Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ


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  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi 3 hours ago

    I thought she said that "she did the boys football team"...😂😂😂

  • johnnyscifi
    johnnyscifi 3 hours ago

    I dont think Kylie is that hot, honestly...

  • Sasha Khozami
    Sasha Khozami 5 hours ago


  • Aight
    Aight 6 hours ago

    Kiley looks like she in love but Travis looks like he just wants that puusseeeeyy

  • Kimberley Gardner
    Kimberley Gardner 6 hours ago

    I have no idea why I am watching this but the pb&j though lmao

  • Tim Lyons
    Tim Lyons 7 hours ago

    Video had me out like a light ayyyyy

  • Hailey Redfern
    Hailey Redfern 7 hours ago

    Me and Kylie both are Leo’s

  • Malphas 666
    Malphas 666 7 hours ago

    She’s worth so much & they both don’t make up half a brain 😂

  • Luisa Arias Leon
    Luisa Arias Leon 7 hours ago

    they straight up talked about peanut butter for like 3 minutes

  • Luisa Arias Leon
    Luisa Arias Leon 7 hours ago

    he said lip for tattoo's cuz of Kendall

  • Alyssa Morvis
    Alyssa Morvis 8 hours ago

    All I see is two young adults in love, who like to late night snack together and chill. Honestly, all of this negativity is just dumb.

  • Van Hellsing
    Van Hellsing 8 hours ago

    She loves black pole.

  • Aundrea Revero
    Aundrea Revero 8 hours ago

    She was brown eyes not green and yellow

  • Joaquin Andres Cantero

    i think he's high 😂😂

  • Samya Holland
    Samya Holland 9 hours ago

    Travis Scott be laughing in this video a whole lot

  • Brandon Iron
    Brandon Iron 9 hours ago +1

    She looks like a shark bc of the botox

  • Gates Family
    Gates Family 9 hours ago

    she should do travs makeup

  • Fitsum Hailemariam
    Fitsum Hailemariam 9 hours ago

    Low iq

  • Clout chaser hunter
    Clout chaser hunter 9 hours ago

    Omg is that a chicken?

  • MagicMaster 178
    MagicMaster 178 10 hours ago

    She has odd shoes

  • Fa11en
    Fa11en 10 hours ago

    did anyone else get the jim bean black commercial after she asked travis what nicknames she called him😂

  • bieskakotka t
    bieskakotka t 11 hours ago +1

    😂😂😂😂 what a couple

  • Jessica Contreras
    Jessica Contreras 12 hours ago

    I feel like he doesn’t care LOL

  • Elizabeth Charles
    Elizabeth Charles 13 hours ago

    I agree with the pb&j I'm the same way

  • RiCkY Leon
    RiCkY Leon 14 hours ago +1

    They dont know each other like that lmao

  • Mehreen Kazmi
    Mehreen Kazmi 14 hours ago

    Feedback or just check it out

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 14 hours ago +2

    He knows nothing because they are really not together. Hollywood lies!!

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 14 hours ago +1

    She played on the football team, because she is a He!! They all are cloned transgenders.

  • Cloud 999
    Cloud 999 14 hours ago

    This is so lame

  • johny sebastian bach
    johny sebastian bach 15 hours ago

    He is like a monkey

  • jabezwicks 49
    jabezwicks 49 16 hours ago

    This is absolutely wrong with this video

  • Devolved Mxnty
    Devolved Mxnty 16 hours ago

    Bag of weed is in love with kylie jenner 😅

  • Avielh Del Rosario
    Avielh Del Rosario 16 hours ago


    KING OF THE JOFUNDIES 17 hours ago


  • Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith 17 hours ago

    Dope convo and chemistry.
    The people hating on the comments don’t have anyone to love them.

  • Maëlle Tatnga
    Maëlle Tatnga 18 hours ago +1

    They're so cute!

  • ainah hindu
    ainah hindu 18 hours ago

    I really don't know why but those braids he has on, bothers me a lot...😑

  • jAke.420
    jAke.420 18 hours ago +1

    This is like facts

  • kesego Balibi
    kesego Balibi 18 hours ago

    he is cute when he doe not smile.he looks like a dog when he smiles LOL

  • Zea Arias
    Zea Arias 19 hours ago +2

    Idk what anybody is talking about....i love them together they are too cute he fuks wit her hard

  • Frida Arefin
    Frida Arefin 20 hours ago

    two jackasses with no personalities...kylie is so impressed at him being stoned and aloof.

  • Jachinoy15
    Jachinoy15 22 hours ago +3

    she loves him :)

  • Li Wan
    Li Wan Day ago

    Why Kylie has so awful taste in men?

  • vampirempir
    vampirempir Day ago

    Poor guy...

  • Tom Power
    Tom Power Day ago

    pathetic - really nothing attractive about him. he could easily be mistaken for a homeless crack addict. kylie must have major esteem issues.

  • Vanessa Hurtado
    Vanessa Hurtado Day ago +2

    This is great😂


    This video was uncomfortable asf😂💀💀💀💀💀

  • Antoine Leouzon
    Antoine Leouzon Day ago

    4:38. Does travis have Alzheimer’s

  • Alpaca
    Alpaca Day ago +4

    Travis: That's not a sport.
    Kylie: Flag football?
    Travis: Is it on ESPN?
    Kylie: No.
    Travis: Alright, it's not a sport.
    *they're perfect together*

  • John Hynson
    John Hynson Day ago

    Kylie and i have somethibg In common. We both like thé Color Black

  • Drancoexperience

    I'm a master at peanut butter and jelly and i can't cook sooooo???he trying to say you can't cook lol😂😂

  • Dropshotz
    Dropshotz Day ago

    4:27 When you so confused are your homework😂😂

  • Gabriella Paliotti


  • Cara Blanton
    Cara Blanton Day ago


  • V
    V Day ago

    Why is Travis Scott so weird and autistic

  • Alex Dumitrescu
    Alex Dumitrescu Day ago +2

    I thought this was an SNL skit at first...

  • Daniel Downing
    Daniel Downing Day ago +2

    Why does he keep sniffing his finger... or creeping to sniff it 🤨

  • Ashlea Herdman
    Ashlea Herdman Day ago


  • Luna Baca Ortiz
    Luna Baca Ortiz Day ago

    I am a leo too and my birth stone is a ruby

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony Day ago

    Take a few seconds to do this thing. Look at her, look how pretty she is. Now, look at him. Have you done these things? Now, if you’re a heterosexual male, laugh until you’re crying tears of sadness.

  • Kennedy synclair
    Kennedy synclair Day ago +2

    Why is kylie's voice so soothing

  • anais o'connell
    anais o'connell Day ago

    they seem like middle schoolers that have been dating for literally a week

    ASAP CARTI Day ago +1

    Tyga watching this yelling the answers

  • Alexa Lopez
    Alexa Lopez Day ago

    *LIP* There is a Space For a *TATTOO*

  • Peyton Bova
    Peyton Bova Day ago


  • justtammi
    justtammi Day ago +1

    "Not giving away my pb&j recipe" after spending an entire minute talking about it in detail💀

  • okay why tho?
    okay why tho? Day ago

    I would have never guessed they were a couple especially with a kid

  • Bella
    Bella Day ago

    What leg do i use to get out the bed first babe

  • Sarahi Jaime
    Sarahi Jaime Day ago

    y’all already know if this was nate and jeffree star, he’d get like 50/23

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps Day ago

    if she had her original thin lips would he still like her? how absurd is that, different lips change peoples perspective on a person.....???

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps Day ago

    quit the fake lips woman

  • chl0ee
    chl0ee Day ago


  • M Rhoads
    M Rhoads Day ago

    Travis: “The little powder things?”
    Kylie: “...yES...”

  • Sangat Brar
    Sangat Brar Day ago

    He doesn’t say sport he says shport

  • Stephanie Trinidad Gonzalez


  • GET ME TO 100 SUBS
    GET ME TO 100 SUBS Day ago +3

    Tyga or Travis Scott
    Like-Travis Scott

    RITIKA VERMA Day ago

    I am done listening him. ENOUGH.

  • Tina H.
    Tina H. Day ago

    They're a couple with a kid?? Oof.

  • Sonja meier
    Sonja meier Day ago +6

    In this video it seems like Kylie is smart and this is like almost inpossible.

  • Denim Johnson
    Denim Johnson Day ago +1

    You guys make a cute couple

  • Jennifer Embry
    Jennifer Embry Day ago

    Kylie: What's your favorite food that I cook for you?
    Travis: Peanut butter and jelly
    *HoW dO yOu CoOk PeAnUt BuTteR aNd JeLLY!?*

  • Baby-Girl Mariano

    Woah I never knew Travis liked peanut butter and jelly lol

  • David Power
    David Power Day ago +1

    I absolutely HATE Travis Scott

  • Angelika Kosjerina
    Angelika Kosjerina Day ago +1

    It’s like-facts

  • Utsav Somani
    Utsav Somani Day ago +2

    Travis is honestly high in this video

  • Fairow Tut
    Fairow Tut Day ago

    Travis is hideous I would make way more babies and cute ones too!!!!

  • Obitrice For life

    No wonder they are together. They have nothing in common

  • Leon Udeh
    Leon Udeh Day ago

    Travis: what’s my eye colour
    Kylie: Brown with a white outlining and a red filling around

  • Brzoskwinka 85
    Brzoskwinka 85 Day ago

    He sounds like a person who don’t know who is she...

  • em genosa
    em genosa Day ago

    What did kylie even see in him

  • SF9 lover2019
    SF9 lover2019 Day ago


  • John Lewis
    John Lewis Day ago

    Kylie: How many tattoos do I have and where are they at?
    Travis: Lip!
    Kylie: *gives him a weird look.”
    My man is caught, that’s Kendall

  • Lewk
    Lewk Day ago

    ‘It’s the way the crust is cut off. There’s like no crust’. Travis was definitely high or something during this.

  • Joyce Cuddyer
    Joyce Cuddyer Day ago

    Why do people even care ....

  • R0LLSY
    R0LLSY 2 days ago

    How aren’t you gonna know ur baby mamma’s dogs names

  • Anaya Karim
    Anaya Karim 2 days ago

    kylie was 14 when she made that video and travis was 19 .............

  • Jaylah Neal
    Jaylah Neal 2 days ago

    Travis: what color is my eyes
    Kylie: BROWN

  • Chinedum Nwosu
    Chinedum Nwosu 2 days ago +2

    Tyga probably watching this answering the questions

  • Samantha Guillen
    Samantha Guillen 2 days ago

    They don’t seem like they last but according to horoscopes Leo and Taurus are actually a really good match so 👍 stormi your good unless they do brake up then that’s just sad