Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ


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  • Nathaly A.
    Nathaly A. 28 minutes ago

    3:47 he got confused with Kendall cuz she got a tatto behind her lip inside her mouth

  • Dakosta
    Dakosta 28 minutes ago

    they r cute af

  • Nathalie Bermond
    Nathalie Bermond 28 minutes ago

    Cheerleading is a sport. And yes, it's on ESPN.

  • jenny ferr
    jenny ferr 28 minutes ago

    Qué tipo más indecente. parece un bruto

  • Blue TV
    Blue TV 29 minutes ago

    I think a lot of people are commenting after he didn’t know the dogs name , everyone saying he don’t know anything about her and that Kylie could have done better but Travis only got 3 wrong , that’s 20/23 . Like every comment I’m seeing is stuff about Travis not knowing anything about her , y’all just really need to be quiet

  • Sonia A
    Sonia A 29 minutes ago

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches what a joke.... I never noticed that travis has a lisp! Amazing how you cannot hear it in his music!!

  • iLuvPandas Smartz
    iLuvPandas Smartz 29 minutes ago

    Ahhhhhh i love his laugh

  • Alexa Meekison
    Alexa Meekison 29 minutes ago


  • Tracy Bueno
    Tracy Bueno 29 minutes ago

    Awkward plus it looks like he doesn't even know her.

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  • Sophie J
    Sophie J 29 minutes ago

    This is like.. facts

  • QwazKim23
    QwazKim23 29 minutes ago

    Guys hating on Travis, can we please see your Q&A with your spouses so that we can see how much each person knows about their partner. Unless you have lived for more than 7 yrs with someone then you cannot say you would know that person inside out. Even then quite a majority of us guys would still not pay attention to some things which may seem unimportant but are very sensitive to a woman and vice versa there are some things guys think are important but to a woman it may be a non issue her. judge your own relationship, dont waste your time judging others

  • Kelly Save me
    Kelly Save me 29 minutes ago

    Boring and unintelligent

  • Flights RAGE
    Flights RAGE 29 minutes ago

    Kylie is gorg asf bruh😭
    She a whole meal

  • Jay Harvey
    Jay Harvey 29 minutes ago

    “ok cool” LMAOO they are still a cute couple

  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang 29 minutes ago

    Is it just me or does Travis acting kinda dumb and slow in here...

  • cutterchaz
    cutterchaz 29 minutes ago

    Why does she look like she's been punched in the mouth?

  • gabrielle mgbudem
    gabrielle mgbudem 30 minutes ago

    Kylie Kristen...

  • Unicorn Vomit
    Unicorn Vomit 30 minutes ago

    I’ve noticed that the kardashians all have dated at least one black man in their life

  • ro0ts
    ro0ts 30 minutes ago

    Whos favorite ice cream vanilla tf

  • folloem
    folloem 30 minutes ago

    her face is so ugly and offputting ugh

  • gabrielle mgbudem
    gabrielle mgbudem 30 minutes ago

    I don't know why. But this seems off

  • sPiLl GoDeZ
    sPiLl GoDeZ 30 minutes ago

    3:45 Travis thought kendall jenner's tatoo on her lip Lol

  • redvelvetsprinkles
    redvelvetsprinkles 30 minutes ago

    they are really cute but that whole 2 minutes on pb & j y’all it’s not that deep 😩 lmao

  • Gab G
    Gab G 30 minutes ago

    I lost brain cells watching this

  • Arianna Quiroz
    Arianna Quiroz 30 minutes ago

    This is honestly so cute. I'm happy for them.❤️💯

  • Jaydee Destacamento
    Jaydee Destacamento 30 minutes ago

    I wish they would make vlogs so we could see what they do everday haha

  • Amanda Baxter
    Amanda Baxter 30 minutes ago

    Sad that people literally just pop out kids w ppl they barely know lmao they’re so dumb

  • Wilmer A
    Wilmer A 30 minutes ago


  • jessy2012ful
    jessy2012ful 30 minutes ago

    Yup black just like her men.

  • Kailen Houston
    Kailen Houston 30 minutes ago

    i cant tell if hes a bad boyfriend/ doesnt pay attention to anything or if he just smokes way too much weed😂

  • Mark Oliver
    Mark Oliver 30 minutes ago

    He should be in a monkey cage while she asking these questions

  • Anna K
    Anna K 30 minutes ago

    Was a bit weird to watch but I do think they love each other 💏 he did well 😆

  • Dylan Wade
    Dylan Wade 30 minutes ago

    Is it on espn 😂

  • NoahC
    NoahC 31 minute ago

    Where is AstroWorld?

  • Anaīs LATOUR
    Anaīs LATOUR 31 minute ago

    Why ?😂😭 2:27

  • Kulwinder Dhami
    Kulwinder Dhami 31 minute ago +1

    "Baby I don't know a s*** about make up"

  • Wyattkins
    Wyattkins 31 minute ago

    Where astroworld

  • B Nb
    B Nb 31 minute ago

    i love that 😍😍😍

  • Young Zai the swag god
    Young Zai the swag god 31 minute ago

    I’m still laughing 😂 off that she call me daddy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Funindasun
    Funindasun 31 minute ago

    They are gonna be arguing all week.

  • Ricardo Munoz
    Ricardo Munoz 31 minute ago

    Mans out here answering questions but still hasn’t dropped astroworld🤔

  • Megan Karapici
    Megan Karapici 31 minute ago +1

    They barely know each other AND they don't have Chemistry between them.🙄

    SUBHASREE GHOSH 31 minute ago +1

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  • g 104
    g 104 31 minute ago

    They don't belong together smh

  • Kathryn Hall
    Kathryn Hall 31 minute ago

    My dog knows more about me than he knows about her.

  • Carlee Valencia
    Carlee Valencia 32 minutes ago

    I'd be so embarrassed

  • Sarah Da
    Sarah Da 32 minutes ago

    Liked to see Kylie of guard for once, or just acting normal, trais still seemed sleepy af

  • gracie dalton
    gracie dalton 32 minutes ago

    they’re so cute omg

  • AL Jetson
    AL Jetson 32 minutes ago

    I’m convinced that Travis thinks that Kylie’s last name is Kardashian...After watching this video

  • Ayesha ayesha
    Ayesha ayesha 32 minutes ago

    He umm like .. I don't like him for some reason .. Kylie's cute

  • Camille M.G
    Camille M.G 32 minutes ago

    Take those gold teeth out! You can’t even talk! 😂

  • Random Leeza
    Random Leeza 32 minutes ago

    All the Kardashians family relationship with their boyfriend are horriable guys. They go with ugly guys who cheat on them. This ain't boyfriend n girlfriend quiz test. This is just ridiculous to watch.

  • Thenextpabloescobar
    Thenextpabloescobar 32 minutes ago

    drop astroworld

  • Evelyn Valladares
    Evelyn Valladares 32 minutes ago

    Stupid questions

  • Noor Fatima
    Noor Fatima 32 minutes ago

    travis: “tHiS iS LiKe FaCtS”
    me: (rolls my eyes) dumbass

  • Obey K8
    Obey K8 32 minutes ago

    She shoulda had a kid w Tyga they were more close and less awk.

  • ZM clips
    ZM clips 32 minutes ago

    How cute 😜🔥

  • Jen Butera
    Jen Butera 32 minutes ago

    Travis always look sleepy lmao

  • Qu33n.V
    Qu33n.V 32 minutes ago

    I thought it was actually cute, a little cringy but still cute!

  • Hakageryuu
    Hakageryuu 33 minutes ago

    The pinnacle of rich idiocy.

    ALLEE 33 minutes ago +1

    The lip........ STICK 😂😂

  • Mikayla Petrova
    Mikayla Petrova 33 minutes ago

    It feels like I’m watching MuchDank rn.

  • tony
    tony 33 minutes ago

    Bet now every girl want a dark skin guy now right 😂😂😂

  • Amanda Baxter
    Amanda Baxter 33 minutes ago

    What does she see in him

  • Brandon Valerio
    Brandon Valerio 33 minutes ago

    I bet Travis was high

  • Saana Nikkinen
    Saana Nikkinen 33 minutes ago


  • WavyBrando
    WavyBrando 33 minutes ago +1

    Talk without the grill homie 😂

  • Internet boyTM
    Internet boyTM 34 minutes ago

    Mass consumerism at its finest......

  • vanilla cream cookie boops

    yikes this was woooooooooow

  • NFS Patrick
    NFS Patrick 34 minutes ago

    His grills make him sound stupid

  • abby williams
    abby williams 34 minutes ago

    I ship 💖

  • elina
    elina 34 minutes ago

    actually cute😍 y’all just jealous af

  • Yoav Rachman
    Yoav Rachman 34 minutes ago +1

    This man is brain dead

  • victoria yarbrough
    victoria yarbrough 34 minutes ago

    cHeErLeAdInG iSnT a SpOrT....yes it is....

  • Ebrar Çevik
    Ebrar Çevik 34 minutes ago

    Watch Travis’s parts x1,25 you’re welcome

  • CircleOfAnja
    CircleOfAnja 34 minutes ago

    what a f*cking sad relationship.

  • Natali -
    Natali - 34 minutes ago

    Son muy lindos💕❤

  • Raquel Soto
    Raquel Soto 34 minutes ago

    She asks Travis questions and ends up answering half of them

  • Isaiah MacCallum
    Isaiah MacCallum 35 minutes ago

    7:54 rs 😂😂😂😂

    SRIJANA AND DEEYA 35 minutes ago


  • Hdh bdbj
    Hdh bdbj 35 minutes ago

    Who are these people?

  • Tymechey
    Tymechey 35 minutes ago +1

    Finally someone’s a Taurus I thought no celebrities were

  • realfunnybunny
    realfunnybunny 35 minutes ago

    Kylie thicc

  • MagicMongo from Kongo
    MagicMongo from Kongo 35 minutes ago

    4:21 haha

  • Lily Heys
    Lily Heys 35 minutes ago

    Poor boy can hardly talk with them things on his teeth.
    Do they actually know anything except their child’s name?

  • Amadeuseric
    Amadeuseric 36 minutes ago +2


  • Tati D
    Tati D 36 minutes ago

    they barely know each other lmao

  • Dianne Saravia
    Dianne Saravia 36 minutes ago

    they so cute 😊😊😊

  • Florence Renthlei
    Florence Renthlei 36 minutes ago

    wait is this kylie's hubby his dumb

  • Neos Quliao'
    Neos Quliao' 36 minutes ago +1

    Tyga somewhere watching screaming out all the right answers at the screen

  • Sk Afnan
    Sk Afnan 36 minutes ago

    cringe hairstyle = Travis scott😂

  • Chitown ShaSha
    Chitown ShaSha 36 minutes ago

    *Face palm @ **3:47* 😂😂

  • Malia Seijo
    Malia Seijo 36 minutes ago

    Oh man now I respect her,her ice cream choice was on poiiiiinnnt

  • Melisa Yıldırım
    Melisa Yıldırım 36 minutes ago

    bu ne laaaan

  • Theyylove nya
    Theyylove nya 36 minutes ago +1

    “The little powder things”😂😂😂

  • Tish Sharay
    Tish Sharay 36 minutes ago

    And this boys and girls is baby mama at it’s finest when y’all lay down with just anybody 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤨🤨

  • Gianella Maldonado
    Gianella Maldonado 36 minutes ago

    This was so painfully awkward to watch

  • FC_CT
    FC_CT 36 minutes ago

    She answered most of the questions for him.