Minecraft, But I Added More Bosses...

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • Minecraft, But I Added More Bosses...
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    Turkey, Herobrine, Medusa, Glume, Pheonix, Cerberus - LittleRoomDev www.patreon.com/littleroomdev
    Scary Herobrine - Lumine Studios
    Tiny Mushrooms - Mythic Studios mcmodels.net/model/cave-expan...
    Lightning Golem - ChrisRak mcmodels.net/model/mythicmobs...
    Icebreaker, Fire Dragon - Nocsy mcmodels.net/vendors/nocsy/
    Fallen Heros - EndesMan mcmodels.net/model/the-fallen...
    Voices: @Suev @Painful & Lumine Studios
    🎉 How many bosses did I face in today's Minecraft, But Challenge?
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  • xNestorio
    xNestorio  4 months ago +354

    Hope you all enjoyed and thanks to Raid Shadow Legends for sponsoring this video! -- Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: pl.go-ga.me/jsudkvhz and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  • Blowie
    Blowie 4 months ago +147

    proud of Nestor, I remember when you used to win almost every UHC from Reddit to Badlion. To see him doing so well is so heartwarming. Keep up the great work man!

  • Xavier
    Xavier 4 months ago +13

    90% of comment in this video is like - one of the greatest thing about this guy...🤣🤣

    • purple-gaming
      purple-gaming 2 months ago

      I don't know if your being mean or no or just trying to make people laugh-

  • RodFamily
    RodFamily 4 months ago

    Xnestorio, thanks so much for making awesome videos on a weekly basis! Keep up the good work!

  • GoodmanDevon
    GoodmanDevon 3 months ago +1

    Xnestorio, thanks so much for making awesome videos on a weekly basis! Keep up the good work!

  • Elliot Pickett
    Elliot Pickett 3 months ago +2

    ive been supporting this man for so long and im so happy how hes grown bro, literally inlove with this man

  • Arfy Gaming
    Arfy Gaming 4 months ago +1

    Good job, keep up the great work!

  • TezzarRG
    TezzarRG 4 months ago +11

    23:02 Good Job Nestor....as expected from the fastest obsidian miner in minecraft

  • Kieran Dainty
    Kieran Dainty 3 months ago +1

    That animation at the start is just amazing, keep up the hard work 😁❤

  • Yashwant GG
    Yashwant GG 4 months ago +4

    I love how he made the mod but he acts so surprised 🤣🤣 keep up the good work

  • LeoJ747
    LeoJ747 4 months ago +94

    Xnestorio, thanks so much for making awesome videos on a weekly basis! Keep up the good work!

    • Jenn Donaldson
      Jenn Donaldson 4 months ago

      His name is Sonic

    • BlueKit Gaming
      BlueKit Gaming 4 months ago

      @Say Goodnight ok

    • Andrade
      Andrade 4 months ago

      Xnestorio your the best TheXvidr ever

    • Say Goodnight
      Say Goodnight 4 months ago

      @Shelly ye And online loving is sus

    • Shelly
      Shelly 4 months ago


  • Lisa Penrod
    Lisa Penrod 3 months ago +1

    XNestorio love your vids! Keep makin' em'

  • 🇺🇦  Mr duck • 420 years ago

    I love Xnestorio’s content

  • Rafael Blandón
    Rafael Blandón 2 months ago

    Great job Nestor keep up the good work :D

  • Matthijs Wiedijk
    Matthijs Wiedijk 4 months ago +1

    You should use campfire instead of furnace it cooks faster than furnace

  • Suev
    Suev 4 months ago +85

    These bosses are 🔥🔥

    • Le Pit
      Le Pit 4 months ago

      when is the next better minecraft dude?

    • Nadia Israel
      Nadia Israel 4 months ago

      Ur vid are sick😎

    • Zudie
      Zudie 4 months ago

      I love your vids no afence nestorio

    • Vaishali Surwase
      Vaishali Surwase 4 months ago

      hi suev i have watched all your hardcore videos i am a very bog fan of you

    • khushi parekh
      khushi parekh 4 months ago


  • Goku black
    Goku black 3 months ago

    Xnestorio, you are such a good TheXvidr keep up the good work 😀

  • Elton
    Elton 3 months ago

    He's honestly incredible and amazing ,he should get the impossible mode by Fundy

  • Tommy Dennis
    Tommy Dennis 4 months ago +1

    17:02 for the easy final boss.

  • baby Yoda
    baby Yoda 2 months ago +1

    Go to the point of the video where there's a very good job when doing something and you'll see 23:02

  • Magic
    Magic 4 months ago +245

    The amount of effort Nestor puts into his videos is honestly incredible

  • Rafael Blandón
    Rafael Blandón 2 months ago

    Let’s just appreciate the work he does in this like

  • Yan Ni Low
    Yan Ni Low 4 months ago +1

    I love how he says:"Disgusting!Ohhhh its nice!"

  • playboyomar
    playboyomar 4 months ago +1

    I like how he used a water bucket in the nether

  • Bob Smithers
    Bob Smithers 2 months ago

    First boss fight with the turkey was amazing and hilarious

  • orrialeplayz
    orrialeplayz 4 months ago +9

    Thanks for the great work you did for us and for the time you spent with us

  • 송순원
    송순원 4 months ago +2

    Nestorio: the Turkey is evil!!!!!
    Turkey: *gets hit first and fights back at self defense as Nestorio kills it*
    Me: i dont see anything wrong here!

  • Elizabeth Ashun
    Elizabeth Ashun 4 months ago

    20:10 “oh that’s disgusting, nice!” Made me laugh so hard

  • coolbloxxers
    coolbloxxers 3 months ago +1

    to mine campfire you need silk touch or you can do that :)

  • Joy Beachler
    Joy Beachler 4 months ago +1

    23:03 Nice job xNestorio

  • Isamar De Castro
    Isamar De Castro 4 months ago +10

    lets take a moment to show xNestorio love how much he does for us

  • Brittany Cummings
    Brittany Cummings 3 months ago

    That Herobrine made me think of the Shapeshifter from Gravity Falls. To be specific, the moment he goes from Mabel to Dipper to both but in a horrific monsterous form

  • Ailred Huey Millan playz

    15:52 is the funniest part ever 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • Sameedh Official
    Sameedh Official 4 months ago

    23:02 Good Job , Just Wow!!!

  • Roumen Stagelighting
    Roumen Stagelighting 2 months ago

    You need to put silk touch on the xa to get a campfire!

  • Raid
    Raid 4 months ago +9

    This is 🔥, keep up the good work, love it.

  • Natasha Nebergall
    Natasha Nebergall 4 months ago

    23:04 Good Job!

  • Unexpected_ERROR_MC
    Unexpected_ERROR_MC 4 months ago

    the stuff on the bricks are a natral cave light source

  • Roumen Stagelighting
    Roumen Stagelighting 2 months ago

    I actually don’t know what they’re called it but I know they can be found in caves

  • and123sua
    and123sua 4 months ago

    As soon as I saw the third boss sppawn system I knew it was herobrine

  • Марат Рахматуллин

    These glowing lichen are found in 1.17 caves, mostly at diamond height

  • c b
    c b 4 months ago

    I love your videos keep up the good work please❤️👍

  • Olana White
    Olana White 4 months ago

    Xnestrio''s turkey outfit looked so cute on him

  • -Foxy_ Roxanne-
    -Foxy_ Roxanne-  2 months ago

    You know the new dog's name should be Grimm

  • Matthijs Wiedijk
    Matthijs Wiedijk 4 months ago

    14:33 it's named glow lichen from 1.17

  • Zach Muor
    Zach Muor 3 months ago

    GOOD JOB Keep up the good work

  • Fond Nguyen
    Fond Nguyen 4 months ago

    When I saw who the warped fungus totem was do a sec I was stunned lol

  • Skyeand Wong
    Skyeand Wong 3 months ago +1

    I really watched this instead of doing my homework, and I regret nothing

  • Mandy Baron
    Mandy Baron 4 months ago

    imagine stealing iron blocks but its ok when its the best TheXvid uploader

  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us

  • Albus Show
    Albus Show 4 months ago

    Nestor be like:
    "Ew it's gross, nice!

  • Matthijs Wiedijk
    Matthijs Wiedijk 4 months ago

    There is really a lodestone compass smash a compass on a 1.16 lodestone the use is it can be used in the nether

  • Wasdy
    Wasdy 4 months ago

    Anyone remember the vid where he had thorns 1,000,000 in a manhunt?!

  • CerleanSonic Gaming
    CerleanSonic Gaming 4 months ago

    23:01 great nether portal

  • Endercake 2.0
    Endercake 2.0 4 months ago +7

    I would change the mod just slightly swapping the turkey to the chest piece and the mushroom to the helmet

  • LionelReigns
    LionelReigns 3 months ago

    xNestorio: lets eat my turkey legs i am a turkey
    me: realizing that he"s eating him self and this is cannablisam.

  • Starla Bain
    Starla Bain 4 months ago

    Did anybody see that the blaze spawner was a pig spawner??? Timestamp: 21:19

  • nerojay hernandez
    nerojay hernandez 4 months ago

    xNestorio your the best,awesome and cool oh and you almost reach 4M subscribers Congrats!? :)

  • AnimeWeebEdits77
    AnimeWeebEdits77 4 months ago

    23:03 good job 👍

  • Austin Atkins
    Austin Atkins 4 months ago +5

    you do know that you can make nether brick from 4 neterack. you only needed to find a fortress for the blazes. but I just want you to know that I love how much work you put into your videos. you are my favorite youtuber

  • Ultima
    Ultima 4 months ago

    20:00 great job😉👍

  • Midna Twili
    Midna Twili 4 months ago

    8:13 I was scared you would actually kill Herobrine

  • DatCat Sister
    DatCat Sister 4 months ago


  • Glitchy cubs
    Glitchy cubs 4 months ago +2

    23:04 good job

  • SuperBlackBat69
    SuperBlackBat69 4 months ago +6

    XNestorio has gone a long way from uhc at 700k subs I hope he brings back the uhc

  • ZombieHunt gaming
    ZombieHunt gaming 3 months ago

    14:38: Its stone bricks with gliw lichen on it.

    XXSad_BTS_ARMYxX 3 months ago

    14:38 it’s glow lichen on top of stone bricks

  • arleeenn
    arleeenn 3 months ago

    y’all can’t even lie Nestor sounds like MrTop5

  • 4k_banna_forever_squadz

    When he said drive and power I realized I was watching a movie with the person that made the song 😂😂

  • Matthijs Wiedijk
    Matthijs Wiedijk 4 months ago

    19:06 he's not in the nether anymore so that's why

  • ꧁ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ꧂
    ꧁ɢᴀʟᴀxʏ꧂ 3 months ago

    I’m sick and this made me feel much better

  • Remeroo
    Remeroo 4 months ago

    The dog's name must now be Cerberus 2.0

  • Ricy Yuri
    Ricy Yuri 3 months ago

    "xNestorio:did i just put water in the neither?"
    "Me:/trying to put water in the nether"

  • Clips Shorts
    Clips Shorts 4 months ago +12

    23:01 good job Nestor, very nice portal

  • Jellytastic
    Jellytastic 4 months ago

    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece

  • Zyk-11
    Zyk-11 4 months ago +1

    23:01 good job 👏👍

  • Villain Bakugou
    Villain Bakugou 4 months ago +1

    You should name the dog bones.

  • RTCX
    RTCX 4 months ago

    23:04 nice job mate

  • Micro!
    Micro! 4 months ago +34

    I just started watching today and lemme tell you these are worth watching. Also, can you tell me the names of the mods you use?

  • Su Kon
    Su Kon 4 months ago +2

    23:00 good job

  • Skyler Spengel
    Skyler Spengel 2 months ago

    Good Job

  • Jake Ritchey
    Jake Ritchey Month ago

    22:53 good job nestor

  • Andrew Amir
    Andrew Amir 27 days ago

    When nestor put on the turkey armor I called him xturkio lol

  • Zombono
    Zombono 4 months ago +8

    Hey Nestor, I know you won't see this but I just want you to know that your videos are incredible and you are one of the best youtubers. Thank you for making my day 😁👍

  • Pedro Juarez
    Pedro Juarez 3 months ago

    23:01 good job Nester

  • AJ
    AJ 3 months ago

    22:53 good job 😁

  • Stacia Schienbein
    Stacia Schienbein 3 months ago

    22:53 omg who builds nether portals like this

  • Awest102 YT
    Awest102 YT 4 months ago

    it would have been funnier if the snow golem shot yellow snow at you

  • SwîftYT
    SwîftYT 4 months ago +25

    17:03 lol imagine ending the video early but there's still so many bosses to defeat😂

  • Brayden King
    Brayden King 4 months ago +1

    good job :D

  • Lauren Faulk
    Lauren Faulk 3 months ago

    Has he not noticed he’s fire proof?

  • Starla Bain
    Starla Bain 4 months ago

    Timestamp: 15:51

  • dylan hartono
    dylan hartono 4 months ago

    Is it just me or did I watch one video of him and just watched every other one?

  • Legends_YT
    Legends_YT 4 months ago +7

    Hey Nestor!
    Nice vid! Keep it up!
    Protip: You can smelt netherrack to get the bricks in fortress

    • Legends_YT
      Legends_YT 4 months ago +1

      @Say Goodnight Oh wait what? lol I didn't pay attention ok

    • Say Goodnight
      Say Goodnight 4 months ago +1

      The pro tip part is not that smart tbh because he needs a fortress to get blaze rods so there is no point to craft the nether bricks bc you could just get it from the nether fortress

  • Soviet Union Ball
    Soviet Union Ball 4 months ago

    Wait… is the magma with dragon head that fire dragon you made before?

  • Claire Kap
    Claire Kap 4 months ago

    24:13, his new name is Bones.

  • Tsunami1958
    Tsunami1958 3 months ago

    23:02 Good Job

  • Dario Marrocchelli
    Dario Marrocchelli 4 months ago

    You can smelt nether rack to get nether brick.

  • Ycimellize
    Ycimellize 4 months ago +7

    hello nestor I'm happy that you're back because your vacation has been going on for a long time keep safe and keep making happy video's🥰🥰

    I’M A GIRL DUMBASS 4 months ago +1

    xNestorio: *fighting Huggy Wuggy*
    Weak Huggy Wuggy: *fighting xNestorio and then dies*
    Me: *laughing to much*