Another Life - Katee Sackhoff | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • Choose Humanity. Another Life premieres July 25. Only on Netflix.
    When a mysterious alien Artifact lands on Earth, Commander Niko
    Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) has to lead humanity’s first
    interstellar mission to its planet of origin, while her husband
    (Justin Chatwin) tries to make first contact with the artifact back on
    earth. Another Life explores the miracle of life, how precious life
    is in a universe mostly empty of it, and the lengths we will go to
    protect the ones we love.
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    Another Life - Katee Sackhoff | Official Trailer| Netflix
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Comments • 2 907

  • polite critique
    polite critique 9 hours ago

    Zionist trying to now Steal alien lands using terrorism

  • Lainer Martin
    Lainer Martin 14 hours ago

    The "humanity" aboard that ship is more like they pulled criminals & idiots from the street corners who were selling drugs. Is this "Thugs in Space", or "Orange is the New Black...In Space", or "Teens in Space in their Underwear". Where did they find these low grade, horrible actors? is this The Netflix Stream pool of turd actors? This one actress who acted like a complete thug, ruined the whole dynamic of the shoot, and was subsequently melted, (nice one directors). Good choice to remove her from celluloid . Get rid of a few more of the bad actors & writers, and you may have "The Expanse" in the making in a few years. The lead actress Katee Sackhoff is hard to figure out. I had to go watch her in other series to get a genuine angle or take on her because she basically smiled/grimaced/Crazy-Eyed through the first few episodes...probably wincing at the fact that her cast was woefully inadequate and hoping for a few cast changes. She has a lot of pressure to produce a hit. I am hoping the 2nd season improves from the cast of WalMart. I can't believe that Netflix canceled The OA for this. The only good thing is Katee Sackhoff in this though, even if she had this weird grin/grimace on her face for the first few episodes. Netflix needs to give Katee Sackhoff more input into her character and that of her show. Otherwise, it will go into the bin. I am watching Battlestar Galactica for the FIRST time, and although it is far from my favorite of space series, Katee did a good job in that show from what I've seen thus far. I JUST finished Longmire. Again, why did they cancel that show? WTF is wrong with Netflix? I get that they produce NEW CONTENT all the time, but when you get a hit series, you keep it going because people have invested in the storyline. Instead, Netflix's work model is to dump the good shows and bring in all of these crappy, foreign quantity-not-quality shows. If Netflix is going to commit to this series, 1) listen to your fans, 2) let Katee Sackhoff have more input into the development of the show. I bet she will also change some of those actors. 3) Let the show run its course instead of bailing. Yeah, I know it is hard, Netflix. Oh, and the ridiculous sex scene with the computer. Really? Really?

  • Hated
    Hated 2 days ago

    I watched this a couple months ago and fast forward to now I forgot the name of the show and the plot I only remember the trans girl but I forgot the main character 💀 is it normal to forget shows lol

  • CCC
    CCC 6 days ago

    It started interesting then I stopped watching after 06.58min for various reasons..

  • PeazeMind
    PeazeMind 6 days ago

    Eve Online ship :|

  • Marketing
    Marketing 8 days ago

    I swear everything Justin Chatwin stars In is complete 🗑

  • robert mcgrath
    robert mcgrath 8 days ago +1

    Is lost in space better?

  • Mark Vargas
    Mark Vargas 9 days ago

    Lmao of course they’d make a series about Planet X well mostly about it but about aliens omg Planet X We gonna die

  • Steve Blease
    Steve Blease 10 days ago

    Definitely a millennial snowflake show. Most boxes are ticked. Gay: Check. Women with dicks: check. Person on unknown dubious sexual makeup: Check. Plus a few more, but I’ll stop before I get told off by some butt hurt snowflake.

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 11 days ago

    So many... gorgeous men.... 💋👅👄👅👅💓💓💕💕💓😙

  • Jeremy Simons
    Jeremy Simons 12 days ago

    It blew my mind. It’s comparable to breaking bad. Do not stop.

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 12 days ago

    Katie in another Starbuck role. 😂

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 12 days ago

    Took me a while to recognize Superman. How did he become slender? Not that I'm complaining. 👅👅👄💓💕

  • Ganda Gandara
    Ganda Gandara 12 days ago

    Netflix understands my needs for lots of gorgeous men on my shows. 💋👅👄💓💕👅👅👅👅

  • Alex Braun
    Alex Braun 12 days ago

    The characters are annoying as hell. Couldn’t even stand the first episode. 1/10 lol

  • Britt
    Britt 13 days ago

    Man wtf is Steve/Jimmy doing here

  • xpress
    xpress 15 days ago +1

    Ok, so the show is a must watch if you are a fan of BSG (it’s Starbuck back on space oh my goshhhhh I luv it) ... can’t wait for more episodes already! ..and now with the news of the continuation of BSG in the upcoming peacock is just beyond words!!...

  • BlueDragon
    BlueDragon 16 days ago +1

    This series is a disaster. Avoid. I'm serious.

  • V Kane
    V Kane 16 days ago

    Just watched the first episode. Worst writing and casting (outside of Katee Sackhoff) I've seen in quite a while.

  • RE H
    RE H 17 days ago +1

    NONE of these characters are remotely likeable. Seriously, if this mission were so survival-of-the-human-race important, WHO would send this group of screw ups and misfits?

  • Han Sim
    Han Sim 20 days ago +1

    So they cancelled the OA and decided to make The I-land and Another life... so pathetic.

  • Geraldine şϻίţħ
    Geraldine şϻίţħ 20 days ago +1

    Did the really professional people die or was sent on a more important mission? What is this crew?! Even the AI couldn't compute! I'd have understood if they were the last people on earth but they aren't like WTF?!

  • Rares Neagoe
    Rares Neagoe 24 days ago

    lost in space low budget

  • Sid ahmed El keurti

    The section comment is not very promising here, I'll check smth else.

  • Robert Butts
    Robert Butts Month ago

    It's a great show except the secretary of defense looks like Trump ... And that is the only thing for me is the Trump look could they have not found someone else

  • Eddie Random Beats
    Eddie Random Beats Month ago +1

    I couldn’t make it pass 25 minutes.... the cast and writing are really bad.
    Watch the nightflyer instead.

  • Crood
    Crood Month ago

    This show is shit. Only Niko and William maybe the blonde black girl are the most important or entertaining characters in the show. But worth watching. It gets interesting starting from episode 4.

  • William Cruz
    William Cruz Month ago +2

    This was a fantastic show and I’m really hoping that the next season comes out soon!
    Haters are gonna hate, fans will pay attention longer tho❤️❤️

    • William Cruz
      William Cruz 12 days ago

      Luan Dong
      your tears are delicious~
      Cry some more plz

    • Luan Dong
      Luan Dong Month ago +1

      It definitely caters to a certain demographic. Mainly retards. Good for you for enjoying the show!

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Month ago +1

    I just started watching this because of my admiration of sci-fi but someone please tell this fkn heaping shitpile of nonsense gets better.

  • I'm You
    I'm You Month ago +1

    We need season #2

  • Bustin Biggins
    Bustin Biggins Month ago +1

    What the hell did I watch? I watched the first episode on Netflix and I have to say. This is the WORST written show I have ever watch. WTH, where is the common sense, discipline, ect...

  • Enya Vee
    Enya Vee Month ago

    Is this where Rambutan fruits comes from?

  • William Shearon
    William Shearon Month ago +1

    This is the most realistic show i have seen over the past 10 years. This is exactly what you would get if you packed a spaceship full of left wing liberals and shot them into space. A male Nancy Policy want na be trying to take over the ship in his quest for power, A transvestite doctor that has no idea where it fits in, A fat guy that can't pick up anyone else so goes for the Dr not knowing she has a bigger cock than he does, A bisexxule treo (MMF) dripping body fluids all over the ship, A XO that is going crazy over her dead lover that just happens to have been a crew mate, A captain that is using the ship and its AI as her own personal vibrator and all while everyone is drugging it up on space pot and alcoholic that they smuggled onto the ship. You nailed it, that is exactly what would happen. This show is so realistic in its keeping with the liberal mindset and way of life.

  • mrytully
    mrytully Month ago +1

    the top 20 comments basically sum up this show: Take the characters from breakfast club and put them on a space mission to save earth. no space uniforms on this space ship, that is way to cliche. Thin shirts that show cleavage is more appropriate for space travel. What a train wreck.

  • A ill
    A ill Month ago +1

    Terrible acting , from the whole cast not even 20 minutes in and nope not for me .. liked the concept but disappointed highly the acting alone couldn’t let me continue watching I’ll stick to lost in space that show is great and entertaining

  • LEINER989
    LEINER989 Month ago

    Ya quiero la maldita segunda temporada haci que NETFLIX ponte pila y saca la seguna temporada este año 2020

  • perseus osei
    perseus osei Month ago +2

    this idea for this series could have a potential..but the the story line, writing and cast..jesus...i kept rolling my eyes through the episodes....all episodes seems to go like this: 1)there is far fetched coincidence mostly chaotic
    2)the crew bitch about it and somebody's feelings get hurt
    3)whiles tackling the problem..they take the time to talk about their feelings(this results to not paying attention to some idiot who brings something onboard)
    4)somebody almost dies and dies
    5)a moral epiphany is pointed out just going to rewatch south park😤

  • Mario Labastida
    Mario Labastida Month ago +1

    I loved this series, I hope season 2 is as good as this one.
    Thanks Netflix

  • gianni D'Onofrio
    gianni D'Onofrio Month ago +1

    There is potential. I enjoyed it. Can't wait for season 2

  • Gabriela Sampaio
    Gabriela Sampaio Month ago

    Rumo a 1 milhão de visualizações desse trailer

  • Harshal kshirsagar
    Harshal kshirsagar Month ago

    Such a great series

  • Emily Cunningham
    Emily Cunningham Month ago +1

    Ummm, Okay? Pass.

  • amit jatt
    amit jatt Month ago +1

    waiting for season 2 🤗🤗🤗

  • stephenstiles2
    stephenstiles2 Month ago +2

    Dammit - what is up with Netflix? It's turning into CNN. I tried watching "Raising Dion" - and they pulled the white men are racist card. Started watching "Another Life" and Washington DC was underwater due presumably global warming. The trans gender Counsellor Troi character I can handle. God, why not give Obama another 40 million dollars for nothing (yes, they actually did). I am going to try to continue watching it - hopefully it doesn't keep the deep slide left. And the crew of idiot millenials and not military?

    • stephenstiles2
      stephenstiles2 Month ago

      Or make Entertainment

    • William Cruz
      William Cruz Month ago +1

      stephenstiles2 I feel bad for people who can’t get over their own politics to watch some entertainment.

  • Fahoodix 38
    Fahoodix 38 Month ago +2

    i just finished it and hear this from me beleive me the tv series is diffrent from the trailer i love it and the ending is shocking it needs s2

  • Ben-Ken
    Ben-Ken 2 months ago

    I downloaded episode 1 and 2. Watched the first episode and then deleted them both. If you love these types of series and films, watch "The Expanse". It was on SyFy. Now it's on Amazon.

  • LennIIIATER 09
    LennIIIATER 09 2 months ago +3

    I love this show so much and I am so happy and hyped for season 2

    LONDON INSIDER 2 months ago +1

    Netflix is getting greedy & greedy over time. Anyone disagrees?

  • c0rpx
    c0rpx 2 months ago

    Now, I made it to episode 7 because I imagine they gathered a bunch of "special" people they secretly wanted to get rid of, hoping they would crash into a star but they somehow keep surviving against all odds. Now imagine the guys in the command center back on earth cheering every time someone gets infected (again) or breaks the ship somehow, only to throw a tantrum in disbelief when they somehow turn it around again. It's a blast. But only if you really have time to waste.
    Seriously. This is next level. Someone please upload a version with a laugh track.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 months ago +1

    This show has a transgender actor which is disgusting! Thumbs down for this show and if Netflix wants to keep pressing homosexuality and transgenderism on viewers, then I will gladly cancel my subscription! I'm out!

  • The Artist Residency
    The Artist Residency 2 months ago +1

    Looks like it's going to be good definitely going to check it out tonight.

  • 120starter
    120starter 2 months ago +1

    Really loving this series. I'm a late watcher, but just started.. This show is great, and I'm positive that once others begin watching they will love it too. Katee Sackoff is a Beast as Mission Captain!

  • Jenna Hyser
    Jenna Hyser 2 months ago +1

    Please make a second season, I really love this series. It takes a bit for a show to become popular, like family guy, the office, and other classics. I feel like people only watched the first few episodes. Please bring this back!

  • Robert Schlie
    Robert Schlie 2 months ago

    I have never ever watched a show where I don't like any of the characters until this dumpster fire. I found myself wanting to see them all dead even that brat kid.

  • Jill Sandwich
    Jill Sandwich 2 months ago

    Loved this show. Only advice, please hire less bitchy actors. Sometimes a more serious approach works better.

  • jqbtube
    jqbtube 2 months ago

    6% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    • William Cruz
      William Cruz Month ago

      jqbtube awww it thinks people care about rotten tomatoes scores lol

  • Krish
    Krish 2 months ago +1

    Send next season of another life

  • Dakota Summers
    Dakota Summers 2 months ago +1

    You know, all the stuff you peeps are saying is true. But somehow, I actually enjoyed this goddam show.

  • Kostis GR
    Kostis GR 2 months ago

    Movies/Series with hostile aliens are all trash with no exception.

  • Julius Heide
    Julius Heide 2 months ago

    The most obnoxious crew i ever seen, except Lieutenant Starbuck from BG she's good, also no asian?