Joe Rogan talks to FCC Commissioner About Net Neutrality


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  • Jeff Barr
    Jeff Barr 6 months ago

    Too many regulatory agencies essentially making laws

  • Stuart Hull
    Stuart Hull 7 months ago

    you will ALWAYS be able to download a VPN tool or something

  • internationalgiant1
    internationalgiant1 8 months ago

    I like her. Clearly thought out replies that make sense.

  • Peter Baker
    Peter Baker 8 months ago

    What a freaking weirdo

    GTZASKAR63 8 months ago

    The internet is the last stand of real freedom and the powers to be don't like it.

  • Mandolinic
    Mandolinic 8 months ago

    Reading some the comments here, I now realise how Donald Trump got elected.

  • T D
    T D 8 months ago

    I don't think it's intentional, but there is a lot of misinformation is being promulgated as fact during this. As someone who worked in the industry, there is no conspiracy. The only agreement that is made between service providers is to cover more area, building a physical network is outrageously expensive. It's the same reason why Verizon almost went bankrupt trying to build an all fiber network in the northeast. In addition, in terms of consumer impact, there will be next to none since most people do nothing remotely close in terms of bandwidth usage to warrant a 50m connection, not mention a gig (and no streaming netflix on 3 computers/tvs will not overload your 50m connection).

  • the jj willams channel
    the jj willams channel 8 months ago

    I work on the physical Network infrastructure that they're claiming that doesn't have competition. I work for a cable company. There is always competition! There is cellular companies, telephone companies, and cable companies.
    She is saying that she wants the government to tell those companies what to do with their property! Net neutrality is a farce.

  • george bush
    george bush 8 months ago

    Just another way for the asshole government to controle the people, shut down free speech, don't let them fool you. That Aji guy and people like him need to be taken out!!!!!!

  • Andrés64B
    Andrés64B 8 months ago

    and Comcast owns NBC Universal. So they could slow down anything from ABC CBS FOX Disney. Whoever they want.

  • Gage Litz
    Gage Litz 8 months ago

    "It's not a war on drugs. It's a war on personal freedom keep that in mind at all times. Thank you."

  • Brismo
    Brismo 8 months ago

    That bitch is a script bot. Make her pass a "I'm not a robot" test.

  • Beau
    Beau 8 months ago

    5 unelected people, oversee an agency with a $388million budget that wields control over regulating interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable for the entire country, directly effecting nearly every one of the 323 million people who live in the USA AND that agency has been bought by the very companies they are meant to regulate.
    this is a MASSIVE issue.
    perhaps a change in the structure of politics is in order
    to use Australia for example, a Prime Minister at the top and then a large array of officials (who, admittedly are picked by the Prime Minister BUT are all members of the controlling government who have been ELECTED to parliament by the Australian public) who oversee different departments (e.g. "Education" "Health" "Trade") on a nationwide level.
    elected officials should be filling positions like the ones at the FCC this insures that if a poor decision is made, the elected official/government come under fire for it.

  • Ash Gates
    Ash Gates 8 months ago

    Oh no! We suck again.
    Humans did quite well before the internet. We will continue to after its abandoned. Stress less.

  • n1ceguysfinlast
    n1ceguysfinlast 8 months ago

    Net Neutrality is something we need!

  • Clint Pot
    Clint Pot 8 months ago

    How about proclaiming the internet a public utility and thus being subject to the freedoms we have in the constitution?

  • Clint Pot
    Clint Pot 8 months ago

    Is this the same FCC that Bill Clinton used to change us from hundreds of news outlets to 6-7 news mega-companies? Nice track record. The internet is turning into a circus with all the censorship.

  • Simon Fly
    Simon Fly 8 months ago

    She is hot .

  • Chip Williams
    Chip Williams 8 months ago

    Joe rogan is a fucking retard, and I'd love to smash his face in with a brick.

  • Free Children Of Earth
    Free Children Of Earth 8 months ago

    A lot of inane comments about the form of the commissioner's speech. Only dogs care about inflection as opposed to content. She's absolutely on point. She's appearing on this show in her official capacity as a commissioner, so it's kind of hard to be casual, while carrying your station with you. But, what she's arguing for is the greatest level of freedom users, and content creators can have online. She's arguing on behalf of independent journalism. Folks obsessed with her buttoned up manner, and somehow translating the idea that she's selling garbage just don't understand this issue. It is the private companies wanting to make the internet their property to regulate are the interests that are trying to take your freedom.

    • Ash Gates
      Ash Gates 8 months ago

      lol humans thrived before the internet and im sure we will once again after its abandoned.

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown 8 months ago

    Even with net neutrality in place I was able to Buy more bandwidth by spending more money, lol. On top of that you already have certain companies that are already blocking your content even with net neutrality. Hell, there are even people getting in trouble for offending people in other countries with net neutrality. Fuck off you polished politician.

  • Freud Ba
    Freud Ba 8 months ago

    Lot of comments from ISPs marketing team here

  • Keith Trimm
    Keith Trimm 8 months ago

    She doesn’t seem like she understands the issue.. and she’s from the FCC!?
    Individuals haves rights..but not a group of individuals that create a group to do business.. they have no rights lmao !!
    We need to rethink this “utility” term.. we need to talk about the role of government.
    “We only have one option on our area”.... followed by “I won’t create an ATT, you won’t create an att”
    Lmao your the problem.. you don’t wanna compete because your too busy living your life.. you don’t seek the advantage... because it’s hard.. then you follow it up with something that the FTC already has as illegal..
    All lies here. Shity illogical.. “you won’t even know if your not getting the content you want” wtf kinda argument is that!!

  • youtert
    youtert 8 months ago

    Who would you rather: FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, or Dr. Rhonda Patrick?

  • Brave Fencer
    Brave Fencer 8 months ago

    Most of you people on here are so fucking stupid, lol, she is one of two people helping you with keeping your internet. Americans are so stupid, no wonder y they are trying to push this agenda down your throat, you just swallow and accept the load shot into your mouths

  • sifat shams
    sifat shams 8 months ago

    She's hot.

  • maxswp
    maxswp 8 months ago

    That was one of the most disingenuous pitches I've ever heard I love joe but Propaganda much?

  • Tree
    Tree 8 months ago

    she talks like she's reading a script, ye no thx

  • TheJakub345
    TheJakub345 8 months ago

    Am i right in saying that 2 out of 3 votes mean 2 people decided on this decision?

  • cosmoissleeping
    cosmoissleeping 8 months ago +1

    Keep voting elephants ya retards. This is what voting for those SHITHEADS gets you

  • Parker Dolan
    Parker Dolan 8 months ago


  • The Rabbit Hole Is Deep

    Shill like behaviour

  • In Dominic I trust
    In Dominic I trust 8 months ago

    The only bad part about this was that her entire first few minutes sounded very scripted. She definitely practiced it just a little too much. Haha.

  • Mike Fagan
    Mike Fagan 8 months ago

    The arguments against the commission's ruling seem to be valid, i.e. it's difficult to see competitors laying their own cables to provide broadband service all over the country, just as it's difficult to imagine competition in something like the electricity grid. On the other hand, two things bother me about this. First, there is no one there to present the other side of the argument, so perhaps there are important facts missing. Second, as someone else mentioned below, companies like Google, TheXvid, Faceborg and Twitter already pose the same "oligarchical" threat to freedom of speech as is being discussed in the hypothetical here and yet whereas net neutrality is presented as a bipartisan issue, the censorship and thought control imposed by Faceborg et al is nearly always presented as something only right wingers moan about "because they're bigoted". That's a glaring (and bigoted) inconsistency of opinion, and something worth pausing over.

  • ANZ Batman
    ANZ Batman 8 months ago

    Was it noted that A Shit Pie used to work for verizon? Where do you think he will go after this job ends.

  • Bobby Etapour
    Bobby Etapour 8 months ago

    Can't trust the fcc. Don't give control to the fcc

  • Bobby Etapour
    Bobby Etapour 8 months ago

    Both are super shady and very calculated in everything they say. I smell a worm

  • poijupoij
    poijupoij 8 months ago

    It should have been a country wide referendum

  • Freedom Cobra
    Freedom Cobra 8 months ago

    Get rid of the FCC.

  • Jon Talkasquan
    Jon Talkasquan 8 months ago

    This bitch gets on my nerves.

  • Hrithmus
    Hrithmus 8 months ago

    She voted to keep the internet the way it was. I dont know why all the hate for her in the comments?

  • whatever happens happens

    As long as we can all look at porn
    Who cares??

  • Austin Edwards
    Austin Edwards 8 months ago

    She's hot

  • Dylan Davidson
    Dylan Davidson 8 months ago

    So there is a local internet provider in my city that is small internet business that provides a cheaper alternative to the big cable/internet companies like Comcast. Honestly, the repeal of net neutrality would be a bigger incentive for small businesses to pop up and provide a cheaper alternative.

  • Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf

    I've never heard somebody talk like that before. She has a very unique voice and manner of speaking.

  • Nick DipaoloFan
    Nick DipaoloFan 8 months ago +1

    That womans tempo and facial expressions are condescending and annoying. Like she is talking to a child.

  • American Made
    American Made 8 months ago

    Basically it’s about content control...pushing agendas. They’ll just start making whatever they want and pushing it out.

  • Jim N
    Jim N 8 months ago

    first bad Joe episode. poor guest

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones 8 months ago +1

    Rogans fans are right wing retards.

  • Lotan Kritchman
    Lotan Kritchman 8 months ago

    I don't know who's right in this issue, I understand both sides... however, this chick is speaking to joe, and us, like little kids, and I don't like it. Sounds rehearsed and not from the heart.

  • daverem870
    daverem870 8 months ago

    She sounds like she’s selling you on doing porn , here’s a gram of cocaine and 200$ just hear what I’m saying 🤑

  • 7t2z28
    7t2z28 8 months ago +1

    the 57 thumb downs must be from Verizon executives.

  • Gene Loper
    Gene Loper 8 months ago

    this woman is cringey to watch and listen to

    • Gene Loper
      Gene Loper 8 months ago

      sideways mouth speakin ass

  • onetripwonders
    onetripwonders 8 months ago

    Naive thought, but if a provider can decide what gets blocked, and the market will decide, can’t a provider use ‘no blocking’ as a way to attract customers? It might be a new one on the horizon, giving customers the opportunity to decide. There has to be a few ethical billionaires willing to start up a new major provider.

  • wowalinbie
    wowalinbie 8 months ago

    So wrong. 90% of these “possibilities” are already illegal. You cannot show preference to something you own. It’s against anti-trust laws.
    Got to ask are they stupid or lying?
    (Oh and by the way, the FCC isn’t supposed to have the power to enact net neutrality in the first place. It should have gone through Congress. Don’t let non-elected officials seize power.)

  • Musiclover
    Musiclover 8 months ago

    She is just another robotic shill.

  • wowalinbie
    wowalinbie 8 months ago

    Break up ISP monopolies, end subsidizing the telecom industry, and stop playing favorites. There is no need for net neutrality.
    Monopolies are already illegal. Look at why they are allowed to continue their cartels. Fix that.

  • AyeAyeron Guadalupe
    AyeAyeron Guadalupe 8 months ago

    This lady gives me the fucken creeps yo

  • barry goldwater
    barry goldwater 8 months ago

    If they block they were already against the FCC regulations.

    • barry goldwater
      barry goldwater 8 months ago

      STAIGHT TALK was the company that told me during a phone call that my unlimited internet was throttled because of the content I viewed. I contacted the FCC and they were pretty helpful. The person who owns straight talk owns nytimes or Washington post I forget which. Carlos slim.

  • Dave R
    Dave R 8 months ago

    You people are all fucking sheep. THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING! fucking morons. The internet is everywhere. Besides watching porn and playing Xbox, half of you wouldn't even give a shit if it wasn't brought up by mainstream news.

  • ThePaleoConservative ForTruth

    This chick talks like a politician. Speaking only of her side , not all sides. The internet wasn't broke before Obama people. Talk about fear mongering. Consider the amount of censorship going on at Google, Facebook, Twitter, TheXvid. Diversity of thought is destroyed. All the plan and sweetheart deal of Barry O' . Just open your mind and look at both sides. Even the closed minded people can see that anything released by the govt that has a positive name bends you over. Hence Patriot act, Affordable care Act, on and on infinite.

  • Raizor Endenium
    Raizor Endenium 8 months ago

    The reason theres not enough competition among Internet Service Providers in the first place is because the Government sells off monopolies of service in areas to the highest bidding company... THATS regulation. Thus - Government Regulation causes the problem in the first place.

  • caca
    caca 8 months ago +1

    In order to watch Doctor Who for the first time ever i had to drag my kids and husband to tell them to turn off everthing using WI-FI i am watching Doctor Who. So bye bye OverWatch no more Inuyasha and cut off Roblox cut off Minecraft. Doctor Who comes first. So yes the ATT won temporally.

  • MunchthatCrunch
    MunchthatCrunch 8 months ago

    These companies are already operating as coexisting monopolies and now they are buying politicians to get even more power. Lobbying is and has been too powerful for too long.

  • quinn osborn
    quinn osborn 8 months ago

    Waiting with baited breath for the interview with a FCC Commish who voted for deregulation....

  • CaLeB XII Gaming
    CaLeB XII Gaming 8 months ago

    Something about this woman is scary.

  • Bzerk Odinson
    Bzerk Odinson 8 months ago +1

    She speaks like she's in an emotional campaign commercial.

  • m'yootoob celery
    m'yootoob celery 8 months ago

    She talks to scripted, cant trust jews

  • Herman Vermaelen
    Herman Vermaelen 8 months ago

    The feminazis on one side and right Wong douchebags on the other.
    FASCISTAS, fascista everywhere

  • keggerous
    keggerous 8 months ago

    Shes cute though . . .

  • Monscent
    Monscent 8 months ago

    Fuck the FCC. She is a BIG part of the problem.

  • Monscent
    Monscent 8 months ago

    Attention attention attention give me attention pleasepleasepleaseplease

  • TheBjiii
    TheBjiii 8 months ago

    Worried about companies doing what the government is already doing? Censoring content, allowing leftwing biased algorithms to be favored.

  • Okhaj
    Okhaj 8 months ago +2

    The Synths are here. Fortunately they seem easy to spot by the way they talk

  • jason Jones
    jason Jones 8 months ago

    Oh look it’s someone from the Government that wants to help us..... Run!!!!!

  • SteelCity1981
    SteelCity1981 8 months ago

    even net neutrality wasn't enough in its current state, because it didnt address the monopolization of ISP's in areas. if net neutrality was to ever be brought back, it must be revised to address this issue.

  • Violence City
    Violence City 8 months ago

    I wish she did ASMR vids. Her voice is so soothing. I am not even mad about Net neutrality anymore.

  • Stefan Martinovic
    Stefan Martinovic 8 months ago

    this bitch makes twitching facial expresions its so annoying

  • Sp0okykidd
    Sp0okykidd 8 months ago

    So you want all packets of data to be the same?

  • MirrorederorriM
    MirrorederorriM 8 months ago

    She sounds like she's trying to impersonate Obama.

  • Bob smith
    Bob smith 8 months ago

    What. The. Fuck. A god damn robot puppet

  • ttt w
    ttt w 8 months ago


  • fuzywazacolin
    fuzywazacolin 8 months ago

    When someone calls me handsome 4:07

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 8 months ago

    Stop blaming dems and reps you fucking retards.
    Your system is fucking you in the arse while you squabble over irrelevent concepts.
    The most fucking retarded country in the fucking universe.

  • John McClane
    John McClane 8 months ago

    So her answer to the industry not being competitive enough is more governmental regulations. Okay, sounds legit. Show me one recent example where that helped any industry innovate and become more competitive.

  • Span Cactus
    Span Cactus 8 months ago +2

    Stop chinese from hacking in pubg we need region lock servers

  • Bikejonze
    Bikejonze 8 months ago

    What is like working with the corrupt snake Ajit Pai?

  • ItsAsia
    ItsAsia 8 months ago

    This made me very uncomfortable. The way she speaks and the way her mouth moves.... Ew

  • amer shakir
    amer shakir 8 months ago

    the fact that she thinks your isp is who sends you to content shows that she does not even know how the internet works. she is just another left wing commie who wants to control business.
    ask these people why states cannot set up their own regulations or even cities. after all it is the cities that give isps local monopolies. why does the FED gov always have to get involved.
    re verizon creating its own services. good luck with that. google tried to create a social media platform by forcing SEO people to link to google plus and yet no one uses google plus.

  • Gentle Art
    Gentle Art 8 months ago

    Google, Twitter and Facebook and are pro Net Neutrality. They are also pro censorship.

  • ZoboTV
    ZoboTV 8 months ago

    the fool that made it 3-2, was drinking from a 64oz oversized reeces cup upon the vote.

  • Marshall H
    Marshall H 8 months ago

    She's creepy as hell...

  • Kyle 7K
    Kyle 7K 8 months ago +8

    She has a very alluring quality about her. I love an intelligent attractive lady.

    • HskHeroReborn
      HskHeroReborn 8 months ago

      Kyle 7K A women that would reach in her wallet to pay for lunch as quick as you would

  • Patrick Joyce
    Patrick Joyce 8 months ago

    So the dude is against radio regulation but for internet regulation ? This girl seems under informed

  • DARKNETGAMING Life and Fitness

    It makes sense when they see dollar signs and know they will be able to charge for doing nothing but manipulation of your signal

  • skyler vanderpool
    skyler vanderpool 8 months ago

    Regulatory agencies are my biggest legal pet peeve

  • Code _V_83
    Code _V_83 8 months ago

    Television isnt Worth Shit anymore...and Theyre trying to move to the Web Completely....repealing Net neutrality is just gonna Secure Their income now that People Will Have to Pay for Certain Services...

  • Alan Macias
    Alan Macias 8 months ago +2

    Yo. Can you upload this in 10p because the FCC just slowed my internet speed to 1mb per sec download speeds and I think I also just got cancer. I also died cuz of net neutrality.

  • kaepria
    kaepria 8 months ago

    is that a dude with a wig and bunch of makeup? i see adams apple as well lol