Daniel Radcliffe Was Our Receptionist for an Hour

  • Published on Jul 15, 2015
  • A few weeks ago, Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the NYLON offices and sat at the front desk, unbeknownst to staffers and office visitors. The following was written by a NYLON employee, who wishes to remain anonymous. This is her tale.
    It was a Thursday afternoon, just like any other. I was sitting at my desk, tired and a tad despondent, when I decided to "stretch my legs." And by that, I mean grab a bag of Cheez-Its*. As I turned the corner to the lobby, I was blinded. The pink neon NYLON sign had been cooking for hours, and it was very bright. I reached around the desk, grabbed a bag, and made my merry way back to my desk. As I walked back, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that there was a man sitting at the desk. I turned my head, and, to my delight, I realized that my peripheral vision had not failed me. It was Daniel Radcliffe sitting at the front desk. Yes, that Daniel Radcliffe. Confused and more than a bit dazed, I stared for a moment before accepting this fact and returning to my desk.
    Staring at my computer screen, I thought: That was strange. Was I supposed to say something? Should I say something? Probably not. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another sight. It was an intern, crying. My peripheral vision was not failing me that day. They were tears of shock and, I think, joy. I looked around and I saw a lot of smiling, blushed faces. They had all "happened" to walk by the lobby. And while some of them engaged with the actor, some of them chose to play it cool and freak out later.
    I received no phone calls during that hour, which was strange. And a package that was supposedly delivered to the office for me never made it to my desk. As I started to track down the aforementioned package, I heard a squeal. Apparently Joe Jonas had come into the office, to surprise Daniel and try to resume his job.
    Some may call it magical, making an all-too expected allusion to Harry Potter, and others may call it unbelievable, but I would like to sum it up as "a really strange, star-studded day." And thankfully there is this hidden camera video to prove that it existed.
    *Cheez-It does not, and has never, sponsored NYLON in any way. That being said, they should. Cheez-It, feel free to reach out.
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  • Visit Nepal
    Visit Nepal 4 minutes ago +1

    TheXvid algorithm is Weed.

  • Aegon Stark
    Aegon Stark 19 minutes ago

    That's what happens when you break the most powerful wand out of nowhere

    HOOROO TV 20 minutes ago

    " This new guy sucks " 03:35 - Well. at least he's being honest about it! 😃

  • Ray T
    Ray T 37 minutes ago

    He should've prentended to not even be a celebrity. Lol

  • hanaislate
    hanaislate 55 minutes ago

    daniel: I can only help you out with the bathroom key...
    someone: can I have the bathroom key?
    daniel: * overwhelmed and underprepared *
    .... don't panic don't panic

  • Robert G.R.
    Robert G.R. Hour ago

    This is exactly like a typical Software office, except for the neon sign, and the happy people, and the women ...

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior Hour ago +1

    How to get banged on the first day 😀

  • Sara Rahman
    Sara Rahman Hour ago

    Joe Jonas: the new guys pretty stupid
    Me: who hasn't watched Harry Potter like wtf

  • A MaNan
    A MaNan Hour ago

    It’s funny how many of them had no clue who he was. 😂😂😂

  • Mr. Worldwide99
    Mr. Worldwide99 Hour ago

    Joe Jonas ahahahaha

  • Seema Hansda
    Seema Hansda 2 hours ago

    Did you guys notice Joe jonas In last😂😂😂

  • Wilfried007
    Wilfried007 2 hours ago

    good thing he made it as an actor......

  • BUD
    BUD 3 hours ago

    Lol Joe 😄💯

  • Ultra Sonic
    Ultra Sonic 3 hours ago

    That guy looked like Jonas

  • Grimmdul
    Grimmdul 3 hours ago

    Magic can't solve all of your problems.

  • Anita Agarwal
    Anita Agarwal 3 hours ago

    Literally no one is talking about joe jonas over here! He is sophie turner's husband guys

  • Anandu Avinash
    Anandu Avinash 3 hours ago +1

    Anyone seen TheXvid notification on 2019

  • Olivier L
    Olivier L 4 hours ago

    Dafuq is "NYLON"?

  • Julian Camilo Beltran
    Julian Camilo Beltran 4 hours ago

    He's beautifull :L

  • Owen Waring
    Owen Waring 4 hours ago

    He's such a beautiful man

  • thegame123ize
    thegame123ize 4 hours ago

    How much did he get paid?

  • Arabic Caliphate empire

    Isn't he Jewish and Irish

  • GodsPossession
    GodsPossession 5 hours ago

    *Very new and very shit*

  • suneel reddy
    suneel reddy 5 hours ago

    From that receptionist I need elder s wand

  • Andie Phoenix
    Andie Phoenix 5 hours ago

    So after the Deathly Hallows Part 2? This is his job?

  • Công Nguyễn Thành
    Công Nguyễn Thành 5 hours ago

    The last part that's how Daniel meets Joe :))

  • Lingua Franca
    Lingua Franca 6 hours ago

    So humble hanging out with moggles

  • SM HBK
    SM HBK 6 hours ago

    What about Ron?

  • john Youtube
    john Youtube 6 hours ago

    is that joe jonas? the last guy

  • Kaal Bharav
    Kaal Bharav 6 hours ago

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  • Robert Lunt
    Robert Lunt 6 hours ago

    So many female nerdgasms

  • Smingon Digos
    Smingon Digos 6 hours ago

    Next time he should say i know im look alike him.but ppl pls stop take me as him.gooosh:))its a hard to be ordinary guy with familiar face:))srry for english;)

  • Rifadz Bahtiar
    Rifadz Bahtiar 7 hours ago

    Instagram girl 1:01 please):

  • GoyBoy81
    GoyBoy81 7 hours ago

    This is conditioning you to trust actors.

  • Idontknow Iforget
    Idontknow Iforget 7 hours ago

    Daniel radcliffe is a hobbit for eternity

  • Zaid Gamer
    Zaid Gamer 7 hours ago +1

    Joe Jonas : This guy sucks
    Daniel Radcliffe : *It's terrifying*

  • The True Gamer
    The True Gamer 8 hours ago

    This world is so stupid , it's just a ham being that's all why people get all excited when they see someone famous, everyone is going to die one day and instead of begging or paying to see someone go out there and go set your own life and goals

  • marcelo garcia
    marcelo garcia 8 hours ago

    Como cuando te despiden de auror y pasas a ser recepcionista xD

  • 480p
    480p 9 hours ago +3

    Im dissapointed why no one say " Harry why you here ? "

  • Ron Aldrin Priolo
    Ron Aldrin Priolo 9 hours ago

    Harry!!!!!! Potter!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Z Whispers
    Z Whispers 9 hours ago


  • Gavir Gopal
    Gavir Gopal 10 hours ago

    "very new and very shit"

  • Vasco Martins
    Vasco Martins 10 hours ago

    1:02 wow

  • Tri Nguyen
    Tri Nguyen 11 hours ago

    I thought his going to say love it work in fellowship of the ring

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    Hi guys kindly WATCH & SUBSCRIBE to my TheXvid channel po and I'll PROMISE to subscribe BACK! 😊💗 thank you! 👍🏻

  • daniel paredes
    daniel paredes 12 hours ago

    Hey it’s frodo

  • Shruti Ghosh
    Shruti Ghosh 12 hours ago

    It feels so good listening to Dan call for a certain 'Shruti'. 😜
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  • cfyfe71
    cfyfe71 12 hours ago

    Would have been better if he tryed to deny that he was himself.

  • Alexander Gabriel Alqueza

    Theirs a lot of girls in their

  • MegaHERA2010
    MegaHERA2010 14 hours ago

    ¨This new guy sucks¨ Jaja

  • Cedie Mina
    Cedie Mina 14 hours ago

    Daniel Radcliffe is a Legend childhood memories Harry Potter

  • Balla Thug
    Balla Thug 14 hours ago

    What a prick that last guy was. He's late then says "this new guy sucks" gtfo

  • musha 9279
    musha 9279 15 hours ago

    you should know what people walking in what they want,..you'r harry potter use your magic,...

  • raj shah
    raj shah 15 hours ago +1

    I would be like, oh my god 'that bad' huh!!
    What did you do with the all the Harry Potter money

  • sports pie
    sports pie 16 hours ago

    1:06 the girl something something

  • Zo Trump
    Zo Trump 17 hours ago +1

    I like this video. It actually shows actors what a real job is.

  • Aastha S.
    Aastha S. 17 hours ago

    Took me a moment to realise that was Joe freakin Jonas

  • Whitegoldfield
    Whitegoldfield 18 hours ago

    Bit like peroxide blonde in Cape Town Daniel.

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    souvik tyson 18 hours ago

    3:30 is he joe joans??

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