• Published on Feb 26, 2018
  • Daniel & co we're forced into changing a tire during the off-season...
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Comments • 114

  • Carlos
    Carlos 4 years ago +809

    Still faster than his pitstop at Monaco

  • Krishna Kireeti Tata
    Krishna Kireeti Tata Year ago +267

    Still faster than Hamilton's change in 2019 German gp

  • Wais
    Wais 4 years ago +1

    Faster than monaco 2016

  • Alfiano Damanik
    Alfiano Damanik Year ago +61

    I want to see a pit crew change all four tyres as a full team, on ric’s truck using classic tools

  • Andy Tatman
    Andy Tatman 4 years ago +323

    It happened off camera but obviously the 'pit crew' also fitted a front wing

  • Bootleg Racer
    Bootleg Racer 4 years ago +6

    This was genuinely entertaining! Thanks for the entertainment off an on track Daniel!

  • Vectro42
    Vectro42 4 years ago +5

    Daniel seems like such a charismatic guy to hang out with :) good luck this season!

  • Sanjay Singh
    Sanjay Singh 4 years ago +99

    At least this team had the tyre when you needed it

  • Joe Watson
    Joe Watson 4 years ago +19

    lmao danny vids never cease to make me smile

  • Tyler Collins
    Tyler Collins 4 years ago +109

    Just imagine driving by out in the country and you see this

  • Lucas Santiago
    Lucas Santiago Year ago +1

    This dude can be like best friends with anyone, look at him, awesome 😂

  • Zoey
    Zoey 3 years ago +1

    Danny never fails to make me smile, Nice video mate!

  • the_carr _fan
    the_carr _fan 4 years ago +117

    Looks like a 30 minute stop

  • meet
    meet Year ago +8

    Danial : i can change tires in 3 seconds

  • aWoL Nation
    aWoL Nation Year ago +59

    Didn’t even know Danny ric had a TheXvid channel.

  • Mahd
    Mahd 4 years ago +1

    u should do this more often. ur funnier than most youtubers

  • Will O'Grady
    Will O'Grady Year ago +4

    For the record it’s “team work makes the dream work” because working as a team gets dreams to come true

  • Christian van den Hoorn

    Took me 23 seconds to realise it was Daniel Riccardo...

  • Felix Filgis
    Felix Filgis 4 years ago +1

    nice work man :) I hope you don't get a flat tire this season

  • Callum Mongan
    Callum Mongan 4 years ago +4

    Daniel good luck for this year , this video was really good