How I bought every single used bike at the Dealership

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
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Comments • 1 005

  • Clint
    Clint 21 hour ago

    I am struggling to buy only one. 😂

  • Christopher Franks
    Christopher Franks 3 days ago

    that tech is an idiot using an impact on nuts on a car that expensive i would use a torque wrench and put it to spec that was horrifying seeing him do that

  • Jessie Alvarado
    Jessie Alvarado 4 days ago

    This channel sucks.

  • Tony Hitch
    Tony Hitch 5 days ago

    guy at 13.00 saying ''doz it work?'' even though he is working the camera which is clearly showing it works.... Jeeeeeeeeeeez

  • Robert Franklin
    Robert Franklin 9 days ago

    I was just there guess after they were all sold.

  • Knuckles Motovlogs
    Knuckles Motovlogs 9 days ago

    Who owns the Viper GTS?

  • letiferds
    letiferds 10 days ago

    Pixar... and all of them are sh*tty motorcycles for elders xD :D (y) maybe that honda monkey was cool...

  • Rudy Bishop
    Rudy Bishop 10 days ago

    how do I block a stupid channel ?

  • Kyle Greenwalt
    Kyle Greenwalt 10 days ago

    Sweet dick! Leb Valley Cycle. Guy is the best.

  • marc G
    marc G 11 days ago

    Click bait awesome

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson 11 days ago +3

    Who' handling the camera Michael J Fox?

    • Tony Hitch
      Tony Hitch 5 days ago

      no. mr fox wouldn't be so stoooopid

  • Garry Seinfeld
    Garry Seinfeld 11 days ago +3

    That viper though

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez 12 days ago

    he old man is a dick head .. your a fool to buy some of that shit

  • Christopher Crum
    Christopher Crum 14 days ago


  • Alexandre Gatserelia
    Alexandre Gatserelia 18 days ago

    Couldn 't keep watching, too eyes went berzek

  • Cesar Gee
    Cesar Gee 18 days ago

    The loot!

  • Ionel Stancu
    Ionel Stancu 19 days ago

    The camera guy stinks.... change it !!

  • Jimmy Gilmore
    Jimmy Gilmore 19 days ago

    That's what happens when you low ball people bud, you snooze you loose. No sympathy from me. Glad he got more money for everything and you didn't walk away ripping off an OG
    I guess money can't buy dignity

  • James Foster
    James Foster 20 days ago

    How much for the viper

  • Jeremiah Baker
    Jeremiah Baker 20 days ago

    This older gentleman with his pricing and top speed guessing...You couldn't pay to have bought on of his bikes..

  • Doorguru
    Doorguru 21 day ago

    I like this guy.. He tells all the prices. A lot of others don't.

  • Grizzziff
    Grizzziff 22 days ago +1

    This was click bait, and your beards are small.

  • Shelby boy 2.3L
    Shelby boy 2.3L 26 days ago

    I love that CBR250!

  • Pub G Kills
    Pub G Kills 27 days ago

    Hey plz gift me one in india

  • Dan Maloy
    Dan Maloy 27 days ago

    How far are you from Williamsport? I'm going to ride my red sled out there this Summer.

  • randy beard
    randy beard 29 days ago

    I use to Own a 305 Honda Super Hawk, Loved that Bike....

  • Mike WCP
    Mike WCP Month ago

    brother what the dealer did was screw you over i personally wouldn't even wasted time once he sold your original lot to higher price Told me you were only in case the original buyer was a no show Any dealer that shows that amount of disrespect deserves to go out of business

  • Ernie Larkin
    Ernie Larkin Month ago

    Guys shows up for a sale ready to buy volume and get wholesale prices. Had prior communication with the seller on a possible deal.
    Buyer shows up with a check and a trailer.
    "oh now that you drove all this way, I sold all those antiques you wanted without ever communicating that you were to low."
    "But now that you're here, let me show you these turds I have with pricing only a lunatic would pay wholesale for."
    The old man didnt teach him anything but how to be a time wasting piece of shit.
    I agree with the other commenter.
    There's a reason this dudes going under.
    I would have walked out the door the second he said 6k for that gold wing and told the guy to pound sand.

    PICKLE GAMER Month ago

    BBC bike,beards,clothes

  • C1PR3SS
    C1PR3SS Month ago

    I wouldn't buy a god damn thing from this old bastard especially after he sold out from underneath me

  • Adib Cambranes
    Adib Cambranes Month ago

    Hook me up with a dirt bike

  • Tray Driver
    Tray Driver Month ago


  • LIL G
    LIL G Month ago

    Its my dream to have a motorcycle but ik ill never b able tobget one and it aucks cuz i reallyyyyyyy want one

  • LIL G
    LIL G Month ago

    I wish i had a motorcycle😭

  • Darrren Betker
    Darrren Betker Month ago

    Soooooo why?

  • spacegreycoralred
    spacegreycoralred Month ago

    This video shows why you should Never trust a dealer to consign your bike... they don’t give a shit, and will sell against it all day.

  • Tim Clapp
    Tim Clapp Month ago

    I'm not OCD ~ AT ALL but please even out the strings on your hoodie!

  • Trywest Gaming
    Trywest Gaming Month ago

    Clickbait crap..

  • Jerry Walton Walton

    Crap video

  • nowaynick
    nowaynick Month ago

    Lolol! Ive been to that shop! It's Lebanon valley cycles

  • History Hunter
    History Hunter Month ago

    Geez I’d friggin love to buy that lil red Honda by the ramp . What are you gonna want for it ? And where are you located?

  • Mani Wasaki
    Mani Wasaki Month ago

    this made me dizzy ...

  • Jon Iler
    Jon Iler Month ago

    Are they liquidating or something?

  • Dale Val
    Dale Val Month ago

    This is what an idiot low ball buyer look like. Don't deal like this, it does offend sellers

  • Kevin Spijkers
    Kevin Spijkers Month ago

    holy shit bikes are so cheap over there

  • Abdull 99
    Abdull 99 Month ago

    RIP Sean 👶🏼

    • Abdull 99
      Abdull 99 Month ago

      Bikes and Beards Love your videos

    • Abdull 99
      Abdull 99 Month ago

      Bikes and Beards just joking, chill 😳🤦‍♂️😂

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  Month ago

      Is this a threat ?

  • Daydragon1234
    Daydragon1234 Month ago

    The title of the video is a little off. But nice video.

  • Edwin Vargas
    Edwin Vargas Month ago

    That place is called Lebanon valley cycles in Lebanon County PA. I actually live about 10min from there & got my bike serviced at the place.

  • Tank Soldier
    Tank Soldier Month ago

    Sorry I don't take checks

  • Shawn Doucette
    Shawn Doucette Month ago

    Wait did I miss something? He said they were all sold to someone else then next thing you’re loading the bikes up. What did I miss?

  • TimplayZ League
    TimplayZ League Month ago

    When i clicked on this video i wasn’t wondering on how but on Why u Did this.

  • Callum Inglis
    Callum Inglis Month ago

    Why is this click baiting shit on my recommendations? Fucking nonce

  • SteeVeeDee
    SteeVeeDee Month ago

    I see you picked the Valkyrie. Had mine in UK for 12 years. By far the best cruiser/ tourer I've ever had and I've had all the usual contenders.

  • Z1Hellrider
    Z1Hellrider Month ago

    So your business plan is just offer everyone one quarter what they want for their bikes, good luck with that long term, no in fact shit luck with that you don't deserve to make any money greedy balls.

  • Joe Clarke
    Joe Clarke Month ago

    Always interesting

  • Milan Stankovic AD FREE

    Why not just offer a number for the entire lot instead of trying to buy every single bike at a wholesale price?

  • Noah Lovejoy
    Noah Lovejoy Month ago

    Can I have one if so call 303 995 2061!! No prank calls if so I will call cops

  • maddog
    maddog Month ago

    he lied to you! he didnt sell those bikes!

  • Jaffa 0912
    Jaffa 0912 Month ago

    What i would do for that gszr poster

  • Starwars Crazy
    Starwars Crazy Month ago +2

    Buy me a bike please

    SIFU SAYS Month ago

    Your a snake trying to take advantage of the guy real bike guys don't roll like this your a POS .

  • f r e e b i r d
    f r e e b i r d Month ago

    you gotta buy that jap stuff dirt cheap

  • Cody Freistuhler
    Cody Freistuhler Month ago

    What year is the nighthawk? I have an '83 550.

  • TheOnlyWayIsJay
    TheOnlyWayIsJay Month ago

    What if the bikes weren’t single?

  • jay Spike
    jay Spike Month ago

    Trim your beard scrotum bush

    • jay Spike
      jay Spike Month ago

      +Bikes and Beards respect!! beard dicipline!!!

    • Bikes and Beards
      Bikes and Beards  Month ago

      Never!!!! Maybe some day bait not because you told me too

  • DK Sauced up
    DK Sauced up Month ago

    Sub to me I’ll sub to you

  • I ateMY dog
    I ateMY dog Month ago

    This dude rides pussy bikes lmao 💀 except the CBR

  • memorexkiller
    memorexkiller Month ago

    Damn thermostats

  • Dawson Horn
    Dawson Horn Month ago

    Place is Lebanon valley cycles in Pennsylvania

  • austin stockton
    austin stockton Month ago

    Just had the “this song gonna get stuck in your head” ad for the new LEGO movie and it’s 300 mins long what the actual fuck fr

  • INSTA austin_01 silverado

    Still tho that's alot of money of bikes

  • know body
    know body Month ago

    I miss my bike

  • A simple man
    A simple man Month ago

    Well you got the view but your content is shit. Your title is fake and you look like a tool.

  • Nik Nabrotzky
    Nik Nabrotzky 2 months ago

    Super click bait. Bad bad TheXvidr.

  • thesarv88
    thesarv88 2 months ago

    It’s called loot dammit! Lol

  • handymannification
    handymannification 2 months ago

    One lot, one price. No need to individually price everything.

  • Joshua McIntosh
    Joshua McIntosh 2 months ago

    I love all the butthurt comments about whether or not his title is 100% accurate. Funny vid man. Keep it up.

  • BBCfakenews
    BBCfakenews 2 months ago

    Nope. You bought eight bikes.

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman 2 months ago

    Looks like the problem is everything your offering he could ask $500 more and would be gone tomorrow.

  • Andrew Cross
    Andrew Cross 2 months ago

    If you can afford all the bikes try investing in a high quality camera so I don't get motion sick from watching it. He's all over the place with that.

  • Basic Life
    Basic Life 2 months ago

    Damn! You are genius. Love all your bike collections. Please send me one of your used bike 😉 or $1000 😄

  • Ali Irani
    Ali Irani 2 months ago

    I believe that you are vacuum machine

  • DZO Inc
    DZO Inc 2 months ago +1

    He asked a dealer to buy his used inventory and then thought he would sell everything at retail? That would've frustrated the hell out of me.

  • Good Ol Boy #76
    Good Ol Boy #76 2 months ago

    I wish I could afford one bike and here you go buying 8 LOL.

  • Stoshua
    Stoshua 2 months ago

    Id does uhhhh 75 lmao
    and 6k on that old wing is crazy 2k max cause it is really clean.
    and that stryker is awesome

  • Stephen Beddard
    Stephen Beddard 2 months ago

    Dick is a dick

  • Katie Spurlock
    Katie Spurlock 2 months ago

    I'm just wondering why a handicapped person is driving a viper.

  • Moistbabywipe 549
    Moistbabywipe 549 2 months ago

    I just love that cbr 250

  • Akhil k
    Akhil k 2 months ago

    USMC hat!

  • Romane Giles
    Romane Giles 2 months ago

    well I'm looking for a Suzuki Gsxr 750-1000. it can be a 2005-2010. can you help me out.

  • Simeon Evtimov
    Simeon Evtimov 2 months ago

    YAMALUBEEEEEEEEEEE me wateeee....

  • Jay Parker
    Jay Parker 2 months ago

    Wow love watching this video... You guys are cool 😎... Thanks mate

  • Chicago Dan
    Chicago Dan 2 months ago

    Gull wing, you might was well drive a car.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • Israel Thompson
    Israel Thompson 2 months ago

    I need a new bike!! Mine got impounded 🏍💨🤫😂

  • John Cavar
    John Cavar 2 months ago

    You Sean and Caleb remind of that great show ..American pickers

  • John Cavar
    John Cavar 2 months ago

    Lovely 🏍 bikes

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 2 months ago

    Bro that’s the Honda dealer in my state I go to that place all the time

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 2 months ago

    ooooo everything is "sick"

  • ben reber
    ben reber 2 months ago

    Yo I knew I recognized that dealer. I’ve been there a few times.