Record Store Day: Destiny of the Daleks & Galaxy 4 Vinyl Unboxing | Doctor Who

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Jon Culshaw unboxes the two Doctor Who Record Store Day 2019 releases, Destiny of the Daleks and Galaxy 4. Find out more about #RSD19 here:
    The First Doctor:
    The Fourth Doctor:
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Comments • 106

  • Ward Junior
    Ward Junior 6 months ago

    I wish I had one

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley 6 months ago

    Great Video and a BRILLIANT performance from John Culshaw!

  • Unleash Who
    Unleash Who 7 months ago

    Hey! Check out my TheXvid Channel for Doctor Who Edits!!

  • bingbonga binga
    bingbonga binga 7 months ago

    Who can afford this with all the dollies to buy?

  • Leci Proza
    Leci Proza 7 months ago

    Так неловко становится, когда человек так увлечённо что-то вещает вот прямо ТЕБЕ, прямо в камеру, а ты почти ни черта не понимаешь(((

  • Rascal 451
    Rascal 451 7 months ago

    I'm not from England, in amazon is there stock available?

  • pikadusk
    pikadusk 7 months ago

    Wait, people still use records?

  • Peter Nicholas
    Peter Nicholas 7 months ago

    Dr Who and the lovely Jon Culshaw great! :>)

  • Digital Ninja 279
    Digital Ninja 279 7 months ago

    Is it only in the UK stores?

    • Doctor Who
      Doctor Who  7 months ago

      No, they're also available in the US and across Europe, with a small allocation for Australasia. Check the participating stores on the Record Store Day website and contact your local participating store to see if they'll be stocking them 👍

  • S 1962
    S 1962 7 months ago

    Of all the Hartnell stories to put on vinyl, why choose Galaxy 4, the weakest story.of his era? If you want people to sit down and listen attentively you need something rich in text and plot lines like The Massacre or Marco Polo, not a dull story like Galaxy 4 that will send you to sleep! :-p

    • Yeti
      Yeti 7 months ago

      Marco polo would require 4 discs, so that's not appropriate
      But yeah
      The myth makers
      The massacre
      The celestial toymaker
      The savages
      The smugglers
      Any of those would have been better choices
      Ooh or the crusade
      Hell, even an existing story would have been more enticing
      I honestly don't remember what really happens in galaxy 4
      It's a 2 parter stretched out to 4 episodes

  • SD Gidney
    SD Gidney 7 months ago

    What's a little surreal is remembering being a teenager and buy vinyl records? Then know not only have you had the pleasure of watching it on your TV KET Chicago in the 1970's, but buying Doctor Who on Beta, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray formats and still enjoying watching the Doctor in all his regenerations. So buy the vinyl I have one with the Doctors faces on it (it's in storage but it one of the first five). USA fan 😎

  • Erik Holland
    Erik Holland 7 months ago

    It's so hard being a doctor who fan when you don't live in the UK.

  • Alex Child
    Alex Child 7 months ago +1

    Not to nag, but it wasn't Michael Wisher as depicted on the album cover who played Davros in the story Destiny of the Daleks, so the cover art is inaccurate.

  • Rebeca Milk
    Rebeca Milk 7 months ago

    Please, put subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese please. Por favor, coloque legendas em português BR por favor.

  • itZ.Degan
    itZ.Degan 7 months ago +2

    I would love it if they do one of Colin bakers episodes

  • Rick York
    Rick York 7 months ago

    Rory doing Tom Baker fascinating. Love to meet Both of them tbh.

  • Rhyan Bennett
    Rhyan Bennett 7 months ago

    How easily John slips into Brian Cox is amazing 😂
    *Ahem* what?

  • Gymnos Deorwion
    Gymnos Deorwion 7 months ago +1

    Dude! You are absolutely spot on with the Tom Baker voice! I LOVE IT!!! :-) Please send me a voice message with that voice!

  • Totally DW
    Totally DW 8 months ago +12

    0:49 - Professor Brian Cox
    2:57 - The Fourth Doctor and Davros
    3:17 - Ozzy Osborne
    3:44 - Patrick Moore
    4:14 Tom Baker
    4:46 Tom Baker, Zippy and a Dalek

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 8 months ago +2

    I don't get these, how do you play them?

    • ketmaniac
      ketmaniac 7 months ago

      If you have a good quality player, vinyl is the superior medium. CDs are more convenient and cheaper, but not as good.

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 7 months ago

      Still Sounds a bit weird. But, thank you for Answering! :)

    • ShamockParticle
      ShamockParticle 7 months ago

      They sell state of the art vinyl record players with a built in analog to digital converter...
      I'd but these as artwork but not to listen on. Vinyl has too many limitations and sound quality is lower.

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 8 months ago +2

    Certainly, Better than Series 11! :)

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 7 months ago

      Lol! Good One, Mate! :)

    • Yeti
      Yeti 7 months ago

      Honestly, both of these stories are very weak
      Series 11 actually is better

  • Phoenix Commander
    Phoenix Commander 8 months ago

    I’d love to be a Dalek for a day. Great big tin can with a plunger and death ray for arms. Oh, and I live in U.S, so can I order this somewhere.

  • Thinkmotion Studios YT
    Thinkmotion Studios YT 8 months ago

    How much are these beautys each

  • Theta Sigma
    Theta Sigma 8 months ago +1

    His voice box seems to be regenerating...

  • Eugene Minton
    Eugene Minton 8 months ago

    gotta love the voice play, so so many doctor who voices, very cool.

  • MC hedro
    MC hedro 8 months ago +1

    Doctor who is best

  • Sharon Kofoed
    Sharon Kofoed 8 months ago

    Would love to watch him do more unboxings!

  • Ryan Spees
    Ryan Spees 8 months ago

    I understand why we have Galaxy 4 as 3/4 episodes are missing, but Destiny of the Daleks is a complete visual story, so why is it on vinyl, not that I am angry, only confused...

    • Geeky CollectiblesReviews
      Geeky CollectiblesReviews 7 months ago

      It's for collectors/novelty sake. As nice as it would be to have all of them I'm just going to stick with the missing episode records. If I want to watch Destiny of the Daleks I'll pop in the dvd.

    • Ryan Spees
      Ryan Spees 8 months ago

      I didn’t know they released City of Death on audio, also I have a soft spot for Galaxy 4

    • Yeti
      Yeti 8 months ago

      Because they can
      They released city of death a while back
      And of all the missing stories I have no idea why they would choose galaxy 4
      The very next story, the myth makers is so much better
      Or pretty much any missing 4 parter

  • Tomm Freeplay
    Tomm Freeplay 8 months ago

    I wish I owned something that played vinyl so I could have an excuse to buy these, but then again, do I really need an excuse to buy doctor who vinyl?

  • Hybrid Visuals
    Hybrid Visuals 8 months ago

    He just can’t help himself on the impressions XD Professor Brian himself

  • vince94
    vince94 8 months ago +1

    Sooo are these the background music? Or just like...the TV audio. 'Cause I would freakin LOVE more complete releases of background music

    • Yeti
      Yeti 7 months ago

      It's the full TV audio of the episodes
      2 discs each

  • HelloItsMe
    HelloItsMe 8 months ago +4

    Destiny of the daleks is hugely underrated. Change my mind

    • Mikey Mikey
      Mikey Mikey 7 months ago

      no I still don't think it's a very good Dalek story... if we're gonna talk underrated dalek stories that'll be revelation!

    • Yeti
      Yeti 7 months ago

      @Pink Brian is Crazy Brian it came a full 4 years after genesis
      It's not a simple case of being overshadowed due to being close
      It's just bad

    • Pink Brian is Crazy Brian
      Pink Brian is Crazy Brian 8 months ago

      HelloItsMe It was the first Dalek serial after Genesis of the Daleks. It was bound to be overshadowed by it.

  • Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab

    How utterly pointless.

    • Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab
      Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab 8 months ago

      @Zohaib Hussain Indeed, I'd like to add that Galaxy 4 LP in my modest collection of Doctor Who vinyl (two 7"s, two 12"s and four LPs, all charity shop finds)

      It's the fact these records offer nothing new, they're just repackaged versions of previously available material that bothers me the most. On a broadly related note I'm 99% sure Galaxy 4 was the very first narrated soundtrack CD I ever bought back in 2008.

    • Zohaib Hussain
      Zohaib Hussain 8 months ago

      Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab true since hardly anyone owns record players these days, but they do look cool.

  • Larry Priest
    Larry Priest 8 months ago +1

    luv the voices

  • Babajint
    Babajint 8 months ago

    I’m American.......I can’t get this😢😭

  • Captain Sinclair
    Captain Sinclair 8 months ago +1

    On Vinyl!? Holy sh**, I’m getting these very soon

  • MCFilms
    MCFilms 8 months ago +1

    Its a shame his quote was a play on words from Genesis ;)

  • Sheridan Comnene
    Sheridan Comnene 8 months ago


  • GracelyHallows
    GracelyHallows 8 months ago +3

    Can I just say that Jon Culshaw's impressions of the Doctor is brilliant.

    • GracelyHallows
      GracelyHallows 7 months ago

      Quirderph Thanks for the video link. He does do a good third Doctor and I like the curator impression.

    • Ralph Hoskins
      Ralph Hoskins 7 months ago +1

      He is amazing... I’m still laughing!! God I want these records

  • GracelyHallows
    GracelyHallows 8 months ago +2

    Oh my God! These beautiful vinyls get released on my birthday. That's amazing!

  • Valerie Maurhofer
    Valerie Maurhofer 8 months ago +9

    can someone from the UK buy me these please 😭😭 i life in Switzerland i can't get them 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James 8 months ago +2

    Got Dalek Master Plan so I try to get them.

    PHAEDRA STUDIOS 8 months ago +14

    John culshaw becomes the used car salesman of doctor who vinyl for 6mins straight

  • Sam Hillman
    Sam Hillman 8 months ago +23

    Jon Culshaw's Brian Cox impression is spot on ! 👍

    • CaptainNemo1701
      CaptainNemo1701 7 months ago

      On Stargazing Live a few years ago , maybe 2013 to tie in with Dr Who 50th, Jon did actually play Brian with the real Brian and used a sonic screwdriver to control the Jodrell Bank radio telescope:). May be on youtube somewhere?

  • whyemceeay
    whyemceeay 8 months ago +1

    I had only heard Culshaw's impressions for years, I was taken aback when I heard his normal voice for the first time. It always sounds to me like it's another impression and not his real voice lol

  • The Ask Trixie Channel
    The Ask Trixie Channel 8 months ago +1

    5:58 "Nah, we cool, bro." -That Dalek

  • The Colorization Channel
    The Colorization Channel 8 months ago +2

    If they are to animate something with more than one surviving episodes like The Wheel in Space or Evil of The Daleks as Color 2D/CGI hybrid animations like Macra Terror, I feel that they should colorize the surviving episodes for consistencies although that would probably bankrupt the BBC or the production company behind the animation/reconstrucions

  • Iain 97
    Iain 97 8 months ago +2

    Waiting for the Ravenous 3 trailer to drop on this channel

    • Lorcan 444
      Lorcan 444 8 months ago

      The comments are always fun on those trailers

  • John Walker
    John Walker 8 months ago +2

    In the meanwhile, did they lock up that specified doctress, so She can't actually scare the real fans anymore?

  • Arne Lesschaeve
    Arne Lesschaeve 8 months ago +17

    This is one of those moments you regret being a Doctor Who fan who's not living in the UK

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren 8 months ago

      @Macra I watch the old episodes illegally I try to order a few from Amazon if possible. I bought the new Macra thing on Amazon. I watch new whu s1-4 illegally and the rest is on svt play (bbc iplayer) in Sweden

    • Macra
      Macra 8 months ago +1

      It's hard to be a Doctor Who fan in sweden. I have to buy all the stuff online and online shopping is not my cup of tea.

    • Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren 8 months ago +1

      DAMN IT
      I'm swedie fan btw

  • Ward Junior
    Ward Junior 8 months ago +6

    Is that a Brian cox impression.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 8 months ago +10

    So sad there are only available in the UK :(

    • Leci Proza
      Leci Proza 7 months ago

      So sad, that I don't use vinyl (sorry, my english is very bad, but I hope, that you understand something...)

  • Caloss2 Gaming
    Caloss2 Gaming 8 months ago +8

    I do love Jon Culshaw's work, I recall him prank calling the then Doctor Sylvester McCoy, pretending to be Tom Baker insisting he was The Doctor.. after a few confused minutes Sylvester asks "Are you at the pub(Bar) Tom ? "

    • steve Gibson
      steve Gibson 7 months ago

      The early series of dead ringers were great

  • Andrew Chapman
    Andrew Chapman 8 months ago +18

    "Destiny of the Daleks" Oh look, ROCKS!

    • ShamockParticle
      ShamockParticle 7 months ago

      Not what sure which rocks less, the story or the fact that vinyl has worse sound quality than CDs and lose fidelity after each playback (needle scratching, whee). The analog tunes of the ancient equipment helped create the bogus "warm" sound...

    MEMES BSS 8 months ago

    Melhor série❤️❤️,

  • Szab M
    Szab M 8 months ago +1

    I tought we don't talk abaut 'Deatiny'

  • Furious LittenYT
    Furious LittenYT 8 months ago +1


  • Urban_Hoplite
    Urban_Hoplite 8 months ago

    God he sounds like he doesn't want to be there

  • George Ahmed
    George Ahmed 8 months ago +2


  • Custard_Timelord
    Custard_Timelord 8 months ago +36

    We need more vinyls just so we can have more of John Culshaw

    • ketmaniac
      ketmaniac 7 months ago +1

      Vinyl, as a kind of material, has no plural, but it does when it's short for "vinyl record". And its plural is "vinyls". Wood also has no plural when its a reference to a substance. But it has when it's a reference to gold clubs. "My woods" is perfectly correct. Context is everything.

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 8 months ago +2

      (Reads this whole comment thread.)
      Welp. I've learned nothing. :)

    • Custard_Timelord
      Custard_Timelord 8 months ago

      @Harry Painter yeah ok you got me there

    • Harry Painter
      Harry Painter 8 months ago +1

      Custard _Timelord Yeah but you said vinyls. The plural of vinyl is vinyl

    • Custard_Timelord
      Custard_Timelord 8 months ago

      @Harry Painter but he says vinyl right at the start