Daniel Radcliffe Was Our Receptionist for an Hour

  • Published on Jul 15, 2015
  • A few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the NYLON offices and sat at the front desk, unbeknownst to staffers and office visitors. The following was written by a NYLON employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. This is her tale.
    It was a Thursday afternoon, just like any other. I was sitting at my desk, tired and a tad despondent, when I decided to "stretch my legs." And by that, I mean grab a bag of Cheez-Its*. As I turned the corner to the lobby, I was blinded. The pink neon NYLON sign had been cooking for hours, and it was very bright. I reached around the desk, grabbed a bag, and made my merry way back to my desk. As I walked back, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that there was a man sitting at the desk. I turned my head, and, to my delight, I realized that my peripheral vision had not failed me. It was Daniel Radcliffe sitting at the front desk. Yes, that Daniel Radcliffe. Confused and more than a bit dazed, I stared for a moment before accepting this fact and returning to my desk.
    Staring at my computer screen, I thought: That was strange. Was I supposed to say something? Should I say something? Probably not. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another sight. It was an intern, crying. My peripheral vision was not failing me that day. They were tears of shock and, I think, joy. I looked around and I saw a lot of smiling, blushed faces. They had all "happened" to walk by the lobby. And while some of them engaged with the actor, some of them chose to play it cool and freak out later.
    I received no phone calls during that hour, which was strange. And a package that was supposedly delivered to the office for me never made it to my desk. As I started to track down the aforementioned package, I heard a squeal. Apparently Joe Jonas had come into the office, to surprise Daniel and try to resume his job.
    Some may call it magical, making an all-too expected allusion to Harry Potter, and others may call it unbelievable, but I would like to sum it up as "a really strange, star-studded day." And thankfully there is this hidden camera video to prove that it existed.
    *Cheez-It does not, and has never, sponsored NYLON in any way. That being said, they should. Cheez-It, feel free to reach out.
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  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming 2 days ago

    His name is Daniel not harry

  • Nyaa Dynasty
    Nyaa Dynasty 3 days ago

    So two of my favorite stars meet and they barely know each other

  • Batman
    Batman 3 days ago

    I love harry.

  • Nasus The Curator Of Sands

    Assuming this is a hotel:
    Customer: "Hey i would like to book a room please"
    Daniel: "I am sorry bruv, we are all booked out for tonight"
    Customer: "Well, how about you put some of your magic to good use then?"

  • Jaypee Enriquez
    Jaypee Enriquez 7 days ago

    HEY PETER!!!! I mean... hey potter!! :D

  • AstroCanceled Bean
    AstroCanceled Bean 10 days ago

    *No Harry stick to the wand tricks*

  • Hey Little Girl
    Hey Little Girl 21 day ago

    Dan is the best

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 22 days ago

    This last guy sucks

  • Sarthak Singh
    Sarthak Singh 23 days ago

    Why the fuck is nobody commenting about Joe Jonas

  • Brooke Taylor Williams

    love kf my life

  • K - Awards
    K - Awards 25 days ago

    The new guy sucks

  • even flow
    even flow 25 days ago

    He’s the treasure we don’t deserve

  • Lily Broderick
    Lily Broderick 25 days ago

    3:11 i died laughing :0 omgg

  • lila rose
    lila rose 26 days ago

    “I’m very new, very new and very shit” 😂

  • Lilly
    Lilly 26 days ago

    I'm still very entertained by that "very new and very shit"

  • Legend Fox
    Legend Fox 26 days ago

    12M views 100k subs thats not fair 😂

  • Lauren Feurer
    Lauren Feurer 26 days ago

    Suddenly happy my name is Lauren. XD

  • ItS MeHh
    ItS MeHh 27 days ago

    I wish I wasn't a muggle

  • amjeonrica 17
    amjeonrica 17 28 days ago

    Aaahhhh!? just---they're soooo lucky! Oh, come on now! Why couldn't he just have worked somewhere near? Eh?

  • LOU Galaxy AG
    LOU Galaxy AG 28 days ago +1

    It's sad how many people don't know who he is.

  • Iman Abu Iqran
    Iman Abu Iqran 28 days ago

    *meets daniel radcliffe*
    immediately: you have great hair

  • moira lovegood
    moira lovegood 28 days ago


  • Roviellene Soriano
    Roviellene Soriano 29 days ago

    Joe Jonas and Daniel Radcliffe in one video, why am I just seeing this today?😭😂

  • ZeroCool
    ZeroCool Month ago

    They are too old to remember his face. They needed younger clients

  • The Rabbit
    The Rabbit Month ago +1

    What Harry does in the freetime while his child goes to hogwarts

  • Kirsty Burston
    Kirsty Burston Month ago

    imagine walking in an office or something and harry potter is the receptionist

  • Dylan Torzar
    Dylan Torzar Month ago +1

    "your a receptionist Harry"

  • 柴峰
    柴峰 Month ago +1

    If I walked in and saw him, I’d go crazy, like legit crazy. Ima huge Potterhead.

  • Vaibhav Jain
    Vaibhav Jain Month ago

    I also want to meet Daniel Radcliffe as I am his biggest fan in the world

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma Month ago

    Shut up i just can't blv😂😂😁

  • MadBlack
    MadBlack Month ago

    Joe: This new guy sucks...
    Harry: Expelliarmous! ... who sucks? Fuck you joe, fuck you.

  • martin runner
    martin runner Month ago

    I love it when actually have to do the work and he freaks out

  • Ant Mertenss
    Ant Mertenss Month ago

    You're a receptionist Harry

  • Shamanthaka Mani
    Shamanthaka Mani Month ago

    The guy in the last told this new guy sucks how dare he mad guy

  • 『Reindeer Online』

    Joe Jonas: This new guy sucks
    Me: EXCUSE ME???

  • CrazyCatLady !
    CrazyCatLady ! Month ago +5

    2:05 did he yell Ron???

    **Harry Potter music starts blaring**

  • vaishnavi bts kpop
    vaishnavi bts kpop Month ago

    Is it joe Jonas. Well I thought he was someone else becoz there is no one talking about him in comment section

  • Very Very Veautiful Fandom

    *"Im New and Very Shit"*
    Household Chores..😂

  • Anam Zakir
    Anam Zakir Month ago

    He is so cute i.love him

  • Nitin Tiwari
    Nitin Tiwari Month ago

    Joe Jonas is in the video

  • Ninguna Persona
    Ninguna Persona Month ago

    I HATE THE MEN WHO SAID “The new men suck” OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT 🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬🤯

  • tori tate
    tori tate Month ago

    Was that was that just me or did I see Joe Jonas

  • Adam657
    Adam657 Month ago

    I thought the last guy was flirting with him until he was like ‘he sucks’. Some people just come off flirty I guess.

  • Bill Christie
    Bill Christie Month ago

    Seems Dan is of character and not a show off. Hope he gets good roles to pursue his acting career

  • American Jobs Factory

    I know working sux! Lol

  • Scarlet Heart
    Scarlet Heart Month ago

    you know what would be the first thing i would say if i was there.....

    ArE YoU HaRrY PoTtEr?!!!

  • Jeevikanisha R
    Jeevikanisha R Month ago


  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope Month ago +1

    When she said to always smile I started smiling and now am uncontrollably and cant stop NOOOO even though this hair is a nightmare Im just trying to feel bad and 3:46 I hate him more than ever

  • Thomas ABABA
    Thomas ABABA Month ago

    I would call him harry with tom riddle voice.

  • Thomas ABABA
    Thomas ABABA Month ago

    Last guy? This guy sake lol.

  • Arm Avi
    Arm Avi Month ago

    Poor Joe jonas. He do not have any knowledge about most famous wizard. 😆😆😆

  • Sandeep Krishna
    Sandeep Krishna Month ago

    Toss muggles had surprised to see Harry as receptionist

  • Colleen Murphy
    Colleen Murphy Month ago

    2:19 my favourite bit

  • Michelle Polly
    Michelle Polly Month ago

    lmaooo joe jonas

  • aze
    aze Month ago

    i'ts fucking hilarious reading the comments now that joe's more famous than before

  • Oliver Dich
    Oliver Dich Month ago

    I love Harry Potter so mutch

  • Alien World
    Alien World Month ago

    Who is Joe Jonas?

  • Alina Schirmer
    Alina Schirmer Month ago

    Oh my🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Professor Voldemort

    So you decided to be a muggle now?

  • Milind Lakhani
    Milind Lakhani Month ago

    Please tell me which Hotel and if you have number so please please please please please send me .

  • D World
    D World Month ago

    Some people are confused whether it really Daniel Radcliff or some receptionist who look like him

  • Ranger Barlow
    Ranger Barlow Month ago

    "This new guy sucks" lol 😆

  • AnnieTunes
    AnnieTunes Month ago

    3:11 Joe Jonas!


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  • Rya Aranas
    Rya Aranas Month ago

    Was that... was that Joe Jonas?

  • deedooc
    deedooc Month ago

    2:57 is literally me if i got a job like that LOL

  • Adam Mehager
    Adam Mehager Month ago +1

    Wait.. that's famous Harry Pottah!

  • teorias loucas da vivi

    Gostaria muito de ter essa sorte de encontrar com ele tal fácil

  • roberto bandana
    roberto bandana Month ago

    welcome to the real muggle world, potter

  • androplus song
    androplus song Month ago

    Lol,he looks quite embarrased

  • gill gully
    gill gully Month ago +3

    3:03 I thought that was joe jonas

    • gill gully
      gill gully Month ago

      Prolly because it is I just found this out

  • TheWorldIsAMystery
    TheWorldIsAMystery Month ago

    how dont they know him!!!!!!!!

  • Rafaelina Hidalgo
    Rafaelina Hidalgo Month ago

    Joe jonas is a frickin Idiot the guy ur talking to is Daniel Radcliffe as in Harry Potter,Joe jonas ur just jealous that he is more famous than u.

  • Jacob Purple
    Jacob Purple Month ago

    Da fuk

  • Aetila
    Aetila Month ago

    "Hey Dobbie, please help me out!" :-)

  • Madeline Bird
    Madeline Bird Month ago

    Did anybody else notice joe Jonas walk in ?

  • Ann love
    Ann love Month ago

    Mierda por que no estuve ese dia :v

  • Santiago castillo
    Santiago castillo Month ago

    Hi, I'm Daniel Radcliffe
    . the famous actor
    . the one who made several good movies
    . I'm the one who makes Harry Potter :,v

    ahhh are you let me take a picture with you

  • potter headolways
    potter headolways 2 months ago

    Danıel get married meeeee!! Pleaseeee 😍

  • Khoi Harry
    Khoi Harry 2 months ago

    You're a receptionist Harry !

  • jesus francisco perez
    jesus francisco perez 2 months ago +1

    "this new guy sucks" lol he would have to work 100 lives to have the amount of money Daniel earns in a year

  • Miika Lahtinen
    Miika Lahtinen 2 months ago

    His voice is like movies

  • GweiloJohn
    GweiloJohn 2 months ago

    Gotta love him for giving it a go 😎

  • Marcos Feitosa
    Marcos Feitosa 2 months ago +1

    3:02 this Guy Looks like some of the Jonas brothers. 👍

  • aFs aL
    aFs aL 2 months ago +1

    Muggle Potter ?!

  • Anna Barr
    Anna Barr 2 months ago

    The description is 👌
    Love the cheezit bit

    ZOE MEREDITH 2 months ago

    I would be so happy if I could ever get to even be in his presence. He got me through some really tough times and I’m very grateful for that. I always used to watch the Harry Potter movies when I was upset and always enjoyed how well he portrayed the character. It was almost like having a friend.

    ZOE MEREDITH 2 months ago

    “nice to meet you. You have great hair”

  • Isaac Khader
    Isaac Khader 2 months ago

    Lol anyone realize that was Joe Jonas at the end?

  • iiGrace x
    iiGrace x 2 months ago +1

    “Are you from the England office..?”
    “Umm.. yeah.. we’ll go with that.”

  • RedStripeZoom Films
    RedStripeZoom Films 2 months ago +14

    Adults: see Daniel Radcliffe
    Children: see Harry Potter

    • Fuck This
      Fuck This 2 months ago +2

      It should be otherwise

  • Dennis Müller
    Dennis Müller 2 months ago

    Scared, Potter?

  • be witched
    be witched 2 months ago

    So thats where harry was hanging out all the time

  • Hermione Granger Stark
    Hermione Granger Stark 2 months ago

    Oh this Muggle job is difficult. Can I use Magic?

  • Nihal Nihal
    Nihal Nihal 2 months ago

    He is looking so cute 😂😂😂

  • Ruby Daniel
    Ruby Daniel 2 months ago


  • Al Rah
    Al Rah 2 months ago

    how are they all so calm

  • Tap Flap
    Tap Flap 2 months ago

    3:17 Is that Joe Jonas?

  • Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli
    Nor Lyana Mohd Ramli 2 months ago

    He cant pass being a receptionist welcome to the real world harry

  • Sophia W
    Sophia W 2 months ago

    "This new guy sucks!"

    Me: :_: