit 2faced to me, but it's OK for someone to pick an choose what makes him /her all sanctimonious, dipshit

  • The Poet McTeagle
    The Poet McTeagle 8 months ago

    " Do not break the Law " fucking Liberals !

  • Raymond Bates
    Raymond Bates 8 months ago

    "Fuck Trump, in fact fuck Johnny Vegas anaw. In fact fuck Trump, fuck Johnny Vegas, fuck The Last Leg and fuck Channel 4"
    Shower ae shite.

    • Raymond Bates
      Raymond Bates 8 months ago

      Scumspawn ***** Yeah, well your safe with my son. You don't want to meet Uncle Norman though ;)

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 months ago

      Ah Raymond Bates ..I know your son Master Bates. 😇

  • jakamneziak
    jakamneziak 8 months ago

    3 minutes beforehand Johnny VEgas was going on about masturbating on a bus that landed in a birds nest, then he comes up with this beautifully poignant and punchy speech that shows how intelligent he is. I saw this when it was first roadcast and to see him shift gears so swiftly like that I honestly thoguth someone had put LSD in my coffee. Surreal.

  • Sarah Mike
    Sarah Mike 8 months ago

    Shouldn’t Melanie trump be be deported back to Slovenia she ain’t American da faq. So if Mexicans aren’t allowed she should either

    BIGBOYKDOG 8 months ago +1

    Where were they when Obama was doing exactly the same thing .

  • C MC
    C MC 8 months ago +1

    Where was this outrage in Obama's era? Bush's era or when Clinton fucking brought it into law? Fuck sake wake up and get off the "trump is racist" bandwagon. Hes enforcing the fucking laws in the US

  • jonofitz11
    jonofitz11 8 months ago +1

    People break the law and get seperated from their children TEMPORARILY. Stop fucking overreacting

  • L30887
    L30887 8 months ago +1

    Obama's admin got sued for keeping the kids with their parents 'putting kids in prison' so switched it so that it wouldn't happen. Not Trumps policy, anyone ranting about Obama.... No

  • Mark Newcombe
    Mark Newcombe 8 months ago

    I love America. Seriously 👍👍👌.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 8 months ago

    These people are ILlEGAL IMMIGRANTS, so what's the leftist ruling? You can illegally enter any country that you like as long as you are holding a child's hand your allowed a get out of jail card and clear entry into said country. Without borders there ARE NO COUNTRIES. The illegal immigrants are to blame for dragging innocent kids with them through squalor and danger to get to the USA house of plenty.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 months ago

      Well if its a house of plenty surely you don't mind sharing some of it with the less fortunate.
      Bless you my son.🙏

  • John O'brien
    John O'brien 8 months ago

    Trump is great he’s doing a greatest job it’s marvellous he’s the best prezz ever so shat you gob vegas

  • jwgeezer
    jwgeezer 8 months ago

    I used to like this guy but ........... what a cock! What a total bellend he is here.

    • jwgeezer
      jwgeezer 8 months ago

      Trump is just a puppet like all Presidents, Vegas hasn't got a clue. He's going all anti-Trump to try and get his career back on track because that's the standard luvvie default position.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 months ago

      Yeah you're right thats what trump is exactly..that's what were all saying..well said.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 months ago

      Yeah fuck trump

  • Tony Cook
    Tony Cook 8 months ago

    Comics are nearly all left's a great market for them. Being a left winger makes them money, which kind of ironic when you think about it. Taking a liberal, left wing approach...and making money from it. Hahahaha!

    • jwgeezer
      jwgeezer 8 months ago

      There's an irony there with these liberal knobheads.

  • kevin chell
    kevin chell 8 months ago

    Just stop entering countries illegally!!any leaders first priority is to protect/defend his or her own citizens..if an illegal decided to enter another country then this the's their own fault,,get over it.. Johnny vegas,,,just a fat unfunny bloke,,,,oh no!! everyone's going to get offended now because I've used the word fat!

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 8 months ago

    Yes these people may be on television but they are so ill-informed and parroting the BS that they have heard from another parrot.
    The fact is, a study was done on immigrants crossing the border. Most children were not with their parents as they had deliberately cast off their children miles back.
    The reason? Kind of obvious.
    A lot of these children end up getting scooped by scumbags that enslave the children, sexually or otherwise.
    So the narrative is 'kids are being split from their parents'. Just think about that.
    Now they are all kept together with their 'parents'. Cracking job of the far-left yet again.

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 8 months ago

    So what would the alternative be to detainment? Just let them all in?
    UK, Germany, France among many others went that route and look at the shit state our countries are in now.

  • Truzo
    Truzo 8 months ago

    Wasn't this in effect while Obama was in power ?!?!

  • Nicky Nicholas
    Nicky Nicholas 8 months ago +1

    I'm surprised that the 2 fatties on the right side of the couch didn't tip it up and catapult the two on the left into space.

  • Tez Wharton
    Tez Wharton 8 months ago

    Fake News!, now fake celebrities!. But they do need to keep there jobs with the radical far left liberals criminals, pedo bbc crackpots and the governement!.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago

    To all those trying to justify Trump's policy:
    It's quite funny how the right always say the left is stupid to believe 'corrupt' news organisations, when the fact of the matter is it is the right wing politicians who always have alterior motives. Don't believe the garbage that they are forcing down your throat.

  • Nailsby Natassia
    Nailsby Natassia 8 months ago

    Russia’s ok though I suppose

  • Callum R
    Callum R 8 months ago

    "We cant deal with a country that treats people like this". Those people are illegal and more likely to commit crimes than American citizens, how is it treating people badly when the law against illegal immigration actively protects American citizens in favour of people who have committed crimes in a foreign country. I like Jonny Vegas but the only leg his argument had to stand on was the emotion behind it. It was ironically his last leg.

  • Cassian
    Cassian 8 months ago

    I’m just curious: where was Johnny when Libyan kids were being shot? Where was Johnny when Jewish kids were cowering schools because Hamas was shooting rockets are schools? It’s easy to be outraged when everyone else is doing it.

    • Scumspawn *****
      Scumspawn ***** 8 months ago

      He was probably in the same place as you and me and many others ..well out of it ..we don't have to be there to abhorr it.

  • jovan lipovatz
    jovan lipovatz 8 months ago

    Viva Trump.

  • Paige Short
    Paige Short 8 months ago

    Im sad to find out that celebrities I used to like have such little knowledge. Fame is so overrated

  • john phillips
    john phillips 8 months ago

    Eternity is to long to get this wrong. Accept Jesus Christ today, we are not promised a tomorrow. Do yourselves a favour and check out these channels, The Potters Clay and ODD Reality.

  • Raymond Perrelli
    Raymond Perrelli 8 months ago

    Johnny vegas, stick to your comedy act, and leave politics alone, please

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill 8 months ago

    Johnny Vegas has been tamed, he is now a left wing knobhead

  • Michael O Neill
    Michael O Neill 8 months ago


    • Michael O Neill
      Michael O Neill 7 months ago


    • Julia
      Julia 7 months ago

      Michael O Neill
      You can stop shouting now, he was released at the beginning of August.

  • poolplayer poolplayer
    poolplayer poolplayer 8 months ago

    #walkaway please don't listen to the brainwashing left!!

  • BeinZilex
    BeinZilex 8 months ago


  • BuffaloSC Yugioh
    BuffaloSC Yugioh 8 months ago

    Never any condemnation against the invading hordes who endanger their kids in the first place and take them away from the parents at home, fathers mothers all seperated at home by one parent using their kids as a human shield against the law . And what of those who have no evidence that they are their kids to begin with ? The Toxic rabid leftists just want these criminals let out into society regardless of the risks or drawbacks, claiming nonsense like ' america was founded by migrants' and '' migrants help boost our economy ' that doesn't mean importing human traffickers drug cartels and terrorists who devour hearts and mutilate families ...

  • majugana majug
    majugana majug 8 months ago


  • Weird Sinbad
    Weird Sinbad 8 months ago

    Obama did it. And Canada do as well. Better then having the kid around ppl you can't identify. Think how bad that could go. There isn't always a easy solution, no matter how much you feel.

  • XhoowieX
    XhoowieX 8 months ago

    I love the Americans saying it has been going on for decades as if it's a defence. So you've been voting disgustingly for decades rather than a few years? Congratulations.

  • sayar1975
    sayar1975 8 months ago

    Jonny vegas he is bloody awesome , he needs his own show he has lots to say and has his head well screwed on ...

  • Bjamin M
    Bjamin M 8 months ago

    British comedy is quite pish

  • Jane Dow
    Jane Dow 8 months ago

    The U.K. also has immigration detention centres & the conditions are just as vile. Britain always likes to bitch about North America but forgets what they do on their own turf

    • Saj170673
      Saj170673 8 months ago

      Jane Dow
      Someone hit ur anti trump or anti yank button? I don't really care do you?

  • Download Complete
    Download Complete 8 months ago

    Well as sad as this sounds but these people are trying to get in the us illegally and if they don’t want to get split up don’t go to the us illegally

  • David Gill
    David Gill 8 months ago

    I don't understand why the mainstream media in countrys outside the US are only now upset about injustices carried out by the US government because Trump is president.
    "We can't have a special relationship with a country that treats people like this!". Did we hear you say that when Obama promised to shut Guantanamo Bay, but then failed to do so. I'm not saying we should overlook children being caged - the outrage is justified. However it needs to be directed consistently at whomever carries out immoral acts.

  • Elsolra Saul
    Elsolra Saul 8 months ago

    Dont believe the fake news. Trump 2020

  • Ry Telford
    Ry Telford 8 months ago

    Trump signed an executive order weeks ago to end this you fucking idiots. These are the same wankers that kissed Obama's ass while he did the exact same thing for 8 years...all while eviscerating families with drones and then fuckin joked about it. There's a million reasons to hate Trump...preaching free trade then threatening tariffs, cherry picking his press room, failure to denounce right wing extremists...pick one that actually holds water.

  • mk 1
    mk 1 8 months ago

    The last leg is running out of ideas again it's not funny anymore

  • Levent Taskan
    Levent Taskan 8 months ago

    Maybe the UK needs a SPECIALRELEXIT..

  • 15schaa 15schaa
    15schaa 15schaa 8 months ago

    Umm, Adam, that's not why people are talking about the coat.

  • teddy81
    teddy81 8 months ago

    Some obscenely fat wealthy guy who isn't effected at all by immigrants abusing welfare, nhs, social housing and so on.
    Classic liberal bullshit to point the finger at the people who actually pay for all these people to stay here despite them causing a destructive effect on a culture.

  • Marky 74
    Marky 74 8 months ago

    Lol, cry harder fatty....!