Will It Run? cheapest Forklift I could find.

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • this forklift stopped being used after a couple of repair companies couldent fix it,since then it sat outside for around 5 years. lets see if we can get it to run and operate,
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  • Mustie1
    Mustie1  25 days ago +20

    part 2 is here, thexvid.com/video/MpQMJxow4Q4/video.html

    • ron cash
      ron cash 14 days ago

      Dam that brings back memories Mustie . Ive drove many in my younger yrs . An not to brag was damn good on um .

    • riflessss
      riflessss 24 days ago +1

      Are you a veteran? I've kinda gotten a feeling that you may be a retired service member, figured it was worth asking.

  • Sod 'em!
    Sod 'em! 3 days ago

    'Waxoil!' A forklift's best friend!

  • عيسي السبيعي


  • Mario
    Mario 8 days ago

    Your calm and peaceful nature really make these videos enjoyable. Like you, I can fix just about _anything_ that's not melted or burned to a crisp, but my challenge would be containing the occasional Tourette's-like outbursts that emerge when things start going sideways!

  • kendal kenny
    kendal kenny 9 days ago

    a forklift so cool........

  • Steve M
    Steve M 15 days ago

    Looks like the old Mustie special.

  • James Shanks
    James Shanks 16 days ago

    I don't believe that plastic sheet is a roof for the forklift as every forklift I've ever driven simply used a steel cage without any kind of a roof which simply makes it harder for the operator to see when going up to the second or third level of pallet storage. It seems to me to be simply another unwanted piece of flotsam that found a location out of the way to store a bunch of unwanted items, old tires, etc.. 99 percent of all forklifts operate indoors and don't use a plastic or glass window on top of the cage.

    • ShysterLawyer
      ShysterLawyer 13 days ago

      Even if it's not it's still a good idea for an outdoor forklift. We used to wrap the tops of out cages with shrink wrap in the rainy months.

  • Eddie Mason
    Eddie Mason 16 days ago +1

    Watching you wench that really got me cringing. You should have something around the cable to dampen it should it snap. Old tires or even carpet will save you from getting cut in half.

    • ShysterLawyer
      ShysterLawyer 14 days ago

      Additionally when I brought mine home I rented a lowboy tilt trailer. I have a car/equipment trailer, but just didn't want to be in the position Mustie put himself in. It was worth the $70 (IIRC) to keep it safe.
      But different people have different ways; I'm just glad he got his on and off without incident.

  • Howard Bee
    Howard Bee 17 days ago

    The plug wires look like rodent damage. Last year I let my truck set for a week or so and when I went to start it it ran awful rough. The squirrels/rats/mice had cut two plug wires and there were entire pieces around 6 inches missing. They also got one of the fuel injectors both wires to the plug were cut. It's worse on newer cars with the soy based wire insulation. That's not insulation it's bait. Honda will sell you a roll of duct tape impregnated with capsaicin, it's got rodent pictures on it in the circle with a bar across it. Honda part number 4019-2317

  • Socio Listo
    Socio Listo 17 days ago

    You put a lot of strain on your truck transmision,,aren't you suppose to put the truck in neutral and step on the brakes? The forks could be removed

  • Mike Fn Garage
    Mike Fn Garage 19 days ago +2

    your killing me larry 500k views. man at 20 plus minutes. that is super cool

  • otto leeverink
    otto leeverink 20 days ago

    i say this time and time again ALWAYS put plugs in by hand. only the last step should be with a plug key that way you cant damadge the head repairs on a head are expensive and if you are realy unlucky you need a new head and that can cost a lot!

    • ShysterLawyer
      ShysterLawyer 13 days ago

      I'm pretty sure Mustie knows how to install a spark plug, he's not a Millennial.

  • Sniper Hacker
    Sniper Hacker 20 days ago

    When you know you made a mistake buying a Toyota

    • ShysterLawyer
      ShysterLawyer 13 days ago

      *Shrugs* Some people like those rice burners for some reason; to each their own.

  • Brian Dirou
    Brian Dirou 20 days ago

    Nice bug !!!

  • Aleksander Kalinowski

    I rather enjoy how he talks to us while he films, as if we are there with him. It makes his content feel much more relaxed and enjoyable

  • fork lift
    fork lift 21 day ago

    So this is what happened to uncle Joe

  • Bill Beyer
    Bill Beyer 21 day ago

    Wow, almost half a million views! What is it about old forklifts?

  • Waylander the Slayer
    Waylander the Slayer 22 days ago +1

    Propane is 105 octane so you can run much more ignition advance and get more power than standard gasoline.....

  • James Shanks
    James Shanks 22 days ago

    Standard pallet is 48x40 inches.

  • ddakota05
    ddakota05 22 days ago

    That plexiglass I believe might go on top the cage for ass protection

  • Andrew Hanna
    Andrew Hanna 22 days ago +1

    Should have gotten a ford smh

  • Burial
    Burial 22 days ago


  • OG Kush
    OG Kush 22 days ago +1

    That fella barking orders would get on my nerves.

  • SurgeTheUrge
    SurgeTheUrge 22 days ago

    captain energize

  • chris zag
    chris zag 22 days ago

    normaly when something is unpluged its the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP thing lol

  • granskare
    granskare 22 days ago

    did you finish that karmann-ghia rear quarter?

  • Kamikaze Kruzer
    Kamikaze Kruzer 23 days ago

    OMG, that was awesome.

  • Gustav
    Gustav 23 days ago

    you need a bunch of WD40 when working on old junk like that

  • dennis culpepper
    dennis culpepper 23 days ago

    Nice seeing that you didn't break an axle on your trailer. The forklift was just saying hi when it zapped you.

  • Justin Klebieka
    Justin Klebieka 23 days ago

    Somebody got a little throttle happy!! Gotta love Brian lol

  • eric rose
    eric rose 23 days ago

    that is a mazda engine

  • WIDave0311
    WIDave0311 23 days ago

    At 4:39, For fun, I set the play back speed to 50%.

    • WIDave0311
      WIDave0311 23 days ago

      Alvin and/or Theodore and/or Simon

  • LC's Games
    LC's Games 23 days ago

    my nehibor works on forklifts for a living at Hy-Tek if you have any issue or questions i can possibly get some expert help from him to help you.. He is also ASE certified for forklifts..

  • Thom
    Thom 24 days ago +10

    That magician dude at 2:20 is pretty cool with that motionless walking.

    • Allan Kolima
      Allan Kolima 21 day ago

      Lazy fat dude ,doin nothin' to this video, slacker!

  • Damien G unit
    Damien G unit 24 days ago

    Epic respect looking forward too seeing it running respect thank you the Dream is rill

  • Zippy TheChicken
    Zippy TheChicken 24 days ago

    on the next episode.. lets see what we get ... BOOM!... .... yeah when you got to bring shovels to dig out what you're buying you know its a good one.. well i hope you got a good deal on it.. why does it weigh so much? did they put weights on it? ..must have. that guy is going to be pissed when he watches your video and sees its a starter switch.. maybe you can fix the key for safety sakes .. probably why he cut the wires so no one would try using it. but no bottle.. you got to believe someone disabled it on purpose it wasn't kids.. someone didn't want that thing being used.

  • M.S dude
    M.S dude 24 days ago

    get some airbags for your truck, it really helps!

  • RareYellowWUUTBee
    RareYellowWUUTBee 24 days ago

    1,100 hours? Why hours is it not measured in miles?

  • paul rogers
    paul rogers 24 days ago

    14:10- woops is right lol

  • Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez 24 days ago

    Mustie has a new toy yay!

  • Rob Hernandez
    Rob Hernandez 24 days ago

    What is the handling capacity of that fork lift ? Anyone know?

  • Mark Armstrong
    Mark Armstrong 24 days ago

    Where I work they through the old forklifts iin scrap bin. No matter how good they run. I wished I could get 1

  • Tenzin Price
    Tenzin Price 24 days ago

    But will it blend? That is the question.

  • D Johnson
    D Johnson 24 days ago

    The way you guys say "straighten her out" is very misogynistic.

  • Chris Cole
    Chris Cole 24 days ago

    Didn't get used much LMFAO

  • joops110
    joops110 24 days ago

    Fun fact: In Dutch the forks are called spoons, while the machine itself is still called a forklift. Don't ask me why.

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 24 days ago

    at 39:00 that sounds like me in the morning haa haa

  • Charles Montmeny
    Charles Montmeny 24 days ago

    Where i work, we still have one like that's in good condition. It's my favorite one to drive!

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 24 days ago

    Forklift tech here... just watching for entertainment.

  • Troy Harper
    Troy Harper 24 days ago

    Dude- You should've took the barrel clamp - The blue attachment there - You missed that on - We just bought one for 500 bucks!! I hope you did actually get that thing!

  • JeffsLoves Slots
    JeffsLoves Slots 24 days ago

    how can it start with a cut spark plug wire?

  • Mech4Life
    Mech4Life 24 days ago

    This was really entertaining. Thanks for great content.

  • GTA_Noob_Nico
    GTA_Noob_Nico 24 days ago +4

    i work on a company wich have a very old toyota forklift - it has no page relapsing and it have a 2-speed manual gearbox ( 1 lever = back/forward, other Lever = Gear 1/Gear 2) its pretty fun to drive
    greetings from switzerland

  • Diesel Bricks
    Diesel Bricks 25 days ago

    Planning on palletizing the hoard?

  • Jerry Burnett
    Jerry Burnett 25 days ago

    wasnt the lp tank there beside the building, where you got it from?

  • Bonnafans Garage
    Bonnafans Garage 25 days ago +6

    me: i'll go to sleep early today.

    me at 3 am: Will It Run? cheapest Forklift I could find.

  • Max Hammontree
    Max Hammontree 25 days ago

    Put a carb on that bastard!

  • Stuart Hossack
    Stuart Hossack 25 days ago

    Full of admiration for folks who laugh at things that won't work or fail, I confess that my first instinct is to use a sledgehammer before the diagnostic side kicks in a minute later. Respect, I enjoy your skills and lessons in handling adversity :o)

  • ToxicBeast71
    ToxicBeast71 25 days ago

    Power steering

  • Simon Haugen Kolstad
    Simon Haugen Kolstad 25 days ago

    spoiler: it will run

  • Stephen Hunter
    Stephen Hunter 25 days ago +1

    I'm thinking that "if it originally" had head and tail lights the switch they were using for power, would've been for those lights.

  • Sam Sonn
    Sam Sonn 25 days ago

    How cheap is cheap? 100.

  • nubbins
    nubbins 25 days ago

    Last year when I was working to make a money for my uni-student-on-hiatus self, I was on this near exact model Yale after getting my cert and a job. Visually identical, of all things. Hella old and weathered, with a 2.5L Nissan l-4. Temperamental and weary (we called her Ol' Yeller for her bright yellow paint, age and temperament, as opposed to the other larger and less yellow TCM we had), she was picky with the weather, her starter, and even the position of the key in the cylinder but once I got used to her old age shenanigans, her controls were some of the best I've ever known. Both lift and tilt were super smooth and a breeze to feather, boost and master as was the motor itself. Was never a big fan of the wide ass combined clutch/brake pedal though - it made one's left leg a bit sore at times. Propane fitting would also leak violently, without warning, at the most random of times.
    The job was obviously nothing more than temporary for me but she was one of the better parts of it. It's a shame that our company was such a cheapskate and the Yale (Ol' Yeller) and TCM (Temperamental C*** Machine) were both falling apart at the seams from wilful mechanical neglect.
    And such, it's a surprise to see that you've landed a similar one. I hope you are able to fix her up and put her to work!

  • Zen4real fight man
    Zen4real fight man 25 days ago

    Those tires are in better shape than the ones at my work our forklift they will run on the same tires until they're literally showing wires before they bother to replace them and it's not like my work is poor I work at Walmart

  • jenbill1602
    jenbill1602 25 days ago

    Been driving diesel lift trucks for over 30 years now always wanted to own one, don't know what I would do with it other than use it as a heavy duty floor Jack or easy access to roof of house, one thing I have noticed over the years is the seat improvement went from basically a board bolted to the hood to a full air ride captains seat floating over rough ground

  • Buffs
    Buffs 25 days ago

    Once you get a good gas forklift you're set. Electric forklifts are super nice but not as user friendly imo.

  • rcman1023
    rcman1023 25 days ago

    Wire some old style orange rotating lights on the top

  • Soviet Scoot
    Soviet Scoot 25 days ago

    You are one lucky son of a bitch to get a forklift

  • x01e
    x01e 25 days ago

    Part 2 please!

  • K Wils
    K Wils 25 days ago

    Was the karcher pressure washer for sale too?

  • Ryan489
    Ryan489 25 days ago

    we got a forklift from the 2000's and it has 4000 hours on it

  • Avixk
    Avixk 25 days ago

    I just watched a guy try to move an old forklift for 20 minutes... why was it so entertaining???

  • king0fskill
    king0fskill 25 days ago

    blur out your license plate next time

  • Adolf Galland
    Adolf Galland 25 days ago

    I didn't know they had air tyres

    • Mustie1
      Mustie1  25 days ago +1

      some do some dont,

  • Eric Hagler
    Eric Hagler 25 days ago

    looks like a nissan oil cap

  • Carl Thor
    Carl Thor 25 days ago +3

    You need a larger truck if you are going to haul equipment like the forklift.

  • Sausage
    Sausage 25 days ago

    Why is this in my recommended, again?

  • Attention to Detail
    Attention to Detail 25 days ago

    I actually use to drive one of these back in 2010ish worked like a dream tbf

  • Chris Schenosky
    Chris Schenosky 25 days ago +1

    500 bucks!? you must be the luckiest sumina@itch i watch on here! lol truly blessed... second vid please! lol

  • Alien Kitten
    Alien Kitten 25 days ago

    What if you convert it to a normal gasoline engine? Just put a regular carb on it, put a tank and call it a day :)

  • Chris Schenosky
    Chris Schenosky 25 days ago +3

    all that stuff and you don't have a portable compressor? harbor freight 65 bucks...love mine...two years now...

  • AmraphelofShinar
    AmraphelofShinar 25 days ago

    Lets get out of harms way in case it shoots something. That’s what she said...

    HERONSKI128 25 days ago


  • Warner Robins
    Warner Robins 25 days ago +3

    Just take the mast of it. Real easy to do then it should fit in your garage

  • The Ginger Power Ranger
    The Ginger Power Ranger 26 days ago +1

    It's the lpgas diaphragm - it is controlled by a solenoid for safety. Very simple fix

  • Chief
    Chief 26 days ago

    Didn’t know Yale made Forklifts...here in England they’re known for the door locks & that’s about it.

  • Kevin Tipker
    Kevin Tipker 26 days ago

    Looks like the one master Milo uses!

  • Project Miranda
    Project Miranda 26 days ago

    oil fill cap is definitely a mazda one, i suspect it is a mazda engine

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 26 days ago

    well, that is the first time I've seen butt connectors used on ignition wires.

  • Derkle
    Derkle 26 days ago

    usual fuel issues with propane are gummed up fuel regulators from the tar they put in the fuel to make it stink. hope you can figure this one out, i have faith in you. great video as always.

  • James Hackenberg
    James Hackenberg 26 days ago

    Enjoy your videos and problem solving and insight....Thanks !!
    Hey add a couple 3 foot DRIVEWAY markers with reflectors to the sides of your trailer.
    Makes it easy to back when your view from the vehicle is blocked.
    Use them when backing a trailer with my full size Ford Transit Van
    They also wobble when towing and help folks to notice the load....JIM

  • Nick Jackson
    Nick Jackson 26 days ago

    Put that engine in the cushman lol

  • Ian Woodfield
    Ian Woodfield 26 days ago

    my guess is they had the gas bottle on wrong if it spluttered a lot using far too much propane liquid instead of propane gas... the amount of times i've seen idiots putting propane tanks on incorrectly!
    most propane bottles for gas trucks have an arrow on the bottom showing you which way up the bottle needs to face...

  • Joe Lambing
    Joe Lambing 26 days ago

    need a updated video on this

  • Stephen Siler
    Stephen Siler 26 days ago +8

    And 45 minutes just flew by. Awesome channel, my man.

  • Gary S
    Gary S 26 days ago

    Did you quit on the Vespa? Thought that one was worth making it look new! Last video it came out sounding pretty good then nothing added, but I'm kinds like that, abandon project for a long time then come back and finish it.

  • Rock Fish
    Rock Fish 26 days ago

    Next time get A real trailer.

  • Keyzer Soze
    Keyzer Soze 26 days ago

    My father ran the quality department of the main hyster-yale factory (previously named nacco) for 30 years so i’m sure his hands have been on this!! So cool

  • Lee Fall
    Lee Fall 26 days ago

    most dangerous thing i've seen in a while 17:40

  • Aaron Gone Wild
    Aaron Gone Wild 26 days ago

    Dang I know a guy who has 3 for sale 200$ dont run he dont know why