LG G8 Review: Master of None!

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Harsh but true.
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Comments • 7 732

  • Sanu
    Sanu 19 hours ago

    Htc, lg should throw in the towel...Moto should work in razr or quit.

  • Wray160
    Wray160 19 hours ago +1

    This reminds me of when Richard hammond reviewed the original Lamborghini Hurricane, it's good but not outstanding.

  • Stelian Stanciu
    Stelian Stanciu 21 hour ago

    Let it live!!!!

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 22 hours ago

    Just checked tmobile and this is now around $600 on their website. Seems like a better deal than the s10e at this point no? And I know a lot of audiophiles who would buy this phone over pretty much anything on the market simply for that quad dac.

  • rubnm5
    rubnm5 23 hours ago

    Night mode review when?

  • Mohammad M.E.
    Mohammad M.E. 23 hours ago +1

    The top players from 5 years ago such as htc, lg and sony are now dead. Its all samsung, apple, huawei, oppo, oneplus and Xiaomi now.

  • reynardo Matos
    reynardo Matos Day ago

    the guy that owns the senheiser hd820, and barely mentions the quad dac. I found that very offensive

  • Ashish Nakarmi
    Ashish Nakarmi Day ago +1

    This video is too biased, its an amazing phone overall
    Secure 3D facial recognition + capacitive Fingerprint sensor > in display fingerprint sensors
    Good Speakers although not as good as samsung's and apple, still better than most and dont forget the Quad Dac it has
    wireless charging, IP rating, Fast charging, QHD amoled display,Great built quality, up to date specs, it has Great cameras although reviewers are not talking about it
    Dont forget apple stuck with the same design for 4 years, from iPhone 6 to 8 and still they said it looked good
    Tech reviewers, dont make LG look bad, they make great phones

  • Keto Nazi
    Keto Nazi Day ago

    Lmao confident shooter here having the meaning of broken camera system LOL

  • Suryansh Sharma
    Suryansh Sharma Day ago

    KAWS on the side 0:05

  • Raj Gopee
    Raj Gopee Day ago

    You have sold out. Sad to see. You used to actually put some effort into reviews.
    Can't possibly upset the Samsung army.
    Funny thing is, other than the display the s10 doesn't stand out at all

  • Youcef Mekircha
    Youcef Mekircha Day ago

    What a biased first class A hole, what about the pro camera mode, proper night mode, apple like 3d face unlock, a finger print scaner that it actualy works all of the time, cheaper than the s10e, mil 810 g std durability & ip 68, hifi quad dac, Dts 3d suround sound etc etc

  • oscar olivares
    oscar olivares Day ago

    LG Phones, what comes to me: Great Quality Product #1 and Great Sound #2. No need to diss a product that hashly...sounds like only if its $1000.00 you are worth the time.

  • AllTechForFun
    AllTechForFun Day ago

    First time I saw this video I didn't really think about it... but now after some pointing out how biased it really was... WOW... I can't get it why. It's not about "I think S10e is better"... It's really like ADV about Samsung... Don't buy LG to make them drop price to loose early profit. It feels almost like it's personal - as I didn't see it in any video before.

  • Ferenx Mezga
    Ferenx Mezga Day ago

    Stupid ass review.

  • Plump Cat
    Plump Cat Day ago

    This video is good for Samsung s10 owners as it basically was made to make them feel good about there purchase and fails miserably to show the G8 is a danm good competitor.

    HUEHUEHUE Day ago

    MKBHD has stated before that he is biased in his reviews because its HIS view. You are going to his channel for his review. But still, thats so biased man. why do you have to be biased? Im biased to your bias.

  • tomas varis
    tomas varis Day ago

    Dude you used to be a honest reviewer what happened? In your honest opinion is your review really fair?

  • tomas varis
    tomas varis Day ago

    Wow that's seems like a good phone, was this a fair review.... The specs sounds good

  • Michael Angelo Francisco

    Shame on you

  • Alex Chhundeng
    Alex Chhundeng Day ago

    Some people call you biased for your honesty!!! Huge respect for you

  • Alex Chhundeng
    Alex Chhundeng Day ago

    Some people call you biased for your honesty!!! Huge respect for you

  • Mr. Marcus
    Mr. Marcus Day ago

    The master of none come on bruh that doesnt even make sense

  • Eduardo Angel Cruz
    Eduardo Angel Cruz Day ago +2

    Bad and unfair review. Just watch Juan Carlos Bagnell instead.

  • richpr71
    richpr71 Day ago

    Your review is wrong!!!, you talk so much bul*****!!!.

  • wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay Day ago

    I wouldn't tell people not to buy a phone. I would only do my review and let the rest be left with the customers. I don't see why people compare the G8 to the S10 E. That's unfair in itself.

  • zaamuro
    zaamuro Day ago

    Seriously? You skipped the Quad DAC? Guess I'm not taking your videos seriously anymore...

  • mayo2001
    mayo2001 Day ago

    Hey, Don't use ROM when you mean storage. ROM is readonly memory.

  • Darren Bethel
    Darren Bethel Day ago

    Wow! Thanks making my decision easier for unsubscribing a lot of the so called “popular” reviewers and supporting some of the new guys, I’m into reviews of products not hit jobs.
    There are many examples in this “review” I can point to, but the best/worst is that LG has been sporting a wide angle camera for a long time and now many other OEM’s are now following, and instead of giving credit, it’s something easily copied?.... Really?

  • 1 2
    1 2 Day ago

    Why do people think he's biased?
    Everything he says is correct in this video.

  • Saifan Shaikh
    Saifan Shaikh Day ago

    i think Samsung paid you for this review
    you were too biased in this man,
    get your shit together before you lose subscribers

  • Ghost Rider CoC
    Ghost Rider CoC Day ago

    No camera bump comes with price, the whole phone e super thick 8.4mm that matter and nobody points it

  • Michael Smut
    Michael Smut Day ago

    I feel like this is a biased review. Dismissing LG

  • Jack Hudson
    Jack Hudson Day ago

    The difference between this video and your s10e video is crazy.
    All of the s10e video had a positive overtone whereas the whole tone of this review is negative.
    I use both Samsung and LG and from my perspective you made your reviews biased and glossed over a lot of the good points of the LG phone.

  • Senthil Kumar.s
    Senthil Kumar.s Day ago

    Guys lg v40 or g8 which one is the best to go kindly help

  • Steven Midrano
    Steven Midrano Day ago

    I just subscribed today, and this review was so unabashedly biased that I have unsubscribed. Congratulations on becoming a mouthpiece for Samsung.

  • Zaid Adel
    Zaid Adel Day ago +1

    If Apple makes phone like this one he will say wow this Phone master everything

  • Lanrey Joseph
    Lanrey Joseph Day ago

    Didn't he just gave great credit to the cameras? Why y'all keep on screaming about the DAC and the headphone jack? The DAC is fine, only great when you have the right headphones!! Sigh.
    LG didn't bring what's needed for the flagship competition in 2019! Which one of you uses the manual mode in the camera daily or uses the DAC daily?🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 23bogarka
    23bogarka Day ago

    Marques, there is something about this phone,... No, no.. .. It's about YOU, that you are bashing this phone left and right... Iphone and Samu paid you to do that, bias, LOL.. ... 👎👎👎You small youtube fame get tooo much in to Your head, bro..

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 2 days ago +1

    Master of none??? Its literally the best audio phone on the market

  • Kodjo Swole
    Kodjo Swole 2 days ago

    I just have to come to the conclusion that M B just doesn't like LG flagship smartphones. This is a great phone in my opinion.

  • Commando Master
    Commando Master 2 days ago +1

    I have a LG G4 and it has a great camera.

  • Pravin S
    Pravin S 2 days ago

    Very retard review.. Pathetic !

  • Salman Mirza
    Salman Mirza 2 days ago +3

    Dude i like you, but your hate towards LG is just nuts.
    Peace lmao.

  • Puppetgoldmovies OO
    Puppetgoldmovies OO 2 days ago +3

    Shut the fuck up markass browndick

  • Bert koon
    Bert koon 2 days ago +1

    Mkbhd is right. No one gonna buy this phone if you want to pay $600-$700 get the oneplus or $800-$900 get the iPhone or Galaxy s10. They all are better phone than LG G8.
    If you happy to pay $650 - $800 for G8 because you don't know about tech or you are stupid.

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King 2 days ago +1

    Oh Marques, Marques....::rollz eyez:: I personally have always enjoyed my LG phones and I'm still using some very old ones. The biggest reason to get this phone is because in a few months the price will plummet making their phone an absolute steal all the while these other brands phones will be trying to get full retail. Poor LG, can't get away with charging high prices like the others (and they do price things stupidly at launch) but they are fantastic devices. But I doubt you've had to actually pay for your devices in years so if they are all free then that probably changes the dynamic a bit.
    I can't really take what you and the "crispy team" say seriously anymore, and I never really viewed you guys videos as real reviews but rather pretty little commercials or bash videos and always take them with a grain of salt.

  • faster Jonny
    faster Jonny 2 days ago +1

    so, LG has the best haptic feedback in the business, the best video manual control in the business, the best audio recording in the business, the best build quality in the Android world with military grade, two years warranty (which is one of the longest), the 5th best camera quality ( after google, apple, Huawei and Samsung), a face unlock that's biometric and better than 99% of the phones out there, one of the best speakers, the best 3.5 mm headphone jack quality with no competition whatsoever, you get a better call quality in noisy environments than any other phone with bone conduction and the best noise canceling also in phone calls
    and the palm shit that everyone's bitching about, the phone doesn't force you to use it ... and it's baried in the settings and it's actually useful if you're in a shower or cooking
    now tell me how this phone is the master of none you shitty person

  • Snowie
    Snowie 2 days ago

    It's sad. I LOVE the way LG does things, they are always the ones that comes out with innovations that got popular (rear mounted buttons, QHD display, UWA, etc). However, their implementation and marketing is seriously lacking which gave opportunity for other companies to take their idea and does it better.

    Next year, Samsung will have hand ID.

  • Pako Lopez
    Pako Lopez 2 days ago

    So can I have it then if it's just plain ordinary ?

  • Jedi 511
    Jedi 511 2 days ago

    I would take the S10E over this. Cool looking phone tho. Gesture based controls are neat also.

  • Cyer Rehan
    Cyer Rehan 2 days ago

    Who is watching this from LG G6

  • Onyx Deceit
    Onyx Deceit 2 days ago +7

    And the full saying is:
    Jack of all trades
    Master of none
    Is better than a master of one.

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha 2 days ago

    I still have an LG g6+. it's amazing

  • Spinner
    Spinner 2 days ago +1

    This may be the most unprofessional review I've ever watched. Way to not do a good phone, and perfectly fine choice for 2019, any justice. What a joke.

  • snoopysatangore
    snoopysatangore 2 days ago +1

    Imagine the same phone was sent by OnePlus or Samsung. It would be outstanding!

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube 2 days ago

    Bro I swear TheXvid is doing something to big youtubers everyone that has over 1 mil subscribers and everyone that gets alot of views they always shut off my notification bell I have to click it back on everytime I come to your video I wanted to let you know it's more then likely happening to alot of people yoy can tell there doing it on purpose it happens on every big channel no joke and I know I'm not the only one noticing it I'll even click like on videos and then I'll go back and it wont show I liked it I have to do it again then it will stick again its TheXvid man so watch out for that I just have seeing great youtubers getting there views cut down because of it and likes because of it very weird I remember hearing people talking about it and now it's happening again idk but great review as always man keep up the good work

  • Tekkas
    Tekkas 2 days ago +27

    Damn this is biased.
    Im back to Juan carlos bagnell 👍

    • galogalgoalgaibalaoab
      galogalgoalgaibalaoab 20 hours ago

      +Rackie We all have different perspectives

    • Rackie
      Rackie 22 hours ago

      +galogalgoalgaibalaoab well if your not new and have seen his other vids, you would be able to notice that he is kinda biased against lg but if another phone does the same thing he says its a plus. Like 128gb.

    • galogalgoalgaibalaoab
      galogalgoalgaibalaoab Day ago +2

      Lol he's really not, you must be new to this channel

  • Robbie
    Robbie 2 days ago +1

    I think that the new Samung S10 phones are beautiful, but they also have a big slab of glass.. Some people still whining about LG's bootloop in 2019 are really pathetic. The Note 7 had an bad battery and could explode, Apple running their Phones slower, so you buy a new one.... Like Juan Bagnell said, move on people!

  • RC Hammer
    RC Hammer 2 days ago

    So...it's comperable to other phones. And it has some features that other phones don't, and vice versa. Why would you not get it? Or, why not get this and not get the others phones since those are comperable to the LG...

  • mawash0309
    mawash0309 2 days ago

    Slippery phone of all time ... Why not recommend dbrand hehehehe or maybe not .

  • hot guys
    hot guys 3 days ago +1

    I'd like to review his matte black phone.

  • Tushar Sadhye
    Tushar Sadhye 3 days ago

    ended with the rhyme... ;-)

  • Megatron2013
    Megatron2013 3 days ago

    Can you please review the Moto G7.

  • Rey Morales
    Rey Morales 3 days ago

    Hey Marques check out the Huawei Y9, it's an amazing phone

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 days ago

    Dude! Don't you ever drive and put your phone in the windshield holder for gps and music???? Isn't it also illegal as it is here in Canada to even TOUCH your device, while driving? DUDE!!! The air motion is GENIOUS! LOL! HALLELUJAH!!!!

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 days ago

    This is the NUMBER ONE reason why I can't get anything but LG phones, and thank God they make the most premium ones. And the reason is durability! Omg can the G series take the beating, Holly FKKK! Then Mil certification truly pays off, Biggly! It's true,.. T's true. Don't ever like cases, and G series is like the Gshock was for watches. Plus I can safely say I'm an audiophile, so duh, natural choice for me, for me, the G series is the dream come true.

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 days ago

    This phone has the most stand out features of all flagships lol. The only military certified for drop resistance, only quad dac, only display speaker, only front tof sensor... So many stand out features, many more than any other major fs lol, you're very biased, the whole review industry is bought by Samsung and Apple bribes. That's how HTC, the most amazing phone makes, got destroyed. By purchased reviews like this.

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 days ago

    What really comes to mind when thinking of LG is wide angle lens, quick charge 3 vs 2 on Samsung's, and AUDIO!

  • Omar Arab
    Omar Arab 3 days ago +42

    - Quad DAC
    - Proper face unlock
    - Proper night mode, much better than S10 or iPhone
    How were none of these even mentioned?! (except Quad DAC very briefly)

    • Michael Jones Rodriguez
      Michael Jones Rodriguez 23 hours ago +1

      +Mohammad M.E. lol I have Mate 20 pro and it's night mode is a garbage

    • Mohammad M.E.
      Mohammad M.E. 23 hours ago

      Proper night mode? Have you seen Huawei's and Google's interpratation?
      Lg is garbage in front of them.

    • Michael Jones Rodriguez
      Michael Jones Rodriguez Day ago

      +Mazzy Kojima clearly you don't own one

    • Michael Jones Rodriguez
      Michael Jones Rodriguez Day ago

      +HardstylerDK are you stupid?? G8 uses 3D face recognition compared to your S10 that has nothing

    • trumpetdavid
      trumpetdavid Day ago

      +HardstylerDK ya it has the infrared dot mapping that it used.

  • shanice bridgewater
    shanice bridgewater 3 days ago

    The s10e is a better buy than th g8? Man what is MKBHD smoking !!

  • naseema khatoon
    naseema khatoon 3 days ago

    Lg local goods

  • Joe Goncalves
    Joe Goncalves 3 days ago

    Rockin them j’s I took an L on SNKRS for em😞

  • Taofiki Gafar-Schaner

    LG: Quality DAC, Pro controls video and photos editing. Apple like face unlock security. Price cheaper than s10e
    MKB: Master of none
    I get homie is busy and this was athroe away review but better not to put out a review than be this lackadaisical. 🤦🏿‍♂️ I like the size of the 10e and the features of the G8

  • Super Vegeta!
    Super Vegeta! 3 days ago +2

    The words that i would use to describe LG owning an LG is that LG is a very creative and Ambitious phone company.

  • Darth Varder
    Darth Varder 3 days ago

    I apologies LG didn't pay you for a good review I forgot you only give good reviews to people who pay you

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 3 days ago

    Basically dont buy any flagship phone in 2019 they are all a rip off xD

  • Kelvin J
    Kelvin J 3 days ago

    That red looks sexy

  • Connor Courtney
    Connor Courtney 3 days ago +10

    But the LG G8 has a way more secure facial recognition since it scans a 3d image of your face compared to a 2d face unlock of the Galaxy S10 and you can buy a lg g8 cheaper than a Galaxy S10e

  • The313dash
    The313dash 3 days ago

    I'm still trying to understand the hate your getting from this but understand when your a little fish you gotta reach. Can't believe these dudes hating about a phone review. Lmao. You liked the LG6 and LG7. You've been critical of Sammy in the past also. I'm missing something.

  • leigh
    leigh 3 days ago +22

    I wonder what's his reaction to Juan Bagnell's video about the "Master of None" thing. This is a very bias review, Unsubscribed 😘.

  • Erik Kálmán
    Erik Kálmán 3 days ago

    0:52 *PewDiePie fan intensifies*

  • Amir Mohamed
    Amir Mohamed 3 days ago

    Please what's the name of weather app in 03:21 ??

  • NeoDJW
    NeoDJW 3 days ago +7

    Marques, please, do a honest review, you don't know what you are saying bro. Peace

  • Rishi
    Rishi 3 days ago

    Time to watch Marques's videos with mindset to look for video quality than the content itself. Not anymore informative than any other non praised youtuber at all.
    But exceptional video quality

  • reymond pros simangan

    They have quad DAC. I say they excel at sound quality and no other brand of phone can beat that.

  • Stony P
    Stony P 3 days ago

    Always disable visual effects fade slide smooth scroll under developer options, they cripple any phone

  • Olivier Cange
    Olivier Cange 3 days ago

    Its sponsorised by Samsung ????

  • vikram urs
    vikram urs 3 days ago

    Hey mkbhd lg has more secure face lock with flood illuminator and Ir sensors u don't even mention that

  • Pravin S
    Pravin S 3 days ago

    Honestly. your review is nothing special..it's just plain. Nothing stands out. It's just like other reviews out there. Better is the red color of the phone, quad dac, oled display, wide angle camera, 18:9 ratio LG pioneered, sd card, Water resistant etc. Give me a name of another phone that has this all.

  • spellz Gh
    spellz Gh 4 days ago +33

    Shame on Marques Brownly ,Shame on you
    Respect lost

    • Ashish Nakarmi
      Ashish Nakarmi Day ago +2

      he has been giving out biased reviews since a long time

    • 009
      009 Day ago +2

      Ikr so biased

    • Obstone
      Obstone 2 days ago +2

      spellz Gh just because he didn’t say anything you wanted to hear about a device you like. You just seem like a person who wants everything that is said to be perfect and the flaws to not be addressed. Like who is actually goin got use the hand gesture feature on the LG. It’s literally pointless.

    • Armaan Verma
      Armaan Verma 2 days ago +3

      Shame on ya btch

  • Aminou Zait
    Aminou Zait 4 days ago

    So, since he's comparing the G8 to yhe S10e, let's see what the G8 does better than S10e or even S10/S10 Plus... 1) A better wide angle camera, because it has less lens distortion (that's why it's not as wide as the S10's camera witch suffers from lens distortion) and a wider F1.9 (S10 has a F2.2 witch is not even close to the G8's camera), 2) better audio, 3) better battery life (sometimes better than the S10's battery life),4) better facial recognition despite having a smaller notch than Xs/Xs Max and Mate 20 Pro witch all have same level of security, 5) an acceptable night mode, 6) a sharper higher quality display (Qhd+ on G8 and FHD+ on S10e), 7) manual video and photo controls,8) no camera bump at all, 9) under-display speaker... And you can actually find an LG G8 for a cheaper price than the S10e. This is not how a review is done, you're basically attacking LG and pointing out the negative things in their smartphone and not talking about all of the better things that it does that i mentioned before.

  • BigPeePeePlayers
    BigPeePeePlayers 4 days ago

    The DAC doesn't stand out to your average consumer lmfao, whether it is DAC or not, it doesn't make a major difference to the average consumer.

  • Christopher Ian Méndez Mondragón

    Juan Carlos brought be here... Sick burn dude!

    • Gal
      Gal 3 days ago

      juan is the man

    DiLLZGFX 4 days ago +1

    If you're even thinking of buying this phone, don't watch this shit review. This has to be by far one the dumbest videos I've ever watched. He says master of none yet forgets the QuadDAC ? I mean for an audiophile this is your go to phone. Samsung claims it's phones are professional grade in terms of camera yet it doesn't even compare in terms of manual controls like the LG. He then has the audacity to say the features are gimmicky however he fails to realise the Z camera provides a level of security the S10 can't, the G8 provides almost iPhone like facial unlock. If you want a real review deffo check out jaunbagnell, this guy literally makes shit for the views and is so biased. If it's a Google phone or one plus he will literally praise it till the end. The only real tech TheXvidrs now who aren't filling their videos with bullshit sponsors and provides honest reviews are jaunbagnell, flossycarter and dave2D. Everyone is more focused on make crispy videos with no actual substance.

  • Yashom Bhandarkar
    Yashom Bhandarkar 4 days ago +19

    You have become a biased tech reviewer

  • ghanamankofi
    ghanamankofi 4 days ago

    It's farrrrrr better than IPhone XR.
    It comes with Earphone Jack, Fast Charging Adepter, Oled infinity display, External storage, 2 Camaras in the back, 2 in front, Gorilla Glass 5, Micro SD card, universal USB type C, Finger print scanner, 3500.mAh Battery, Water resistant.... HQHD Sound for music lovers Also comes with case in the Box! 5 stars rating.

  • Daniel Pan
    Daniel Pan 4 days ago +1

    Master of Audio. Your production value is better than ever but the content is taking a nosedive.

  • Angry Thumb
    Angry Thumb 4 days ago

    A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one

  • Yassine Chohra
    Yassine Chohra 4 days ago

    Hand ID?! Seriously... the most dumb stupid thing I've ever seen in a flagship phone