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  • Acelyn Fury
    Acelyn Fury Day ago

    Merry late christmas

  • Sinistersaintsgaming
    Sinistersaintsgaming 5 days ago +1

    hard cookies are trash, softcookiegang

  • lslavychecker
    lslavychecker 6 days ago


  • Violet Watts
    Violet Watts 7 days ago

    this bitch really just dipped a cracker in chocolate

  • Anika Ibnat
    Anika Ibnat 8 days ago

    so yummy

  • Tiffany Van Maren
    Tiffany Van Maren 8 days ago

    :p cooooooooooooookiessssss

  • kayleen my
    kayleen my 12 days ago

    *is craving sweets*
    *clicks on video*

    *sadly slurps instant ramen*

  • Charlotte Dyer
    Charlotte Dyer 12 days ago

    This looks good

  • I am -jerk-
    I am -jerk- 13 days ago +1

    *_Cookie Monster wants to know your location_*

  • susan goldstein
    susan goldstein 13 days ago

    Hi can you guys please subscribe to PEWDIEPIE !!

  • Erica Grace
    Erica Grace 15 days ago

    Did I just watch 44 minutes of people making cookies: yes
    Do I regret it: a little bit because now I want cookies

  • ExoLysm
    ExoLysm 15 days ago

    The No bake peanut butter and coconut cookie straight up looks like vomit

  • Jugurtha Bens
    Jugurtha Bens 16 days ago

    7:52 i saw that Triforce tattoo vfbjdfslw Zelda for ever

  • Arleth Isais-Gonzalez
    Arleth Isais-Gonzalez 17 days ago +1

    That darn ingredient I didn't have ;-;

  • Valu Francesch
    Valu Francesch 17 days ago

    Min 35 = cookies and cream

  • _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_
    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_ 18 days ago

    28:00 finally santa made cookies him self for once and not break into people's houses for some

  • lily lian
    lily lian 18 days ago

    its so satisfyingggg gosh

  • CherryChunky xx
    CherryChunky xx 18 days ago

    Gosh this vid is littt

  • Eternal Bloom the Allwing

    I think I see smol hands. Either Trump is here or dat a child.

  • Gracie Grimm
    Gracie Grimm 24 days ago

    You had such a good opportunity to say cookie crack and you wasted it. Shame on you 😋😂

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  • rita pireva
    rita pireva 24 days ago

    dont try the first ones with peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut they are disgusting

  • mir12
    mir12 25 days ago

    Substitute of egg

  • Alexi Corrales
    Alexi Corrales Month ago

    You better believe I'm only watching for new cookie doughs to eat

  • Jenna Teigland
    Jenna Teigland Month ago +1

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that tries to guess which cookies they're making while the cookies are being made

  • Jannat Garg
    Jannat Garg Month ago

    If we don't use egg then??

  • Lorena Alves
    Lorena Alves Month ago

    Gostei 😘

  • Maria Elizabeth Nalica

    When I saw "Mix 'N' Match" I remember iKon.

  • Bobby Hannafey
    Bobby Hannafey Month ago

    11:48 Nooooo..... they broke the cookies 😢💔

  • Monica Dennis
    Monica Dennis Month ago

    ... doesn't chocolate have milk in it, so how are the Ritz crackers covered in chocolate vegan? I am obviously not vegan but it doesn't make sense to me. But I want to make SO many of the other recipes!

    • nobody tbh
      nobody tbh Month ago +2

      Not all chocolate has milk

  • w o w v e r y n i c e

    Love the recipe but that music is just......

  • Envious but Prideful

    I'm about to eat my phone because these are so good I don't even have to taste it first they taste so good

  • RaeAnne Rozell
    RaeAnne Rozell Month ago

    Someone please tell me the title of the background music. Its so relaxing and pleasant. I need it more often.

  • megan webb
    megan webb Month ago

    30:30 Dont lie to me those are fucking ritz crackers covered in chocolate

  • Chavez Moore
    Chavez Moore Month ago

    You guys try making a red velvet cookie

  • Emmy Marlene
    Emmy Marlene Month ago

    Never disappointed! 😍😍😍🍪🍪🍪

  • NCC13
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  • Mirlene Chery
    Mirlene Chery Month ago

    For 29:11 my daughter absolutely dislikes peanut butter what should I substitute it with?
    Any ideas.
    Put it in the comment section please.

  • James McIntyre
    James McIntyre Month ago

    Mmmm bikie

  • Jonae Burnett
    Jonae Burnett Month ago

    Do fudge recipes

  • Zakhia Khan
    Zakhia Khan Month ago

    Anyone think it looked like poop but looks really tasty

    • Zakhia Khan
      Zakhia Khan Month ago


  • Queen Chelle
    Queen Chelle Month ago

    I’m in love 😍 yummy 🤤

  • Jaiden Official
    Jaiden Official Month ago

    Just by watching these delicious desserts being made makes me hungry

  • Josh The Hipster
    Josh The Hipster Month ago

    For those of us who don't have 7 hours on our hands,
    1 cup peanut butter
    1 cup sugar
    1tsp baking powder
    1tsp baking soda
    1 egg
    350F for 15 minutes, you're welcome. (you can also add like, cinnamon and sh*t)

  • Sneha Sharma
    Sneha Sharma Month ago

    Plz add option for vegetarians too without egg ones

  • Ultra Diamond
    Ultra Diamond Month ago

    I’m here before 100 dislikes 🤗

  • Xiaozhong Le
    Xiaozhong Le Month ago

    4 minutes in...
    40 minutes to go...

  • Cooldudes07
    Cooldudes07 Month ago

    13:00 just imagine eating the leftover crumbs😮😮😮😮

  • prof.linkachu_of_hyrule

    WHY does it have to be this "Song" for a 45 minute video

    • Leilani Kailani
      Leilani Kailani Month ago

      i get it, it's a nice song. but playing it on a loop for 44 minutes? get out of here. Alexa, play the kahoot theme bass boosted.

  • Maya Garver
    Maya Garver Month ago

    I’m sick with the stomach bug and I can’t eat anything besides Gatorade and crackers and I just finished the video now I want cookies but I can’t eat anything!! 😢

  • Seyoum Mareno
    Seyoum Mareno Month ago

    Could u"ll do one of us I draw u cook vids they r so amazing

  • Silk Slow
    Silk Slow Month ago

    i got halfway through this video and realized Tasty dose their homework. With the judgemental eye of a chief, they have my appreciation.

  • Tanyawaalder Official

    I best you can’t finish this video without getting hungry leave a like if you can👅👅👄👄🍪🍪🍪🍪🥠🥠🍪🍦🍦🥧🥧🍫🍫🍰🍰🍿🍿🍰🎂🎂🍨🍨🥛🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽

  • lawrence barrett
    lawrence barrett Month ago

    Love how kid was helping at one point😊😊

  • Onehappiness Happy
    Onehappiness Happy Month ago +1

    ugh I wanna eat them. they look delicious.

  • Nadeem H.
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  • Mia Aragon
    Mia Aragon Month ago

    😂 am I the only person who watched the full 44 minutes ha

  • Izzy BrushItOff
    Izzy BrushItOff Month ago +1

    Hey guys wanna make Oreo cream, powder sugar, milk, butter, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

  • Jaspriya Lall
    Jaspriya Lall Month ago

    Best video EVER!!!!

  • rob bobby
    rob bobby Month ago

    Fire your child labour force they fucking suck

  • neil smith
    neil smith Month ago

    Love your cool cooking skills

  • buttery butter
    buttery butter Month ago

    Nice recipes

  • Shela Marie Sarmiento

    delicious cookies

  • Akhira Bobbitt
    Akhira Bobbitt Month ago +1

    Love 💕 tasty 😋 productions so much and I love there vegan 🌱 and meat 🥩 recipes

  • Dream
    Dream Month ago

    Saw the whole thing. They looked amazing.

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  • EnderFive5
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    I realized I was liking most of your videos so I just stopped and subscribed

  • Gabriella Russell
    Gabriella Russell Month ago +1

    I wish they would tell you all of the ingredients

  • Araceli Sanchez
    Araceli Sanchez Month ago +2

    I'm sitting here watching 44 minutes of different ways to make cookies, but I can't make any of them because I don't have the ingredients.

  • Farha Zahin
    Farha Zahin Month ago

    Happy new year ✨✨

  • Violets Inbloom
    Violets Inbloom Month ago

    Really fun to watch! I like these longer videos. Tfs

  • Angel Marie Lozano
    Angel Marie Lozano Month ago

    Does anyone know of a good chocolate chip brand is good for melting for chocolate chip cookies? I've tried Nestle and other brands. And they don't really melt when you bake them into the cookies. Someone help?

  • Alexis Meade
    Alexis Meade Month ago +1

    I wish they would continued to list the recipes in the description but I guess if I see something I like, I will hunt down that recipe. lol

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  • SugarCoder
    SugarCoder Month ago

    This video is way too long..if only you put the minutes to the cookies in the description.

  • KylieCat101
    KylieCat101 Month ago

    17:13 why is everyone so damn opposed to baked cookies. PLEASE. JUST. BAKE.THEM

  • Duler Erkul
    Duler Erkul Month ago

    Getting board of chocolate

  • Alyssa Klitzka
    Alyssa Klitzka Month ago

    Yum 😋
    I’m just sitting here eating Romin noodles

  • Naomi Board
    Naomi Board Month ago +1

    This was made last year

    • mboss
      mboss Month ago

      I see what you did there.

  • Eleanor Dalton
    Eleanor Dalton Month ago

    Aren't all poppy seeds the same? Why does it have to be a certain brand?

  • Lucia Martinez
    Lucia Martinez Month ago

    Cookie Monster is no longer sad, but you still have no friends

  • VibrantSounds
    VibrantSounds Month ago

    Tasty music always sounds so nice

  • Vanessa J
    Vanessa J Month ago

    2019 woooooo!!!!!!!😊

  • Katie Bentley
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    That’s 44 minutes of my life I’m never getting back

  • Xavier Gough
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    Make a giant bao bun.

  • Bobby James
    Bobby James Month ago

    *Starting the year in sugar shock* 👌💕👌

    • Bobby James
      Bobby James Month ago

      The camera crew got to be eating good...

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    맛있겠네요 정말 대단한거 같아요 잘보고 가요~^^

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    zoe bellanfante Month ago

    oh yeah happy new year

  • Mithun Roy
    Mithun Roy Month ago

    Homemade samosas?

  • AG Official
    AG Official Month ago

    I really want to work for tasty when I grow up. I bake and cook everyday.

  • Hajime Hinata
    Hajime Hinata Month ago

    44 minutes?! I don't have that sort of attention span!

  • Csongor Kiss
    Csongor Kiss Month ago

    Happy New Year!!❤

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    Jeya Lakshmi Month ago

    Happy new year

  • PotatoGalaxy Life
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    13:44 and because we're not racist . . .

    sorry I've been watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Smidt and Tidus is getting to me . .

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    Happy new years

  • YnnatheguardianChannel


  • Meowdy B
    Meowdy B Month ago

    Time stamps!?

  • Soviet K.G.B
    Soviet K.G.B Month ago

    14:29 looks like my cat's food