Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ


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  • Daone Ros
    Daone Ros 15 hours ago +1

    Kylie: I have 8 tattoos, how many tattoos do I have?
    Travis: uhhhhh, you got 4
    Kylie: Baby I love you

  • Velis
    Velis 16 hours ago


  • Jhoanna Villanueva
    Jhoanna Villanueva 18 hours ago


  • Michael Swartz
    Michael Swartz 19 hours ago

    I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My dad makes the best. Fact

  • Jojo Siwa
    Jojo Siwa 19 hours ago

    His teeth shining got me blind

  • Sulina Sulaiman
    Sulina Sulaiman 20 hours ago

    The way travis talk like he got a bunch of peanut butter and jelly in his mouth

  • Sulina Sulaiman
    Sulina Sulaiman 20 hours ago

    Its obvious that traviss only married kylie bcos of her booty

  • Lisa Louis
    Lisa Louis 20 hours ago +1

    *Kylie:* How did I become a billionaire?
    *Travis:* Kim's bottom
    *Kylie:* Baby! I luv u so much!!!! Omg.

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J 21 hour ago

    Kyle: what sports did i played?
    Travis: yes
    Kyle:omg i luv u!

  • BaL Entertainment
    BaL Entertainment 21 hour ago

    dumb and dumber remastered 2018

  • BaL Entertainment
    BaL Entertainment 21 hour ago

    IZ DAT A CHIKN!!!!!!!

  • aqisha a
    aqisha a 21 hour ago

    why isnt anybody talking abt how he pronounced oregano

  • Carolyn Barrett
    Carolyn Barrett 22 hours ago

    I’m dying. Somebody said Tyga is screaming all the answers

  • rashid muhammad
    rashid muhammad 22 hours ago +1

    I'm sure he is high

  • rashid muhammad
    rashid muhammad 22 hours ago +1

    Travis like shut up hoe

  • Insert Creative Cool Name

    Travis is like a little kid
    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • Neha Yalachigere
    Neha Yalachigere 22 hours ago

    I had 3 brain cells and they died after watching this

  • Insert Creative Cool Name

    S t R a I g H t U p

  • The Sky Stalkers
    The Sky Stalkers 22 hours ago


  • Monica Argueta
    Monica Argueta 23 hours ago +3

    kylie:whats our daughters name?
    kylie:remember it starts with an S
    kylie:baby i love you ❤️

  • Princessz Dd
    Princessz Dd 23 hours ago

    Travis Scott is my male celebrity crush

  • Holy Water
    Holy Water 23 hours ago

    Kylie: what are my nickname for you?
    Travis: you just call me baby.... and sometimes daddy 😂

  • Liyah. productions
    Liyah. productions 23 hours ago +1


  • Mia Vidato
    Mia Vidato 23 hours ago

    Taurus gang ♉️

  • Rey Mondragon
    Rey Mondragon 23 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like something you would see on Disney Channel lol 😂.

  • Willa Mae Sykes
    Willa Mae Sykes Day ago

    are you guys together kiss kiss

  • B. C.
    B. C. Day ago

    Well, we know these two are not Mensa material (or even college for that matter). He is dimmer than a 10 watt lightbulb and she is coached by her mother (likely off to the side).

  • Jaishhh
    Jaishhh Day ago

    Kylie:What color are my eyes
    Travis:green sometimes yellow
    Kylie: Omg I love you
    (The easiest question ever) 😭

  • Poop Lol
    Poop Lol Day ago

    Kylie:what is my last name
    Kylie:baby you know this
    Travis:ughh Kardashian???
    Travis:ughhhhhh jenner
    Kylie:OmG I lOvE YoU

  • Jocelyn Chambers

    I love vinlla ice-cream it my favorite favor

  • Blayden Newsome
    Blayden Newsome Day ago +1

    Kylie:what do I call you

  • FolkloricPigeon
    FolkloricPigeon Day ago +1

    He knows her pizza order but not here parents name 😅

  • Sehaj Sidhu - Roberta Bondar PS (1516)

    The only cute thing about this couple is their matching track pants.

  • Zerifa Naheedh
    Zerifa Naheedh Day ago

    I cringed so bad watching this each second.

  • Leo Widmer
    Leo Widmer Day ago

    My Name is Leo

  • EmAn 08Gta
    EmAn 08Gta Day ago


  • Chaitanya
    Chaitanya Day ago

    Both are weird looking idiots
    One is with fake diamond studded teeth and another with fake face
    Super Gross

  • stehen bristow
    stehen bristow Day ago

    ok her names kylie kristen jenner. dudeeeee if she was a kardashian her initials would be kkk. wtf is wrong with that family

  • Jontepontare TTXD

    Technically black Isn’t a colour its just a thing that absorbes the light so it doesn’t reflect into your eyes

  • Crystal Young
    Crystal Young Day ago

    I actually thought this was cute... He knew more answers than I expected him to know!!!

  • Kraftzy Kayla
    Kraftzy Kayla Day ago

    Travis:Agrees with everything Kylie says cause he doesn’t know what’s going on😂😂

  • Lil_spght 21
    Lil_spght 21 Day ago +1

    Travis is as high as a kite

  • Shahzeb Hussain
    Shahzeb Hussain Day ago

    Kylie: what's my dog name?
    Travis:yeah I know that I know it's stormi
    Kylie:OMG I LOVE YOU

  • Cliona Robertson


  • Asmus Erswag
    Asmus Erswag Day ago

    We want travis quiz

  • Sandeep Pathi
    Sandeep Pathi Day ago

    What a horrible pair

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez Day ago

    How does this man make entire albums it looks like he loses a brain cell every time he answers a question

  • Eternity Person
    Eternity Person Day ago

    This is what happens when you smoke to much.😂😂😂🤣

  • Junjie Candolada IX

    My God, I hate drugs! 🇵🇭

  • Jada brown
    Jada brown Day ago

    Kylie: How many cavities have I had ?
    Travis: None .
    Kylie: Trick question .

  • Mosthated Karaa__

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  • Damian Ellowitz
    Damian Ellowitz Day ago

    is it just me or did they spend, like, forever just talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • Scan
    Scan Day ago

    F A C T S

  • Kiryu Kazuma
    Kiryu Kazuma Day ago

    He doesn't want to know a gagg whores facts. That's a fact. And so travis scott on skotch

  • Kiryu Kazuma
    Kiryu Kazuma Day ago

    He only knows autotune and fcking cloud whores as you

  • Yukoo
    Yukoo Day ago

    I dont want to go to america anymore. Rather stay in Philippines

  • Anime lover 12 Ppl

    I’m weak how Kylie just pulled Travis for a kiss as he looks away

  • Habibi Beats
    Habibi Beats Day ago

    How this man so mf awkward

  • MaríaJosé López

    How can they actually raise a bby together duuuude

  • Big NiBBa
    Big NiBBa Day ago +1

    Travis needs some Jamba Juice

  • chokeonpenguins 24

    Lmaoo celebrity couples in a nutshell

  • Kimikim Inurface

    I'm not understanding how they have a child together yet he does not know her dogs names .. Makes no sense what so ever . Reminds me of my 15 year old Sons intellect ..

  • Boneless Pizza
    Boneless Pizza Day ago +1

    Of course he knows the biggest scar😂 only thing he pays attention to is her body

  • Sniper Monkey
    Sniper Monkey Day ago

    "lip" Boi thats where her sisters tattoo is

  • Sniper Monkey
    Sniper Monkey Day ago

    The Cheerleaders are triggered

  • Lilnae Joseph
    Lilnae Joseph 2 days ago

    He said some you call me daddy sometimes

  • Breein Baggerly
    Breein Baggerly 2 days ago

    Her hair is driving me crazy like the parts all wrong

  • ROBLOX Gaming
    ROBLOX Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Tyga is like oh no pls

  • Vinci X
    Vinci X 2 days ago

    I heard that she got a big butt lol

  • Rackin bassin
    Rackin bassin 2 days ago

    I was eating pb&j well watching this

  • JakepaulErikacostell

    Don't be love wit

  • Emily rose
    Emily rose 2 days ago +1

    So cute 🤗🤗

  • 1000 subs with no vids?

    *He's high on weed.*

  • 1000 subs with no vids?

    She looks like a fish after all them plastic surgeries. Lmao look at all them lips.

  • Tri.p Shitt
    Tri.p Shitt 2 days ago

    he dumb asfuck

  • Kaitlin G
    Kaitlin G 2 days ago

    this is depressing how can he not know anything about her??!!!

  • iconic princess
    iconic princess 2 days ago

    huh huh huh ok cool

  • Maria Clara Rezende
    Maria Clara Rezende 2 days ago

    Did anybody count how many times he said fact/facts ?

  • Yona Boudagh
    Yona Boudagh 2 days ago

    The Travis Scott concert was litttt

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 2 days ago

    “Peanut and jelly cooker”

  • mr bitch
    mr bitch 2 days ago

    Kylie: whats you're name?
    Travis: tyga
    Kylie: omg i love you baby

  • Black&WhiteMel
    Black&WhiteMel 2 days ago

    That's me when I say I learned something and that I just watched videos like that indeed.

  • Al Afridi
    Al Afridi 2 days ago

    They dont look like a couple.not even chemistry only biology😅

  • Brooklyn_hill_rocks 95

    Master peanut butter and jelly maker like bruh DUH WHITE PEOPLE CANT COOK OR SHIEET

  • Conecta con M
    Conecta con M 2 days ago

    No se sabe ni el nombre de sus perros....

  • Shahzeb Hussain
    Shahzeb Hussain 2 days ago

    Travis:oh! Lip
    Kylie:thats Kendall.
    Travis:so who are you?
    Travis:oh yeah i know that

  • 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    I’m pretty sure GQ regrets not disabling the comments

  • Webmaster
    Webmaster 2 days ago

    Kylie is too cute, i would go down on her for sho

  • Goldie Perez
    Goldie Perez 2 days ago

    Why do I cringe at this😂😬

  • Ramina Kolami
    Ramina Kolami 2 days ago +1

    Kylie: Travis how old are you?
    Travis: uuuh baby I don’t know
    Kylie: ur 26
    Travis: oh yeah I knew that
    Kylie: OmG i LoVe You

  • Dariuxee
    Dariuxee 2 days ago

    he doesnt know anything lol

  • King of Crossovers
    King of Crossovers 2 days ago

    *”she calls me daddy”*

  • King of Crossovers
    King of Crossovers 2 days ago

    *”he knows my body”*

  • Phuket UFC
    Phuket UFC 2 days ago

    No all...

  • Katie Kat Creations
    Katie Kat Creations 2 days ago +1

    I love that they spent like 2 mins talking about pb&j 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Grigore
    Gabriel Grigore 2 days ago


  • Mia Nicole Mcfadden Pretty girl

    I'm a Pretty girl

  • Angus Scrimm
    Angus Scrimm 2 days ago

    She be titled Cancer asking AIDS 23 questions.

  • Araksan Anwar
    Araksan Anwar 2 days ago

    Kylie: am I the best
    Travis: no I am
    Kylie: I love you babyyyyy

  • Kiran Johny
    Kiran Johny 2 days ago

    travis scotts laugh😂😂🤣