Joe Rogan on Jorge Masvidal's STUNNING KO of Ben Askren

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1321 w/Robert Oberst:

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  • Samual Jackson
    Samual Jackson 18 hours ago

    Masvidal vs woodley should be hyped by now

  • Mateo Stoica
    Mateo Stoica Day ago

    Joe" talking trash is fun" rogan

  • Words of Wizdom
    Words of Wizdom 2 days ago

    His shots to the face were completely uncalled for he knew damn well ben was out cold. He threw them in because he doesnt like ben he would have kept going if the ref wasnt there. I wanna see people get beat up and knocked out but i dont want to see someone who is unconcious continue to eat punches

  • Jesse Cantrell
    Jesse Cantrell 3 days ago

    "Fight clock brought to you by model-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  • Matthew Bouche
    Matthew Bouche 3 days ago

    Only fight that is literally the length of GIF

  • Ryan Rigsby
    Ryan Rigsby 3 days ago

    1:54 when did Askren talk about his ethnicity???

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez 6 days ago

    "Winners get to do what they want." I love that statement!

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo 6 days ago

    This guest looks like the mix of a gorilla and a grizzly bear lol

  • My name is Awakhe
    My name is Awakhe 8 days ago

    The knockout we've all BenAskren for........

  • sagechris
    sagechris 8 days ago

    That's the problem with some of the softhearted conditioning of some Americans. They don't like COLD HEARTED shit but not everything is a fuckin handshake after a fight. lol. I mean Disneyland aint safe no more even. It's a dark world out there.

  • Omgitsjoetime T
    Omgitsjoetime T 8 days ago

    Getting the fastest KO is luck no matter how you look at it. I bet Ben wins of that doesn’t happen still

  • kakadots
    kakadots 9 days ago

    Joe “STIFF” Rogan

  • Al Forest
    Al Forest 9 days ago +2

    “Talking shit is fun” a moment truth from Joe. I don’t agree with that. Not a fan of the McGregor/WWF trash talk era. Askren got what he deserved.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 9 days ago

    UFC is becoming as fake as WWF. We should look at WHO MADE THE BIG BETS to see who caused this.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 9 days ago

    It wasnt a fight to be proud of. The guy didnt commit a kick it was a case of the other guy bumped into his leg as he was engaging. Asterisk victory

    Oh yeh, why does Joe like people talking sht FOR PROFIT...but not in the real world between leftists and the rest of us? Is it okay when profit is instrumental, Joe?

  • John Cimino
    John Cimino 10 days ago

    No matter what he does going forward, Ben will FOREVER be known as the
    guy who got knocked out in 5 seconds by Masvidal's flying knee. He will
    play it off, but this will haunt him for the rest of his life. BOOM

  • John Cimino
    John Cimino 10 days ago

    No matter what he does going forward, Ben will FOREVER be known as the
    guy who got knocked out in 5 seconds by Masvidal's flying knee. He will
    play it off, but this will haunt him for the rest of his life. BOOM

  • Billy Madden
    Billy Madden 10 days ago +1

    Hahaha Ben ask to. Be on Joe now!

  • Jan Norris
    Jan Norris 10 days ago

    is ghetto whore-hey still threatening to confront ben if he sees him out in the grocery store with his wife n kids?? Uncivilized gangsta-wannabe.

  • Smooth Move McGillicuddy

    Early stoppage! And Jorge clearly tapped after Ben pulled guard.

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson 10 days ago

    The real fastest KO

  • Armien Isaacs
    Armien Isaacs 10 days ago

    It might be because I'm high AF but this was the one of Rogan's funniest segments I have seen for some time

  • Ho Lee Fok
    Ho Lee Fok 10 days ago

    las night i dream about jorge knee daammmn

  • Faisal Adel
    Faisal Adel 10 days ago

    Its 2.6 second

  • Ma Mor
    Ma Mor 10 days ago

    It has been reported that Bruce Buffer had no time to sit down!!

  • Doubravka Cuzova
    Doubravka Cuzova 10 days ago

    Give me them!


  • jason perez
    jason perez 10 days ago

    All of the hardcore Askren fans are still hiding under their bed, and refuse to go to whole foods.

  • J NO
    J NO 10 days ago

    Ben was clearly giving the thumbs up and using telepathy to tell the ref he’s still good... bad stoppage

  • optimusbee214
    optimusbee214 10 days ago

    What did Ben say about Masvidals ethnicity? I've not heard or seen what exactly what words were used anywhere

  • Govanmauler
    Govanmauler 10 days ago

    Love me some OB

  • Hans Grubber
    Hans Grubber 10 days ago

    He looks so natural.

  • Johnnymac
    Johnnymac 10 days ago

    Ben never talked about his manhood and ethnicity it was the other way around joe switched hype trains after jorge came on the show

  • Avery Abood
    Avery Abood 10 days ago

    “Put him in a body bag “

  • DirtSoul89
    DirtSoul89 10 days ago

    Askren been at Overeems house getting down on that horsebeef as well....

  • Jim Dussias
    Jim Dussias 11 days ago

    Askren would most likely ground and pound Masvidal(whom I like and is underated) in a rematch.

  • ØÑË LÏ4Ë
    ØÑË LÏ4Ë 11 days ago +1

    Ben stood his ground

    Wait he layed on the ground.

  • Jackie Paper
    Jackie Paper 11 days ago

    i honestly thought he died

  • Thee Prodigy
    Thee Prodigy 11 days ago

    Be careful who you talk shit to I’m just saying. Talking shit to Jon Jones is a bad dude.

  • Jo joeljoel
    Jo joeljoel 11 days ago

    That was an early stoppage, Ben was still in it!

  • Believe Inyourself
    Believe Inyourself 11 days ago

    It was just a pleasure to watch that boring lay and pray padded record balls sniffer wrestler getting smashed.Ben sucks ,sorry for his fans.

  • Aaron Glenn
    Aaron Glenn 11 days ago +1

    I wonder how Ben feels about being knocked out quicker then Cm punk!!! Boom roasted

  • Lacky McFarland
    Lacky McFarland 11 days ago

    Is that the guy from “Over the Top” ?

  • Hexa Cube
    Hexa Cube 11 days ago

    Jorge: Tiger.... knee
    Ben: uh..uh..uh..

  • Bagrad Badalian
    Bagrad Badalian 11 days ago

    Joe's on that whisky 😂

  • the9thhell
    the9thhell 11 days ago

    I hate trash talk culture. Hate it.
    But, I'm old school...

  • faz1991
    faz1991 11 days ago

    Nahh. Askren got robbed...

    of his consciousness.

  • David Baughman
    David Baughman 11 days ago

    Joe "Looking for Brussel Sprouts" Rogan

  • A h
    A h 11 days ago

    Jorge should be in jail soon. My prediction because he has a big mouth and be has tbreatened to attack ben outside the ring.
    Yo jorge i got a message for you. How you won by trickery is the only way you can beat ben.

  • Junior pena
    Junior pena 11 days ago

    I'm 100 percent with masvidal,if he can talk all that shit I can showboat.

  • yung dagger
    yung dagger 11 days ago

    You should get Jorge on again

  • Elmo Blatch
    Elmo Blatch 11 days ago

    Masvidal was total bush league with those two additional punches. Joe Rogan, of all people, should know that. Many times I've heard Joe praise fighters who showed restraint and did not continue to punch a downed opponent. Joe drives me crazy sometimes.

  • Antonio Roman
    Antonio Roman 11 days ago

    Ben will get a rematch with the watermelon next time.. he will show everyone how to smash it with his head this time!

  • Arnas Jonaitis
    Arnas Jonaitis 11 days ago

    Masvidal vs McGreggor would be most entertaining fight 2020 dude

  • master shake
    master shake 11 days ago

    What did Askren say about Jorge's ethnicity? pretty sure he never did

  • hafstep1 hafstep1
    hafstep1 hafstep1 11 days ago

    An update on Ben Askren : He's STILL knocked out !

  • rayzur9
    rayzur9 11 days ago +1

    Joe making more of a lucky knee than anyone else. I guess Joe doesnt like Ben either,, knowing he could own Joe's faggot ass in less than 5 seconds.. Hey Joe,,, you stink.

  • Justin Harrold
    Justin Harrold 11 days ago

    I feel like they should rename Asperin to Askren after that one.

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Did you read that post about 20 comments down? Same thing. Try posting it somewhere else, it might not have been commented 100 fucking times already over there...

  • Sick Revolting Piss
    Sick Revolting Piss 11 days ago +1

    This guy looks like a 25 year old Robert Baratheon

  • Janaka
    Janaka 11 days ago

    Look at the views on all the videos for Askren’s KO. The man is a drawl. Dana better see that.

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      "drawl" ?? WTF is a "drawl"? Try some education.

  • dylan0wn5
    dylan0wn5 11 days ago

    Serious question. Is there evidence of Askren insulting Masvidal’s ethnicity anywhere? Maybe it was behind closed doors but all the insults I heard from Askren seemed pretty tame.

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Nope. Its just a story created around this "lucky knee" so the shit skins will have something to rally around. Suddenly the dude is an "Awesome fighter" after such a shit record of nothing.

  • Ross Moore
    Ross Moore 11 days ago

    It's too bad that TheXvid is ruined and you can't even show a clip.
    TheXvid = lametube!

  • Pawan Antil
    Pawan Antil 11 days ago

    Lund experience

  • Najib Rahman
    Najib Rahman 11 days ago +1

    That was an early stoppage. Ben clearly headbutted his knee which made Masvidal tap out.

  • Active Evolution
    Active Evolution 11 days ago

    Ben brought planking back

  • Mighty Spider
    Mighty Spider 11 days ago

    Now I want to see someone do this to Khabib.

  • Clinton Scott
    Clinton Scott 11 days ago +1

    When did Askren talk shit about Masvidals culture/ethnicity? Did I miss something?

  • Rawezh K.G
    Rawezh K.G 11 days ago

    Don't k lick this

  • Jay Wan
    Jay Wan 11 days ago

    Looks like the DMT and weed has finally started taking its toll on Joe.

  • Andres
    Andres 11 days ago

    Thank You Jorge Masvidal

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Now you feel complete again? LOL... they might make a dildo fashioned after his junk if you care to go further with your excitement...

    ASAP XIII 11 days ago

    1 + 1 = K.O!

  • Jews are vermin
    Jews are vermin 11 days ago

    Ben Asscream is a Jew rat

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Those "jew rats" feed your family while you sit on your ass earning nothing you useless bum.

  • mxamiss5
    mxamiss5 11 days ago

    Should of got the full crew on here

  • Agnwstos X
    Agnwstos X 11 days ago

    When i saw the thumbnail i thought he was Rupert Boneham

  • Al DeTrolio
    Al DeTrolio 11 days ago +1

    Ben's Ass Ain't Grinnin' Now... He got himself a 3 piece and a coma.

  • Ryan Jacklin
    Ryan Jacklin 11 days ago +1

    Joe just repeating nonsense without fact checking anything lmfao

  • No Home TV
    No Home TV 11 days ago

    He Ben Askren for it!

  • Tan Autry
    Tan Autry 11 days ago

    I can’t believe Ben askren got robbed like that that was the most beautiful cock slap I have ever seen the bell rang Ben askren ran full speed with both fist fully gaping his asshole running full speed 369 degrees cock slap him the face then got disqualified for a illegal move such bullshit they are treating him like chael he’s still undefeated I don’t count that cause he koed Jorge with his dick and it was a beauty you guys are welcome for the recap from me

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      No more recaps from you,,, your personal lifestyle is creeping into your adjectives...

  • humzah gafar
    humzah gafar 11 days ago

    "He takes it on the chin, better than anybody!" did anyone else hear that LOL 😂

  • T C
    T C 11 days ago

    I have great hopes for the rematch.

  • Orcishihi
    Orcishihi 11 days ago

    Askren just kneeded that.

  • Rel3ntless R0ge
    Rel3ntless R0ge 11 days ago

    askren would've won if they didn't turn the lights off

  • Jose Serna
    Jose Serna 11 days ago

    Who's the big guy he's cool, saying that's what you get paid to do, you got to smack the guy until the referee stops the fight!

  • shadowlesswarrior
    shadowlesswarrior 11 days ago

    Ben getting KTFO was the best thing happen to mma since Khabib raped Conor

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Awww... another racist shit skin suddenly feels proud of himself.. Its okay... Ben still earns more in a week than your entire extended illegal family steals from the U.S.

  • Ed Gar
    Ed Gar 11 days ago


  • Jon Peacock
    Jon Peacock 11 days ago +1

    ben was askren to be knocked out

  • EricSmyth14
    EricSmyth14 11 days ago +3

    No one could of seen this coming

    Except my wallet apparently

  • Mike Vee 123
    Mike Vee 123 11 days ago

    How did this bum Ben Askren get a UFC contract pulling a rookie mistake like charging your opponent on the fight open? Oh wait, Ronda Rousey did the same. Never mind...

  • Mickey Cochran
    Mickey Cochran 11 days ago

    If you ever wondered what getting flat knocked out looked like, just look at Ben at the 5sec mark

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez 11 days ago

    It’s fine they called it a 5 sec ok because in any future fight the ref is going to take. 2-3 secs and 1-2 seconds to get close to your opponent. Unless they both sprinted towards each other and the same result (flying knee) would happen and the ref stops it maybe 1sec less so it’ll be hard to break that record

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 11 days ago

    Bam Matters must be working out

  • Alliance Richard
    Alliance Richard 11 days ago

    Joe Rogan, can you bring Super Humman the real stuntman on the show

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 11 days ago

    He practiced the move but he got lucky and he knows it, had he missed I think Jorge was in for a nightmare. In the rematch we'll find out who the real man is. Jorge makes it seem like Ben is over his head in the UFC but everyone knows that Ben is a world class fighter. I am looking forward to round Ii with these two men.

  • Joshua Pasi
    Joshua Pasi 12 days ago

    “If you’re looking for bruselsprouts.” That line had me dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joseph Janison
    Joseph Janison 12 days ago

    Masvidal knee’d it,
    I mean nailed it . . . My bad, You get my drift.

  • Iron Trapping TV
    Iron Trapping TV 12 days ago

    Ben took 2 brutal ass whooping in the Ufc,Gotta be Humble when you walk amongst Lions !!His Ass got Bit Twice🦍🦁

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      out of how many fights with how many champions? LOL.. you're an ass clown.

  • stockyjohn
    stockyjohn 12 days ago +6

    Askren was never racist in any way towards Masvidal and I'm not sure where Rogan or anyone is getting this from.

    • stockyjohn
      stockyjohn 11 days ago +1

      I'd like to add that it's because he runs a wrestling school for kids that he makes sure not to say anything racist or curse for fear his students might see it.

  • Norcal Mtnjunkie
    Norcal Mtnjunkie 12 days ago

    Love seeing Ben get starched.

    • rayzur9
      rayzur9 11 days ago

      Must not be a fan of "fights'... That was the lousiest lucky knee anyone has ever seen.

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool 12 days ago

    You need to get Matt from demoranch on your podcast!

  • infg3570
    infg3570 12 days ago

    Masvidal promised him free meals for life.

  • 10k subs with no video

    Kind of reminds me of khabib and Conor.