We made a ROBLOX CAFE... and poisoned the drinks

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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    Today I open up a very scary cafe put together by Real_KingBob and the drinks are not the coffee that they wanted. Let me know if you want more of these elaborate admin type videos!
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  • Can we reach a 1000 subscribers?

    Girl: *russian noises*
    Albert voices it: WHAAAAAAT!!!!

  • L3g3nd4ry 22
    L3g3nd4ry 22 4 hours ago

    Are those bots that u made

  • Kitten Girl OMG
    Kitten Girl OMG 5 hours ago

    Albert: we gotta sell some SPIT
    Me: eating

  • Eliza Colon
    Eliza Colon 5 hours ago +1

    Flamingo:what would you like Mike?
    Mike: CUP

    me:when he said cup I felt that XD

  • Jessica Chance
    Jessica Chance 6 hours ago

    The other girl wanted a unicorn frap

  • Unicat 09
    Unicat 09 6 hours ago

    The amount of times they said “when i get my first opportunity i will kill you” is scaring me

  • Stella Nutella
    Stella Nutella 6 hours ago


  • Emma Princess
    Emma Princess 6 hours ago

    Flamingo: I hear someone coughing
    Me: that would be me *coughs*

  • Mr.cut13
    Mr.cut13 7 hours ago

    hello welcome to chiles what would you like?

  • Luna_The_Black_Cat OwO

    3AM huh? I see that you set the mood Albert {[($3NP@1)]}

  • KelinaJ
    KelinaJ 8 hours ago

    3 A.M crew

  • Kareem Ehab
    Kareem Ehab 8 hours ago

    I played the game and is gone

  • Braxton pro
    Braxton pro 10 hours ago +1

    0:19 the weird spongebob rock bottom language

  • Mikael Monteiro
    Mikael Monteiro 14 hours ago

    Why do you always but girl robux

  • Miguelink 2006
    Miguelink 2006 15 hours ago


  • thanos chan
    thanos chan 18 hours ago

    that kinda rude

  • A random Boi [Not temmie] MLG

    0:00 hey guys

  • Sn00ks
    Sn00ks Day ago

    6:05 that’s a day of the dead skull I think.

  • chickenrun
    chickenrun Day ago +1

    Albert:DRINK THE COFFEE!!!
    Girl:*drinks coffee*
    Albert:u shouldn’t drink the coffee

    • Taty the Dino
      Taty the Dino 6 hours ago

      That’s the whole point......He meant that

  • Valentin Perez
    Valentin Perez Day ago

    Hey do a daycare BUT kill the kid in roblox

  • Emily Pierson
    Emily Pierson Day ago


  • Caroline Crush
    Caroline Crush Day ago

    Albert: I’m the one spitting in people’s drinks 🍹
    Albert: (2 seconds later) *cops merch

  • Sir Pink Cockatoo

    We Should Make a Discord Flamingo Cult Club OR some type of myth cult Discord sever

  • Victoria Garcia
    Victoria Garcia Day ago

    The lady suffocating and can't breathe

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie Day ago

    I would like to go there

  • Uranus The planet


  • Hoodie Plays
    Hoodie Plays Day ago


  • Stylish Sisters
    Stylish Sisters Day ago

    I love this cafe

  • Cassie S-P
    Cassie S-P Day ago


  • Loopy B
    Loopy B Day ago

    Ur café is so cool and funny! 😄

  • Jay Jobling
    Jay Jobling Day ago


  • ISsAbElLaS ChAnNeL
    ISsAbElLaS ChAnNeL Day ago +1

    Love channel pls let me be pinned :(

  • einar ozan
    einar ozan Day ago

    Me buy merch in first 4 hours

  • Ella Nguyen
    Ella Nguyen Day ago

    They say “ki” referring to “ kill”....

    • XMonkeyxx X
      XMonkeyxx X Hour ago

      Ella Nguyen no it mean a kilogram of crack/cocaine

  • GachaTheory
    GachaTheory Day ago

    I have watched this 6 times

  • MusaPlayz
    MusaPlayz Day ago


  • Jaycee TV
    Jaycee TV Day ago

    11:19 the ice cream is right there 😂

  • Depressed peridot
    Depressed peridot 2 days ago

    “Maybe if I drink coffee I’ll have the energy to be loved.... yeah....”

  • Wichka Thach
    Wichka Thach 2 days ago +1

    Me realizing theirs a manikin in the back ground with a head on the hand spitting out blood 😂

  • Bobous Forever
    Bobous Forever 2 days ago

    watch bobous forever plsss it a work in progress

    and idea for admin...
    make a robot and make the robot kill your friends or randomness :3

  • Viviraptor Productions

    Only OG’s have watched eArThWoRM SALLy

  • JAY Patterson
    JAY Patterson 2 days ago

    300 am

  • michelle gavigan
    michelle gavigan 2 days ago

    I’ve been watching flamingo since I was 7

  • Rachel Awkward
    Rachel Awkward 2 days ago

    Make it tablet pls then U will have more players

  • Zachiie_Potato
    Zachiie_Potato 2 days ago


  • Dee Scott
    Dee Scott 2 days ago

    I died you killed me why 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂

  • KM - 04OP - Castlemore PS (1426)


  • Geno Lafuente
    Geno Lafuente 2 days ago


  • Matthewtrone345
    Matthewtrone345 2 days ago

    i like Albert when he says Hello in the cartoony way 9:29

  • Lilly Step
    Lilly Step 2 days ago

    Me watching this when I am EATING

  • Sofitie xxx
    Sofitie xxx 2 days ago

    Flamango me have regular coffee please?

  • Heli - Just Shapes And Beats

    *c u p*

  • Lon Cal
    Lon Cal 2 days ago

    Anybody else die from laughing from 8:46 - 9:05

  • LegenKor
    LegenKor 2 days ago

    *me* what time is he playing
    *flamingo* yea it's 3am
    *me* 😑

  • Emily unicornstars
    Emily unicornstars 2 days ago

    Make a roblox adoption center

  • Angela Bunbamrung
    Angela Bunbamrung 2 days ago +1

    You should go to different roblox restaurants or cafés and rate them and if it’s bad then you raid the café, if it’s good you just leave after you’ve rated them lol

  • leslie tolentino
    leslie tolentino 2 days ago

    Not even a single soul:
    Not even my mom supporting me:

    See i told you noone is here lol

  • 3RR0R 54N5
    3RR0R 54N5 2 days ago


    what if the customer is gay?

  • Bella Perez
    Bella Perez 2 days ago

    Can you go to the secret base how do people die in a zika virulent

  • 〔Hayley WentOof〕

    He films at 3 am... damn that’s the time i either sleep or wake up