LG G8 Review: Master of None!

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Harsh but true.
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Comments • 8 096

  • blumen
    blumen 3 hours ago +1

    But still better than a master of one. 🤨

  • Jack Theladd
    Jack Theladd 7 hours ago

    It's the master of phones that can drive high impedance headphones.
    Audiophiles like this phone.

  • ajfam871
    ajfam871 Day ago +1

    How about expandable memory and a fucking headphone jack (apple) I like the iPhones and almost took the jump but the no headphone thing is an absolute dealbreaker.

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Day ago +1

    I wish the flagship Samsung’s put in high quality dacs for their SD variants, (exynos better but still not great) so that I would no longer need to watch these LG review..only reason to consider g8 is audio. Which is valid, phones aren’t just our cameras now, they are our walkmans, discmans, MP3 players, iPods. For me music is life, I want the best if I’m dropping 1000 on a phone, sadly this is the last area where no phone really ‘has it all’

  • Aleksandar Luka
    Aleksandar Luka Day ago

    lg is for TV not for celphone

  • Neil Nathan
    Neil Nathan Day ago

    1:33 it's a design and a smartphone 😂😂

  • Rhakesh G
    Rhakesh G Day ago

    800 dollars is crazy expensive for this, unless you slap an apple logo on it apparently

  • Sivad Davis
    Sivad Davis 3 days ago

    This tight lipped dude has been compromised.

  • J L.
    J L. 3 days ago

    Subscribed while watching your other videos, but after watching this and the comments... :(
    I was looking to compare between LG G8x Thinq and S10/S10e, but if its so skewed...

    You didnt seem to care about making this video at all, kinda like pointing out all the flaws and ending it asap

  • om naik
    om naik 3 days ago

    That gestures control looks so futuristic 🙂🙂🙂

  • Ryeon De Yong
    Ryeon De Yong 3 days ago

    LG should just throw away the stupid air gesture and put a zoom lens on it. the G8 design is good enough. and please put back 3.5mm jack

  • StarBoy
    StarBoy 4 days ago

    Hi-fi DAC
    Bone phone call speaker
    Superb haptic feedback
    Amazing video/sound recorder
    Military durablety test approved
    2 years free warranty
    Made in Korea

  • codpieceofjustice
    codpieceofjustice 4 days ago

    So being the boss of the DAC is being a "master of none". So done with you, MKBD.

  • fridel maconee
    fridel maconee 4 days ago

    That flat back with no camera bump what so ever is enough fore to buy one.everything is just perfect bit the notch

  • Joe Mulaparthi
    Joe Mulaparthi 5 days ago +1

    7:54 "Just hit the button."

  • Michal Wojtal
    Michal Wojtal 5 days ago

    Phone company doesn't include microSD = bad!!
    Phone company includes microSD = bad!!

  • Tiny Robot
    Tiny Robot 6 days ago

    "Jack of all trade. master of non, is better then master of one" is the full quote

  • Zaccur White
    Zaccur White 7 days ago

    Its as if everyone in the comments didn't watch the video . . .
    If you want this phone for the quad dac get it. if you weren't sure buy the s10e . . . its the same thing - but cheaper.
    there are some children in the comments lol.

  • Nathan Alvarez
    Nathan Alvarez 7 days ago

    Lg is just going to shit let’s just be blunt and honest. I’ve always had lg’s and the older ones are better than the new ones

  • 小叮当
    小叮当 7 days ago

    This is just too obvious, this mother fucker is apparently paid by Samsung

  • Quincy Carrier
    Quincy Carrier 8 days ago

    I used to like LG phones I had the the G2 and G4 and loved it. Then I decided to upgrade to the v30 and it was one of the worst Android experiences I've ever had. The skin was slow, my headphone jack and charger port broke after just a few months and then LG pushed a software update out the made Bluetooth unusable for months. I will gladly never go back to a LG phone. The software experience from a pixel or a one plus are miles ahead. LG has a lot of catching up to do. Don't blame MkbHD for LGs issues

  • Brad See
    Brad See 8 days ago

    Son of a bitch.

  • Jordon R
    Jordon R 8 days ago

    Haven't used an LG phone since 2015. My first phone from LG was their G3. Worst phone I ever used. Couldn't hold a charge to save its life. Got so hot that it was actually uncomfortable to hold and would regular restart at the most random times. That pretty much soured my view of LG.

  • kinki me
    kinki me 8 days ago

    Man I did not know the LG G8 even existed and it's September 2019 I'm about to pick me one up for 300 bucks nearly New

  • Rudy Bonilla
    Rudy Bonilla 9 days ago +1

    I can’t believe how disappointed I feel in MKB In this video, like really I always count on his reviews to be honest and accurate. His whole attitude towards The G8 and how he presents it just make me feel bad for him because I know he’s better than this.

  • EvanH
    EvanH 9 days ago

    V50 pls

  • Alex L
    Alex L 9 days ago

    NOT one phone stands out for $800+ humanity has gone FUCKING crazy bat shit stupid

  • GeorgeV
    GeorgeV 9 days ago

    LG is unbeatable for the price. I know there is Xiaomi with it's K20 pro and stuff but still...Lg has character, Lg stands out with it's quad dack and other features.

  • NPC trolling to wake you up 4253

    Never enjoyed an lg phone ive had. They're always just ok...or not.

  • Chaddonal
    Chaddonal 10 days ago

    Master of None? Except audio quality (32-bit DAC), manual photo modes, manual video modes, night view, 3D facial recognition for Android, fingerprint reader and optimal placement, still retaining headphone jack and SD card, oh and price king!
    But other than these, just standard flagship meh...

  • Dread Fall
    Dread Fall 10 days ago

    In my opinion the lg g8 is the better trade over the note 10, and all the tech youtubeers always have problems with the air motion, but every time I use it it works 100% of the time along with the hand id, and the speaker is still good it's better than the v35 and the v40 so it's an improvement to me, and I think lg does the camera better.

  • george ion
    george ion 10 days ago

    fuck you marques

  • Prasanth Saradammausha

    Used to like Marques' reviews, but always wondered why he is always against LG. With this video, totally disappointed to realize Marques, u are biased. People look up to reviewers for making decisions and being biased will never help your followers. You do not have to tease G8 for its gimmicks, atleast LG tried. This review completely is a disrespect when it says G8 is master of none, when it is clearly known that no other mobile phones till date has the QADac and superior audio quality this phone provides. The camera manual mode LG stared to offer even before LG G4 is astonishing and it has only improved since then. All other companies came up with manual modes only recently. Same is the case with wide angle camera. If Samsung and One Plus pays more, it is perfect to advertise for them and not to appreciate LG, but please atleast do not criticize. The tagline for this video 'harsh but true' would have made sense if the review was authentic and unbiased. You dont need to tarnish a great phone in order to promote some other brand mate. Would love to see the old Marques with his genuine reviews.

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara 11 days ago

    terrible review

  • dhenniel nicole delrosario

    this is what happens when other manufacturers like samsung and apple pays you a lot.

  • Qckilalosmm892 Skemjskska

    Sponsor by Samsung

  • black banana bear
    black banana bear 11 days ago

    499.99 on amazon for prime users. Or you can get one plus 7 for 20.00 less

  • saketh Reddy
    saketh Reddy 11 days ago

    it's now 150$ with AT&T on best buy

  • your pen is mightier
    your pen is mightier 13 days ago

    master of none? um, how about the master of the man sized phone. and i'm not talking about a social media man or whatever, just a random regular guy, ones that don't have twitter, snapchat, or instagram. i'm sick and tired of these phones that i need a god damn purse to carry. it's stupid.

    not to mention the headphone jack. that people are stupidly removing for no good reason. not only that, it is by far and away the best wired sound quality, if ya got headphones to take advantage.

    i don't like the notch, as with all phones. and i really really want an on screen scanner. i just won't buy a huge phone, really wish one+ would make a normal sized phone, and s10 doesn't keep getting bigger.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez 14 days ago

    When this gets a price drop sometime during the holidays 2k19 this boutta be on Amazon's best seller list

  • Flare78x
    Flare78x 14 days ago

    This phone is $500 right now

  • Sim S.
    Sim S. 14 days ago

    Damn single handed destroying lg lol

  • penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy

    Iam from India, I want lg g8 think mobile ,no money , you gift me

  • Daniel Angelov
    Daniel Angelov 14 days ago

    You've lost my subscription after this PAID video! It is awful what money can do to people ...

  • Mirror Rorrim
    Mirror Rorrim 14 days ago

    How much is Samsung paying you ?

  • Adib Rahman
    Adib Rahman 15 days ago

    LG G8 ThinQ often goes on sale for $500 on Amazon

  • Jeff Quick
    Jeff Quick 15 days ago

    How much is Samsung paying you?

  • JP Cruz
    JP Cruz 15 days ago


  • Leo
    Leo 15 days ago

    Where i live, the g8 is 200€ cheaper than the s10e

  • Jeremy Benson
    Jeremy Benson 16 days ago

    Best buy offering free with new line. I'm thinking about cancel a line then add the LG phone. Free is tempting

    JOSE VIZCARRA 17 days ago

    Why is the back of any phone the most impressive thing?

  • Asad Chishti
    Asad Chishti 17 days ago

    Lg buyers are like iphone buyers they just like them. I have used many phone and yes some phone are more gimmicky. But there is something about lg that is just do it.

  • cinIALVEspO w
    cinIALVEspO w 17 days ago

    master of audio for sure

  • Ilderin
    Ilderin 18 days ago

    Bro every year this guy just talks shit about LG but when samsung does anything he blessed them no matter what they do bad or good

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 19 days ago

    Bought a LG V20 and got only one update in 2 freakin years! Never again LG.

  • Ariana Kurzmann
    Ariana Kurzmann 19 days ago

    Watching this on my lg g4, maybe I should upgrade soon

  • Justin Maxime
    Justin Maxime 19 days ago

    How much did Samsung pay you for this video?

  • Мади Тургунов

    What is with all the butthurt LG fans?

  • Fane Cuffy
    Fane Cuffy 21 day ago

    I dont think he's a fan of lg tbh.. This video was sorta one sided hate... First review i didn't really like

  • Rafael Alves
    Rafael Alves 21 day ago

    Here in Italy we have the LG G8s (3 cameras). I can't wait more my little beast. About prices? Shit this is the phone that get the best prices on a few months. I just paid 460 fucking euros. Samsung and Apple boys kiss my Johnny.
    Nothing special on this phone?
    Please watch all the TheXvid comparisons are showing the contrary.
    I unmounted lot of iMacs and Macbooks always found LG displays there. The LG C8 TV is one of a kind. The masterpiece Apple XDR display is made in collaboration with LG Display (as their collaborating from many years). I had the Nexus 4, LG G2, G4, G6 and V30+ always great devices with superb displays. No gimmicks, deep and natural colours from the display to camera. I'm a Graphic Designer and Photographer and every time I changed phones always searched the best photo/display devices. Three years ago I did an exhibition with 90% of the photos took on LG G4 (printed at 40*30cm) and people didn't believe the photos were took with a smartphone. I mean the guys know their business about image quality, who don't accept it should just shut up.