Dana White explains why Conor McGregor will get the next title shot if he beats Cerrone,UFC 245

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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    UFC 245 Face Off,
    Courtesy-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter
    Jessica Eye isn't bothered of being on the prelims,
    Shaq makes his pick for UFC 245,
    Poirier warns Covington,
    Mike Perry enjoying weight cut,
    Ngannou vs Rozenstruik set,
    Dana White on why McGregor will fight for title if he wins against Cerrone,
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    And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Comments • 2 664

  • number six
    number six 20 days ago

    There was some lil man syndrome goin on at 2:50 lmao

  • jesse judah
    jesse judah 27 days ago

    why does Dana kiss this piece of shits ass smfhirl
    birds of a feather flock together !!

  • Josh Jewell
    Josh Jewell Month ago

    Giving Connor the next shot is stupid as fuck. He would get his ass beat by both Khabib and Tony. And then Dana’s little cash cows career will be over.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith Month ago

    Look at what Connor has done these past few years... care to elaborate Dana?? Cz I would love to fucking hear it. Takes the piss at times, Mark my words Cowboy will “lose” 🤔 Connor gets the 155 shot and Dana will do his absolute most to make sure Connor leaves with the title then his little bitch is back ontop in the lime light and will give him the 170
    Title shot after that to make him champ in 3 weight divisions yet still to defend 1 belt whilst holding it

  • Ramses Mensink
    Ramses Mensink Month ago

    dena got no ears tf

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Month ago

    Look what Conor has done the last few years... RAPE

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Month ago

    UFC has gone to SHIT. It's the new WWE

  • Mike Patterson
    Mike Patterson Month ago

    ufc is losing credibility skill does not seem to matter much you have to become a fake clown to get bumped up the rankings are totally bias and make no sense the thing is going in the wrong direction for the fighters the fighters need to unionize to stop this madness

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker Month ago

    dude someone get uncle Dana off Coners nuts huh,, tha drunk hasnt win a fught in 5 years but he's next for the title,,,,, ffs its fookin dum

  • TruckcityTV
    TruckcityTV Month ago

    Goodbye Ben Saunders

  • Ubong Udoh
    Ubong Udoh Month ago

    Shaq is so dumb, how did he get his PhD in ged 😅😎🤣

  • Ubong Udoh
    Ubong Udoh Month ago

    Dana has a serious hard on for Conor, they might be butt buddies. This fan boying is too much.

  • XL’Freddie Escalade

    Makes no sense....why does conner get a shot....? Bullshit

  • Chris 674213
    Chris 674213 Month ago

    I really hope conor wins now so we can see khabib fuck him up again!

  • Colin Lewry
    Colin Lewry Month ago

    “Look at what Connor has done in mma over the last few years”... um he’s fought about twice in the last three years

  • john ng
    john ng Month ago

    Dana explains what? He made no sense whatsoever

  • 27madnoor
    27madnoor Month ago

    Stupid reasoning by Dana white ....he is used to take sides and no way Mccregor is eligible for a champ title fight ....step in the line boy


    When the long term fans forget what a lying turd Dana is, thx Dana

  • Emmanuel Casin
    Emmanuel Casin Month ago


  • Jerrod Draper
    Jerrod Draper Month ago

    Such bullshit. Fuck conor, nobody cares about the sport anymore.

  • Hotel California
    Hotel California Month ago

    Dana is making Ufc soooo close to WWE ..I don't want to watch that clown fighting again and tapping .. So discusting .

  • Prophet Ayatollah POWER-TITS Butt-tinopener STI

    colby,s big mouth,.....((( CRASH))) SHATTERED LIKE GLASS!!!!!!!

  • JTinners
    JTinners Month ago

    Title should say “Dana makes excuses to give McGregor undeserved next title shot”

  • Muhammad Wasim
    Muhammad Wasim Month ago

    The real shit of this video is at 9:14

  • A T
    A T Month ago

    Fuck CONOR!!,... he runs all over the ufc and Dana...its a total joke

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar Month ago

    Dana would give McGregor a title shot for beating his own meat🤦‍♂️

    NONPHIXION 47 Month ago

    Fuck Dana white for trying to resurrect Conor's career ! That goofball needs to win 2 titles contender's

  • Motivation Man
    Motivation Man Month ago

    I like goosemon

  • Motivation Man
    Motivation Man Month ago

    Colby was sayin youre from wakanda

  • Pea Pea
    Pea Pea Month ago

    People are hating so hard on Connor. He lost his way-partied to much,didn’t take training seriously and he got smacked for it. He’s going to come back stronger than ever he’s training for real again and I’m excited.

  • Asam Mushtaq
    Asam Mushtaq Month ago

    Uncle dana saving his nephew yet again

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / Month ago

    Throw him.in for a.welterweight champ.fihht

  • Sean Correa
    Sean Correa Month ago

    title fight shouldn’t happen but it probably will

  • Nshafinaz Pinat
    Nshafinaz Pinat Month ago

    Dana is for the money.. he knows if conor fights for the tittle shot, hell make lots of money

  • PromoTechs
    PromoTechs Month ago

    hell even if knocks out Cowboy cold he would need at least 1-2 more fights before just being handed a shot at the title again.

  • Scott Abbott
    Scott Abbott Month ago

    Dan's reasoning is bullshit and just trying to cover up that he and Conor rim eachother any chance they get and when Conor allows him entry he says only if I get the fight I want.

  • Mike Swizzy
    Mike Swizzy Month ago

    A fights a fight at this point.

  • macarthur martin
    macarthur martin Month ago

    Why is volkov who knows Francis will slaughter his ass saying he dodging him? When Francis was next in line for a title shot with Stipe, so he had the right response "SHUT UP PUSSY"

  • Ole Boy
    Ole Boy Month ago

    Camaro Goozman

  • kenna802
    kenna802 Month ago

    Here's a summary without watching the video,
    "Connor makes a lot of money"

  • Kevin Carmona
    Kevin Carmona Month ago

    Lmfaoooo” your not really from Nigeria”

  • Douglas Coreno
    Douglas Coreno Month ago

    Conor should need a Top 10 AND a Top 5 win before getting another shot at Khabib.

    CSCBLAZE Month ago

    So glad Hooper choked out mr ignorarrogant..when dana told him to look at the cameras,u can tell Dana was thinking.."what a bloke"..and I'm sure Dana was pumped that Chase won as well

  • baruch yahselah
    baruch yahselah Month ago

    If u don’t understand the game in fight game look at these 2 friends smile lovingly at each other like they r brothers Fooling the world into thinking there is a real rivalry here. The game is rigged and controlled. Those who don’t play don’t get the pay...worlds a stage

  • Jamie Kloer
    Jamie Kloer Month ago

    He barely beat nate and thinks masvidal wouldn’t send into next world. Connor is a true psychopath. Shows more every day just hope he is in prison before he hurts someone else.

  • cef Boum
    cef Boum Month ago +1

    So Connor will be facing donald in welterweight if he win he goes back to light to face Khabib wtf is that Why cant they put hil against Gaethje , Poirier, Im sure Makhachev will maul mcgnuget

  • ssrevolver
    ssrevolver Month ago

    Fuck Conor and uncle Dana.

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss Month ago

    Dumb bitch

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss Month ago

    3:27 STFU

  • paradisemime
    paradisemime Month ago

    Shaqs purposely pronounced usmans name wrong because he’s realizes the sport he played was for fags this whole time

  • BlueBoy 1
    BlueBoy 1 Month ago

    2:59 Benny Blanco.....from the Bronx

  • heartbreakkidCAP
    heartbreakkidCAP Month ago

    Dana is justifying lke a spouse justifies.
    Best couple of d decade

  • Ahmad Rozak
    Ahmad Rozak Month ago

    Feed him to usman

  • Mike 1
    Mike 1 Month ago

    Dana will always have his head stuck up Conor's ass

  • visceral
    visceral Month ago

    I fkn hate dana dick rider white

  • Elvira Hancock
    Elvira Hancock Month ago

    Shaq is fake just like his shoe brand

  • Elvira Hancock
    Elvira Hancock Month ago

    Dana choking on Conors cock as always smfh

  • golden pineapple juice

    I love connor but cowboy aint no joke i got cowboy 3rd round tko

  • Premature Tiger flesh

    9:08 *M'baku* *Mughsot*

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch Month ago

    Juan Guzman was a pretty good baseball player back in the day.