I Got A Tokyo Makeover

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • So we traveled to Japan to film a three-part series about beauty & style and our second episode is a head-to-toe Tokyo street fashion makeovers! I've heard so much about Harajuku fashion and Tokyo street fashion that I decided to take our regional style investigation across the Pacific all the way to Japan! We explored three street fashion trends, including Vintage Remake, Mode, and the Colorful Layered style. What did you guys think of my Tokyo fashion makeover?
    A GIANT thank you to RinRin for helping us! You can check her out here ~
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    Main channel: thexvid.com/user/RinRinDolly
    Another thanks to Mika, who was featured in this video! You can check her out here ~
    IG: oreo.oreo.m
    A big thank you as well to Amanda and Cecelia, as well as LaForet, Ground Y, Wall, and A Nincompoop Capacity for allowing us to film there!
    And thank you to Tokyo Fashion for allowing use to use their photos, you can find more of their street snapper photos here!
    IG: tokyofashion
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12158

    HELLO FRIENDS! here is PART 2 of our JAPAN TRAVEL SERIES!! i hope you guys enjoy this! which street style makeover was your favorite? xoxo, saf

    • Maddy Wheeler
      Maddy Wheeler 2 months ago

      I LOVE the second look! Especially with the curly hair! It makes it look so cute!!!

    • S .P gaming
      S .P gaming 3 months ago

      You've heard of pizza rat but have you heard of rat pizza

    • Andrea Day
      Andrea Day 4 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard TeeHee

    • Teresa Arzola
      Teresa Arzola 5 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard you should try Peru and go to the Miraflores región! They have lots of different fashion over there as well

    • katya banks
      katya banks 5 months ago

      Thank you for posting this so i can live vicariously through you 😂

  • Brenna Rupe
    Brenna Rupe 2 hours ago

    How much do you spend on an average?

  • Damian Pierre
    Damian Pierre Day ago

    Second look was the best without the jacket....

  • T y p i c a l M o n d a y s .

    Did I just see.. some black people in the back round.

    Okay time to pack my bags and go to Japan!

    Not being racist im black and its so many white people that i was scared to go bc i thought i was gonna keep getting looked at. XD

  • Christi Charles
    Christi Charles 2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that the poster next to the dressing room they were in at Wall, had a picture of a girl wearing the same jacket as the one they bought?

    ...just me?

  • xox comtery
    xox comtery 3 days ago +1

    I like her she's so real

  • State of the Style World

    More Harajuku Fashion, Tokyo: thexvid.com/video/7D2VF0bQws8/video.html

  • Blackblaze animation

    ThX for help me choose what I shall wear on Monday

  • Cute gacha Potato
    Cute gacha Potato 4 days ago


  • M S
    M S 7 days ago

    "...! Mom?!"

  • Shadow Queen
    Shadow Queen 9 days ago

    26:12 Tyler choking on the the background while Saf was completely oblivious to it.

  • May Baby28
    May Baby28 9 days ago

    so cute T-T

  • Noor Al Meer
    Noor Al Meer 9 days ago

    I'm doing a marathon here.. But I wish you put the prices of the clothes

  • Tracy Ulrich
    Tracy Ulrich 11 days ago

    poppy flowers

  • yare yare
    yare yare 14 days ago

    Omg I love the third one

  • 사랑해요Moon
    사랑해요Moon 15 days ago +1

    Some of the outfits were so pretty

  • HiyaItz Mya
    HiyaItz Mya 19 days ago +1

    I like I get to 4:18 and couldnt be happier to see the name of the state I grew up in T-T

  • celestriad
    celestriad 20 days ago

    love the mode outfit! wish i could get something like that here, actually - would totally wear it irl! liked the layered look better without the jacket... my fave part of the last look is the asymmetric kilt thingy!

  • Drew Bear
    Drew Bear 22 days ago

    You're so funny 😂

  • rebekah simons
    rebekah simons 25 days ago +1

    I wonder what her closet looks like with all of the different makeovers she gets

  • rebekah simons
    rebekah simons 25 days ago

    The white college blouse from the very beginning is something i would definetly buy

  • BuNNy
    BuNNy 29 days ago

    No joke I stood at that street corner once 1:37

  • Gamer Pagtakhan
    Gamer Pagtakhan Month ago

    Safiya: It's like sneaky
    Mika: VIsIBlE CoNfUSiON

  • Kathleen May T. Surla

    I like the second and third style

  • Lily Fields
    Lily Fields Month ago

    21:33 It's so strange hearing the five pm music in the background of your video.

  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday Sweet Month ago

    Thy are Lilly’s

  • chloe strueby
    chloe strueby Month ago

    when does she upload ?

  • RandomFloofy Animals

    12:05 i have symmitery ocd and its triggering me so much!

  • Kiersten Clawson
    Kiersten Clawson Month ago

    When she said oversized I was thinking vsco sksksksksk

  • Dannielle Pazman
    Dannielle Pazman Month ago

    That mode outfit is killer

  • Random Me
    Random Me Month ago

    RirRin is such a cutie

  • Klaudia Domagała
    Klaudia Domagała Month ago +1

    This mode fashion thing looks like something that would work for me. My country is sad and dark anyway, so it would fit.

  • Drake Palaming
    Drake Palaming Month ago

    (19:21) Is it me or does RinRin sound sick?

  • g
    g Month ago

    I think I’m really in love with the mode style with all my heart

  • Kaede Fountain
    Kaede Fountain Month ago +1

    ooOoF my japanese eyes have seen beyond the video,
    THE 6 o’ clock bell rang and i know now that part of this video was filmed at 6!

  • Marla Reyna
    Marla Reyna Month ago

    Now i know what that Nike shirt is from and what it looks like in all its glory!!!!

  • Eiman Zainab
    Eiman Zainab Month ago

    Fight it must resist

  • Chamallow
    Chamallow Month ago

    I have this memory of me, in Japan, meeting a old Japanese man who told me I was « Prretty and cuuute »

  • Mickey Mozer
    Mickey Mozer Month ago

    You are just highly entertaining. Glad I found your channel.

  • Little Jana
    Little Jana Month ago

    I would actually wear the last outfit, but without the weird flower thing xP

  • Bridget Chieng
    Bridget Chieng Month ago

    the yohji fit 🤤

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Month ago

    I'd wear the 90s teenager most of the time. It screams ME.

  • mady wilson
    mady wilson Month ago +1

    I love how Tyler just knows what safiya is talking about. They are just meant to be.
    Safer (safiya+Tyler)

  • yourblueyes
    yourblueyes Month ago

    I loved the bat nike shirt

  • The Random
    The Random Month ago

    What a vampire would wear to a sleepover

  • Elsa Contreras
    Elsa Contreras Month ago

    The "Ugliest Shirt in the World" isn't that weird now huh?

  • Madelyn L.
    Madelyn L. Month ago

    I’m 70 and I would wear anything Mode forever. You looked like a orthodox Jewish hipster in the black/white suit. The hat did it!

  • your mom
    your mom Month ago

    Safiya and Rinrin looks like the coolest lesbian couple ! 😁😁😁

  • vgamer456
    vgamer456 Month ago

    20:02 Rinrin is so adorable

  • Lisa Middlekauff
    Lisa Middlekauff Month ago

    I love the one that looks like you are an Amish man! LOL

  • Lov!ingL!fe
    Lov!ingL!fe Month ago


  • Ibtassimi
    Ibtassimi Month ago

    Tyler struggling with his ice cream at the end of the video x)

  • Rachael Edge
    Rachael Edge Month ago +6

    “You’ve heard of pizza rat”
    Ty: literally has not


    Safiya : be the bat

    Me : be the pizza

  • rachel mdp
    rachel mdp Month ago

    where can I get nike bat lace shirt like that online? I love it

  • Candy Is actually delicious okay?

    I’m on low battery ahhhhhh

  • The Clever Dog Company

    My favorite part of this entire video is watching Tyler awkwardly eat the ice cream cone behind you as you vlog.

  • Kathi
    Kathi Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy in the first store is like utterly cute, like always politely clapping along and looking kinda clueless.

  • Makayla West
    Makayla West Month ago

    Please give RinRin a us makeover

  • MissRaindrop24
    MissRaindrop24 Month ago

    „Mode“ actually means „Fashion“ in german.