How I bought every single used bike at the Dealership

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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  • lawrence fitzgerald
    lawrence fitzgerald 22 hours ago

    They go out of business?? I pass that place on my way to VA hospital

  • jaylee61788
    jaylee61788 3 days ago

    Always wanted a stryker

  • 77 Nizzova
    77 Nizzova 4 days ago

    I want a Valkyrie

  • davidleoncampbell
    davidleoncampbell 5 days ago

    sweet Nighthawk

  • A Russian Beast
    A Russian Beast 6 days ago +2

    I once bought every single used bike as well, they only had 1.

  • Greg Appelgren
    Greg Appelgren 7 days ago

    Hoard of bikes.

  • Donald Mccauley
    Donald Mccauley 9 days ago

    Walk out and let him go broke

  • StarSword C
    StarSword C 9 days ago +1

    Oh, that blue and silver classic Goldwing is purdy. I'm so jealous.

    I mean, personally I prefer lower-displacement UJMs--I have an '83 Suzuki GR650X and a '74 Honda CB750K--but that thing is purdy.

  • Joe Reneer
    Joe Reneer 12 days ago

    I would like to have the Nighthawk

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 13 days ago

    What happened to the Viper?

  • HollyWould Miller
    HollyWould Miller 15 days ago

    That black 80, what is that? beautiful!! I have an 02 Shadow 750 Ace, looking for something with more performance. What is that bike?!!!!

  • Ken Bell
    Ken Bell 21 day ago +3

    There's a reason why that guy had all those used bikes for so long... THEY'RE OVERPRICED!!!

  • Jeff Nelson
    Jeff Nelson 25 days ago

    I love that you wrote on the door.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 25 days ago

    Iโ€™ve always wanted to make a motorcycle wind chime.

  • Josh Kreiser
    Josh Kreiser 26 days ago

    Goddamn I live like 10 min away from that bike store, shame they got under new management was a really cool place

  • Echo Chambers
    Echo Chambers 27 days ago

    One of the things me and the guys do at work when were done strapping something down...usually to new guys who come in for the season. When you're done strapping you look at the other guy and say "ask em where its going?" (Repeat if necessary) when the other person goes to answer you get right in there grill and say FUCKIN NOWHEREEEEEEEE

  • stan giles
    stan giles 27 days ago

    what about the posters

  • Tom Kirchhoff
    Tom Kirchhoff 27 days ago

    So I'm not getting this, the old man asked another dealer to buy his used inventory it should be an understanding wholesale. This old guy fucked these guys. They got scammed. Once he saw that camera he changed his tune.

  • Dankenstein .yo
    Dankenstein .yo 29 days ago

    worlds shitiest sales guy ever

  • Larry Trail
    Larry Trail 29 days ago

    What a prick. If you sold them, then it's only polite to call them up and say "I'm sorry but I've taken a better offer". He knew you were coming over- I'd call him a jerk for wasting time.

  • Travis Baumler
    Travis Baumler 29 days ago

    Nice video I just started making videos with my motorcycle will be posting pretty often if anyone wants to check it out thanks!

  • Dave Allen
    Dave Allen Month ago

    Why would you buy a CBR 250 who buys those kind of bikes?

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear Month ago

    two wheels or four, i don't pay for paint,plastic or upoholstery. i show up to buy a vehicle with a creeper and a flashlight.

  • GUCCIonFL337I -.-
    GUCCIonFL337I -.- Month ago

    1:14 I spot a dodge viper

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    You're a bit of a goof the way you conduct yourself and throw lowball shit offers around. Then later you lick balls to satisfy people even if it means taking a loss or highly reduced margin. Should even your keel a little man. Seriously.

  • Jim Crow
    Jim Crow Month ago

    Just paid 1,800 for a 2000 Sportster 1200 HD! Had been sitting for a year in storage. All I had to do is replace the tires and the battery, have already put 2k on the odometer with no other problems. Will need to change the fork seals soon. Do you think 1,800 was too much??
    Had 24k on the odometer when I got it

  • francesco deminelli


  • R_Mack Blah
    R_Mack Blah Month ago

    I've never been on a motorcycle in my life I just got my first x.18 Super Sport motorbike laid it down twice right on have a blessed day blessings I'm going to get there one day

  • Seth Bergile
    Seth Bergile Month ago

    That Nighthawk is so clean. Best bike of the haul.

  • Michael Wahlstrom
    Michael Wahlstrom Month ago

    What a sport bike dealer screwing people over? No........ Lol

  • Clyde Osterhout
    Clyde Osterhout Month ago

    LVC! bought a Suzuki TUx250 there. I looked at some of those used bikes. I was wondering what happened to those old display bikes.

    JOSHUA GARCIA Month ago

    Something about them older Valkyrie that that I love. Rune is an awesome beautiful bike. But those older Valkyrie has that classic chrome look that I like.

    JOSHUA GARCIA Month ago

    Something about them older Valkyrie that that I love. Rune is an awesome beautiful bike. But those Valkyrie has that classic chrome look that I like.

  • Glen Maher
    Glen Maher Month ago

    Love your vids mate,have a magic day mate... From Aussie....

    hANNAbONE Month ago didn't buy *every single bike* - right..? So why title it like that.?

    THE INDOKING Month ago


  • Thrifted Vintage
    Thrifted Vintage Month ago

    I'm sick of these cheapskates with no clue acting like entrepreneurs

  • Darren Alexander
    Darren Alexander Month ago

    Thats the reason there still there. He thinks there worth what they were new.. Hey it was 8 grand 18 years ago i want 7 grand looks great..he is unrealistic.. Good job guys..really enjoying your channel.. Looking for a 85 86 vmax with less then 20k. Is that box me..tks

  • flounder2760
    flounder2760 Month ago

    their reaction to the monkey was mine... when i realized it was a more expensive grom just to look like it was old. iirc it has the identical engine and wheel size/wheel base.

  • Donald Imboden
    Donald Imboden Month ago

    This was I ridiculous waste of your guys's time. The moment I walked in there and he sold what I specifically came in there to look at out of walked out. You don't bait and switch. And the top that off the prices that he is asking for those motorcycles that are ridiculous... I'm pretty sure I would have laughed in his face and turned around and walked out without saying goodbye.

  • ouuo P
    ouuo P 2 months ago

    14:08 My fuel gauge always looks like that. Is the needle supposed to be dynamic in some way or..?

  • Great White North
    Great White North 2 months ago

    I was wondering whoโ€™s the douchebag who first buys a viper, then parks it diag in a handicap spot? The same wang who puts his ugly mug on his own shirt.

  • Alexander Hetrick
    Alexander Hetrick 2 months ago

    How are you buying all these bikes at normal prices at dealerships, then selling them? How are you making profit? Are you over charging what they are worth? I mean. I don't see how you can be giving people deals if you are buying bikes from dealers, then reselling them for higher so you get a profit. That screams of over charging to me.

  • Nope No
    Nope No 2 months ago

    Who's the dbag parked in the handycap spot

  • virl guy
    virl guy 2 months ago

    Whereโ€™s this money coming from

  • danteelite
    danteelite 2 months ago +3

    Never seen grown men so excited about a Pixar character before.
    "WUUUT! Dude! It's Mike Wazowski!"

  • s k
    s k 2 months ago

    A bunch of shit bikes that they couldn't sell, what makes you think you can sell them just a few miles down the road?

  • Brian
    Brian 2 months ago

    Everyone seems to want retail or more for their bikes. To me it would be tough to buy low and sell high without insulting anyone

  • Bunnyshooter 223
    Bunnyshooter 223 2 months ago about Sean riding off into the sunset...

  • streetbob Parker
    streetbob Parker 2 months ago

    Holy crap ive actually been there small world because thats in PA im from Mississippi

  • Duggle Bogey
    Duggle Bogey 2 months ago +1

    I wish there was a bike store like yours around here.

  • Moto Styx
    Moto Styx 2 months ago

    BUY MY BIKES! Lol I have two bikes, both were running until a friend thought it would be a good idea to take them both apart to repaint the frame, then two years later I saw them all in pieces still so I bought them from him for 2000, since I know they run - but I never got a chance to put them back together. Let me know if you want pictures. ;)

    • Moto Styx
      Moto Styx 2 months ago

      If anyone wants to buy my bikes feel free to email me at

    • kyle
      kyle 2 months ago

      Moto Styx u got a number or any way I can msg u

  • gremlin 2033
    gremlin 2033 2 months ago

    Lebanon valley honda

  • Wendell Riggs
    Wendell Riggs 2 months ago +1

    Wasn't the title "How I almost bought every used bike and lost a viper" ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Joshua Settlage
    Joshua Settlage 2 months ago

    What motorcycle store is that called, I really like all the pit bikes

  • grant henneous
    grant henneous 2 months ago +3

    Damn yall sell bikes for some good ass prices wish there were some shops like yours near me

  • James Travels
    James Travels 2 months ago

    Dealer to dealer bullshit

  • Red Head Dude
    Red Head Dude 2 months ago

    โ€œHey wanna buy all my used bikes? *SIKE SLOW ASS BITCH*

  • Shane Redwine
    Shane Redwine 2 months ago +2

    More like, how you did NOT buy every used bike.....

  • Fred Not
    Fred Not 2 months ago

    Thumbs down for misleading title, I mean damn dude, you missed out on several before you even got there. Then turned down I donโ€™t know how many more. So no you did not buy every SINGLE used bike.

  • Ronald Sims
    Ronald Sims 2 months ago

    I take care of handicap people
    As for walking I help handicap on a regular basis it part of what god has called me to do
    So yes that offend me you need to have a load of handicap people in your van and find all the spots full .
    To understand weโ€™re Iโ€™m coming from .
    I still like you you tube cast
    Just not a fan of abusing handicap parking

  • Ricky Harvey
    Ricky Harvey 2 months ago

    Ive got a 2015 roadglide special superior blue mint condition for sale !!!! 15.000

  • Medleys vlog
    Medleys vlog 2 months ago +1

    Sorry make a video on a Kawasaki with four carbs and show where the fuel lines and vacuum lines go plz

  • Medleys vlog
    Medleys vlog 2 months ago

    Make a vi

  • Ronald Sims
    Ronald Sims 2 months ago

    I do like watching you guys just not the disrespect for handicap people

  • Ronald Sims
    Ronald Sims 2 months ago

    Was that your viper parked in a handicap zone thatโ€™s not cool๐Ÿ˜

    • Ricky Harvey
      Ricky Harvey 2 months ago

      No handi - cap person is going to pull in a motorcycle shop and if he did and got out of his car on his own free will then he aint handi capped !!! I see so many people with a handi- cap sticker and when they get out and go in the store some walk better then i do !!! If you're not in a wheelchair then in my book you aint handicap

  • Spice Da Clown
    Spice Da Clown 2 months ago

    Jesus prices there are sooooo much lower than the uk ... Crazy cheap !!

  • Clinton
    Clinton 2 months ago +1

    I am struggling to buy only one. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Christopher Franks
    Christopher Franks 2 months ago

    that tech is an idiot using an impact on nuts on a car that expensive i would use a torque wrench and put it to spec that was horrifying seeing him do that

  • Jessie Alvarado
    Jessie Alvarado 2 months ago

    This channel sucks.

  • Tony Hitch
    Tony Hitch 2 months ago

    guy at 13.00 saying ''doz it work?'' even though he is working the camera which is clearly showing it works.... Jeeeeeeeeeeez

  • Robert Franklin
    Robert Franklin 3 months ago

    I was just there guess after they were all sold.

  • Knuckles Motovlogs
    Knuckles Motovlogs 3 months ago

    Who owns the Viper GTS?

  • letiferds
    letiferds 3 months ago

    Pixar... and all of them are sh*tty motorcycles for elders xD :D (y) maybe that honda monkey was cool...

  • Rudy Bishop
    Rudy Bishop 3 months ago

    how do I block a stupid channel ?

  • Kyle Greenwalt
    Kyle Greenwalt 3 months ago

    Sweet dick! Leb Valley Cycle. Guy is the best.

  • marc G
    marc G 3 months ago

    Click bait awesome

  • Garry Seinfeld
    Garry Seinfeld 3 months ago +4

    That viper though

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez 3 months ago

    he old man is a dick head .. your a fool to buy some of that shit

  • Christopher Crum
    Christopher Crum 3 months ago


  • Alexandre Gatserelia
    Alexandre Gatserelia 3 months ago

    Couldn 't keep watching, too eyes went berzek

  • Cesar Gee
    Cesar Gee 3 months ago

    The loot!

  • Ionel Stancu
    Ionel Stancu 3 months ago

    The camera guy stinks.... change it !!

  • Jimmy Gilmore
    Jimmy Gilmore 3 months ago

    That's what happens when you low ball people bud, you snooze you loose. No sympathy from me. Glad he got more money for everything and you didn't walk away ripping off an OG
    I guess money can't buy dignity

  • James Foster
    James Foster 3 months ago

    How much for the viper

  • Jeremiah Baker
    Jeremiah Baker 3 months ago

    This older gentleman with his pricing and top speed guessing...You couldn't pay to have bought on of his bikes..

  • Doorguru
    Doorguru 3 months ago

    I like this guy.. He tells all the prices. A lot of others don't.

  • Grizzziff
    Grizzziff 3 months ago +1

    This was click bait, and your beards are small.

  • Shelby boy 2.3L
    Shelby boy 2.3L 3 months ago

    I love that CBR250!

  • Dish T
    Dish T 3 months ago

    Hey plz gift me one in india

  • Dan Maloy
    Dan Maloy 3 months ago

    How far are you from Williamsport? I'm going to ride my red sled out there this Summer.

  • randy beard
    randy beard 3 months ago

    I use to Own a 305 Honda Super Hawk, Loved that Bike....

  • Mike WCP
    Mike WCP 3 months ago

    brother what the dealer did was screw you over i personally wouldn't even wasted time once he sold your original lot to higher price Told me you were only in case the original buyer was a no show Any dealer that shows that amount of disrespect deserves to go out of business

  • Ernie Larkin
    Ernie Larkin 3 months ago +10

    Guys shows up for a sale ready to buy volume and get wholesale prices. Had prior communication with the seller on a possible deal.
    Buyer shows up with a check and a trailer.
    "oh now that you drove all this way, I sold all those antiques you wanted without ever communicating that you were to low."
    "But now that you're here, let me show you these turds I have with pricing only a lunatic would pay wholesale for."
    The old man didnt teach him anything but how to be a time wasting piece of shit.
    I agree with the other commenter.
    There's a reason this dudes going under.
    I would have walked out the door the second he said 6k for that gold wing and told the guy to pound sand.

    PICKLE GAMER 3 months ago

    BBC bike,beards,clothes

  • C1PR3SS
    C1PR3SS 4 months ago

    I wouldn't buy a god damn thing from this old bastard especially after he sold out from underneath me

  • Adib Cambranes
    Adib Cambranes 4 months ago

    Hook me up with a dirt bike

  • Tray Driver
    Tray Driver 4 months ago


  • LIL G
    LIL G 4 months ago

    Its my dream to have a motorcycle but ik ill never b able tobget one and it aucks cuz i reallyyyyyyy want one

  • LIL G
    LIL G 4 months ago

    I wish i had a motorcycle๐Ÿ˜ญ