Racer X Films: 2019 RedBud Press Day

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Watch as riders take to the track at RedBud during Thursday's Press Day.
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Comments • 90

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker 6 months ago

    Thanks for the clip guys! REDBUDDDDDDDD

  • Christer Stefansson
    Christer Stefansson 6 months ago

    Sweeeeet 💥✌️💥

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA 6 months ago

    This track used be be rough and rutted clay. All the tracks are more like Southwick now. The best hard pack racers in the world, are going to be amateur racers soon.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 6 months ago

      At least there are still some jumps on a National track that Vet racers would not clear.

    ELIAS VALDES RUIZ 6 months ago

    Just another day at the ktm test track

  • Hazard Mediaaa
    Hazard Mediaaa 6 months ago +1

    Ayyyyeeee Jeff walker made the cut 🤘🤘🤘

  • Joe Raines
    Joe Raines 6 months ago

    Got a chance too see Jett lowrance (spelling) hand everyone their asses at mammoth. AC better win soon cause hes gonna get his ass handed too him

  • Andrew peakman
    Andrew peakman 6 months ago

    The fuck is this tld Ktm early practice sesh?!

  • jeremy ray
    jeremy ray 6 months ago +1


  • Dakota Ruiz
    Dakota Ruiz 6 months ago

    Mcadoo is looking comfortable on the ktm, glad he found a bike that suits his riding style

  • Victor Guerrero
    Victor Guerrero 6 months ago +4

    Jeff Walker 2:35 👊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 🤟🏻🤟🏻 hell yeah brother!

  • NateDogMXtv
    NateDogMXtv 6 months ago

    Where is Saldo232?

    • NH Rippas
      NH Rippas 6 months ago

      NateDogMXtv these are 250’s and Sal races 450’s

  • steveo1kinevo
    steveo1kinevo 6 months ago +1

    JWalk 2:35 🤙🏼

    • NateDogMXtv
      NateDogMXtv 6 months ago

      Was a moving chicane out there with the TLD bikes

  • HisPeopleRestored
    HisPeopleRestored 6 months ago +1

    Mcadoo was shredding!!

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell 6 months ago +3

    Holy hell. Riders that aren’t from the bakers factory. At press day. Getting screen time. Mind blown.

  • Leonardo Fontes
    Leonardo Fontes 6 months ago

    What lens was used on this recording?

  • Holeshot Inspection LLC

    The TLD boys sending it on the leap, sick, the camera angles did no justice for this monster, love the content, thanks racer x

  • Andrew Moore
    Andrew Moore 6 months ago

    At least Weedge wasn't talking.

  • John Caprai
    John Caprai 6 months ago +11

    We actually got to see something other than KTM for 3 Seconds!

  • Subpar Adventures
    Subpar Adventures 6 months ago +6

    Looks like a ktm add lol racer X proudly brought to you by ktm hahah

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA 6 months ago

      @Moto two Is is that commie bernie? Is he the reason why this generation hates corporations that make great bikes?

  • Knolys Johnson
    Knolys Johnson 6 months ago

    Lets go racing 🤘

  • devotidchannel
    devotidchannel 6 months ago +2

    I dont know about Laraccos leap full pinned on a 250. These duders are amazing. WHEW!!!!

  • P Bau
    P Bau 6 months ago +3

    Is the track back to normal after FIM changed it to favor them for MXDes?

      ELIAS VALDES RUIZ 6 months ago

      @GrizzlyAaron are you French? Cause other wise every country is on a losing streak

    • GrizzlyAaron
      GrizzlyAaron 6 months ago

      @ELIAS VALDES RUIZ also while we are at it, your going on a 6 year losing streak. Thats alright though, the 2020 will make it 7 year losing streak mate.

    • GrizzlyAaron
      GrizzlyAaron 6 months ago

      @ELIAS VALDES RUIZ you sir are absolutely stupid. I have been watching racing motocross for 30 years now. You cant handle the fact the americans got stomped out on home terf and have nothing but butt hurt to say about it. no matter what you say it will not change the results no matter how bad you want it to. As it stands the americans still cant hang with anyone from across the pond. Herlings made a joke of chok3mac.

      ELIAS VALDES RUIZ 6 months ago

      @GrizzlyAaron lmao all that proofs is how little you know about motocross

  • Hakypy BaLLlyXaTy
    Hakypy BaLLlyXaTy 6 months ago

    Посмотрим как 44 повыё.ывается в заезде😆

  • Randy Reynolds
    Randy Reynolds 6 months ago +2

    REDD BUDDD!!!!!!

  • ghpjerry
    ghpjerry 6 months ago +14

    JWalk @ 2:35 nice.

  • Moto Rider94
    Moto Rider94 6 months ago +2

    I like how Troy lee Designs, RedBull KTM has a army of riders

  • Bruce Thompson
    Bruce Thompson 6 months ago

    Thanks for posting..You Guys ROCK!

  • Maczust63
    Maczust63 6 months ago +15

    Here for Jeff Walker!

  • JohnThePastyWhiteBoy
    JohnThePastyWhiteBoy 6 months ago +49

    Where is my boy Jeff Walker?

    • JohnThePastyWhiteBoy
      JohnThePastyWhiteBoy 6 months ago

      @Jeff Walker Exactly people can talk so much shit. I just met you this past Tuesday and you're a great guy.

    • JohnThePastyWhiteBoy
      JohnThePastyWhiteBoy 6 months ago

      @Brandon Knowles He qualified 29th this weekend...

    • Riley Abrahams
      Riley Abrahams 6 months ago

      @Brandon Knowles when?

    • Jeff Walker
      Jeff Walker 6 months ago

      @Motofarm mx I did a 2 week Loretta's boot camp with Sal at GPF when I was 15. Also, I think people mistake struggles for excuses. I've never used what practice I'm in as an excuse for not doing well. I literally say "Yeah i'm in the B practice which goes last which kind of sucks, but we'll still go send it". I'm not really sure why people classify that as crying? Anyways, we've made it straight in the past two weekends through qualifying practice so I think i've got maybe a tiny bit of skill.

    • Motofarm mx
      Motofarm mx 6 months ago

      @Jeff Walker so was saldo making stuff up when he said he trained with you at gpf? You did ok today but a lot of people get tired of hearing you cry about what practice you're in.

    DICK TRICKLER 6 months ago +2

    Looks like the lip off the face of Loracco’s leap is flattened out a little this year. Guys aren’t getting the pop they used to off it. A lot of 250 guys doubling it in press day. Interested to see if they build it back up and put a little more vert in it, or if they keep it the same. Should be good racing either way!

    • Nick
      Nick 6 months ago

      This is the first year the 250s can finally do the leap.....so.....

  • Steve Stiffler
    Steve Stiffler 6 months ago +13

    Hoping Alex Martin can finally do this, Looking forward to Freaky Fast Freddie putting the JGR battleship on the box.

    • RC99mx
      RC99mx 6 months ago

      Lonnie McDonald yea I hope Alex does well. But unfortunately that Suzuki is a piece of shit and not even close to the same level as the other race bikes. Last year A Mart was 2nd in point. This year he hasn’t even gotten a top 5 let alone a podium or moto win or overall.

  • mac._247
    mac._247 6 months ago +18

    jeff walker

  • Alexandre Lima
    Alexandre Lima 6 months ago

    Top de mais 😍😍😍