Amelia Monét ft. Br3nya - Bumper (Official Video)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Amelia Monét ft. Br3nya - Bumper
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  • Eshath Miah
    Eshath Miah Day ago

    She'll wear shades when its pitch black but not when the sun is on her face

  • JoJo
    JoJo 2 days ago

    This song needs to be more recognition, we play in it our store in Ireland and honestly love hearing it

  • Shaylah Thomas
    Shaylah Thomas 4 days ago

    And im not a hater ur leng asf keep it going

  • Shaylah Thomas
    Shaylah Thomas 4 days ago

    Sorry i love u pretty amelia monet but you have a bigh which is a back and thigh sorry gurl you got no batty but i still gotcha gurlyy both of u

  • MinicatPlays
    MinicatPlays 6 days ago

    😂😂😂 it didn’t even hit a million

  • maryama maryama
    maryama maryama 10 days ago

    i was watching this in my computing class then my teacher saw what it was then put it on the big board for EVERYBODY to see.

  • Moufid Adjibade
    Moufid Adjibade 12 days ago

    Amelia money rubbish and a one hit wonder but that br3yna girl hit me up x

  • eys292
    eys292 15 days ago

    Br3nya is sooo gorgeous and thicker than a shnickker 👸🏿😍

  • Nocturnal Gamer
    Nocturnal Gamer 15 days ago +1

    So when am I getting "The Key to Your Treasure?" aka "The Best Part of You"
    "I will do right by you" anytime Amelia Monet, My Beautiful little thing

  • Cookie Sarwar
    Cookie Sarwar 15 days ago


  • Hollie Turnell
    Hollie Turnell 15 days ago

    This girl is so beautiful but then gets shamed, shame on you fuckers hat aren’t even on her level 😂😂

  • Real Advantage Productions

    This video is totally awesome! I never heard of Amelia Monet before but now I got that name locked in my brain. Can't wait to see what else she going to put out. This woman is hot. This woman is on fire. Super talented. You go girl! I wish you much success

  • LifeonMaz
    LifeonMaz 16 days ago

    Bumper song when you are built like SNOOP LION, yeah , makes sense

  • Jordan Bradley
    Jordan Bradley 16 days ago +1

    What a fucking shit piece of crap

  • CAM
    CAM 17 days ago

    i think this is a bop. the rap was shit but it’s a cute summer song. idk why they dropped it now

    DJRICKYDEEUK 19 days ago

    I want to do right by you, so when will I get my pleasures?

  • Shae The Truth
    Shae The Truth 19 days ago

    I loooooove the hook keep up the great work your beautiful!!!!!

    EZO STO 20 days ago

  • Linda Sings
    Linda Sings 21 day ago

    Does anybody know how she became famous so quick because I have a TheXvid channel I will be uploading cover videos but I would like to know how Became Discovered because you know I’m not hating on or anything I’m very impressed and happy for her grind but I can sing way better I’m not trying to put her down but I’m trying to get out there to So if you guys know anything can you please let me know

  • Zirah jalloh
    Zirah jalloh 21 day ago +2

    Amelia monet overrated😤😤.no is calm tho.br3nya made it bang tho

  • vlog vs video life
    vlog vs video life 26 days ago

    i bet EO is loving it

  • Shueb Ahmed
    Shueb Ahmed 26 days ago

    Dis tune bangssss

  • Steph E.
    Steph E. 28 days ago

    All I Know Is This Is 🔥

  • Charchar2492 Natalie

    the song should of been a summer song

  • *I r i s*
    *I r i s* Month ago

    But when its fat shaming it's different.

  • Jasmin Mc
    Jasmin Mc Month ago +3

    Why do I feel like Drake could sing this song, it reminds me of the same type songs he do. Don't know why but I can imagine his voice on this😄

  • Jasmin Mc
    Jasmin Mc Month ago +2

    People, just because she doesen't have the biggest butt and tits in the world, why yall gotta be so fucking mean! Everyone is not meant to be the same so let Amelia live, she georgeous🤷🏽‍♀️

  • JustMatt
    JustMatt Month ago

    this goes offffffffffffffffff yas

  • Rachael B
    Rachael B Month ago +2

    BANGERRRRRRRR and visuals really did SLAP...

  • D Dyez
    D Dyez Month ago +6

    Why is she whinning when you slap her ass it sounds like a screenshot

  • Genghis
    Genghis Month ago +7

    stop pretending this is the deadest song i have ever heard

  • Ilana Ifefo
    Ilana Ifefo Month ago +4

    Thick thin song and those are the thing poppin amazing love this song

  • Joe apalowo
    Joe apalowo Month ago +2

    im sorry to say this but bikinis arent for her

    • Xenia
      Xenia Month ago

      Joe apalowo they both look good

  • Amerie George
    Amerie George Month ago +8

    Ngl, contrast in body types at 0:52 is a bit mad 🙈

  • KxngOfAFS
    KxngOfAFS Month ago +4

    Nice teeth = yes
    Nice face = yes
    Nice body = yes
    Nice voice = 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yusuf Daanish
    Yusuf Daanish Month ago +3

    The song's a vibeeeeee

  • Tanti Dossa
    Tanti Dossa Month ago +6

    Who's here before 1mil

  • Nyakong Yang
    Nyakong Yang Month ago +3

    Killed it 🔥

  • Lena MSPx
    Lena MSPx Month ago +8


  • anisa ruxar
    anisa ruxar Month ago +3


  • anisa ruxar
    anisa ruxar Month ago +3

    amelia i just wanted 2 say you inspire m everyday 2 be happy with who i am :)

  • Kaycie North
    Kaycie North Month ago +5

    this song goes hard lmao you lot need to calm yourselves 😂

  • Jocelin Perez
    Jocelin Perez Month ago +1

    okay 👏🏽

  • Keyla Dejesus
    Keyla Dejesus Month ago +11

    Amelia is beautiful the way she is WHY TF YALL BODY SHAMMING !!! But I bet if she got surgery y’all would be like she fake why did she do that?. Amelia is a talented singer and is having fun showing her body off!! Because she loves herself 👌🏽👌🏽❤️❤️❤️

    • Zac Mirza
      Zac Mirza Month ago

      Keyla Dejesus long as she loves herself she don’t need to care what ppl think

  • Arianna Ariannaa
    Arianna Ariannaa Month ago +3

    I actually like the song

  • Zirah jalloh
    Zirah jalloh Month ago +10

    Br3nya is so underrated #goodfood

  • sophie
    sophie Month ago +4

    we love a girl whos thick and doesnt have an unrealistic body shape. Have some stomach fat is natural. If you want a thicc girl you get it ALL. you dont get to pick and choose.

  • Emaza得.
    Emaza得. Month ago +1


  • maxy is too funny
    maxy is too funny Month ago +2

    i only liked br3yna's part

  • natashia ruiz
    natashia ruiz Month ago +1

    Go go girl

  • Dfuhhdf Chjgsfh
    Dfuhhdf Chjgsfh Month ago +1

    Neither of them can sing.. no talent whatsoever lol esp the dark skin chick 🤦🏼‍♀️ just an embarrassment 😂😂

  • Ururitirij Dudfi
    Ururitirij Dudfi Month ago +2

    This bitch flat

  • On the edge
    On the edge Month ago +2

    I'm only here for her hairstyle 😬 lol fr like can someone hook me up with the name of this braid style

    • Labi Ade
      Labi Ade Month ago

      Fulani/tribal braids

  • Alisha E.
    Alisha E. Month ago +2

    i feel like this was the same as the baddest, way too repetitive and the only good part other than the chorus was Br3nyas verse, really wanted this to bang aswell 🤕🤕

  • Jasmin Mc
    Jasmin Mc Month ago +9

    This reminds me of Nicki's and Ari's "bed"

  • Mariah Ki’erra Dye

    I can’t listen to this without dancing like I swear 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵💯💯

  • Savage G
    Savage G Month ago +2

    She can sing but her songs ain’t good.
    Not in a rude way, but she should really get a song writer cos she has the voice to make hits. And if she is already using a song writer then she should get a new one

  • DARRionaireVEVO
    DARRionaireVEVO Month ago


  • Nins Drb
    Nins Drb Month ago +1


  • Abdul Sattar3re0
    Abdul Sattar3re0 Month ago +4

    Not everybody gotta be thick you know so leave amelia alone stop body shaming her