We RECOMMEND Walmart's gaming laptop!!

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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    As of the day of this video's filming (Dec 21st), a Walmart-exclusive OVERPOWERED i7 + GTX 1060 laptop could be had for just $799. But is it actually a good value?
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  22 days ago +2248

    We done goofed and shown the same graph twice when discussing gaming results in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. Both graphs can be found here: imgur.com/a/xzK81Fm

    • Mr. Trainer
      Mr. Trainer 8 days ago

      i am getting a pc and i want to make it a good pc

    • Fishinay yeet
      Fishinay yeet 9 days ago

      Linus Tech Tips pulled a Linus

    • Nari
      Nari 13 days ago

      Did you guys check the clocks the CPUs were running at? The OP has a 6c12t with a 2.2 base and the ASUS has a 4c8t with a 2.8 base. Maybe the OP one is not using the turbo clocks for some reason.

    • savecityofheroes savecityofheroes
      savecityofheroes savecityofheroes 14 days ago

      why are you wasting your time buying a gaming notebook from a dealer that sell the worst gaming PC tower? in this case that notebook is way too small for gaming. the CPU is out of date. i7-8750H is only 2.2GHz I know every gaming notebook got that CPU or a i7 7700 Both of them is old and should have been discontinued. Do I have to hold your hand to teach you to think out side of the box? that notebook is useless. no driver download no tech support. no repair service. I can drag on for hours how stupid that gaming notebook is. No I am not going to waste my time. lets cut down to the chase, Sager that you do not look in to. you should. a gaming note book with GAMING TOWER CPU and a GAMING TOWER CHIP SET SAGER NP9175 17.1" 1080P 144 FPS with NVIDIA G-SYNK i7-8700K CPU Z370 CHIPSET DDR4 2400MHz 16GB one stick $10.00 more get two sticks internal storage 256GB M.2 slow style that is very old slow and sad,. the worst of the cons up grade storage will cost 3 times more money to upgrade all the storage devices you pay for for what ever SAGER puts in then let the dealer trash it and buy what ever you want double price. if you want WINDOWS 10 home 64bit pre-installed only you have to buy the over price storage devices and pay a extra $90.00. to beat there stupid over price bull shit is take all the storage devices out and no O.S. and buy the notebook at a lower cost. and buy the storage devices at NEWEGG pay the sales tax and shipping. the dealer will give you a option of doing free upgrade that cost $0.01 Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on CPU/GPU +$.01 [Add $0.01] and this Promotion: Free 30 Day No Dead Pixel Warranty +$.01 [Add $0.01] www.gentechpc.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Build-Sager-NP9175 Then I go to NEWEGG and order this 500GB NVME $105.00 www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226885&Description=500gb%20nvme&cm_re=500gb_nvme-_-20-226-885-_-Product ow go with WD BLACK 500GB NVME $115.00 --www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820250098&Description=500gb%20nvme&cm_re=500gb_nvme-_-20-250-098-_-Product and this iT hard drive 7200 RPM $53.10 --www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145881&nm_mc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel&cm_mmc=TEMC-RMA-Approvel-_-Content-_-text-_- well O.S is ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS __www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832416892&Description=windowd%2010%20&cm_re=windowd_10-_-32-416-892-_-Product the problem that is $109.00 stupid price, for a O.S cannot use LINIIX and cannot use WINDOWS 7 and cannot use WINDOWS 8.1

  • JKOtv
    JKOtv 12 hours ago

    Those stores sometimes can really suprise you. Here in Germany Medion used to be a brand that was selling their laptops in ALDI Stores and these days their erazer gaming laptops are quite good actually. Maybe it has do to with the fact that they were bought by Lenovo.

  • Juan Antonio Flores Nelson

    Review the lenovo legeon y7000

  • bob sagat
    bob sagat 17 hours ago


  • sohn david
    sohn david 17 hours ago

    hey ltt i’m trying to save up for a pc. i’ve been a ps4 player for five years now and i’m ready to move up. i have a gofundme on my twitch iiGetClapped. but if you ever see my comment plz help me out u would make my life so much bettttttttter

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 20 hours ago

    Ill take that off your hands if you dont want it! XD

  • Joshmakey12
    Joshmakey12 22 hours ago

    i5 9600k or a i7 8700 does anybody know which processor is better?

    VICKAH 23 hours ago

    I see my man Ivan got JOKES lol GG

  • Gorxib Q
    Gorxib Q 23 hours ago +1

    Too bad it’s sold out☹️

  • AccreditedDesign

    So does anyone else actually own this laptop who can say it works great after using it for weeks/months? If you look at the reviews on WalMart's site for this, some people report it works great at first but various bizarre issues arise after running it for a few weeks...

  • Tommy George
    Tommy George Day ago


  • John searer
    John searer Day ago

    Love the vids really wish I could build my first pc your videos have given me so many ideas

  • Brandon Montgomery

    00:12 seconds in and Ive heard a double negative FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    ISLAMIC DUA TUBE 2 days ago

    Thanks place subesirb

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 2 days ago

    Your colleague is my favorite person on this show.

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 days ago

    openis good phrase

  • Patrick Pavia
    Patrick Pavia 2 days ago

    Can you do the best 144hz monitor

  • PicNic Productions Gaming

    DAMNIT He stole AR12 Nick's sponsor

  • Gabber-Mouth-Official

    Linus, whoever did your audio knows squat about audio compression, although, it COULD be youtube which is giving me the "tingles"......

  • epanee
    epanee 3 days ago

    @Linus Tech Tips, did Walmart send you a "Specially" nice built as it was you who bought it? say like sampler perfumes :P

  • TheGrimravager
    TheGrimravager 3 days ago

    is that a logitec g403 next to the laptop? :D
    I was looking at mine and they look the same

  • xSandMan09
    xSandMan09 3 days ago

    I have a questions, How can I do stress test on my laptop? Also on one of ur videos u did like a cpu thingy scan to see all the stuff inside ur pc without opening it how u do that? and thank you!

  • Manel Pinto
    Manel Pinto 3 days ago

    Hi Linus, can you sell or send me the pc after you completed all the testing and videos? I don't have Walmart in my country and a Pc with the same specs it's crazy expensive here. I know the overpowered will only collect dust in your warehouse. I offer to pay the shipping of course please enter in contact with me.

  • Mined Phreak
    Mined Phreak 4 days ago

    3:24-3:27 lmfao...

  • Nathaniel Krause
    Nathaniel Krause 4 days ago

    so why do you think it performance was being limited? could you flash it with something that manages the machine better?

  • SSB Beat
    SSB Beat 4 days ago

    I didin't understand any word of what ive heard right now but i just wanna know if this laptop can run Minecraft well? ·_·
    Also like your video

  • Andrew Lawrence
    Andrew Lawrence 4 days ago

    Someone let me know when it's back in stock cause email won't notify me but TheXvid will : )

  • sebastian musumeci
    sebastian musumeci 4 days ago

    numpad necessary for playing poker

  • Will Lemoyne
    Will Lemoyne 4 days ago

    Is this the same as PCSpecialist's Recoil II laptop?

  • Buddy Fazzio
    Buddy Fazzio 4 days ago

    I watched your review and based on it I bought the 17.3' laptop. I am finding it an absolutely fantastic buy. I usually buy older desktop PCs and upgrade so I have been behind the curve for years. For example I played Fallout 4 on a dual core machine with a GTX 1050 that didn't meet the basic recommendations (but I finished), so this is the best computer I have ever owned. I was about to build myself a Ryzen 5 desktop rig but after your review I realized I could have a good laptop for about what I was going to spend. Of course though, mine was at the much lower $999 price point Walmart changed 17.3. the price to.

  • Lil Gang
    Lil Gang 4 days ago

    Can I plz have a pc plz plz

  • qwicxs
    qwicxs 4 days ago

    OP!!! NESS I LMFAO!!!

  • Coupons Deals2U
    Coupons Deals2U 4 days ago


  • Palozzor LP
    Palozzor LP 4 days ago

    wish we had such a good retailer in germany. This looked great!

  • Jan Ryan
    Jan Ryan 4 days ago

    They want that Walmart money!

  • Aquila Rossa
    Aquila Rossa 4 days ago

    I un-subbed this channel moths ago. Yesterday I went to comment on another channel's video and the page froze up and would only open Linus' page if I clicked anywhere on that video or below it. Today i am getting email notifications from LTT saying he has uploaded. I checked and sure enough I have been subscribed and the notification re enabled. What's with that? Dodgy TheXvid stuff happening perhaps. Unsubbed again. Better stay that way.

  • Ruijue Zhang
    Ruijue Zhang 5 days ago

    Is it Tongfang? It's a Chinese computer company.

  • Yusuf Jamal
    Yusuf Jamal 5 days ago

    he's been doing weed all night

  • Stephen Finley
    Stephen Finley 5 days ago

    "Accounting Simulator" .. "Eve Online?" .. "That's what I said"
    I laughed at this.. as I am playing Eve on the other monitor right now.

  • WellBeSerious12
    WellBeSerious12 5 days ago

    "Drop it like it's hot."

    EN3MYGR1ND3R 5 days ago

    he said openis lol penis

  • naarealy
    naarealy 5 days ago

    Those "warranty void if removed" stickers at 8:05 are illegal in the USA according to the FTC

  • Dragon Gear
    Dragon Gear 5 days ago

    Where's the merchandise??? All I see is coming soon.

  • JonManProductions
    JonManProductions 5 days ago

    Just realized that RGB software is the exact same as I use on my CyberPower Tracer III Extreme, then that means the laptop is from the same OEM manufacturer in China...

  • Eli Adams
    Eli Adams 5 days ago

    okay i’m confused, if you go to cyberpowerpc.com and go to laptops you can see this same laptop. everything thing is the except same... what’s up with that?

  • Aditya Deshpande
    Aditya Deshpande 5 days ago +1

    This video has HINDI subtitles !!! LOL cant believe this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andre
    Andre 5 days ago

    As a casual gamer, I prefer a numpad.

  • Leebron Jemas
    Leebron Jemas 5 days ago

    they ship to afghanistan?

  • JJar43
    JJar43 5 days ago

    Haven't watched this channel in a hot minute, but I love Ivan

  • Jonathan Asdell
    Jonathan Asdell 5 days ago

    I know how it is with pc specs, but as long as I can stay consistently over 80fps anything above that is just icing on the cake; delicious, but not necessary

  • NoBrunch
    NoBrunch 6 days ago

    The laptop is better than my pc..... i have an 5i 3450 with a gtx 650 :D

  • Alex Degryse
    Alex Degryse 6 days ago

    Im 12, I want to be like you and have an awesome computer, and learn how to build one. can you help me I use a Mac 5-10 fps, Please I beg you. It will make GREAT content?!

  • peter mutuma
    peter mutuma 6 days ago

    decent specs for that price i like it

  • Amin DAB
    Amin DAB 6 days ago

    num pad for gta 5

  • Kaden Keene
    Kaden Keene 6 days ago

    The OP laptop isn't OP

  • Dream House
    Dream House 6 days ago

    “Tong Fang” “铜粉”,hahah

  • ZXRulezzz
    ZXRulezzz 6 days ago

    "Full of country goodness and green OPeaness"

  • Foreve Music
    Foreve Music 6 days ago

    That is so cringe

  • fgfootball55
    fgfootball55 6 days ago

    Idk I bought the Nitro when it was on sale. I did do some upgrades to it and it runs pretty well. I wouldn't recommend it when it was 800 but when you buy it for 500 and do some upgrades it's a good all around PC.

  • NvrUseYur RealName
    NvrUseYur RealName 6 days ago

    2:40 - Love these funny bits the editors throw in! XD

  • BKOOL999
    BKOOL999 6 days ago

    Aaaaaand Walmart is out of stock... Well, crap...

  • Psycho Fingers
    Psycho Fingers 7 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the mopping motion at 20:29?? Looks like the next Fortnite dance

  • Murad Jahangirli
    Murad Jahangirli 7 days ago


  • FireMrshlBill
    FireMrshlBill 7 days ago

    Kongfeng? The company that made the GB Boy Colour?
    edit: NM, Tongfang

  • Alex Forster
    Alex Forster 7 days ago

    OPNESS oof.

  • Team Lös Bakaxel
    Team Lös Bakaxel 7 days ago

    You can kinda do that slow animation in mac but not in the new update sierra

  • Divvay Khatri
    Divvay Khatri 7 days ago

    It's out of stock.. can you give me yours as a giveaway? After all, you really don't need it.

  • Anthony Goodley
    Anthony Goodley 7 days ago

    Because of Linus' recommendation I bought the 17" model that costs $999. For another $200 you get a 17" screen, 16 more GB of RAM for 32 GB total and 1 GB more of storage. A no brainer in my opinion. So far I'm very happy with it. Other reviewers say that the SSD and RAM are some no-name components. I never liked track pads so I went and got a good gaming mouse and disabled it. The battery's capacity is dismal. But with a few upgrades it will be even better.

  • Benjamin Curtis
    Benjamin Curtis 7 days ago

    I use num pad all the time i dont touch the numbers that run across unless im playing specific games

  • lazoni93
    lazoni93 7 days ago

    17:48 Typical russian rushes B like always :D

    NiCKBRYANT 8 days ago

    How on earth can I get $2,500 to get a pc as a 10 yr old?

  • Tiller Son
    Tiller Son 8 days ago

    well for including a numpad on gaming laptops i dont mind because i have a couple games that actually doesnt use the mouse it uses WASD and numpad 8456 for controls

  • Nick R
    Nick R 8 days ago

    linus.. i want that hoodie.. where can I BUY ONE RIGHT NOW

  • Niki :3
    Niki :3 8 days ago


  • The Youtuber sans nom
    The Youtuber sans nom 8 days ago +1


  • sami THE sami
    sami THE sami 8 days ago


    KNFIXPRO 8 days ago

    wow wonderfull !!!!!

  • Sayoush Subedi
    Sayoush Subedi 8 days ago

    Who came here from PewDiePie

  • Shadu Shah
    Shadu Shah 8 days ago

    "do not say nothing at all", means say something

  • mtabernig
    mtabernig 8 days ago

    Yeah, another kitchen geek video.......yeah you know it

  • Dalmation /KCS Productions

    I would rather buy a gaming laptop on Amazon over Walmart Support Amazon over Shitmart don't trust their Gaming computers PLEASE Trust Amazon's PCs over fucking Walmart bullshit >:(

  • Redbl0odx
    Redbl0odx 8 days ago

    That HP laptop they had on sale on black friday, ontop of associate discounts, was almost a literal steal. $450 for a laptop with current gen hardware and a 1050ti It runs games better than my DELL that I bought a couple years back. For less than half what I paid for that one.

  • Blarin Dragon
    Blarin Dragon 8 days ago

    linus was the acer having a gtx1050 and the overpowered and asus laptops having gtx1060 intentional

  • GhostTeaParty
    GhostTeaParty 9 days ago

    "Don't say nothing." Sure.

  • catklyst
    catklyst 9 days ago

    They found some bargain brand manufacturer in china :>

  • Cearon
    Cearon 9 days ago +1

    The OPness is back!
    He's great!

  • Lewis Luo
    Lewis Luo 9 days ago

    TongFang(同方) as known as a chinese laptop manufacturer. (ikr chinese again)

  • Daniel Malek
    Daniel Malek 9 days ago

    13:15 - Bro left hangin' man and edited out, pain!

  • LordThomske
    LordThomske 9 days ago

    ι CαN'т BυY αNчTнIиG ƒЯσM ωAlMαЯт Iи Mч CσUиTяY

  • jim Hunt
    jim Hunt 9 days ago

    sounds like hes sating O-penis

  • Snowmad
    Snowmad 9 days ago

    My mom's 6y/o (500$ Canadian at the time) laptop has the double tap to disable the touchpad feature even

  • Peter Trevena
    Peter Trevena 9 days ago

    OVERPOWERED currently out of stock :) Must this review :)

  • Sarlixx516 Butler
    Sarlixx516 Butler 9 days ago

    I wish this was in the UK lol

  • Inter Webs
    Inter Webs 9 days ago +1

    Thanks, you really had helped me

  • No One Subscribe My Channel


  • Arvind Sharma
    Arvind Sharma 9 days ago +1

    It's not available in India
    So I can buy your laptop please send your laptop in India for me

  • WetToesAndSandscrapedKnees

    i want a walmart pc that would be badass in a nothing to lose kinda way

  • Miguel Gomes
    Miguel Gomes 9 days ago

    NUMPADs are usefull for gaming...
    You just don't use them in f*cking basic games...
    I do use the numpad alot in arma 3

  • fippo717ch6
    fippo717ch6 9 days ago

    That is why its not walmart that produce the laptop