Arsenal looked 'like a Sunday league team' vs. Brighton - Ale Moreno | Premier League

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Arsenal's 2-1 loss vs. Brighton in the English Premier League was a microcosm for what's wrong with the Gunners of late. ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno are joined by Ian Darke and Julien Laurens to discuss the poor make up of Arsenal's squad and how their problems begin at the top with Arsenal's sporting director.
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Comments • 479

  • 13huntingbears
    13huntingbears Month ago

    Stevie and the rest of the ESPNFC CLOWNS shitting on Arsenal even in the face of reason as per usual.

  • Krish kr7
    Krish kr7 Month ago

    Jules is pissed off this club man

  • Kevin Menacherry
    Kevin Menacherry Month ago +1

    Jules 🙌🙌

  • EmmaSbudaP
    EmmaSbudaP Month ago

    I come here to listen to Julien's accent. A certain je ne sais quoi

  • Oxy Alonso
    Oxy Alonso Month ago

    Wdym my Sunday team way better

  • jose cuervo
    jose cuervo Month ago

    It's so pathetic watching arsenal play nowadays. Xhaka can leave. Absolutely useless.

  • michael melaku
    michael melaku Month ago


  • Djauza Soedjarwo
    Djauza Soedjarwo Month ago

    wenger.. please..

  • dadt
    dadt Month ago

    I never trust David Luiz since Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany.

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg Month ago

    Arsenal are just going through a blip. Things will change. Arsenal fans have faith and be patient. Glory days are coming soon

  • Zi Ye
    Zi Ye Month ago

    Well they got one thing correct: it really doesn't take a football genius to know Arsenal is falling quickly, everybody knows what the problem is but nobody seems to be able to fix it, and that tells you someone on the very high chair at this club thinks things are ok in his perspective. We all know who that is.

  • Albert Ayitey-Adjin

    Reason why Arsenal got Nicolas Pepe in the first place, instead of buying a defender was due to the fact that they didn’t want to give the chance for other clubs to strengthen their squads (city rivals like Tottenham and Chelsea, despite the transfer ban)

  • Shaka Bono
    Shaka Bono Month ago

    Arsenal is done at least Man utd have players they can sell and make profit and regroup a bit who is Arsenal going to sell to get some cash for new players Ozil? My God they run this club in to the grave

  • Mark Jansen
    Mark Jansen Month ago

    Who can you get?

  • Daniel Gibson
    Daniel Gibson Month ago

    They bought saliba

  • Busby Legend
    Busby Legend Month ago

    Jules has souch time for Arsenal,but when it comes to United no no no they are simply terrible...
    That night In Paris surely got to him😂😈😈😈

  • merzuk hasen
    merzuk hasen Month ago

    Completely it is not about pepe or individual ,it is about the club ,even no chance to see the sprit of playing football and courage

  • Tuanku Taring
    Tuanku Taring Month ago

    Highly rated players with enormous wages even without a proper coach should be able to carry themselves against Brighton. These are clueless clowns with no backbones. Just dig a hole somewhere and do an ostrich you mercenaries...

  • Jason Kent
    Jason Kent Month ago

    Koulibaly n dacoure will help but we won't get them. Smh

  • yaeyae yaeyae
    yaeyae yaeyae Month ago

    David Luiz should be their cdm atleast he'll do better their

  • 3 KIDS
    3 KIDS Month ago

    Arsenal have an inept defence......
    Man United have an abysmal and embarrassing midfield.......
    Both teams failed to strengthen where they needed to in the summer.....
    Guess what? Both teams are struggling this season. Not rocket science.

  • Vishnu Nkumar
    Vishnu Nkumar Month ago

    ESPN looks like a spoof show for Sky Sports

  • Jammy Git
    Jammy Git Month ago

    If the defence situation at Arsenal is that bad, and it must be if a donkey like Mustafi is getting picked for every game at the moment, then Ljungberg or whoever's picking the team should go all in and bring some of the kids into the first team.
    I mean christ, whoever they have in the U-21s or U-23s or reserve teams that can play centre back cannot be as bad as Mustafi. Desperate times call for desperate measures and right now Arsenal have nothing to lose by giving a couple of their up and coming defenders some game time, and who knows, they might unearth a gem, it's worth a try! 👍

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles Month ago

    Don't insult Sunday league teams... We can defend!

  • Game bro ANIMATIONS

    STOPP having a go at auba he is world class so stop!

  • Daniel N
    Daniel N Month ago +5

    Nicol is an absolute bellend. He’s the worst of all of them.

    • Bill Jones
      Bill Jones Month ago

      I do not like Nicol as a person. I think he is negative and definitely does not like Arsenal. However, he knows what it takes to win. Arsenal have no backbone. It is not just the players. It is throughout the club.

  • AJ Billy Gun
    AJ Billy Gun Month ago

    Stevie, they did and his name was Lucas Torreira. How many defensive midfielders do they need?

  • Miloproductions1
    Miloproductions1 Month ago

    Ima have to agree with Stevie for once. Past few years they lacazette (world class) then later they buy auba(you already had a striker so why?), then later they buy Pepe... like come on Jules. How many defenders have they brought in???

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward Month ago

    Kouliballi wouldnt go to afc even if they had 100m to spend. lol I cnt beleive that's the name Darke throws out. lol

  • someone
    someone Month ago

    I like the french guy but he’s wrong, there r so many better defenders than what they have on the market. Arsenal fuked it

  • Eddy otu
    Eddy otu Month ago

    Jules is a bellend like Ole trying to defend incompetency, admit abject failure

  • Paul McNamara
    Paul McNamara Month ago

    Stevie hate is pathetic you only hate him because he always right he [played the fucking game was blood good defender and won plenty.

  • Abdi Essa
    Abdi Essa Month ago +9

    We can’t get a Koulibaly because:
    A) He’s out of a price range
    B) He probably won’t be interested
    C) Napoli will not let him go

    • Abdi Essa
      Abdi Essa Month ago

      Leirs Deirs
      I think we’re in a similar situation to Liverpool in 2009-2017 a top 6- to mid table team. We simply aren’t as we used to be.
      So buckle up for players similar to the like of:

    • Leirs Deirs
      Leirs Deirs Month ago

      Abdi Essa sadly this is true

  • Vishaal Venugopal
    Vishaal Venugopal Month ago

    As much as the 4th place position is up for grabs Arsenal don’t look confident with or without the ball...Luiz and sokratis are comical....they should play with a 5 at the back and be compact and hit on the counter cuz they’ll concede 60-70 goals this season if they let it go on as it does

  • Julian Rivas
    Julian Rivas Month ago

    Jules completely right. Period.

  • 14loosecannon
    14loosecannon Month ago +9

    Fair play to Jules, he's spot on.

  • Nabil Akhtar
    Nabil Akhtar Month ago

    Even championship defenders are miles better than sideshow bob 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonny Reed
    Jonny Reed Month ago +1

    How do these guys still have a job? Know nothing about football and yet spend every day supposedly watching football

  • hujan Naz
    hujan Naz Month ago

    We played great both games unlucky... individual players let him down hes thr man for the job

  • Wanemi
    Wanemi Month ago

    Jules is right and he didn't really have enough time to fully explain, so ill expand for those who are curious. Basically, when you look at Pepe and say "72 Million" that is only correct on a technicality, it was an installment signing, Arsenal has only paid part of that 72 and will continue to pay it off for another 3 years or so. NO TOP DEFENDER WOULD BE ABLE TO BE PURCHASED THIS WAY. This is why Arsenal couldn't get Zaha, this is why top defenders like Koulibaly were never an option for Arsenal in reality. To buy true top players you either have to pay in full or be able to pay large portions (for example paying 65 million upfront on a 100 million deal) and because of the way the Club is set up Arsenal does not have the funds lying around to shell out for the immediate game-changers that they need. Arsenal won't be able to challenge until the financial structure of the club changes, they hit on a bunch of low budget gems, or some of the younger players who were injured (Holding) find form immediately

  • hujan Naz
    hujan Naz Month ago

    No they didnt

  • ob876 Music
    ob876 Music Month ago

    Everybody at Arsenal are Garbage ,Garbage , garbage they look like Garbage ,Played like Garbage Do better .

  • Claude A
    Claude A Month ago

    That french guy made this so called pundits look like amateurs witch they are

  • Man from the Orient

    They need to get rid of 80% of the squad and bring in some dynamic and powerful players with Charakter, legs and physicality

  • Anon
    Anon Month ago

    Jules is way too engrossed in Arsenal

  • Nikhil Dhakal
    Nikhil Dhakal Month ago

    Careless defending is really a problem. And Jules gets my support.

  • Hajime Saitou
    Hajime Saitou Month ago +1

    "They don't have any LEADERS"
    Easiest and laziest way of saying something without saying anything.

  • Agbasi Difu
    Agbasi Difu Month ago

    I need to see some of these guys as coaches.

  • Adrian Ziółkowski

    Jules got pissed off by the rambling old codgers. Koulibaly itching to go to Arsenal to fight relegation battles lol. I get the impression Stevie is getting progressively more senile lately, guess the age is getting to him.

  • Kon Zaros
    Kon Zaros Month ago

    lol jules normally a nice guy, not here though

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    Top 4? Top 10? Haha Sad Ebening

  • ufosarcoma
    ufosarcoma Month ago

    They're all running their mouths, but they couldn't answer Julien's question at the end. You think Napoli will sell their best defender for 60M? Shows how little they know about other clubs if they don't belong in the premier league.

  • Beerus
    Beerus Month ago

    Jules is absolutely right. It’s easy to say go get a defender but what “elite” defender could we have got at the time?

  • ufosarcoma
    ufosarcoma Month ago

    Steve Nicol is becoming more and more annoying!!

  • glennaldosf
    glennaldosf Month ago +1

    they need to get Brendan Rodgers in... he'll get the players to "show great character"

  • Hakim Dram
    Hakim Dram Month ago

    Ljungback has manage to put up a good formation in his first game He should have stick to that formation and give the players few more games to adapt to that system

  • Adeyemi Collins
    Adeyemi Collins Month ago

    Match against Manchester city in 2 weeks time will be close arsenal down. Am sorry for the club.

    • Sunshine Moonshine
      Sunshine Moonshine Month ago

      @Adeyemi Collins It's alright, if Arsenal close down the Owners will suffer

  • Danny Taylor
    Danny Taylor Month ago

    Don't need a world class defender just need to solid guy like Sokratis Papastathopoulos and that have been enough.
    No more granit xharka he isn't good enough offensively or defensively

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker Month ago

    Got rid of the likes of Cazorla, Sanchez, OX, Ramsey, Iwobi, koscienly and look what you're left with....JOKE CLUB!!!

  • Motiv Ation
    Motiv Ation Month ago

    embarrassing 4sure. need a strong manager who knows the premierleague.