Metallica: Turn the Page (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Mar 19, 2012
  • Metallica's official music video for “Turn the Page,” from the album “Garage Inc.” Subscribe for more videos:
    Directed by Jonas Åkerlund
    Filmed in October 1998 in Los Angeles, CA
    Video Premiere Date: October 28, 1998
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    © 1998 Blackened Recordings
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  • Roger Kee
    Roger Kee 15 hours ago


  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson Day ago

    I cant watch this again

  • YT Fun
    YT Fun 2 days ago

    James Hetfield is a fucking vocalist, it gives life to almost everything, plus his fucking riffs
    Long live man
    Love from Egypt

  • w y
    w y 3 days ago

    Raw and deeply sad. Strong women, there is another way. Your kids know more than u think they know, the scars are deep and forever marked.

  • yasin parlak
    yasin parlak 3 days ago

    why did u cut the solo?

  • Dean.P
    Dean.P 3 days ago +1

    This is the perfect song for do a ride of 16 hours in car and can't sleep and later you buy a ice cream only for Survive the ride and the Police register you car and you on jail now remember this song :")

  • lavender fields
    lavender fields 4 days ago

    Weird, poor James

  • shawn owsley
    shawn owsley 5 days ago +3

    People let’s start this year out positive

  • Ro Notorious
    Ro Notorious 5 days ago

    FUCKIN masterpiece cover ❤️

  • Jac Cabrera Caceres
    Jac Cabrera Caceres 5 days ago

    Have you seen this band?

  • Amarildo Aguiar
    Amarildo Aguiar 6 days ago

    Que porradão muito som
    Mettalica Forever

  • ruassmarkt
    ruassmarkt 6 days ago +3

    Everybody raise for the American Dream

  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 6 days ago

    Мощно сука!!!!

  • Diego Tantardini
    Diego Tantardini 6 days ago +2

    When you realize that this song was meant to be written by Metallica ! Bob Sieger stoled it !

  • World of ISS
    World of ISS 7 days ago +2

    2020 still rolling 😍

  • ViRal_Reazy
    ViRal_Reazy 9 days ago +1

    Fan:Monte du bist der beste!

    Monte:Verpiss dich du Hurensohn!!!

  • Streetfighter750
    Streetfighter750 9 days ago +1

    My favorite song since 1998

  • Bruno Subiabre
    Bruno Subiabre 9 days ago

    La vida de Benjamín Hanus Tobares.

  • Felipe Arcade
    Felipe Arcade 9 days ago

    Melhor música do Metallica seguida de noting else matters,the oforgiven e mama saint...

  • Carsten Jensen
    Carsten Jensen 10 days ago

    BOB SEGER........ Still alive, Metallica well done!!

  • naser elhoul
    naser elhoul 10 days ago

    the part when she is raped it made cry also I was disgusted from this kind of women but because of this video I pity them

  • Andreas Hartmann
    Andreas Hartmann 11 days ago +1

    2020.....time to turn the i a_a_a_a_am

  • Earl Chor
    Earl Chor 12 days ago

    Here I am on the boat again here am out at sea here I go cutting scallops again lol I know I'm not the only fisherman that has though of those words will they are out fishing

  • SILAs Fricke
    SILAs Fricke 12 days ago

    Iam a Road againnnnnn

  • Niclas -
    Niclas - 12 days ago +2

    Monte wo bist du 😂

  • William Welling
    William Welling 13 days ago

    Absolutely the best cover song ever. Damn Metallica nailed this. Blessed that t I got to grow up with Metallica. Wow....

  • Ofs Dea
    Ofs Dea 14 days ago

    Мда...когда не знаешь языка, но нравится песня...эх...представлялся мужик сидящий в баре и неторопливо потягивающий виски, который повествует о своей истории взаимоотношений с женщинами...а тут понимете ли...срамота...феминофашизм...думал что "переверни страницу" это об очередной мерзавке на которую угробил годы своей жизни, а на самом деле это обычный для штатов пиар ход папаши хэта - лизнуть феминисткам ежели можно баблишка срубить...

  • mohammad khalessi
    mohammad khalessi 16 days ago

    Here I am
    On the road again

  • gülsüm ayas
    gülsüm ayas 16 days ago

    Klibini izleyip dertlendim yine

  • D -
    D - 17 days ago +4

    Nobody talk about jason is playing this song with finger style

  • Deviant Garage: Tommy
    Deviant Garage: Tommy 17 days ago

    Dogs: woof! woof!
    Cats: meow meow
    Retards: Dogs: wow! wow!
    Cats: meow meow
    Retards: 2019??? 2019???

  • 62 Dersim
    62 Dersim 18 days ago

    Wer ist auch hier wegen Montes Clip Hahahah

    • Güneş Yıldırım
      Güneş Yıldırım 16 days ago

      Dersim (tunceli) nicki almissin almanca yazmissin ingilozce sarki dinliyosun nasil bi degisiksin lan sen

  • Devran Joker
    Devran Joker 19 days ago +1

    01.01.2020 Morning starts w this song..

  • Depcom
    Depcom 19 days ago +1

    The Super Men Of Metal! Nobody can touch them.

  • mayeju84
    mayeju84 19 days ago +3

    Bob Seger's version is good but Metallica improve it

  • Fabio DF
    Fabio DF 20 days ago +3

    Mesmo não sendo fruto do Metallica, está canção se tornou fruto do Metallica, essa música toca a alma, simplesmente linda ! ❣️

  • TorbinatorGaming
    TorbinatorGaming 20 days ago +101

    Who is watching this 2020

  • Sergei Tumanskji
    Sergei Tumanskji 20 days ago +1

    I've never thought that Ginger Lynn could be such a good actress (no irony)

  • влад ипатов


  • TheSatyricon82
    TheSatyricon82 22 days ago

    American hate socialism, but guess what, it does protect woman from all this kind of abuse

  • Davey Smith
    Davey Smith 22 days ago +2

    Common sense brought me here and I think I’ll stay

  • Terren O'Neil
    Terren O'Neil 23 days ago


  • сергей степулев


  • koolnkalm85
    koolnkalm85 23 days ago

    This kid should really be in school

  • Kirby
    Kirby 23 days ago

    Doppio. Oh Doppio. Watashi no kawaii Doppio

  • sbtoolman12123
    sbtoolman12123 24 days ago

    metallica.....You should NOT have done this didn't do it justice you changed the feel and sound of it..I believe there are songs that you have to be very very careful if you are going to do "your own version" I don't care if you say "we wanted to make it ours" well IT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!it belongs to the fans.What you did was take a well loved classic and brutalize it.I USED to be a fan but am not anymore what you have become is unrecognizable.I know i am inviting all the ire and hate from others,but i dont care this is one ex fans opinion.Look to disturbed and ffdp if you want to know how to remake a song.You..are not good at it.

  • Флинт Я
    Флинт Я 24 days ago

    Самая любимая песня и девченки очень хорошие особенно дочка очень милая !!!

  • Ali Al-Azzawi
    Ali Al-Azzawi 24 days ago

    Metallica is the truth....

  • YoOli 1
    YoOli 1 25 days ago

    Montana Black

  • Kitten Girl
    Kitten Girl 25 days ago +2


  • v6 ftmfl
    v6 ftmfl 25 days ago +2

    I love the original Bob Seger version but hetfield did it better imo

    THE CURLY 26 days ago

    Caraí kkkkkkkklk


    Walk into this restaurant stung out from the Dope

  • Gavin Moody
    Gavin Moody 27 days ago

    Dated/lived with 3 strippers over the years ironically never been in strip club also ironic the first 2 that had no children were sociopathic as fuck both tried to kill me because I didnt want them and they wanted and expected everyone to want them. The 3rd one which had 2 kids had a great heart though. She said the only way she could strip though was getting loaded on alcohol and pills. After her kids were born though she left it behind went got her a degree n started a family. We both struggled with substance abuse so we mutually agreed to never be together or talk but, I hope she still on her road of happiness and success and wellness continue to grow.

  • Bear C137
    Bear C137 28 days ago

    Any n all down votes should be destroyed

  • Дима Ганс
    Дима Ганс 29 days ago

    У меня есть майка. На ней напишу turn the page

  • Karim
    Karim 29 days ago

    Monte lässt grüßen

  • Michael sadek
    Michael sadek Month ago

    I really feel sad for her, the main character of the video i mean.
    i really wish every one who has a mother like that to tell her that he/she would rather be poor.

  • Johnata Moraes
    Johnata Moraes Month ago +5

    2019, BRASIL 🇧🇷