Solskjaer Will Fix United | Transfers & System For Next Season | Danny Higginbotham | The Warm Down

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • On this episode of The Warm Down, I sat down with Danny Higginbotham to discuss how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could fix Manchester United's problems. We dive into what transfers we need to make, what players need to be sold and what major changes need to be made to the whole system in order to get Man United back to the top.
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Comments • 638

  • Mr Kipling
    Mr Kipling Day ago

    We can see what olé is trying to do now. We’ll be inconsistent but we are building something.

  • Nand Sall
    Nand Sall 3 months ago

    perfect interpretation of where man utd are at by danny… rational, considered and mired in insider knowledge know-how...united sign-up danny for the back room

  • Neil Buckard
    Neil Buckard 4 months ago

    Ollie is not experienced enough to run his beloved utd we need a zidane or ponchetti

  • Adi V
    Adi V 4 months ago

    David Moyes will be great don't worry...ok, Moyes was shit but Van Gaal, he's a proven coach, he'll bring back success to man united....damn Van Gaal was shit, but now we got Mourinho, a proven winner, glory days are back guys....Jesus, Mourinho bored us to death and the team was just awful, ok guys we got Ole, the guy that got Cardiff relegated, he'll fix this no problem right?! Good luck guys, I'm sure that with Jones, Baily, Smalling and Lindelof as your CBs and your best player wanting to get out of the club ASAP you'll close the 30+ point gap to City and Liverpool in no time whatsoever.

  • George Boateng
    George Boateng 4 months ago

    @Stephen Howson:
    It's all good talking about the guys at the top (including Sir Alex) should give Solksjaer time but are the fans gonna give him time?? Because it's seems as soon as the fans are unhappy, moaning and the manager out hashtags start flooding social media the club reacts and the manager gets sacked. I mean just look at the reactions the moment Allegri announced he was stepping down, fans were asking Ole to be sacked before he's even had a proper full season.
    A lot of the things that are being talked about in this video with regards to continuity, bringing in young players etc. would have happened if LVG was allowed to see his 3 years through and Ryan Giggs had taken over after him. But the fans weren't having it because they couldn't see what was being build (from the academy to the first team). A lot of fans won't agree but personally I would have liked for LVG to stay and Ryan Giggs to take over. We started the second season very well under LVG and then we had 12-14 (majority contact injuries during games) from the Christmas period all the way to around February, which caused everything to fall apart. The team started picking up again when players returned from March and we won the FA Cup.
    There's reason why Rooney said LVG is the best coach he's ever played under. His track record of building successful young teams doesn't lie. But as I said a lot of the fans weren't happy and couldn't see what was being build, which I can't go into on here in detail as it's a lot.
    Also with regards to bringing former players back in different roles at the club is something a lot of fans who praise other teams (Bayern, Ajax, Juve, Madrid, etc.) for doing it are the same once against the idea of us doing it.
    It seems that our fan base is VERY impatient or something else. It could stem from the fact that they are so used to success that they don't know how to deal with setbacks. That's why they were all probably so excited for Mourinho to come (just because he wins trophies) who I believe was the wrong choice from the get go.
    So once again I'll ask apart from the board are the fans gonna give Solksjaer time to build no matter if he fails in his first full season, which I truly hope he doesn't.

    • George Boateng
      George Boateng 4 months ago

      Danny Higginbotham was spot on about Pogba but unfortunately it doesn't fit the negative narrative Gary Neville, some other pundits and the media like to spread which the fans feed off on and which consequently creates negativity and animosity towards the player and the club as well.

  • Terje Sandaker
    Terje Sandaker 4 months ago

    Best interview ever !!!👍

  • jamieoshea19
    jamieoshea19 4 months ago

    Brilliant stuff for m Danny

  • John W
    John W 4 months ago

    Stop interrupting your guests, Stephen

  • eric hatton
    eric hatton 4 months ago +1

    You live in the pasted United are going nowhere

  • Garry Palmer
    Garry Palmer 4 months ago

    This is spot on guys United as long as I can remember has had an identity and we have lost our way. Let's get Beckham as chief of recruitment.

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 4 months ago

    So naive. Solskjaer won't fix United because he has no personal pulling power in the Transfer market. Talk as if nostalgia cuts the mustard in football. It doesn't. Ole has to get results and I saw more than enough last season to show he is tactically very naive. He didn't have the know how to get around relegated teams, he mismanaged injuries and persisted with a style that was not sustainable with the fitness levels he was working witb. He has mismanaged the Pogba situation: it was obvious he downed tools again at the end. He should have been benched or disciplined immediately OR told he would be sold if he kept his levels up to help secure Top 4. Ironically Ole was perfect for DoF role but Manager/Coach? No. Ppl blaming and flaming Owners/Pogba/Jones-Young depending on your tastes but nobody hss done any real analysis of Ole's actual decisions and results.

  • SKYWalkers SG
    SKYWalkers SG 4 months ago

    not your fan for the post game rants, but love this episode. do more of these, thanks!

  • TheKravika
    TheKravika 4 months ago

    Solkskjaer couldn't fix his toilet never mind united

  • Graham Hill
    Graham Hill 4 months ago +2

    Danny is a gent and a good clear speaker love listening to him

  • mehul tejura
    mehul tejura 4 months ago

    Ole needs a dof above him, mum is too big a club for one person to do it.
    G Neville said when he played in the legends game, everything came back to him intuitively . And when I watched that game, you recognised that united style that they played under fergie. Players need continuous style

  • dave evans
    dave evans 4 months ago

    What happens if we cannot get the best manager in the world?

    • dave evans
      dave evans 4 months ago

      @Frank Gibbs I don't think that any of the players are that bad. This is now a squald that has been put together by 3 different managers with different ideas about how to play the game. What we need is a management structure that, as a group can provide the continuity and vision that SAF gave us on his own for 26 years. The success of MU should not hinge on one individual either player or manager. There needs to be a vision at the top of the club of the type of football MU should be playing and every coach of every team should be working on developing the same ideas so that it is easy for young players to move up through the ranks. We alos need a much bigger focus on youthe development because that engrains in players the culthre and ethos of the club which you do not get when you buy mature players. MU need a plan to deliver consistent success over the next 20 or 30 years. As amazin as SAF was even he underachieved in Europe.

    • Frank Gibbs
      Frank Gibbs 4 months ago

      Manager isnt united problem the board and these old trash players is the problem

  • dave evans
    dave evans 4 months ago

    United's model for success has been find the best manager in the world and let him do everything. This has worked twice.

  • Morgan Wagner
    Morgan Wagner 4 months ago

    For me this is the best man utd transfer channel just needs 2 upload more

  • Elijah Mwangi
    Elijah Mwangi 4 months ago +1

    owesome interview and unbiased

  • thebuilder86
    thebuilder86 4 months ago

    Danny is very smart and knows his stuff. Talks a lot of sense.

  • Darren Atkinson
    Darren Atkinson 4 months ago

    Love him me intelligent insightful speaks sense and very knowledgeable about football. I'd like him at the club in some capacity.

  • Lynog PS4
    Lynog PS4 4 months ago

    You have to be positive as a fan and think this way but its never going to happen, he will be sacked by xmas.

  • Tom Alvarez
    Tom Alvarez 4 months ago

    Danny is such an intelligent guy. Gave great insight to Ole's plans!

  • T Rodman
    T Rodman 4 months ago +1

    Solskjaer fix United!!...Bwhaha the Titanic captain had more chance of keeping the Titanic afloat with a box of bandaids...

  • Vincent Snowfox
    Vincent Snowfox 4 months ago

    I love danny he's a unreal pundit one of the best on sky, and love his passion as a Manc Red

  • Mike Grub
    Mike Grub 4 months ago

    Higginbotham knows his shit

  • Rakesh M
    Rakesh M 4 months ago

    Danny higginbotham raging a lot about pogbas quality, world class player, lot of fans looking only at his negatives and he would build a team around pogba, tell me which one of those team, Liverpool and man city teams now or United treble winning team or double winning team which team build a team around one player.... Tell me which midfielder has got the quality(I just mean the talent) from Liverpool has pogbas talent. But their 3 midfoelders work harder than anyone for their team.. You think klopp or pep would take pogba into their team.. No way they are going to take a player who has holding 1st position for longest time just walking around during game because their teams game is not about freeing one player by using one player but instead if you have 3 midfielders they all have to work hard.. He said de bruyne or David silva alone won't make a difference... They are not free riders or playing free role in their teams... They work hard, press hard for their team and make right decisions at place. There are players who makes mistakes and then there are players who are in asituation they can't make mistakes but then they create those situations. How many times pogba made mistakes not because he is not good enough but arrogant and over confident at wrong areas of the pitch... As you said it's a project, patience is needed... So even if pogba leaves we cn build a team instead of building team round pogba because teams that are looking to be best won't do that

  • Rogue DarkAgent
    Rogue DarkAgent 4 months ago

    Great interview. Good dynamic between these two. Just don’t mention dannys jumper 🤣🤣

  • Harry GW
    Harry GW 4 months ago

    I still think that Van Gaal didn’t deserve to be sacked. They were organised. They had their first trophy since Ferguson under him.

  • Harry Selwind
    Harry Selwind 4 months ago +5

    Another quality interview from Stephen Howson. Danny Higginbotham was an excellent guest: knowledgeable, insightful, realistic but positive. I agree with Stephen, Danny should have his own channel. Really enjoyed this show. Thank you for producing it.

  • Raminder Patwalia
    Raminder Patwalia 4 months ago

    Solskjaer is the PROBLEM.he hasn’t been able to sell his vision to any top player
    Hence we are reduced to signing fringe players at inflated prices.we need marquee signings
    An inexperienced manager with no pedigree is not gonna attract world class players

  • Raminder Patwalia
    Raminder Patwalia 4 months ago


  • Chris G
    Chris G 4 months ago

    Love Danny top lad

  • Nick Lim
    Nick Lim 4 months ago

    I don’t believe United didn’t want or haven’t build a team with Pogba, it was Pogba inconsistent cant carry the team every week. - the fans lost it, not United. They are ... still confident. Lol

  • Larona Modise
    Larona Modise 4 months ago +1

    I like listening to Danny. Cheers Mr Howson for having him on the show.

  • samairey 2003
    samairey 2003 4 months ago +1

    Only just had time to listen to this bur it was absolutely class. One of the best podcasts yet

  • Shiven Goberdan
    Shiven Goberdan 4 months ago

    The way it's going every passing day ole is becoming a liar... All this shit about him saying he will be successful and some players won't be here is a whole load of crap... Ole is a politician

  • Shiven Goberdan
    Shiven Goberdan 4 months ago

    If United don't sign minimum 5 players then unfortunately they won't be finishing top 4 and also drop out of the top 6

  • Rasengan
    Rasengan 4 months ago

    Not a United fan but Higgingbottom is by far the best spoken pundit going. He was great during the league play offs and is great every time he's on here. Can believe they willingly give Owen, Macca, Redknapp, Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Scholes etc. a look in over Danny when they, although great players, clearly are lacking to some extent in football knowledge and/or punditry skills.

  • Junkiefunki Smith
    Junkiefunki Smith 4 months ago

    Haha howson with the big word which he just about got out totalitarian it’s footy not question time just say total control...

  • DerpyWeavilePlays
    DerpyWeavilePlays 4 months ago

    I'm against the idea of having former players in director of football positions and hate managers having total control. It's weird to think that guys who haven't been at the club for half a decade would know it and it's even worse if it hasn't changed in that time

  • Dan Mufc1999
    Dan Mufc1999 4 months ago

    Fascinating debate ste, i learned something new on how you should play the 433 system, i know its fifa only a game and that, but i struggle when it comes to tactics of football, not gotten to that stage yet so its great to hear how a former player would play the systems that we see today

  • Don Killah
    Don Killah 4 months ago

    martial was absolute dog shit last season

  • Perez Afedu
    Perez Afedu 4 months ago +1

    One of the best football interviews I’ve ever much sense spoken...glad we still have people like Danny around the club
    Well done Howson👍

  • Alex Chu
    Alex Chu 4 months ago +2

    Hey Steven, loving your work! Quick question - will audio-based content like this be available on podcast?

  • UTDHawls08
    UTDHawls08 4 months ago

    I Respect alot of what Danny said, everything except his take on Pogba, and building a team around him. Pogba will do well elsewhere... as long as he wants to be there. If he committed to United, and I don't mean sign another contract worth god knows! I mean mentally committed then he is an asset. As it is now, he's a drain on the club. He demands that hes treated like the best player in the club, he demands hes looked at like hes a potential ballon dor winner, But he takes none of the responsibility that that status demands, he has to show up most matches, he has to motivate the lesser players around him, he has to be a good example to the rest of the team. Danny also mentioned the World cup... Pogba had to be motivated for 7 matches! over 5 weeks.... that's not a full season in the Prem. Pogba plays for Pogba..... Not Manchester United

  • Josh wa
    Josh wa 4 months ago +1

    Can I just say this is the best hour of football chat I've seen in a very very long time. I should be working but this was worth it.

  • Li Milli
    Li Milli 4 months ago +1

    Ole was just a yes man for Ed after toxic Mourinho was sacked and got lucky. His out of his depth with no distinctive philosophy/style and a track record of failure in this league- prediction sucked by December 💯

  • sourcescience
    sourcescience 4 months ago +1

    I’m here from Liverpool to tell you that you’re a mid table FA Cup team now folks. I hope you’re all happy to be supportive of your team for decades because the title is not coming to Old Trafford for another twenty years.

  • Red H
    Red H 4 months ago

    Keep em coming. Great video. Cheers mate.

  • Cameron McDonald
    Cameron McDonald 4 months ago +1

    This was the most sensible interview on Man United I’ve seen anywhere. BRILLIANT

  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor 4 months ago

    No chance for Ole to fix United
    He bottled it the last 12 games of last season by not being ruthless and putting the poisonous Pogba Martial and Lukaku on the bench

  • Dave Connolly
    Dave Connolly 4 months ago

    As Danny and yourself mention Stephen, The structure with new players being a sponge for systems and how the team performs..
    Does this not tell us that a director of football would be able to have that continuity of sorts...IE..We get a system of play, (attacking football with wingers) and stick with it... So every signing knows where they fit it, before they sign...

  • Mukul Yadav
    Mukul Yadav 4 months ago

    all was fine until he said we could play mctom week in week out, he is just as good as jack cork and thats disrespecting cork

  • Mukul Yadav
    Mukul Yadav 4 months ago

    you dont need ex players to make it work you bloody need a fuckin vision and belief and a style of play . ole has none and fuck bloody woodward for giving him the job send them both to america

  • Mukul Yadav
    Mukul Yadav 4 months ago

    structure is important but fuck it we are talking about klopp pep poch on one hand and ole on thee other i mean cmon

  • Mukul Yadav
    Mukul Yadav 4 months ago

    he talks about building something with young players in another world a 31 yr old mata has been given a 2 yr contract with the backing of the manager ppl wanna back. ole is shite id gice poch or nagelsman or tuchel bloody 5 years but not him coz he aint got anything in his bag

  • Harry Connor
    Harry Connor 4 months ago

    It seems like we all know the answer, but the corporate guys like Ed Woodward and Matt Judge think they know better than people who know football.

  • Patrick McKenna
    Patrick McKenna 4 months ago +1

    A great show as always. I could watch Steve Howson doing interviews like this all day long - and I'm not even a United fan

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall 4 months ago

    Is Ole a yes man, to Woodward ? Or does he have a say on signings ? Big worry was Mata signing a 3 yr deal? OMG