Justice League Angry Movie Review


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  • AngryJoeShow
    AngryJoeShow  Year ago +3740

    AAAANNNDDD Go! ..this is actually not a mistake I left in at 6 in the morning editing before I passed out. Uhm I'm going to start all my reviews with this new totally planned catchphrase! ANNNDDD GOOO!

    • Hernan Henriquez
      Hernan Henriquez 13 days ago

      This movie sucked I'm with the Mexican Batman on this one the hores have 0 chemistry between them. U were probably just happy u got to see them on the big screen like that for the first time but u can't say it's a fantastic film it would have been but the av3ngers came first and is and will b a better film

    • Shane Bell
      Shane Bell 20 days ago

      How in the world did you think this movie was any good? It's probably the worst DCEU film period. Ezra Miller as The Flash was cringy. None of the DCEU films have been good except Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

    • Conor Wakeham
      Conor Wakeham Month ago +1

      Do ps1 reviews or ps2 reviews

    • Keith Smith
      Keith Smith 2 months ago +1

      I kinda like Nikki, hoping to see more of her.

    • billy gibb
      billy gibb 6 months ago

      Watch the aquaman and Shazam trailer joe

  • peach1389
    peach1389 2 days ago

    So... I know art is subjective... but anyone who gives Justice League a 9/10 is OBJECTIVELY wrong. You can't give this movie a 9/10 and then complain at "Mainstream Game Journalists" giving shitty games 9/10 for money. Every single positive thing you had to say about this movie was laughably disgusting. It's retards like you that give movie studios license to keep turning out crap like this, because you'll go see their schlock and be happy.
    "Demand more", as you usually put it.

  • markponicki
    markponicki 9 days ago +1

    More like the Just This? League

  • Detective
    Detective 9 days ago +1

    I want the BATMAN MOVIE SO MUCH!

  • Happy Raven
    Happy Raven 13 days ago

    Nicky was never seen again *wind blowing in the air*

  • TryHardNoob
    TryHardNoob 13 days ago

    This film is wrong in every way.

  • 1madzilla
    1madzilla 15 days ago

    Not a 9 out of 10 tho, maybe a 8

  • 1madzilla
    1madzilla 15 days ago

    Holy shit!!! You actually liked a movie! And I once agree with you!!

  • Masterpug55 axb
    Masterpug55 axb 17 days ago

    You can tell he is a true fanboy because he gave this terrible movie a 9/10

  • Corey Bradley
    Corey Bradley 17 days ago

    i didnt know wonder woman had a butter face

  • Shawn John
    Shawn John 18 days ago

    It was a bad film

  • Nafets Nafets
    Nafets Nafets 18 days ago

    The chase scene in the beginning was stupid, where would they go, they on an island!!! And he can jump like no one's business!!

  • cycleforwardtime
    cycleforwardtime 19 days ago

    Just saw the film and surprisingly I enjoyed it and Wonder Woman just led that team forward when Batman had his weaker moments. I loved that!

  • straken87
    straken87 23 days ago

    Wonder Woman carried this film

  • Kid Critic
    Kid Critic 23 days ago

    I think this movie sucks, but if you like it I respect your opinion

  • Darius Matthews
    Darius Matthews 24 days ago

    you should have that woman back for more reviews, please! stop doing that to oj

  • John Bowers
    John Bowers 24 days ago

    Lol the fact that AQUAMAN is the best DCEU movie is hilarious

  • Robert Eden
    Robert Eden 25 days ago

    I loved the movie. Not gonna whine about the little shit. Superman CGI-shaved mustache tho, and Wonder Woman is too skinny.

  • Petaia Seiuli
    Petaia Seiuli 25 days ago


  • Greenfrogg55 ̄
    Greenfrogg55 ̄ 25 days ago

    Bvs was man of steel 2

  • IrfanTheTinyGamer
    IrfanTheTinyGamer 27 days ago

    Poorly reviewed movie by AngryJoe.
    the maximum this movie could get would be a 7/10

  • Semen Expert
    Semen Expert 27 days ago

    You done fucked it up!

  • Dean Toledano
    Dean Toledano 28 days ago

    Wait... I think we saw a different movie joe.

  • 31 Alrightamya
    31 Alrightamya Month ago

    So he was drunk when he reviewed this as well 😂

  • Jonny T.
    Jonny T. Month ago

    JL was garbage. It ruined batman and superman

  • D64nz
    D64nz Month ago

    So good to see DC take a turn in the right direction. There is room enough for two great superhero franchises and we all gain from that.

  • Miles Loughman
    Miles Loughman Month ago

    Joe you’re retarted

  • diamond plays games

    Love the mortal kombat backround in the beginning

  • Don Sastone
    Don Sastone Month ago +1

    Until DC comics develops a more ethnicity diverse character cast in it's folklore it will never be a successful movie franchise. In this movie for example, when all the different races had to come together to battle the "world ender" Steppenwolf. Only Europeans were depicted as representative of the human race as if African, Asian, and South American cultures didn't exist. If they want financial support from everyone then they must try harder to include everyone. If they need an example of how this is done. Check out Marvel.

  • ExtraSwede
    ExtraSwede Month ago

    Just forced myself through this crappy movie a second time to see if it changed my opinion... Unfortunally it didn’t. Lame ass acting, piss poor ending battle and if you (which is unavoidable) compare it to The Avenger movies it’s so far behind in all aspects. Sorry Joebro, love all your content though 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Sebastian Palacios Llerena

    This has to be the most average film I have ever seen. I don't understand why Joe gets blinded every single time. Whatever I care more about his videogame reviews than movie reviews so yeah.
    But please Joe open your and see a DC movie as it is!! This is not a course correction

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem Month ago

    I agree with Other Joe's score

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem Month ago

    DC shines the most in their animated works. Much more so than alot of their live action work. I would say that most of DC's animated work is better than Marvel's.

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem Month ago

    The movie has great action, but when you compare it to the best that the Avenger's films has to offer, it falls short.

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem Month ago

    Joe has such a Biased hard on for anything Superman

  • Jay Nukem
    Jay Nukem Month ago

    Wonder Woman is pretty good because her movie is better than Justice League.

  • Katie M
    Katie M Month ago

    I want more Flash movies. :p

    LEXICON DEVIL Month ago

    The big dude on the right tends to have a more realistic opinion and not as bias

    LEXICON DEVIL Month ago

    Sorry Joe but your way to Forgiving in your movie reviews, there not as trusting as your video game reviews

  • Broken Paddy
    Broken Paddy Month ago

    No offence dudes and dudet but did you all see a different movie than me because i thoughtvit was shit i maean i live ben as batman and henry and gal and jason but

  • Casey Rages
    Casey Rages Month ago

    Wait did I just hear Joe say he liked this movie? The fuck? This film doo doo

  • Adam Carlsson
    Adam Carlsson Month ago

    8:00 "that's a bad bitch"

  • WiiManElite
    WiiManElite Month ago

    No wonder I didn’t see this review sooner. It’s completely biased. Justice League was absolute shit and everybody with a brain saw it coming. It made the least amount of money and got worse reviews than Superman 4...I don’t know where to start with this.

  • martin bird
    martin bird Month ago

    Batman is a pussy in this film. Batman v superman is a better film than this imo.

  • Joseph Probert
    Joseph Probert Month ago

    Batman doesn’t make jokes

  • Sparsh Bansal
    Sparsh Bansal Month ago

    I'd like to review this review. 0.1/10

  • knowpainnow
    knowpainnow Month ago

    At this point I've seen the movie 5+times an this review more ... grant gustin was my favorite version I love him and how he does the show but ezra Miller is growing on me alot I definitely like the suit 10000x more hes light hearted making jokes cause hes only a kid compared to the others he did a amazing job and I'm slowly thinking hes my favorite flash hes my favorite hero and yes I'm late commenting but I fall asleep to podcast Type stuff like this

  • nunof yabuisness
    nunof yabuisness 2 months ago

    Joe... be honest... u loved this movie cuz Superman was over powered

  • Jakob With a K
    Jakob With a K 2 months ago

    18:30 sums up Joe reviewing all based on heart. Guest makes a good point & he says "stfu thats not true!" like dude let him make his point w/o being so defensive for a movie you shouldn't be.

  • blackfox1320
    blackfox1320 2 months ago +1

    I finally saw this, refused to give it money and waited for it to come out for free. This is hands down one of the worst super hero films of all time. It is a complete dumpster fire, I really can't understand why anyone at all would enjoy this. This is the absolute worst CGI I have seen in quite some time...think Spawn levels of bad. The story was non existent and everything was chopped together. The villain was a CGI mess with no back story. There is nothing redeemable, the action wasn't even good. The comedy was just awkward, in fact, the funniest part of the movie was Louis Lane said "you smell good" when Superman came back to life.

  • Nevan Ford
    Nevan Ford 2 months ago

    I agree with Joe.
    I miss "Max Wayne" (angry Bruce Wayne)
    On that note, I reckon if they made Max Payne movie (not counting the other one), based it on no.3, Ben Affleck would be a good angry Max Payne circa no.3

  • Nevan Ford
    Nevan Ford 2 months ago

    I hope at some point they do a evil superman story but make it like Injustice.
    Where our Superman vs. Doppelganger Evil superman from another dimension/timeline.

  • Bob johnson
    Bob johnson 2 months ago

    I'm in love with Wonder Woman :o)

  • Domomonster o
    Domomonster o 2 months ago

    i mostly love your movie reviews but when it comes to DC you are too much of a fanboy and it clouds your judgment. this movie is a 5/10. it's average and not even close to as good as a justice league movie could be if those impatient pricks at WB gave the writers and directors the authority and time to do what is right and good.

    BOOMBAPXL 2 months ago

    Dont think it was a 9 out of 10. Id give it a 6 at best

  • Noble _
    Noble _ 3 months ago

    This the non spoiler but he wearing superman and flexing lol

  • No 1 Whovian
    No 1 Whovian 3 months ago

    No matter what anyone says Alien Covenant was far worse than this movie. The movie was a huge disappointment. The CGI used for steppenwolf was better that the CGI used for the xenomorph

  • Henry Hoons Fast
    Henry Hoons Fast 3 months ago

    What the movie is TRASH!

  • Baron Van Dong
    Baron Van Dong 3 months ago

    Who's the prostitute?

  • Joshua A
    Joshua A 3 months ago

    Your dumb

  • Mysaiah Felton
    Mysaiah Felton 3 months ago

    Angryjoe we are under attack by toxic comments, help us out here.

  • HeyBartender
    HeyBartender 3 months ago

    I Want someone to look at me The way Nikki looks at Joe

  • Orrin Hurlbutt
    Orrin Hurlbutt 3 months ago

    My only problem with the film having only now watched the film is that while normally I’m fine with having a 2D villain, the justice league lacks that core gel that forms it from random people to a team and in starting ensemble films like this one, they need a good villain.

  • Артём Лузик
    Артём Лузик 3 months ago

    Hm, surprused that anybody liked this movie

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 3 months ago

    joe watches movies drunk, i see

  • D Ton
    D Ton 3 months ago +2

    This movie was terrible!!! Point Blank!!!!

  • Vin AwesomeMan
    Vin AwesomeMan 4 months ago

    JL 2nd best DCEU movie behind WW

  • Konstantin Stepanov
    Konstantin Stepanov 4 months ago

    My main reason for hating this movie was Batman (not fault of Ben Affleck):
    1. He was way too googly eyed about Superman... I mean for Christ sakes, it was not his fault Supes died and he even barely knew the guy. I mean he doesnt know him any better at this stage than when he at first hated him. The whole movie - Superman this, Superman that... just kiss already!
    2. Batman assembles the team. Im sorry, but Batman was always a loner... all Robins and other team up just mostly happened circumstantially, yet he kept always saying - "I must do this alone" and "I dont need help". He never even was officially part of the Justice League, he was always tagging along as a +1
    3. He assembles the team just cause... he hasnt met the Big CGI monster (because thats as much as I remember about him), he never tried to resolve the situation by himself, he hasnt lost the 1st fight. so why out of nowhere he decides - sound the trumpets! we need a team! Character growth is as example when a man has to overcome his pride to admit he needs help
    4. His identity. Since when Batman just walks around just telling everyone he is Bruce Wayne or vice versa? I mean a whole town of people where there when Aquaman made a joke about Wayne wearing a bat costume. Batman hid his identity even from his teammates.
    5. Batman goes for the crazy plan to revive someone. As a person who fought an immortal before - Ra'sAlGul and considering this is already an older Batman so he must have by this point, Im surprised he was the only one not sceptical about this. He should know that coming back from the dead changes people. Since when Batman is not cynical or dubious about outlandish plans?
    6. Batman plays dumb with Aquaman. I mean, dude, you just saw him on that footage, why go in there stare him in the face and yell - IM LOOKING FOR A MAN WHO SWIMS AND STUFF...
    7. Batquips... in comics, animated or other movies and games Bruce had jokes but they were as comebacks or retorts... never stupid comments Deadpool style. "Something's definitely bleeding" WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?
    Anyway, this topped up with CGI lip, boring enemy, mostly unimpressive fights, stupid Flash and Aquaman who has a Poseidon's trident but is not a King of Atlantis somehow just made this movie another DC flop for me. It may be that Marvel just spoiled me by this point, but I think my childhood heroes deserve better.

  • zaya decon
    zaya decon 4 months ago +1

    Joe has lost credibility in the movie department.. you dont know what you're talking about joe, go back to video games.

  • NAO
    NAO 4 months ago

    Super man does no wrong with you

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez 4 months ago

    This was bad tbh, nothing really happens apart from Superman coming back.

  • Bale Sahagun
    Bale Sahagun 4 months ago

    Lol angry review in Avengers lettering lol nice.

  • Kinoshita Yuuko
    Kinoshita Yuuko 4 months ago +2

    worse than suicide squad

  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin 4 months ago

    Joe this movie was bland compared to BvS how can you like it more?

  • Lumpy Gash
    Lumpy Gash 4 months ago

    I dont get the hate towards Alex, he and other joe always tell the truth. Every point Alex made here, it is legit. This movies sucks.

  • Constantin Dragos
    Constantin Dragos 4 months ago

    .........stick to game reviews

  • CiggyBones
    CiggyBones 4 months ago

    I like how the way Joe talks about the DCEU that the series is just doing great and sequels and solo movies are inevitable. Lols.

  • Eliseo Galván
    Eliseo Galván 4 months ago +1

    This version is kind a trash. The Snyder cut is the best version, but WB doesn't want to realese it! They are so dumb.

  • MrHappyBollox
    MrHappyBollox 4 months ago

    It's during this review that I realised, without doubt, that Other Joe is actually a smarter film critic than Angry Joe. When I can here the guy, that is. Give him a proper mic ffs.

  • ShyGuy
    ShyGuy 4 months ago

    i know this is late, but i honestly prefer this film to infinity war, this film had better humor, better fight scenes, and honestly just better in most ways, although it was quite sad how much batman bashing there was

  • Nick Mahoney
    Nick Mahoney 4 months ago

    I thought this movie was okay. Some parts were really great, but there were many noticeable flaws all over the place. It was slightly better than Man of Steel, and definitely better than Suicide Squad and the abomination of filmmaking that is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Wonder Woman is still much better, and even then, most Marvel movies are better than it.

  • TheExBoxing Gamer
    TheExBoxing Gamer 5 months ago


  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite 5 months ago

    i think joe's just in a generous mood because he was hanging out with nikki.... ugh

  • John Gaetano
    John Gaetano 5 months ago

    Joe, I am not easily impressed but, to answer your question if we want to see more of Nikki, yes, have Nikki on every show. Trust me on this one...

  • 31 Alrightamya
    31 Alrightamya 5 months ago

    They went to the theatre in those costumes😂I feel bad for audience that he sat with

  • Jar Ahed
    Jar Ahed 5 months ago

    My 8 yr old son thought this movie sucked monkey cock and so did i. Angry fan boy joe. This movie was total shit

  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago

    This movie is fucking shit. In 2018 they can’t remove a mustache

  • Josh
    Josh 5 months ago

    This intro is cancerous

    PIZZAMAN 5 months ago +1

    This film is not good

  • Andrew Beck
    Andrew Beck 5 months ago

    now i have something to look at during there movie reviewd

  • Bart Vanhuffel
    Bart Vanhuffel 5 months ago

    I fucking hate the left dude, he seems so smug and disagrees with fucking everything as if he could make a better movie 😂 he looks like someone who i'd punch in the face if he'd talk like this to me

  • SultenZone
    SultenZone 5 months ago

    What... the fuck? What? Are you serious? I thought it was sorta boring, even with having their action scenes. Also, the Flash seemed to trip too much and act like an awkward teenager, while Cyborg was real 'calculative'-like. I mean, I get feeling different after what happened to him, but it felt like his whole persona before becoming Cyborg got taken away. Also, I dunno, I feel like Superman would've come back, either way, regardless of that trick they did. Also, the Amazonians seemed to have kinda dumb tactics.

  • Sir FrostyFlakes
    Sir FrostyFlakes 5 months ago +1

    This movie is so bad.

  • Charles Desmond
    Charles Desmond 5 months ago +1

    This movie was complete fucking garbage

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 5 months ago

    So joe hated Batman vs Superman but loves Justice League because superman is back. Joe little byes id say.

  • Bits Of Everything
    Bits Of Everything 5 months ago +1


  • Kairi420
    Kairi420 5 months ago +1

    Movie was not good!

  • Arn-Ice
    Arn-Ice 5 months ago

    Good moments for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Good thing about Batman SHOULD be his flaw and human weakness vs supervillains etc. He's not stupid, he (should) know he'll get his ass kicked despite his hard training.

  • Acled Maiden
    Acled Maiden 5 months ago

    The start of Joe's videos are always super cringey.

  • Doudymac
    Doudymac 5 months ago

    13:36 when it's time to flame out...😁