Checking out my first NASCAR race w/ Dale Jr and Chase Elliott

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
  • Daniel checks out NASCAR for his first time and hangs with Dale Jr and Chase Elliott. He even comes away with one of Dale's helmets after they did a helmet swap.

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  • [KPG]
    [KPG]  +75

    I can 100% see Daniel racing in Nascar when he's done with F1. Certainly has the character for it.

  • tastyfish1
    tastyfish1 4 years ago +400

    I love the respect NASCAR team members and drivers have for Formula 1. Racing is a brotherhood.

  • Matthew Zhang
    Matthew Zhang 4 years ago +101

    God imagine having one of Dan’s helmets. Those things can’t be bought with money, it is literally priceless.

  • Max Versthappening
    Max Versthappening Year ago +38

    Being a Hendrick fan and a Red Bull fan, THIS is a crossover I want

  • Victor Diaz 🇺🇦
    Victor Diaz 🇺🇦 4 years ago +64

    For F1 fans who are interested in NASCAR, the FINALE is this Sunday @

  • Les Blàse

    I hope to see you & Dale Jr together at this weekends USA GP! Especially driving his dads car!

  • Mat
    Mat 3 years ago +17

    I love the respect that drivers from all different motorsports have for each other.

  • Buynot
    Buynot 3 years ago +8

    Daniel is like the Clint Bowyer of F1 in my opinion.

  • z DOC
    z DOC  +3

    I had the most ridiculous shit eating grin on the whole time I watched this. Idk why just felt good to see someone living it up like that. What a blast. Good luck today! Get that shoey!

  • TheRedBaron
    TheRedBaron 4 years ago +27

    I would love to see Dan running the Daytona 500 in the future !

  • Tiametmarduk
    Tiametmarduk 4 years ago +354

    Nice to see you upgraded from the go pro 😜

  • Bullshit Man
    Bullshit Man 4 years ago +127

    ATTN RED BULL: What I'd like to see: Daniel Ric and Dale Jr in NASCARs 'round Mt Panorama. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Ertan Can Atik
    Ertan Can Atik 4 years ago +50


  • cliffthelightning

    And since he won yesterday he'll get to drive the Earnhardt Wrangler car that Zak Brown owns! Cant fait for him to experience it.

  • Jonny
    Jonny 4 years ago +140

    This video is so well edited.

  • João Pedro Lorentz
    João Pedro Lorentz 4 years ago +9

    Hi Daniel, I went to the Brazil race and you had a great performance, as ever. You are a example as driver and as person

  • sparksk8er
    sparksk8er 4 years ago +28

    DALE IN AN F1 CAR PLEASE. We saw Jeff kill it in the williams 13 years ago

  • Kyle Moss
    Kyle Moss Year ago +8

    My man got the OG Earnhardt shirt, mad respect homie

  • NoviRanger23

    I'd want to see Chase in F1.

  • Chris J
    Chris J 2 years ago +2

    Daniel can you please enter a NASCAR race and can you make Dale take a few laps in an F1 car!?! I would love to see both!