Joe Lauzon isn’t 100% closing the door on another fight | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • After beating Jonathan Pearce at UFC Fight Night in Boston, Massachusetts, Joe Lauzon joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to recap his preparations for the bout. Lauzon says he felt that he was in control of every second vs. Pearce. (8:19) Lauzon tells the story of Burt Watson coming to his wedding, causing him to cry after unexpectedly hyping him up before the event. (9:23) He clears the air on if this will be his final fight, saying he isn’t 100% ready to call it a career.
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Comments • 92

  • tom brady
    tom brady 22 days ago

    100% should be Joe vs Jim Miller 3 for a last fight it would be epic n intense

  • Joshua Whinery
    Joshua Whinery Month ago

    Super torn on Louzon of my favs to see fight, but hes got nothing left to prove and for some reason I especially hate seeing intelligent fighters take an extra fight or two's worth of punishment late in their careers; as long as he's doing it for the love of the fight process and not glory/legacy, (which I believe to be the case), I'll savor every minute of fight time Louzon's career has left in it - and if this past fight was the last fight, then godspeed you nerdy fucking neanderthal Savage! Thanks everything!

  • Jeremy Smithers
    Jeremy Smithers Month ago

    From up close he kinda looks like Steve-O

  • Mr. Philip
    Mr. Philip Month ago

    I would like to see a Lauzon vs Mcgregor super fight!

  • Taktavious Xertoxal

    All the hoes on Lauzon

  • California Girl 209

    🌻Love you Joe, sooo happy to see you back7🌻

  • JK96
    JK96 Month ago

    I want to see jim miller vs joe lauzon 3 before both of them retire.

  • Themayseffect
    Themayseffect Month ago +1

    Legendary asswhooping. Amazing work.

  • Confidencey
    Confidencey Month ago

    RSK for life

  • IceManAuz
    IceManAuz Month ago +1

    as someone whos talked to someone whos friend knows him...

    i can say he is being honest

  • really real
    really real Month ago

    its clear joe has some brain trauma , and dana made him do alot of testing. no way dana says im making him retire after a fight like that. there must be under lining injuries.hence why he was out for so long. he has taken serious damage

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago +1

    I love when this guy wins, especially at home. Joe deserved this he’s a warrior.

  • John JDNB
    John JDNB Month ago +2

    Retire on top after a win

    ULTRA KWON Month ago +3

    I noticed Joe Lauzon sounds like he’s grumbling when he speaks. Finally realized he has a Boston accent.

  • Emcee SupremeJustice
    Emcee SupremeJustice Month ago +1

    it’s the fighters curse when you lose you wanna go out on a win so you keep fighting and when you win it makes you think you can keep winning so you don’t wanna retire yet hope he just takes it easy

  • ReBoot
    ReBoot Month ago +1

    If u aren’t fighting for a belt anymore and you just got a big win in front of the home crowd you’ve been bitten by the BJ bug. No known antidote.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Month ago +2

    Joe should retire on top; no fighter has ever deserved it more. However, if he is going to fight again, there's only one fight I'd be willing to see:
    Dan Hardy at lightweight, in the main event. Both guys retire after the fight, leaving 2 pairs of gloves in the octagon.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly Month ago

    Helwani has no emotion...fake cryer

  • Brian Butters
    Brian Butters Month ago

    Nice guy but obviously he isn’t going to stop fighting until he gets smashed at least 1 or 2 more times. Hopefully the UFC protects him from himself.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly Month ago

    and never got a title shot right?

  • Larten SX
    Larten SX Month ago +2

    Absolute legend

  • Josh Spirito
    Josh Spirito Month ago +3

    A true R$K!!!

  • jaeD sixx66
    jaeD sixx66 Month ago +1

    This kid just took a really good young buck to school and mopped the cafeteria floor with him so I don’t blame him in the least for wanting to fight again and it’s easy to see he definitely wants to

  • Team Malunggay
    Team Malunggay Month ago +3

    Joe is awesome

  • VDR
    VDR Month ago +20

    This man doesn't age
    Looks 22

  • Ronan Carletta
    Ronan Carletta Month ago +4

    My opinion means nothing, but would love him to go out in a dominant fashion in his hometown

  • Aize de Boer
    Aize de Boer Month ago

    I always mix him up with Alex Morono

  • Copper Napper
    Copper Napper Month ago

    Joes greatest win was Vs nick the tooth.

  • NHK Got Me
    NHK Got Me Month ago +8

    Joe was the person to get me into MMA back when he would go on the PKA podcast in the CoD scene, would love to see him retire especially after such a good performance this late in his career

  • Emil Ipsen
    Emil Ipsen Month ago

    Can we please get a Last J Lau fight vs Dan Hardy, Catchweight.

  • TouchedNut
    TouchedNut Month ago +1

    never has an interview made me as happy as this one. Joe will retire as a legend and has a career after mma im about to start crying

  • Peezy peezy
    Peezy peezy Month ago +1

    Continuation of title: The boy is ugly as a mf tho.. I will say that

    • Logan A
      Logan A Month ago

      Peezy peezy liking your own comment? Quit being a dickhead

  • Hidden Harvest Grow Lights

    Norwell checkin in Joe!

  • shadowscarnage
    shadowscarnage Month ago +8

    Who would like to see Dan Hardy and Joe Lauzon fight?

  • poop
    poop Month ago +2

    I wanna see him fight khabib honestly

    • Joe Bags
      Joe Bags Month ago

      George Costanza would be a good fight, khabib even name dropped him when trying to promote the al yaquinta fight

    • George Costanza
      George Costanza Month ago

      Styles make fights. It would actually be interesting. Joe is arguably one of the moat dangerous round 1 fighters ever in lw. But after that he fades fast

    • poop
      poop Month ago

      @Henrique Pt hes scrappy. But very intellegent. Got great hands. Alot more wild then anyone else khabib has fought. Thats why im excited for tony. Crazy guys with big ears

    • Henrique Pt
      Henrique Pt Month ago

      why thought

    • Shadow Oz
      Shadow Oz Month ago +1


  • Free For All
    Free For All Month ago

    I know Lauzon is past his prime but he still sounds sharp. So maybe he has more fights in him. I would watch him fight for sure.

  • BC H
    BC H Month ago

    simple man = Me

    Joe Lauzon = I click.

  • toastwoozi
    toastwoozi Month ago +4

    Joe was one of the first UFC fighters I ever knew about 10 years ago. OG

  • 2p00kym8
    2p00kym8 Month ago +4

    Everyone loves Lauzon

  • Mauquez Barnard
    Mauquez Barnard Month ago +2

    Lauzon a true Massachusetts mma legend wish i wasnt a puss n went to his gym

    • Nick Beard
      Nick Beard Month ago +1

      Mauquez Barnard just go to the gym and train, the environment will keep you coming back

    • Mauquez Barnard
      Mauquez Barnard Month ago +1

      I wanna train change my lifestyle id love to grow into a gym rat, thing is i dont work atm cant pay 4 a membership i just wanna train learn an help people

  • Rod RootlessMF
    Rod RootlessMF Month ago +15

    Joe is a true sportsmanship he deserves hall of fame

  • s hudson
    s hudson Month ago

    lauzon looks like lex luthor in BvS

  • SouthSide Chicago
    SouthSide Chicago Month ago

    Not in the UFC, maybe Bellator or somewhere else.

  • Banger Brown
    Banger Brown Month ago +2

    A don’t know why but every time a see joe
    pinky an the brain pop in my head ha


    😻 Jeremy Stephens

  • Michael Root
    Michael Root Month ago +12

    I loved joe ever since he knocked out Jens pulver

  • IAmVenom
    IAmVenom Month ago +1

    Joe *"HELWANI"* Louzan

  • Brando 27
    Brando 27 Month ago +1

    These two must be related

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One Month ago +15

    He looks like Malcolm's brother from Malcolm in the middle all grown up

  • Lis Hendry
    Lis Hendry Month ago +1

    Yeeeea joe!!!

  • Anton Jensen
    Anton Jensen Month ago +5

    Well dana has forced him

  • Sub Liminal
    Sub Liminal Month ago +21

    *L E G E N D*

  • Decayed
    Decayed Month ago +52

    My boy needs a new chair. Make it happen Daynuh!

    • fn jk
      fn jk Month ago +1

      I didn't even notice till I seen your comment haha definitely needs a new one

    • i Bee Amazin
      i Bee Amazin Month ago

      Lol he can afford one probably just one of those things you never think about. Just walk in and sit down.

    • JK96
      JK96 Month ago

      The color is just fading a away a lil. It’s still perfectly fine :)

  • Brandon Klein
    Brandon Klein Month ago

    You've always been a good fighter. Just keep taking goods fights, and keep your health great. You don't need to chase the Title to be a great fighter.

  • scubametalhippy
    scubametalhippy Month ago

    Hey Joe, love you man, but sit the fucking phone on a desk or something, you're not making a Bourne film this shakey cam malarkey isn't working for you

  • I'm a pisces but I'd rather be a killa whale

    Joe is definitely a legend of the sport. But age is catching up he probably has like 1 or 2 fights left. But he should retire.

    • Almighty Fonics
      Almighty Fonics Month ago +1

      Crazy to think him and Nate Diaz were on TUF together

    • Bradford Lad
      Bradford Lad Month ago +5

      Perfect time for him to leave with all his pride, praying he doesn’t end up like Chuck or Penn

    • MrBrenman21
      MrBrenman21 Month ago

      He'll do what he feels is right.

  • Chris 'No Pants' Laymance

    Someone get this man a new office chair!

    • Eki
      Eki Month ago

      Why? If it works why replace it

    • Chris 'No Pants' Laymance
      Chris 'No Pants' Laymance Month ago +2

      @Sean Ross 100%

    • Sean Ross
      Sean Ross Month ago +4

      Chris 'No Pants' Laymance this dude deserves a throne to sit in let alone a ragged out chair 🤦‍♂️

  • Chris 'No Pants' Laymance

    Yes, but he really should retire at this point. If nothing else for his health and longevity as a person. I'd love to see him coaching full time.

  • Darren The Terrified Gorilla Till

    Better retire with an impressive W than losing more fight and getting desperate

  • Gustavo Raja king
    Gustavo Raja king Month ago +42

    Wearing the same shirt for 5 years really environmental friendly