LG G8 Review: Master of None!

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Harsh but true.
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  • Loki
    Loki Day ago

    You say high quality DAC like it's just a normal feature you find on every phone

  • Yasantha Priyal
    Yasantha Priyal Day ago

    I'm a lg user .I think lg is trying to do something new every year.but the only bad thing that that lg have is the notch.hope to see ultra bessle less display for future improvments.finaly want to say lg is better than samsang s10.

  • Bearded Impala
    Bearded Impala 2 days ago

    There are android TVs that have the Android Pie now, but not the LG flagship phones from just last year.

  • AL Bara
    AL Bara 2 days ago

    @ marques are you still using prepaid service for your cell phone service?

  • Evan Shultz
    Evan Shultz 3 days ago

    Those brofist headphones tho 😆

  • Jacob Shroud
    Jacob Shroud 3 days ago +2

    Please unsubscribe MKBHD
    He is paid for samsung,apple,one plus

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 3 days ago

    this phone is really ugly. My cousin has one and it does not seem worth it at all. The g6 looks way better even though its 2 years old. Just my opinion but damn the phone is ugly

  • 123 456
    123 456 4 days ago

    Still on the g6

  • Just Dew It!
    Just Dew It! 5 days ago

    so what if it's 500 on prime day?

  • Cheelo C
    Cheelo C 5 days ago

    Came back to this video just to read the comments again 😂

  • Matthias Rambally
    Matthias Rambally 5 days ago

    Anyone who's interested in the phone please check it out this phone is one of the best phones this year ....it's also like 400 USD brand new and 300+ used....this phones is amazing don't let this popular review turn you off

  • cameron gonnella
    cameron gonnella 6 days ago

    LG G3 and LG G4 were both very solid with little to no flaws. The LG G5 and LG G6 suck

  • elchamber
    elchamber 6 days ago

    LG used to have the biggest battery and overpowered when the LG G2 came out. Lg for sound, now.

  • Nithin K Gowder
    Nithin K Gowder 6 days ago

    If you are Netflix or Music lover, The resolution and sound quality of LG phones are more than expectation.

  • Nithin K Gowder
    Nithin K Gowder 6 days ago

    LG still pulls it out. Just loved the phone.

  • Assem Music
    Assem Music 6 days ago

    Its 499$ on Amazon right so yeat it definitely worth the purchase! it is an 855 SD Processor after all and half the price of the galaxy s10 ;)

  • Om Shankar Pandey
    Om Shankar Pandey 8 days ago

    Very pathetic to see such a biased reviewer. Unsubscribing him right now. 👎🏿

  • Carlon Douglas
    Carlon Douglas 8 days ago

    That's a well built phone just under rated

  • Erin A
    Erin A 8 days ago

    DO NOT BUY LG...AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FAULTY HARDWARE. I have had 2 LG phones which cameras stopped working and one where the motherboard died all within 6 months to 1 year of purchasing...Fool me once shame on you fool me three times and I don't know what that means. I just want yall to know...

    ALSO LG Customer service is THE WORST. Over the last several days I have spoken with various call center representatives about a hardware malfunction on my LG G6. We determined to repair it as no trouble shooting was working however this means I am phoneless for 2 weeks....What?! With my life and job no way. They would not provide a loaner and would not provide a new device. On top of this FLAWED and INCONSIDERATE policy, one of those supervisors hung up on me while expressing my frustrations. I was frustrated but not belligerant, not cursing, not vulgar...I was unable to talk to anyone who can make any decision and instead I was treated, quite frankly, like my problem wasn't their problem which in fact it was entirely. I did not drop or damage my phone, it was being used as intended and it failed...great, it happens, but compensate for it if you bother to have a warranty at all. NO COMPENSATION was provided for my broken device and the inconvenience of your repair policy and NONE was provided for being hung up on. NO ONE should hang up on a customer...and I was told it was all handled internally and I would not be contacted about it... I felt undervalued when fighting for my product which I am now finding was way over valued. Life is not good LG, neither is your customer service and customer service policies. I would expect compensation from any company if treated this way but honestly don't expect it from LG given my experience today. I cannot believe how I was treated and cannot believe your company policies do not allow us to meet each other half way on a problem that is YOUR companies FAULT.

  • Eric Leckey
    Eric Leckey 8 days ago

    You come across as an Samsung / Iphone fan boy ... as a LG fan.... can you say quad DAC and headphone jack... the cam is pretty good... nothing else matters ...

  • Horace Grimsby
    Horace Grimsby 8 days ago

    Headphone jack and DAC...those are stand out features....which I would want.

  • Justin Z
    Justin Z 8 days ago

    This dude is the biggest Samsung shill now lol.

  • umerrPM
    umerrPM 9 days ago

    You should give review on your self ;-)
    Obvious your newbie to innovation till it’s mimicked at next level by ur popular iPhone (fingerprint sucks)or Samsung (fingerprint sucks)

  • umerrPM
    umerrPM 9 days ago

    Well it is the only “smart”phone

  • Vinny Bruce
    Vinny Bruce 11 days ago

    I was trying to get the red lg g8 thinq but I end up getting a black one the red one is a real nice one I have the pink LG G7 thinq. Now I have a black lg g8

  • traaaumaugen
    traaaumaugen 11 days ago

    Nice Phone ❤️

  • Liz C.
    Liz C. 12 days ago

    Man this baby is sexci....the color alone stands out...😍😍😍

  • Brian Riley
    Brian Riley 13 days ago +1

    External storage, with a 3.5mm jack, and an IP68 rating.... There aren't that many phones to choose from. Add in the 6gb ram and it's a winner for me.
    I don't care about the sleek exterior because I will always have a case on it.
    This is probably the perfect high end phone for me currently out.

  • GTX calibur
    GTX calibur 13 days ago +1

    The G8 display has 564 ppi density with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. I'd like to see if any samsung or apple has that.

  • Anonymous_yo_mama672
    Anonymous_yo_mama672 13 days ago

    I think I'm happy with my purchase of the LG 8 ThinQ.

  • Sara Hesami
    Sara Hesami 14 days ago +1

    That was just a BAD review 👎

  • met me
    met me 14 days ago

    The most biased review, how are you gonna disrespect the quad dac

  • Sherif Hamdy
    Sherif Hamdy 15 days ago +2

    You became an idiot lately

  • Bo Rerun
    Bo Rerun 16 days ago

    Has the best screen it slaps S10 (566ppi OLED ) ... MkBK is getting lazy at what really matters WHY watch anymore

  • Muhammad Abdul Basit Hemal

    when you buy a brand phone do not think to upgrade within minimum five years..

  • Austin Shaw
    Austin Shaw 17 days ago

    Don't you know the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it? Lol

  • Violet Blue
    Violet Blue 18 days ago +1

    LoL... i understand, LG is nothing special. samsung have infinity display, apple have different os. its not like bad... it just so many substitution out there.

  • its just luke Revive
    its just luke Revive 18 days ago

    Marques is one of the tech tubers I listen to for buying a new phone.

  • Hormone Monster
    Hormone Monster 19 days ago

    Hi Fi Quad Dac is important for me for one reason.....


  • Debarka Mukhopadhyay
    Debarka Mukhopadhyay 19 days ago

    Reviews a phone : I don't make that many phone calls anyway.

  • JaY Dell
    JaY Dell 20 days ago

    I like my lg, my first iphone I had crashed on me during a software update. I never bought one again, stuck with lg after that.

  • juan martinez
    juan martinez 20 days ago


  • juan martinez
    juan martinez 20 days ago

    Just say you don't like the dam phone.......period......

  • JonBoxification
    JonBoxification 20 days ago

    I've been using LG G series since the G3, don't use the default launcher, get nova prime silly, the app drawer issues are gone.

  • dansterstuff
    dansterstuff 20 days ago

    All these lg fanboys in the comments are almost as bad as the isheeps

  • Felipe Almeida
    Felipe Almeida 21 day ago

    seems to me you didn´t get paid as much as you expected from them .....

  • Hormone Monster
    Hormone Monster 21 day ago

    wait wait wait!!! did he said IR Blaster???? does this mean i can use my phone as a remote for my TV again???

  • Fadi Kar
    Fadi Kar 21 day ago


  • BTW
    BTW 22 days ago

    Lol people still buy LG. Lmao

  • Nocturnal Guy
    Nocturnal Guy 23 days ago +1

    Well... I bought the lgg8 and I love! Best decision I could have ever made.

  • alexmexqt14
    alexmexqt14 23 days ago

    esovde que reconosca tu mano estaria muy bien si se pudiera hacer a distancia para manipular el telefono desde lejos pero si lo tienes cerca de ti para que usas esa funcion?😂

  • Corny's Vision
    Corny's Vision 24 days ago

    The hand gesture feature would work great if you can't pick your phone cause u have dirty ✋.

  • Corny's Vision
    Corny's Vision 24 days ago

    If LG improves the specs on the LG G4 with bigger battery and bezeless screen, I'd definitely go back to that phone.

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 25 days ago

    "Just hit the button..." Shrugs.

  • Skeet Gielen
    Skeet Gielen 25 days ago

    Watching on a s10e

  • Andrew Louden
    Andrew Louden 25 days ago +2

    I came back to this review, since I am considering the G8. After watching it, I realize why I no longer subscribe to this channel. Bias much, Mr. Brownlee? I am sure the G8 is not a perfect phone. I am also sure it is much better than your biased review would indicate.

    MR REDDICK 26 days ago

    iPhones use the same exact design every year. Wheres the complaints?

  • AncienChevalier
    AncienChevalier 26 days ago +1

    We watch your videos for the content, not just the production quality. Rmb how you attracted so many subscribers in the first place. You gave accurate, and relatable reviews of phones. Now it seems that you are more focused on how your videos look, rather than really experiencing a phone and delivering a fair assessment. Will always support you, please read the other comments for constructive feedback.

  • kLez
    kLez 26 days ago

    100% DCI-P3 support and nothing stands out?

  • Tee Khing Hua
    Tee Khing Hua 26 days ago

    The most biased video review of all time!

  • jairosoft
    jairosoft 27 days ago +1

    Thank you Marques Brownlee for being so harsh on this phone. That helped to push the price down quicker than expected, and now we fans of phones with such above average specs can get it at a price even lower than he predicted it would go, he said buy it if it gets around$650 to $700. Now at T-Mobile for around $615. Camera reviews showing that it does quite well plus it allows more manual controls, something the expensive flagship phones seem to be reducing. So if he were to make an addendum on this video he would have to highly recommend this phone.

    • jairosoft
      jairosoft 27 days ago

      Alternatively, if he had given the LG G8 a less harsh and more favorable review, the price of the phone would not have drop so low so soon.

  • chaosbolt66
    chaosbolt66 27 days ago

    Damn Marques. Been following since day one.... you're getting roasted pretty good here.

  • Social Jetlag
    Social Jetlag 27 days ago

    Master of the headphone jack

  • JM BN
    JM BN 27 days ago +1

    Man your reviews are super nice to watch, but the content is quite average or just bad (like this one)

  • Bhagyesh Patel
    Bhagyesh Patel 28 days ago +3

    This guy didnt even change his mind about lg g8. I he didnt even use it for months. I have been using my LG G8 from last 2months and trust me, this device has everything. Better display, great camera, great speed, battery life. Performance. What else you need buddy? For a regular user.

  • michael michael
    michael michael 28 days ago +1

    B i a s e d R e v i e w

  • fake line
    fake line 28 days ago

    apple worshipper

  • AceOfNothing
    AceOfNothing 28 days ago +1

    In defense of Marques...who the hell buys a phone based on the DAC

    • Reetwick Tunga
      Reetwick Tunga 15 days ago +1

      People who care about studio quality music.

  • Kenny Speth
    Kenny Speth 28 days ago

    verzion monthly charge for me will come out to little under 500 dollars so i think it is worth it for me

  • Diego Andy
    Diego Andy Month ago

    That software glitch .........

  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson Month ago +1

    damn that habd gesture is useful when youre driving or cooking

  • Prizm
    Prizm Month ago

    We can't really say "I don't like this phone it sucks" but we're lucky we can even have it in the first place

  • Fabrizio De los rios

    I bought this phone for my mom and she has soooo many complaints about it, she says it over heats, it vibrates too much when the volume is high and that she hears buzzing noises when talking on the phone. My question is if it's just that one phone she got or if anyone else has seen this happen.

  • Cuthbert Magawa
    Cuthbert Magawa Month ago +1

    i like all your reviews, but this one i've got to say, you are so biased. this phone is so good, but it seems you just dont like the brand. everything about this phone was/is on point.. its a bummer you being bias towards this and it shows

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung Month ago

    I actually feel a little bad for LG. everything they make is reliable, but it never excels in anything.

  • Adarsh kombilath
    Adarsh kombilath Month ago

    Jack of all trades, master of none. But better than one.

  • Jacob Parton
    Jacob Parton Month ago +1

    This comment section is being a little to harsh. Yes I agree this was not his best review, but he is not wrong. You guys in the comments are not looking at his point of view incorrectly. Some of the things he is saying that is making you mad is just true. Compared to other phones you really aren't getting anything special. I know this video is a few weeks old, and my comment is a little late, but I'm kind of starting to browse for a new phone, so I'm not saying this is a bad phone but it is just not great. I would totally buy it. They have all of the flagship basics, and ok software. So I don't know. Just my opinion. you can hate on it.

  • Fahrettin Haczeyni
    Fahrettin Haczeyni Month ago

    Vouw never heard a reviewed as biased as this one! Hard to believe this guy is watched +1M and some other great dudes don't hit those numbers... Don't buy a phone relying on this guy's reviews...

  • Jason wen
    Jason wen Month ago

    this thing is more expensive than oneplus 7pro, 8+256 model lol

    • PurpleRupees
      PurpleRupees Month ago +1

      This phone is way cheaper now. I'm seeing it for under $600 on eBay for a new one and it's $620 on T-Mobile.

  • Jeremy Neutron
    Jeremy Neutron Month ago

    LG has the worst screen in the industry. Light bleeding and image retention are common complaints. If you're out of warranty, then it becomes your burden. LG should take responsibility for the devices they sell and should repair or replace defective units even if it's out of warranty. It might be best to look for a better product.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    When will it hit Indian Market( South Asian) ?

  • 310Sole
    310Sole Month ago

    If apple was one of the few to pioneer the no-camera-hump look, he wouldn’t shade them with slippery and “it’s a design, it’s a smartphone”.
    I think lg mastered the dac.

  • MOLE
    MOLE Month ago

    Why is this guy famous or successful I see no soul

  • What The
    What The Month ago

    At 3:05, thats exactly the same issue i had with my 3month LG G6... Everytime I make a phone call or someone is calling me, there was a buzzing sound. I sent my phone to LG but they can't fix the problem. It took me 1month and 2 weeks for them to decide that they gonna replace my phone. But they gave me a refurbished one. I think that buzzing sound issue with LG hasnt been fix until now.

  • Rahul M Prathap
    Rahul M Prathap Month ago

    But you can show off people with an LG phone, because it's rare.

  • lediju azeez
    lediju azeez Month ago

    You've been my go-to tech reviewer but this had me think twice about whatever you say bro how will you recommend a phone with less secure face unlock over a phone with apple level secured face unlock.

  • lediju azeez
    lediju azeez Month ago

    This review is just too bias we know you don't like LG brand but please try to be sincere

  • Vrushal Shravane
    Vrushal Shravane Month ago

    Oh come on bro! What about the quad dac? How can you even compare it to the S10e?

  • Morris Ramsay
    Morris Ramsay Month ago

    Bro everything you said is spot on. I've had couple lg phones and the experience wasn't the best, especially the software. I decide never to buy another

  • Luka Šauperl
    Luka Šauperl Month ago

    ROM -> Read Only Memory

  • Dan Fusco
    Dan Fusco Month ago

    I still don't get it. Why in the world would they make it glass all around? What a lame design! I personally like plastics or aluminum, but it doesn't matter much to me. I always put it in a case. Some phones can claim 'indestructable' (none of the LGs are, though), but all manufactures should focus on durability, reliability, longer battery life (at least 2 to 3 days). I have had several LGs, which were all pretty good...until they died. Unfortunately they are unreliable. Chips overheating or faulty software. And their battery life sucks too. Not worth it.

  • govind singh
    govind singh Month ago +5

    This is a completely biased review. LG makes great phones. If you want me to describe the phone with some words - i will say
    1. Great Wide Angle Cameras
    2. Hifi Quad Dac and best audio phones
    3. MIL standard - one of the most sturdy phones. Drop both samsung amd lg phones.
    4. One of the best camera software

  • Paul Cotton
    Paul Cotton Month ago

    Lg Face ID is the best on android and the quad dac is the best on android. 619 dollars on Tmobile and it has a flat screen.

  • cheeseyboi 121
    cheeseyboi 121 Month ago

    Love the pewds headphones

  • Gaber Mraz
    Gaber Mraz Month ago

    2.59 R.I.P. Headphone users that sharp S killed my ear drums

  • Dark Dusty
    Dark Dusty Month ago

    I would buy it

  • payattentionppl
    payattentionppl Month ago

    There is soooooooo much wrong with what I just watched. C'mon mkbhd....your better then this

  • payattentionppl
    payattentionppl Month ago

    Welcome to the real world. Bought and paid for anti promotion. Got to pay to play LG

  • Simon Hartmann
    Simon Hartmann Month ago

    0:53 pewdiepie headphones pog

  • Trent Baker
    Trent Baker Month ago +1

    More like Master music and fun