How I bought every single used bike at the Dealership


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  • thesarv88
    thesarv88 4 hours ago

    It’s called loot dammit! Lol

  • handymannification
    handymannification 5 hours ago

    One lot, one price. No need to individually price everything.

  • Joshua McIntosh
    Joshua McIntosh 5 hours ago

    I love all the butthurt comments about whether or not his title is 100% accurate. Funny vid man. Keep it up.

  • BBCfakenews
    BBCfakenews 9 hours ago

    Nope. You bought eight bikes.

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman 17 hours ago

    Looks like the problem is everything your offering he could ask $500 more and would be gone tomorrow.

  • Andrew Cross
    Andrew Cross Day ago

    If you can afford all the bikes try investing in a high quality camera so I don't get motion sick from watching it. He's all over the place with that.

  • Basic Life
    Basic Life Day ago

    Damn! You are genius. Love all your bike collections. Please send me one of your used bike 😉 or $1000 😄

  • Ali Irani
    Ali Irani Day ago

    I believe that you are vacuum machine

  • DZO Inc
    DZO Inc 3 days ago

    He asked a dealer to buy his used inventory and then thought he would sell everything at retail? That would've frustrated the hell out of me.

  • Good Ol Boy #76
    Good Ol Boy #76 3 days ago

    I wish I could afford one bike and here you go buying 8 LOL.

  • Stoshua
    Stoshua 5 days ago

    Id does uhhhh 75 lmao
    and 6k on that old wing is crazy 2k max cause it is really clean.
    and that stryker is awesome

  • Stephen Beddard
    Stephen Beddard 5 days ago

    Dick is a dick

  • Katie Spurlock
    Katie Spurlock 6 days ago

    I'm just wondering why a handicapped person is driving a viper.

  • Moistbabywipe 549
    Moistbabywipe 549 7 days ago

    I just love that cbr 250

  • Akhil k
    Akhil k 7 days ago

    USMC hat!

  • Romane Giles
    Romane Giles 7 days ago

    well I'm looking for a Suzuki Gsxr 750-1000. it can be a 2005-2010. can you help me out.

  • Simeon Evtimov
    Simeon Evtimov 7 days ago

    YAMALUBEEEEEEEEEEE me wateeee....

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 7 days ago

    Wow love watching this video... You guys are cool 😎... Thanks mate

  • Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon 7 days ago

    Gull wing, you might was well drive a car.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 7 days ago

    Click bait

  • Israel Thompson
    Israel Thompson 7 days ago

    I need a new bike!! Mine got impounded 🏍💨🤫😂

  • John Cavar
    John Cavar 8 days ago

    You Sean and Caleb remind of that great show ..American pickers

  • John Cavar
    John Cavar 8 days ago

    Lovely 🏍 bikes

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 8 days ago

    Bro that’s the Honda dealer in my state I go to that place all the time

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 8 days ago

    ooooo everything is "sick"

  • ben reber
    ben reber 8 days ago

    Yo I knew I recognized that dealer. I’ve been there a few times.

  • SurgeMMO
    SurgeMMO 8 days ago

    If I’d offered to buy a set number of bikes and he then sold some of them after I’d not have bought any.

  • Anonymous One
    Anonymous One 8 days ago

    Come on bro.. clickbait? You roll in to buy “all the used bikes” yet someone else has deeper pockets and bought just about all the bikes. You fill up half a trailer with 8 old bikes is not cleaning out the dealership. Your offers for this junk is lower than the consumer would offer. Thumbnail would be better at “I wish I could by all the used bikes at a local dealer”. 😂😂

  • bryan diel
    bryan diel 9 days ago

    I like that Blue V-star 650. Maybe the 750 shadow would be better. Was one of the bikes a Night Hawk 750?? Makes me miss my 78 CB750 Super Sport!!!

  • Grieg Ragen
    Grieg Ragen 9 days ago

    The Nighthawk and CBR are by far the best looking.

  • Riley Sheedy
    Riley Sheedy 9 days ago

    Hey I’ve been there before, it’s somewhere in Victoria Australia

  • Salty A
    Salty A 10 days ago

    Bike on a wall= french cleat

  • Elliott Schidlo
    Elliott Schidlo 10 days ago

    Dude why the fuck would anybody sit and watch this? These bike guys think everybody wants to watch this dumbass shit! There's literally no reason to watch this video

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  10 days ago

      And it’s still our most viewed video. Thanks for watching

  • Dave Meraz
    Dave Meraz 11 days ago

    Dude! What a waste of time, if I see you on the street, I'm gonna kick your ass!

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  10 days ago

      1921 mcfarland drive, landisville PA 17538 (9-5 weekdays when should I be expecting you)

  • Honest John
    Honest John 11 days ago

    This is crap... delete the video

  • The Great Hawk
    The Great Hawk 11 days ago

    I looked at the thumbnail before reading the title and it looked like the old man was threatening the guy somehow while saying that quote.

  • ridebmx1997
    ridebmx1997 11 days ago

    Bought many dirt bikes here that’s insane it’s a Pennsylvania place

  • S & M
    S & M 11 days ago

    So cheap. All double that price in Australia...

  • thecrow
    thecrow 11 days ago

    man i could do with a honda shadow haha
    or a cbr

    • thecrow
      thecrow 10 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards just far too expensive to buy in the UK I'm not a well off man

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  10 days ago

      Great bikes

  • Xavier Pena
    Xavier Pena 11 days ago


  • ricky todd Botelho
    ricky todd Botelho 12 days ago +1

    My man, they're not letting no bikes like that go for no dirt cheap price no time. Not like you can build one of them for that kind of money no time.

  • Robert Hansel
    Robert Hansel 12 days ago

    radiator for the viper

  • Darin Gries
    Darin Gries 12 days ago

    What is this pawn wars????

  • papadjrowe
    papadjrowe 12 days ago

    Wtf bro!? I would have turned and left as soon as he said they were all gone. Sounds like they will be back on the wall in a week

  • Scorpion ghost films
    Scorpion ghost films 12 days ago

    i would have gave 3000 for that spider

    • Scorpion ghost films
      Scorpion ghost films 12 days ago

      Bikes and Beards sorry i meant i would have gave you 9,000 for it cause you can get them for under 15,000 to 10,000 here in kansas

    • Scorpion ghost films
      Scorpion ghost films 12 days ago

      Bikes and Beards. yea you can buy used 2015 here in kansas for under 5 grand at some dealers

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  12 days ago

      Wow that much lol

  • Ishkabibble
    Ishkabibble 12 days ago

    Honda shop, this is right up the road from me. Pricey but good service.

  • dwill webb
    dwill webb 12 days ago

    Fake news

  • Herb out west
    Herb out west 13 days ago +3

    Thumbnail should read "ill take some of your used bikes" lol i got bated

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  12 days ago

      the ones we didnt buy were not his bikes they were consignment bikes.

  • pob000
    pob000 13 days ago


  • David Bryant
    David Bryant 13 days ago

    Another bearded fucktard

  • tapanish
    tapanish 13 days ago

    We need customer like you....
    I am a socks manufacturer tell me if you need mens socks

  • Coolride17
    Coolride17 13 days ago

    Craigslist or auctions are where you need to be. This guy wants retail, I'd of said have a nice day when he sold the bikes out from under me.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  12 days ago

      We use all sorts of websites and contacts to find bikes

  • Josh stevens
    Josh stevens 13 days ago +7

    yeah....definitely didn't buy every used bait

    • Michael Leverette
      Michael Leverette 11 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards so you didnt buy ''all the used bikes at the dealership'' you bought ' all used bikes at the dealership that you were able to buy" now all these cry baby ass bitches whining about your choice of title. can go get fucked.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  12 days ago

      the ones we didnt buy were not his bikes they just consignment bikes

  • Hames Achwanger
    Hames Achwanger 13 days ago

    Ok where that place is my uncle took me there when I was 13

  • Woody Coda
    Woody Coda 13 days ago

    You will lose when you Ebay or blue book every thing for prices the old school guys win in this case.

  • Shaun Brown
    Shaun Brown 13 days ago

    That’s the future of capitalism for you; I’ll take everything so I can get a million views

  • Kyle Machado
    Kyle Machado 14 days ago

    That Viper!

  • Shane Yovich
    Shane Yovich 14 days ago

    I would’ve walked right back out no way I would’ve given him a dime

  • My Cock
    My Cock 14 days ago +73

    You didn't buy all his used bikes. You showed the clip twice where he told you thst you missed out on buying all those bikes. You didn't even come close to his asking price on several of the bikes. I think it's pathetic when youtubers deliberately put false titles for views/$.

      TROPHYSEEKER123 11 days ago +1

      +The Nimble Ninja You still watched, and TheXvid is free to watch so unless you are paying a monthly subscription then I would understand. But since you don't let him be a low life hes still getting paid nomatter your opinion.

    • The Nimble Ninja
      The Nimble Ninja 11 days ago

      +TROPHYSEEKER123 life? More like lowlife.

    • cai morgan
      cai morgan 12 days ago +1

      "I'll take all your bikes"
      "They have all been sold, snooze you lose"

      TROPHYSEEKER123 13 days ago +6

      Hes gotta make that check at your expense lol that's life.

    • Rico 'Most boring Champ ever' verhoeven
      Rico 'Most boring Champ ever' verhoeven 13 days ago +12

      +Bikes and Beards why you ignor the rest of his comment? You still put fake title for views. You lie for views...

  • Evaristo Frutez
    Evaristo Frutez 14 days ago

    Aww birthday coming up in 12 days would love to get me one of them toys lol

  • Dyna Mobbin
    Dyna Mobbin 14 days ago

    One Harley is better than all of those put together

  • ISMA
    ISMA 14 days ago +1

    Unsubscribing for using clip bait you didn't bought every bike

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards How's that even possible?? He told you "snooze, you lose". You didn't buy all his used bikes. The title should read "I tried to buy every used bike".

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago +1

      I’m going to unsubscribe to you bc you didn’t read the title. It said bought every used bike. And I did

  • 3iii's
    3iii's 14 days ago +3

    Xxxtentacion died when he tried to do this

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago +1

      No he tried to buy a brand new bike. Dumbass walked into a dealership with like $20K and didn't have a bodyguard or even a pistol on himself. He posted on social media he had all that cash and he got robbed and killed.

  • David Park
    David Park 14 days ago +1

    Fuuuck u click bait

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      Clickbait for sure. Yet the guy keeps denying it. Lol. The video speaks for itself.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      Thanks mr

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 14 days ago +11

    camera man you just lost a sub

    • Funkywallot
      Funkywallot 9 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards ( Optic image stabilization cameras are in fashion in YT-land)

    • Ajax Pal
      Ajax Pal 11 days ago

      Yeh this camera guy is pretty shit why doesn't he get you in the whole frame instead he's got you hear high we could have seen the bikes even better damn useless camera guy he only had one job couldn't eve do that

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 14 days ago +2

      +Bikes and Beards true. time for a sub since you replied

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago +3

      Yeah but your name is Dizzy, I thought you would like it

  • D Ross
    D Ross 14 days ago

    How much for the spider

  • jet boater
    jet boater 14 days ago

    Lol everyone wants "the tank strap " !?! . Just buy a regular strap and cut the folded part where hook is attached, and the hook off the handle , melt the end where you cut and Bam you have a " tank strap"

  • The Nimble Ninja
    The Nimble Ninja 14 days ago +3

    Completely false title.

    • The Nimble Ninja
      The Nimble Ninja 14 days ago +1

      +Bikes and Beards yes it is. You did not buy every single used bike from him.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      Nope it’s not but thanks for watching

  • New Zealand
    New Zealand 15 days ago

    I wouldnt had brought any of that trash but thats me, rather 2 sweet bikes than 10 shitters

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      great for beginners though, you dont have to worry about banging it up. cheap insurance too

  • Josh Pierce
    Josh Pierce 15 days ago

    My snowflake detector just went off .....someone’s feeling were hurt...

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      Using the "you must be projecting" buzzphrase. Nice.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      Maybe you looking in the mirror and that’s why it went off ?

  • Teck Rylee
    Teck Rylee 15 days ago

    I wish I had your job

  • Greasy one
    Greasy one 15 days ago

    That camera guy sucks but good video

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      You should see him behind the camera. He steps up his sucking game there.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago +1

      thats why we got a new camera guy

  • f7catsp
    f7catsp 15 days ago +1

    2000 shadow 750 sells in my area in good shape all day long for almost 3,000. Bikes are out to lunch around here . A 94 goldwing would go for 5-6 all day. My dad sold his 80's goldwing with 75,000 miles on it for 4500

  • Gus Goose
    Gus Goose 15 days ago

    My grandmother could hold a camera steadier than you guys.

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      Good to see Michael J. Fox is still getting work.

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      Yeah thats why we got a new guy

  • Christopher Stilwell
    Christopher Stilwell 15 days ago

    My life!!! Bikes and beards

  • anthony dickinson
    anthony dickinson 15 days ago

    Why are you trying to buy bikes from a dealership with the idea of making money on them? He was trying to get rid of all his shit to you.
    Why wouldn’t you source privately, auctions etc? I’m missing something 🤔

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago

      Bc I’m a good buyer and a great seller. I can make money off these bikes and have 8 more happy customers. And I kn is exactly what I got from a dealer

  • B Barrett
    B Barrett 15 days ago

    That place looks really familiar...

  • Thondup Andrugtsang
    Thondup Andrugtsang 15 days ago +2

    The shaky camera work needs to be addressed.

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 15 days ago

    Bikes in the US are so god damn cheap

  • Alejandro Olivares
    Alejandro Olivares 15 days ago

    U should of called this video ,how you took it in! The rear by a dealership.

    • My Cock
      My Cock 14 days ago

      Or rather "How I tried to buy every used bike but wasn't able to because I'm a douche so I'll stick with the clickbait title because I don't have integrity."

  • Alejandro Olivares
    Alejandro Olivares 15 days ago


  • Weaver Ron
    Weaver Ron 15 days ago


  • John Rey Reyes
    John Rey Reyes 15 days ago

    Happy year sir

  • Gerardo Esparza
    Gerardo Esparza 15 days ago

    Camara man you are fired.... damn it was dizzy

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago +1

      yeah we booted him from using a camera, we got a new guy for our camera work

  • John Rey Reyes
    John Rey Reyes 15 days ago +7

    How about give us bike because we are your loyal subscriber sir ???

    KING@SPL 15 days ago +2

    Hey bro any old 1985 Honda fl350 parts There? Im serious

    • KING@SPL
      KING@SPL 14 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards if ya go to older Honda dealers all the time please keep an eye out for me I can get you my contact info thank you!

    • KING@SPL
      KING@SPL 14 days ago

      +Bikes and Beards thanks for the reply!! And jus old nos parts for the 85 fl350 or 89-90 pilot

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  14 days ago +2

      Not that I saw what you looking for ?

  • the wizard
    the wizard 15 days ago +29

    dealer man 'ill take $22,995'
    you 'uhmmm? i can do $750'

  • nolarocks
    nolarocks 15 days ago


  • stephen john gray
    stephen john gray 15 days ago

    how much for the red burgundy and white honda millenium monkey bike?.and dont be misleqading leading people with the title cos that will lead to you shop failing ,claiming things that are false and just on that i'd never buy a bike from you shop ....couldnt trust what you say.

  • stephen john gray
    stephen john gray 15 days ago

    that is not a honda dream.

  • gon magno
    gon magno 15 days ago

    Is that called 9 pirate lords

  • savage69000
    savage69000 15 days ago

    Yay!! More click bait.

  • rmbuilder1
    rmbuilder1 15 days ago

    there looked like more than 8 used bikes there??

  • monkeydust100
    monkeydust100 15 days ago

    I like the Cbr 250 👌🏻

  • SirKingHoff
    SirKingHoff 15 days ago


  • dalebaby1
    dalebaby1 16 days ago

    he said at the start they hadn't made a deal, as the owner said they were close, so NO DEAL, then he starts to pout like a child, I have watched 3 of your videos now but I wont watch anymore, the Indian sob story and the oh my god I nearly got run over by a truck one as well, hipster sooky dudes

  • Pinche Keene
    Pinche Keene 16 days ago

    Price on the bike that was not suppose to have the fairing

  • William Grissom
    William Grissom 16 days ago

    Where's your shop?

    ROWDY BOYS 16 days ago +1

    Can you spare a bike I live in rowdy Kentucky and money is short and there isn’t much other than go ride. I had a 2002 crf 150f until a girl on a Honda rancher pulled out in front of me and totaled my bike I was fine but my bike is destroyed. If anyone out there can help me I’m desperate!

      ROWDY BOYS 14 days ago +1

      The Nimble Ninja I’ve been trying but I’ve got 200 and it’s been 4 months I’m 17 can’t drive to work and cant get a ride so what do I do? I’m just shit out of luck I guess right no I would hope people see this and if they got some shit bike they don’t ride and it’s taking up space they would be like here come get this.

      ROWDY BOYS 14 days ago

      sid the fucken stupid science kid do you understand that I live in rowdy fucking Kentucky it’s 60 damn miles to the store how the fuck do I save up money when there is none

    • The Nimble Ninja
      The Nimble Ninja 14 days ago

      Do like we all did and work and save up money.

    • Bobby Penhollow
      Bobby Penhollow 15 days ago

      I got a few just sitting around i would love to give away

    • sid the fucken stupid science kid
      sid the fucken stupid science kid 15 days ago +2


  • Ramled Mas
    Ramled Mas 16 days ago

    If it can't go off-road the old nigga can keep the shit