FIRE ANTS REACT TO THEIR NEW ANT FARM | Their First Time Digging Tunnels

  • My fire ants are getting their first ant farm! My 12 week old pet fire ant colony, named the Phoenix Empire, is so large now, it was finally time for them to move into a proper ant farm (an AC Ant Tower), where they could satisfy their natural urge to dig and create tunnels. I will miss seeing the queen fire ant, but inside I knew we were doing the right thing by giving them a better, more natural ant nest. Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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    Executive Producer RJ Garcia

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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  7 days ago +1919

    Greetings, Ant Lovers! Thanks for watching this week's ant episode! Do you guys think we'll ever see the Queen again? I'll miss spotting our Ember Empress! Hope you guys remember to LIKE the video, SHARE it with your friends, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL for notifications and select ALL) to join the AC Family! Thanks so much! Love you, guys! Ant love forever!

  • Papa NAM
    Papa NAM 3 hours ago

    Call the new home ... the "Coconut Palace".
    It has a queen, right? And subjects? And palace guards, a.k.a. Majors? And the Palace is all made out of Coconut fibers, right? So, it's a Coconut Palace! Tataa!

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 3 hours ago

    Ac Question: when they start moving brood out, when the younger more yellow-ish color any move out, When the queen move out

  • NoNameWriter 237
    NoNameWriter 237 3 hours ago

    YO the dig at the Miami spring breakers killed me A+++

  • FatGuyonTheCouch
    FatGuyonTheCouch 3 hours ago

    The fire spire.

  • Matthew Steele
    Matthew Steele 4 hours ago

    Name the tower The Phoenix Spire

  • Hawi Oyugi
    Hawi Oyugi 4 hours ago

    AC Question of the Week:

    When newly born ants are not allowed to leave the nest by "fire ant law". So if seen outside the nest, it indicates that the colony is moving.

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone 4 hours ago


  • Twilight Night
    Twilight Night 4 hours ago

    Village of Ashes

  • Ean Ross
    Ean Ross 4 hours ago

    What about ash tower recall the tower go when you think about it he called it the air city or whether we're had word ash in a will be Khanna cool you know ash tower

  • Stanzin Angchuk
    Stanzin Angchuk 4 hours ago


  • Ramiah Sahadevan
    Ramiah Sahadevan 5 hours ago

    I thought that it would be bioactive, so where is the soil from the nucleus? Just asking😁 From a faithful fan of AntsCanada

  • Jarr'D TV
    Jarr'D TV 5 hours ago

    “Ash Tower” !!! This is my time to shine!

    KIRK TIMBOL 5 hours ago

    What about the fire dragons tower

  • Paul
    Paul 5 hours ago

    Nem it the ''Anti Plane Home''

  • Lesley Quezada
    Lesley Quezada 5 hours ago

    It’s should be named “Castle Of Life”

  • Brittney Boniecki
    Brittney Boniecki 5 hours ago

    The chub tower

  • ᕼ X n E y a Ň G 乇 l

    One Sign: The Yellowish Or Younger Ants Will Start Moving first. ( I thinkkk)

  • Buns 123
    Buns 123 6 hours ago

    Okay we should name the queen hokage

  • Javier Velez
    Javier Velez 6 hours ago

    Ember Tower or Fire Forge??

  • Borky Boi
    Borky Boi 6 hours ago

    Bro just turn into ant man

  • Harry on Savage mode
    Harry on Savage mode 6 hours ago

    The orange-inferno

  • Yelina Bueno
    Yelina Bueno 6 hours ago

    Fire out post or Ash valley

  • Ace_ Spade31
    Ace_ Spade31 6 hours ago

    @AntsCananda I think a good name for the tower is “City Of Fire” plz consider

  • RedditzReck
    RedditzReck 7 hours ago +1

    Fire hill

  • DingZang
    DingZang 7 hours ago

    5 year old me : steps on ant


  • Sz
    Sz 7 hours ago +1

    '' the tower of ashes ''

  • Clint Barker
    Clint Barker 7 hours ago

    The Phoenix tower

  • 5 StarSmoker
    5 StarSmoker 7 hours ago

    How about "Fort of Fire"

  • Jeidon Jalbuena
    Jeidon Jalbuena 7 hours ago

    First off i thought the yellow big head was a crazy ant

  • Dutch
    Dutch 7 hours ago

    City of dirt

  • Kelp lover
    Kelp lover 7 hours ago

    The Embers Dwelling? Sounds like a good name

  • Lucas Pena
    Lucas Pena 7 hours ago

    The Ash Spire

  • Lucas Pena
    Lucas Pena 7 hours ago

    AntsCanada : I Love Democracy

  • Jon E
    Jon E 8 hours ago

    The tower should be called tower inferno

  • Lj Coolstream
    Lj Coolstream 8 hours ago

    Lava land

  • Gail Animates
    Gail Animates 8 hours ago

    The Pillar of Ashes

    DJ TODD 8 hours ago

    How about flaming ember cave

  • Nate Almaras
    Nate Almaras 8 hours ago

    Good bye queen we will miss u. Did anyone go like there coming wait um I want to know how they will react

  • Myra Ednalyn Estigoy
    Myra Ednalyn Estigoy 8 hours ago

    Thats so many

  • Gacha_Wolf UwU
    Gacha_Wolf UwU 8 hours ago

    “Fire hut”

  • David Pummer
    David Pummer 9 hours ago

    Tower of Ashes

  • thats irrelevant
    thats irrelevant 9 hours ago

    the Crimson Spire

  • Maximino añana
    Maximino añana 9 hours ago

    The burning nest

  • Atomic reaper
    Atomic reaper 9 hours ago

    The Fire Tower
    Should be the name of the new area

  • kurumais
    kurumais 9 hours ago

    everything looks to soggy like it would have a rot that would affects the eggs and larva.

  • Softe Drinte
    Softe Drinte 9 hours ago

    Ash Jar lol

  • HappyIceDragon456
    HappyIceDragon456 9 hours ago

    Cinder town

  • Poul Viola
    Poul Viola 9 hours ago

    Other old ants at the old box: :

  • Mona Iqbal
    Mona Iqbal 10 hours ago

    The undyeing archive

  • Stacy Eremeeva
    Stacy Eremeeva 10 hours ago +1

    Chamber of secrets sounds good!

  • Ly Thea
    Ly Thea 10 hours ago

    Ant paradise

  • - Cputnt -
    - Cputnt - 10 hours ago

    Ashes tower of life
    Or tower of freedom

  • Pauline Hattenbach
    Pauline Hattenbach 10 hours ago

    Terra inferna

  • Eavan Fiontann
    Eavan Fiontann 10 hours ago

    "Let's give the phoenix empire what they need.... right now."
    *Ad Plays*

  • jeffrey santos
    jeffrey santos 11 hours ago

    Maybe The Phoenix's Nest

  • Eavan Fiontann
    Eavan Fiontann 11 hours ago

    Supermajors, yay!!!

  • Tank Boy
    Tank Boy 11 hours ago

    Fire nation ant palice

  • Alex Mcwhirter
    Alex Mcwhirter 11 hours ago

    Covid tower

  • novi wiryawan
    novi wiryawan 11 hours ago

    The tower of immortals

  • Amazing _killer_0
    Amazing _killer_0 11 hours ago

    Reborn chamber

  • WiErdMerc
    WiErdMerc 11 hours ago

    Tower of Hell

  • Finlay Harris
    Finlay Harris 11 hours ago

    The hunting ground

  • Finlay Harris
    Finlay Harris 11 hours ago

    The land of fire

  • Finlay Harris
    Finlay Harris 11 hours ago

    The pride lands

  • 2St1 Guy
    2St1 Guy 12 hours ago


  • Shadow423 Games
    Shadow423 Games 12 hours ago

    Fire bunker

  • lizz beam
    lizz beam 12 hours ago

    "the emburning nest"

    also, can you plz make update video on chocolate golden knee?

  • LanqR YT
    LanqR YT 12 hours ago

    Font know if I'm late for this but you should name it the blazing fortress

  • sctzeeze
    sctzeeze 12 hours ago +1

    The Tower of Ashes

  • Flare X
    Flare X 12 hours ago

    Name the tower : tower amaterasu

  • viper63849
    viper63849 12 hours ago

    Inferno Tower

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 12 hours ago

    The Pheonix Tower

  • Thomas Blackburn
    Thomas Blackburn 13 hours ago

    I hope there's a hidden video at the end this week.

  • fatboysancho
    fatboysancho 13 hours ago

    Call it Tower Of Power

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 14 hours ago

    Name Of Ant Tawer (sorry for my grammer):Na Formata

  • Tony Mortelmans
    Tony Mortelmans 14 hours ago

    trump tower

  • Anthony Bouve
    Anthony Bouve 14 hours ago

    "The Phoenix Citadel" is the first name to came to me when I saw this! *o*

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 14 hours ago


  • Nikki YT Playz
    Nikki YT Playz 14 hours ago

    Let's name it
    Inferno Castle