Undercover Boss - East Side Mario's S2 E10 (Canadian TV series)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2014
  • John Rothschild is the CEO of Prime Restaurants Inc., which has over 140 casual dining restaurants in Canada and the U.S., including East Side Mario's. He goes undercover in the restaurant in a bid to check the front lines of the business. With the explosion of family dining restaurants, East Side Mario's is fighting for customers and Rothschild is worried that his brand is starting to look dated. But his own staff and customers have surprising solutions to reviving business, and when he reunites with the people he worked alongside, he makes a big difference to both their personal and work lives.[25]

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  • danglarsurf
    danglarsurf 4 hours ago

    i skip to the end just to see what they got ... how bad ass am i ????

  • Bar Rez
    Bar Rez 19 hours ago

    I truly loved this show. Its new to me but, the idea of listening and appreciating the working folk is awesome. Their work ethic and dedication is priceless. Glad some rewards were given to inspire them.
    The knives are a major risk that need to be addressed and a second person should be added for that work load.

  • Weasle 65
    Weasle 65 Day ago

    family fun and value
    fuck u

  • FN Anderson
    FN Anderson 2 days ago

    Update!!!: the 15 gs on the downpayment has been spent on crack...the black dude got a prius but would rather take the bus. done. and btw i just farted

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 2 days ago

    So how many parents are eating there childs free meals...he can't even fold a piece of paper..

  • Sharon Burton
    Sharon Burton 7 days ago

    I work at one and owners treat the employees like dirt

  • Vriant
    Vriant 8 days ago

    i love watching these and i love when they talk shit to the ceo like ur stupid asf lol fireeeddddddddddaaaahhhh

  • eileen marter
    eileen marter 9 days ago

    I like the chef who says,," do I still have a job?"

  • AmericanRelic2hear
    AmericanRelic2hear 11 days ago

    Gross 😳 They don't wear gloves. Gag.

  • Papa Wylie
    Papa Wylie 13 days ago

    This programme is totally fake my grannies fanny does not smell as rotten as this.

  • NrdPc
    NrdPc 15 days ago

    Of course people try to take advantage of the 'kids eat free' thing, it's Scarborough after all.

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 16 days ago

    To be fair it was Adams first day, it's always weird the first day.

    • Papa Wylie
      Papa Wylie 13 days ago

      +Drew Rycerz anytime Drew u know I got ur back son 💋

    • Drew Rycerz
      Drew Rycerz 13 days ago

      +Papa Wylie Thanks for trolling m8

    • Papa Wylie
      Papa Wylie 13 days ago

      Do u know what is also weird when my grannie gets me to go doon n clean oot her fanny way ma tongue its pure humming doon there mate.

  • Tusk
    Tusk 16 days ago

    Yeah the pizza dough was pretty bad it tasted like a bland saltless cracker you need to add some yeast to it thats the secret

  • Epsilon Silver
    Epsilon Silver 16 days ago

    Wonderful story.

  • Ashley Jo
    Ashley Jo 17 days ago

    Jesus if my boss bought me a car I'd probly faint right there on the spot.

    • Papa Wylie
      Papa Wylie 13 days ago

      If ur boss bought u a car u would go down faster than the titanic, come roon ma hoose for a swally n a sarbeni.

  • rick koelewyn
    rick koelewyn 19 days ago

    do a trip to Australia and learn to make decent pan fried parmas

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins 21 day ago

    I keep on waiting for him to say "not now......I'm in the middle of eating a Rothschild' Candy.

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins 21 day ago

    That Kelsey is wowza!😍

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins 21 day ago

    They look like fazolis.wich is an American chain of Italian food.

  • mark merk
    mark merk 21 day ago +1

    The economy in Canada must really suck....ive been binge watching these Canadian undercover boss and these CEO's are some cheap mothers....

  • Keitha Graham
    Keitha Graham 22 days ago

    The dishwasher though ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Jack D
    Jack D 22 days ago +2

    How about a show where the big boss does an excellent job undercover.

    • Papa Wylie
      Papa Wylie 13 days ago

      Jack D come roon ma hoose I would love to take u under cover we can have some tinnies & a sarbeni afterwards.

    HEADS TAILS 23 days ago +1

    Bonus Every fruggin WEEK Would GO a Long WAY..DUH

  • perry reasch
    perry reasch 24 days ago

    So is he related to the rich Rothschild family the runs the world ???/

  • Richard Graham
    Richard Graham 27 days ago

    What a sanctimonious bastard - Jen the pizza / salad cook "In her own way she is a success" - what a comment from a twat that couldn't even fold a sheet of paper into a triangle!

  • David Lustrup
    David Lustrup Month ago

    how do these people not get suspicious...cameras all in there face.....they gotta know this is a setup

  • Sammy Presta
    Sammy Presta Month ago

    1 word, ROTHCHILD

  • Joseph Adkins
    Joseph Adkins Month ago

    Well atleast this one is 360p beats the previous video that was -54584579p. lol

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin Month ago

    For the girl with the headaches try Hypnosis.

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin Month ago

    Of course cameras there don't give anything away right?

  • Jerome Goodwin
    Jerome Goodwin Month ago

    He looks like Bill Murry.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Month ago

    Too often I've seen corporate restaurants destroyed by idiotic promotions. Like...they found someone with a marketing degree but zero knowledge of the restaurant industry. What kind of blockhead does one need to be to promote children eating for free on date night?! Whatever degree granting institution granted that degree, they should take it back. That's just brain dead stupid nonsense. If I was a franchisee I would have sued head office.

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT Month ago

    Kelsey is alright lookin =)

  • Senior Heffe
    Senior Heffe Month ago

    So does everything in Canada just rip off something in America? This is clearly Fazoli's. Same logo even

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago

      Oh geez, eh? Because American-Italian is not simply ripping off Italy? This might shock and awe you more than GWB, but...there's this thing called migration. There a many Canadians living in the US and many a US citizen living in Canada. It's called living in peace and harmony.
      For the tin foil hat in all internet discourse...it's the trade deficit! That's how we beat you. We fooled y'all into thinking you were buying American...hahahahaha!

    • J Cerullo
      J Cerullo Month ago +1

      +Senior Heffe it a restaurant. Do you know how many restaurants are. Based on Italian American food. Thousands of them. But you said Fazolis. And east side was opened before them everyone copys off everyone it called trends created by marketing from the every thing has guacamole to glutin free foods

    • Senior Heffe
      Senior Heffe Month ago

      +J Cerullo from wiki "The menu primarily offers traditional Italian-American dishes, with an emphasis on pastas as well as classic entrees such as steak and chicken. The interior design is styled after New York Italian eateries"
      Maybe it opened first but it copied American dishes and style.
      Granted I didn't know that, I got lucky in the fact that everything in Canada really is a copy.

    • J Cerullo
      J Cerullo Month ago

      You mean does everything in America rip off Canada East side Marios opened before Fazolis

  • Sharpie
    Sharpie Month ago

    a 45 minute documentary that is a beautiful display of how fucking out of touch CEOs really are and how useless they fundamentally are as human beings

  • Ryan Cooper
    Ryan Cooper Month ago

    Need to make more episodes about restaurants theres alit of restaurants out there that could benefit from this show

  • Aduha Dx
    Aduha Dx Month ago

    Fuckin fake as pornhub 🍆

  • The Green Leaf
    The Green Leaf Month ago

    Anyone think this was kitchen nightmares before clicking on it 😭😭

  • cynthia franco
    cynthia franco Month ago

    enjoyed your video

  • DuckLord 2000
    DuckLord 2000 Month ago

    19:05 turn on subtitles and read them

  • AdWasPlayingMC
    AdWasPlayingMC Month ago

    money does by happiness

  • AdWasPlayingMC
    AdWasPlayingMC Month ago

    good on that blind guy he's so good at what he's doing and puts more effort than normal people.

  • Reyes G.
    Reyes G. Month ago

    So dam awesomeness

  • Diana Gomez
    Diana Gomez Month ago

    Times have changed. We need to move with the times.

  • Christopher McHale
    Christopher McHale Month ago

    When did Bill Murray become a CEO?

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup Month ago

    Rothschild huh...? That was the most boring man on the face of the Earth lol

  • Two legged Terror AKA

    Kelsea is so beautiful!!! OMFG SHES SUPER SUPER HOTTTT!!! My dream girl!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci Month ago

    It's funny how the CEOs always end up finding out all this stuff after years and years of the company going downhill and things going wrong. They are too busy spending. What happened to preventive maintenance.
    What happened to stay on top of things.
    They don't get to the point where you need a complete overhaul and we need to fix little problems that should have been fixed a long time ago.
    The executives in the boardroom, what is it that they do everyday week after week month after month year after year in the order to let the essentials take a back seat. LAZY LAZY LAZY !!!! Time to clear the room and hire new.
    The owner should also be very ashamed. All the CEO'S and board members in all these Undercover episodes ignore the day to day operations.
    What do the regional managers do?
    What do the store managers do?
    Customers, and the hard working employees deserve much much better.SHAME SHAME SHAME !!!

  • fallout 76 boss
    fallout 76 boss Month ago

    Has no one else realised they are all ok with being filmed but yeh I still cry at the end🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • David Gregory
    David Gregory Month ago

    find the girl at 27:25 who gets headaches tell her to go to doctor she mind be getting stroke symptoms or worse an aneurism in her brain possibly from broken small blood vessels in her head

  • mistyrain68ify
    mistyrain68ify Month ago

    I thought the waitress was kinda rude! "You have to let people know your the boss..." Seriously, you need to let the customers know you're the boss? And I thought you were there to SERVE them. They have to let you know what they want or they aren't getting anything! Really? Do you think they just came in so you can boss them around? Maybe you need to just wait for them to decide what they want. And then you expect a tip after treating them like you're their boss. Maybe that is why you didn't get much or one at all!

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago +1

      LOL. Yeah, never work in a service industry, you'll be ruined immediately. No restaurant or lowly server can afford to allow customers to sit and pick their noses. It's about sales. Sales is not about undying patience for your client to make a decision. "The customer is always right" is over used and often misused philosophy. It was coined at a time when scammers had free reign in the market place.
      First and foremost, it's a slogan. It's a sales tactic. It's purpose is to dictate how one should deal with a complaint should a complaint arise. It was coined exclusively for high net worth clients. It is not and has never been intended to be used as a means for getting free stuff. It's an assurance not insurance and it is not a right.
      The fact is simple. The customer is not always right. The customer has no entitlement, for example, to be rude to a server or employee. They are not entitled to sexual assault or harassment. They are not entitled to lie to the server and when the bill comes, complain and get a free meal. You can't lick your plate clean and then say, I hated it. That's fraud.
      When a server comes by shortly after delivering your food and asks you if everything is to you liking, that's your opportunity to provide feedback. If the server fails to come by, that's a complaint.
      If you're buying a meal or staying at a hotel, or buying clothes from a department store that's one thing...not to mention the basis for the slogan. There are in fact a great number of business transactions that are governed by laws. The customer simply cannot be right as a matter of law.

    • Ashley Owlz
      Ashley Owlz Month ago +1

      Don’t ever work in a restaurant

  • Emmanuel Aguilar
    Emmanuel Aguilar 2 months ago

    Man east side marios is trash honestly lol
    Worked there when I was younger and my brother was a kitchen manager for 8 years at 2 locations .
    They treat people like garbage . I've seen 2 locations close just in my city

  • just
    just 2 months ago

    rothschild, the world bank owner, the world system manipulator

  • Marie Allmon
    Marie Allmon 2 months ago

    it's called a migraine headache in the reason why you get my grand heritage is you're not eating vitamins and you're not getting enough sleep and you're not getting the right food that's what causes migraine headaches

  • Emma B
    Emma B 2 months ago

    Why a livable minimum wage is needed!!!

  • The Person
    The Person 2 months ago +1

    The second store with the fat chick chef, she wipes her nose with her bear hand and then puts her hand straight back on the food, fucking disgusting, she should be wearing food gloves and lose some weight so she aint nose dribbling on the food.
    And her hard luck crack head story, I dont believe a word of it and since when do Police go around torching tents, get real, this aint the cotton picking slaves day
    I bet real money shes a fucking democrat

  • Rebecca C Ramirez
    Rebecca C Ramirez 2 months ago

    Hopefully forever 21 is on the show

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 2 months ago

    To the dishwasher kid, your my hero dawg grinding it out every day and still doing what your passionate for , getting after it.

  • Remy novver37
    Remy novver37 3 months ago

    he got a car , but does he have a license??

  • Remy novver37
    Remy novver37 3 months ago

    i miss u all the time wifey while u sitting at home im working my ass off.

  • Remy novver37
    Remy novver37 3 months ago

    why is the supervisore sitting downtalking with t the employee?? so fake!

  • Remy novver37
    Remy novver37 3 months ago

    this show soo fake! they already know who the boss is , just acting.

  • Remy novver37
    Remy novver37 3 months ago

    kids shouldnt eaat free, the price should just be half off for them! working for nothing.

  • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
    SmutnaJules007 rychwalska 3 months ago +1

    29:02 "Hey there Susan, it's me calling," As if his own wife wouldn't recognize his voice, wtf. Who SAYS that?

  • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska

    (4 shrimp), TWO scallops??!! THAT'S the PROBLEM, CHEAP A** portions. I bet the seafood dishes at the restaurants HE goes to, serve huge SEA scallops, not the baby micro Bay scallops, and MORE THAN TWO!

    • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
      SmutnaJules007 rychwalska Month ago

      +Matthew Smith apparently you didn't grow up in the US, and/or ate at cheapo places. and have never been a chef...just sayin'

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago

      How is that a small portion for a seafood pasta dish? Note, he was only listing the first two ingredients...and it was over lunch when they sell smaller dishes for the lunch crowd.
      Eastside Mario's has gone down hill over the past twenty years. It has indeed changed hands. I worked there in my more youthful days when the ingredients were reasonably fresh and/or made in house. Now it's all factory processed junk. The pizza dough comes in pre-rolled and frozen. Ick. Like, pizza dough takes maybe 8 to ten minutes to make and contains some of the cheapest ingredients you can buy. Why any restaurant would buy it pre-made or pre-rolled is beyond me. It doesn't matter what kind of quality ingredients you put on a pizza, if the dough sucks, the pizza sucks.

  • chris kowalski
    chris kowalski 3 months ago +1

    We have an East Side Marios in our community and we love it...The service is fantastic...The food is very good and you get lots for your money...We went there one night and found the service so good we felt obligated to phone the manager and tell them that the lady whom waited on our table was super...

  • felix121984
    felix121984 3 months ago

    Is Kelsey First Nations ?

  • Fern Tom
    Fern Tom 3 months ago

    I do hope the young lady with headaches is fully investigated for Arnold Chiari and for any heart problems ; sometimes headaches are caused by undetected problems with the heart .

  • William Gruff
    William Gruff 3 months ago

    He's a 'restron-tooer'? As CEO he ought at least to know that regardless of pronunciation there is no N in restraurateur.

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago

      Restauranteur, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, first appeared in the US in 1859. It estimates it's use at roughly ten percent. So, like many things American, it's a bastardized version of the word.

  • Robert K
    Robert K 3 months ago

    When you she "things like this don't happen to little people like me"... I was confused. He is no better than you. People like you make up the whole company.

  • Fern Tom
    Fern Tom 3 months ago

    Did the young lady with constant headaches had a complete workup for Arnold Chiari syndrome ?

  • asking Americans
    asking Americans 3 months ago

    its entertaining to watch a Jew actually work with their hands

  • asking Americans
    asking Americans 3 months ago

    a jew pos running a Italian eatery ,not a single wop to be found ..whats next 'undercover boss Kazakhstan'' where hindus make pizza

  • 205 Bolton Superintendent

    was his name john ROTHCHILD HELLO did anyone see that

  • Firas Francis
    Firas Francis 4 months ago

    cheap ass boss

  • BboyEklypse
    BboyEklypse 4 months ago

    Why would you train someone telling them they were crackheads

  • Smokey Mcchrondo
    Smokey Mcchrondo 4 months ago +1

    Canada seems like a way better country then the U.S.

  • Ron Snyder
    Ron Snyder 4 months ago

    A Canadian company has "The Statue of Liberty " as their logo??? Not A US company or even a French company. WTF?

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago

      It was branded as a New York Style Italian American Family Restaurant (yes, quite the mouth full), thus the statue of liberty and the not so traditional Italian cuisine. There was a time when Canadian businesses tried to pass off as American not unlike the many American franchises that slap a Maple Leaf on their Canadian divisions.

    • M Dion
      M Dion 2 months ago

      East Side Marios is a new York Italian style restaurant.

  • andriana papas
    andriana papas 4 months ago +1

    How come in every freaking episode everybody has such a sad story to tell ? And who would share it with a person you know for a couple of hours ! This looks set up idk.

  • Galaxywolfplayz
    Galaxywolfplayz 4 months ago +14

    Don’t ignore the fact that the CEO’s last name is Rothschild

    • Will FromDaM
      Will FromDaM 2 months ago


    • allan king
      allan king 2 months ago +1

      +asking Americans Typical idiotic comment from a moron ..

    • asking Americans
      asking Americans 3 months ago

      Jews cutting cost for the sake of profit …..nahh ..that doesn't sound right

  • Loyalty Courage
    Loyalty Courage 4 months ago +1

    20k to the legally blind guy for his eyes would have been more helpful then skiing.

    • Papa Wylie
      Papa Wylie 13 days ago

      Sunglasses would have been more appreciated by him, I want to take him roon ma hoose for a swally u up fur it mucker I will get the sarbenis too.

  • Jason b
    Jason b 4 months ago

    A Jew is CEO of an Italian Restaurant Franchise?

  • Bills Sawshop
    Bills Sawshop 5 months ago +2

    No gloves.....

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith Month ago

      You have no experience and your statement proves it...what in your mind makes you believe they should be wearing gloves? It's really very ignorant.

  • Joan Berry
    Joan Berry 5 months ago +1

    As a Canadian myself, I was very proud that you helped these people. They work so very hard & don’t get paid nearly enough.

  • kosovi_aliraqi kosovi_aliraqi

    Damn this server manager I used to date here she from regina

    • felix121984
      felix121984 3 months ago

      Is she First Nation or Metis ?

  • rodrigo tolentino
    rodrigo tolentino 5 months ago +5

    A Rothschild Family name...it sound a more than a C.E.O. ...

  • george hinckle
    george hinckle 5 months ago

    secret ingredient. raw onions. not cooked

  • Çhëý Miľyon
    Çhëý Miľyon 5 months ago +5

    Rothschild that last name comes up...hmmm

  • Archie The Parrot
    Archie The Parrot 5 months ago

    noo tells strangers that they were a.crackhead

    • bronson mcdonald
      bronson mcdonald 4 months ago

      It's her past, not her present. I think she is proud of where she is now, and sharing that with others is inspiring to me.

  • Archie The Parrot
    Archie The Parrot 5 months ago +2

    Hahaha.these shows are so fake it's laughable.

  • Eric Farrelly
    Eric Farrelly 5 months ago +2

    I wish John Rothschild had come to Brockville, Ontario. The East Side Mario's closed down and has been vacant for about 3 years. I miss this restaurant

  • jon balls
    jon balls 5 months ago


  • Gregg Andely
    Gregg Andely 6 months ago +2

    how does a new car mean more time with his son? Does he get paid time off, otherwise explain.

  • DwhiteshEep
    DwhiteshEep 6 months ago

    #OMG! just now I watched this video, to be honest I really am disappointed knowing that the Chef doesn't use gloves. We love East Side Mario & we always lunch/dine out there @ least once/twice a month bcoz their foods are really superb but after watching this(?) "No Way!!" Yuck!! ;((

    • Hembafan Tilley Gyado
      Hembafan Tilley Gyado Month ago

      Washing his hands often is better than wearing gloves. Gloves can be reused for several dishes

    • Hembafan Tilley Gyado
      Hembafan Tilley Gyado Month ago

      Washing his hands often is better than wearing gloves

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 6 months ago

    here's a new car which is great but how bout some time off and a pay rise

  • PrinceBenzwall WIXVPN
    PrinceBenzwall WIXVPN 6 months ago +1

    these guys are great leaders. lucky to the company to have a team like this.

  • James Burdzinski
    James Burdzinski 6 months ago

    Get rid of free kids meals. how about 1/2 off. Your loosing $$.

  • James Burdzinski
    James Burdzinski 6 months ago

    OMG.cant even fold paper .LOL

  • Rich Grohs
    Rich Grohs 6 months ago

    What is crazy is most of these owners now nothing of this business

  • MattyWolfBoi019
    MattyWolfBoi019 6 months ago +13

    Just got home from my job as a dishwasher (third day and first job in a year [im 17]) and my feet/hands hurt just looking at the rack of dishes. Also, I cannot even imagine doing my job while being legally blind. All props to Ryan, he's absolutely amazing!

    • Blob
      Blob 13 days ago

      you still got it?

    • mark merk
      mark merk 21 day ago

      Done it myself....but just remember that it's easier to get a job when you have one...keep at it and if you're lucky you'll find one you love

    • MrHasi121
      MrHasi121 3 months ago

      Just keep in mind not to do it for life, such a boring and meaningless job. Did it but ever knew would leave it soon.