Talia & Simon Reveal NEW CAR!!

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
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  • Narain Manickam
    Narain Manickam 4 months ago +291

    I love how Talia doesn’t want to show her Tesla cause of creeps which I get but JJ was showing off his bright tron purple chrome lambo with 0 fucks given lmao

    • lisaandlena
      lisaandlena 4 months ago +1

      Talia is a girl, JJ is a big black man. There’s a difference lol

    • Michael Alexander
      Michael Alexander 4 months ago +2

      @Tay-K nah just look at the reddit pages and stuff about her, there's some creeps (maybe not the redditors) but should be careful

    • Tay-K
      Tay-K 4 months ago

      @Martial fairs if that's true

    • Martial
      Martial 4 months ago +6

      @Tay-K she had to leave her apartment after moving in just a month before, because people recognised it and started stalking her.

  • Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas 4 months ago +70

    Talia hides 1 car..... Shmee150 puts his 10 - 14 brightly coloured supercars all over the internet 😂

    • IceCold
      IceCold 4 months ago


    • Hartr0
      Hartr0 4 months ago +1

      @Fxnsom ye the only thing u can get from a license plate is that it will tell u what car it is

    • Fxnsom
      Fxnsom 4 months ago +6

      I don’t think some people understand that from a license plate there’s really nothing you can get.. unless you work for the police?😬

  • entirely music
    entirely music 4 months ago +8

    Give it a year or 2 and they gonna be starting a family

  • James Babu
    James Babu 4 months ago +117

    Others : Company
    Randolph : Cumpany

    • kai
      kai 10 days ago

      Randy says it right

    • Faiz Khalifa
      Faiz Khalifa 4 months ago

      What's the difference?

  • gangstaaa
    gangstaaa 4 months ago +8

    Simon should vlog in the car

  • Mu'adz Mandarwis
    Mu'adz Mandarwis 4 months ago +6

    Insurance for under 25 is beyond unaffordable! Basically a scam
    Passed my test few weeks ago age 19, insurance quotes were £2k with blackbox and £5k without for 1litre cars.
    The cars themselves cost 3x less less

    • Jaack x
      Jaack x 4 months ago +1

      I don’t understand how, I had a 2.0 BMW at 18, a 3.0 BMW at 20 and now a 335i 3.0 at 24, not flexing by the way people have way better cars than me but my insurance has always been under £1500 a year

  • Liam Sharpe
    Liam Sharpe 4 months ago +147

    I hate people who act as if teslas are the best thing since sliced bread

    • JudeK
      JudeK 4 months ago

      @Ryan Ambler cringe

    • Ryan Ambler
      Ryan Ambler 4 months ago

      @JudeK Lmao guess you are projecting

    • Ryan Ambler
      Ryan Ambler 4 months ago

      @JudeK You're an actual clown to say telsa is prettier then every german car. Also most german companies aren't going the traditional way to make their cars environmentally friendly. Company's like porsche are trying to create a synthetic fuel that can be reused. Tesla's self driving is still terrible.

    • Frankie Wilde
      Frankie Wilde 4 months ago

      The UK doesn't have the infrastructure for electric cars and fuck waiting an hour for your car to fill

  • Ben Gray
    Ben Gray 4 months ago +2

    Thank god I don't live in London, insurance sounds well expensive. I've never had a black box and my insurance has always been under a grand or around it

  • Cisco
    Cisco 4 months ago +34

    Insurance is expensive in the UK then. I got a brand new sports car and my insurance is $70 a month

    • watchit
      watchit 4 months ago

      @Military In 2D ok thanks

    • Military In 2D
      Military In 2D 4 months ago

      @watchit so when u have an accident. U can make a claim in which the insurance company will handle expenses. But when u do this , the insurance yearly rate goes up.

    • Anshi Luru
      Anshi Luru 4 months ago

      It’s also cause the car is a Tesla, even here in the US the insurance rates on Telsas are alot higher than other luxury brands because of the risk in Tesla autopilot and self driving accidents.

    • Lee Kelly
      Lee Kelly 4 months ago

      @watchit If you have an accident and you need to actually get the insurance company to pay out.

    • watchit
      watchit 4 months ago

      @Tartanguy87 what are claims

  • Dylan's Mind
    Dylan's Mind 4 months ago

    Congrats on the Tesla

  • Whodey #
    Whodey # 4 months ago +3

    Why’s she acting like she’s got the only Tesla in the world in that colour?

  • Abdulrhman
    Abdulrhman 4 months ago +42

    Tesla is so overrated , it’s a bland car but I get it if you are not a car person

    • t800
      t800 4 months ago +2

      it's not really for car people, its just somewhat comfortable and easy to use

    • blink182fan11
      blink182fan11 4 months ago +1

      Aint nothing bland about dusting sportscars, i love the shithousery

    • Niko
      Niko 4 months ago +4

      fr they are so boring but they are rich so doubt they give a shit

  • Austin Reed
    Austin Reed 4 months ago +1

    At least america has their insurance rates under control. Listen to these numbers wtf

    • t800
      t800 4 months ago

      Crazy to think she's 25 and still paying that much

  • Brandon Ellerby
    Brandon Ellerby 4 months ago

    Hearing how much the uk spends on insurance makes me want to vomit.

  • KISHAN _ 2103
    KISHAN _ 2103 4 months ago


  • KISHAN _ 2103
    KISHAN _ 2103 4 months ago


  • YT Haks267
    YT Haks267 4 months ago


  • Ricky P
    Ricky P 4 months ago +5

    A Tesla? A Tesla... wow. What a mundane boring car.
    Now if they said they got a nissan r34 sedan drift spec with a rb26 engine block. I would of subbed. But f that.

  • Eric Doyle
    Eric Doyle 4 months ago +3

    Uk insurance is expensive…

    • Yesyesyes Nonono
      Yesyesyes Nonono 4 months ago +2

      @Just Hasnain so? everyone who lives in the uk isnt millionares

    • Just Hasnain
      Just Hasnain 4 months ago +2

      They are millionares

  • Dokke Mapper
    Dokke Mapper 4 months ago


    PARADOX 4 months ago +2


  • jordan southern
    jordan southern 4 months ago +8

    All these people saying they’re first think they’re so much better lmao. Like they’re gonna get a ton of attention for being first

  • William lillicrapp
    William lillicrapp 4 months ago +1

    Mad to think people actually watch Talia

    • Shakur_TSK
      Shakur_TSK Month ago

      Shes entertaining, funny and shes also really talented lol just bc u dont like her doesnt mean others dont, thats a you problem mate 😂😂

  • J GLB
    J GLB 4 months ago +4

    They really are perfect for each other. Simon will take anything he can get and she’s looking for a career since dating will and jj didn’t help her music career. It’s also hilarious that Simon bought and paid for her Tesla and insurance and she got the audacity to say she owns it. When you’re gifted something , you don’t just pretend the other person didn’t just buy it.

    • Jivs
      Jivs 4 months ago +5

      When did she ever date jj? And who said Simon paid for the car?

  • Red
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  • jackson
    jackson 4 months ago


  • Zipxy
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  • F.
    F. 4 months ago

    W 7th

  • Biga1dsfromthefareast
    Biga1dsfromthefareast 4 months ago