We RECOMMEND Walmart's gaming laptop!!

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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    As of the day of this video's filming (Dec 21st), a Walmart-exclusive OVERPOWERED i7 + GTX 1060 laptop could be had for just $799. But is it actually a good value?
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Comments • 7 597

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  6 months ago +2516

    We done goofed and shown the same graph twice when discussing gaming results in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. Both graphs can be found here: imgur.com/a/xzK81Fm

    • charles dilmore
      charles dilmore 2 months ago

      did you get your five hundred bucks back yet?

    • Dylan Steyer
      Dylan Steyer 3 months ago

      You mean Dun Goofed, not done Goofed.
      Jessie Slaughter please correct him!

    • James Tomato
      James Tomato 3 months ago

      @Stanley Scalf it WAS a 1400 laptop, but got rolled back to a 799 price. So now, it's got better bang per buck when compared to a similarly priced competition.

    • The World Today
      The World Today 4 months ago

      Can you send me even used cameras or laptop? I am a newbie in youtube. Just want to have better video and audio content. I just use my smartphone. Thank you

  • Nathan Ornat
    Nathan Ornat 2 hours ago

    What is the mouse with all of those holes in it called?

  • Kyle Witter
    Kyle Witter 10 hours ago

    OMG the Acer Nitro 5 in the background, I have one! (AN515-53)

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 13 hours ago +1

    crap keyboard
    no touchpad buttons
    non removable battery less than 97wh

    il stick with my modified Alienware that can game for 6 hours on one charge


    I love the jokes 4:00😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😄😄😃😃

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta Day ago

    Gaming laptops are still the worst value for gaming whatever the price and brand.

  • Slayer _
    Slayer _ 2 days ago +2

    Ha $1400 must be a joke
    Linus: no it isn’t
    Ah crap baskets

  • frappzlul
    frappzlul 3 days ago

    800 bucks?

  • LEL
    LEL 4 days ago

    It’s better than my damn pentium with 2gb of ram

  • jim g
    jim g 4 days ago

    The reason the majority of gaming laptops come with a keypad is due to most MMORPGs having functions tied to a lot of the number pad keys including auto run and multiple others

  • Ryabuscus
    Ryabuscus 4 days ago

    Talks about brightness and power goes out lol

  • Doctor Gaz
    Doctor Gaz 4 days ago

    Would you mind sending me the laptop fully working pretty please? (With a cherry on top)

  • LockNod
    LockNod 5 days ago


  • Julia Stjörnu
    Julia Stjörnu 6 days ago

    Why is your studio a kitchen?

  • TheRealZach YT
    TheRealZach YT 6 days ago

    What is the intro song?

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen 7 days ago

    now it's 13,99 so sad_(:з」∠)_

  • EyeDeeKay
    EyeDeeKay 8 days ago +10

    This laptop whent from $800 to $1300


  • William Wilkins
    William Wilkins 8 days ago +2

    15:52 His reaction had me dead 😂

  • Ero-Usagi-Sama
    Ero-Usagi-Sama 8 days ago

    7:00 Ivan line

  • Sam
    Sam 9 days ago


  • Leaf Yu
    Leaf Yu 9 days ago

    Now the price is like $1000 for a 1050

  • Wolf
    Wolf 10 days ago


  • Stewart walker
    Stewart walker 10 days ago +4

    Definitely do more budget laptop reviews please

  • fluffisgamez
    fluffisgamez 10 days ago

    I use numpad as keybinds.

  • Lester Dmello
    Lester Dmello 10 days ago

    Gaming laptops should have numpads Linus, a lot of engineering and architecture students use gaming laptops because of the performance and numpads are very important

  • Wolf Productions
    Wolf Productions 12 days ago +1

    Um, this laptop has the EXACT specs of my Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018 model)

  • Shaquita Austin
    Shaquita Austin 12 days ago

    Lmfaoo the Openis joke 😂😂

  • Ksksksk Sksksks
    Ksksksk Sksksks 12 days ago +3

    Brand named "Monster" sells this exact same laptop for 8000 Turkish Liras (1390 Dollars wtf??!?)

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 14 days ago +1

    A reasonable amount of CAD users will be looking at laptops like this, I guess that can be one reason to add numpad.

  • Castile Unknown
    Castile Unknown 15 days ago

    1400 dollars for that I built a better spec pc for 900

    • Cyka Blyat
      Cyka Blyat 14 days ago

      The laptop was 800 now its 1400 not worth it

  • hteasttowest
    hteasttowest 15 days ago

    Whoa! That other dudes accent is thick as sh*t!

  • P A
    P A 18 days ago

    On paper this is better than my asus..

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 18 days ago +2

    Eve online player here. Can confirm. Numbad is most essential feature

  • Josiffrank
    Josiffrank 18 days ago

    If one day you decide you have too many laptops and you run out of people to give them too you can send me one! Do do do doom! ha

  • Maharshi Ghosh
    Maharshi Ghosh 19 days ago

    is there is any memory express store in San Francisco bay area in USA

  • Mohit soni
    Mohit soni 20 days ago

    U said rgb backlit mechanical keyboard at 1:29 but it's not mechanical

  • Ruby Snow
    Ruby Snow 21 day ago

    I estimate this laptop takes about $380 to manufacture. So they have it marked up by about 4x and at the rollback price of $800, 'only' 2x.

    • jesper nytun
      jesper nytun 18 days ago

      If it's 400 dollars to manufacture 800 is a good price. 380 in parts and probably 50 dollars in Labor. Then wallmart buys it for 430. They also have a huge ass shop to keep up, and a bunch of staff to pay. I would say they would've earned like 20-30% when it was 800.

  • Ernest Moreno
    Ernest Moreno 23 days ago

    Num pads come in handy for games like garrys mod that use fading doors that use hot keys that are tied to the numpad

  • HRVI
    HRVI 24 days ago

    Hey guys, I have a laptop for 6 months now, and i'm playing PUBG, and it is so smooth. I bought this for only $500 and it has a 16GB RAM
    check this link: bit. ly/BestGamingLaptop2019

  • Survesh Bajpai
    Survesh Bajpai 28 days ago

    openis.. hahaha

  • Feedead
    Feedead 28 days ago

    Your mama is right behind you

  • Vehement
    Vehement 28 days ago

    I tried to find an op laptop on Walmarts site and there's none for sale nothing listed if I'm wrong lmk
    Edit: I clicked the link in the description but all the op laptops were out of stock but still strange that no matter what I typed in on the app and site theres nothing there in terms of op laptops

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot 29 days ago

    The cooling system and stereo are........something does not exist on this pc

  • Yanick de Wit
    Yanick de Wit 29 days ago

    yeah I play accounting sim. Best game I have ever played. F*ck battlefield or Overwatch!

  • andy gello
    andy gello Month ago


  • Luis castro 1234
    Luis castro 1234 Month ago +7

    I have a nitro 5, the only difference is that mine has a core i7+ 8th gen and it was just about 900 dollars

  • alan celestin
    alan celestin Month ago +1

    Bro wtf you paid $1400 for that oof for just $200 more I got the acer predator triton 500 you got finessed buy Walmart lmaooo

  • brunaso
    brunaso Month ago

    this is $1400 now wtf

  • Nick Garcia
    Nick Garcia Month ago

    I like the tough mesh on the bottom is that a thing with laptops now? Haven't had one in like 12 years..

  • Raul R3flex
    Raul R3flex Month ago +1

    Is MSI GE758SF the best 2000$ gaming laptop?

    • Anton Akopian
      Anton Akopian Month ago +1

      I'd get the 8rf, they're cheaper and don't perform much worse than the rtx gpus also helps with battery

  • me xps
    me xps Month ago

    OUT OF STOCK ( 15 JUN 2019 )

  • Anthony Dixon
    Anthony Dixon Month ago

    Ain’t here dawg

  • Dark Mythiic
    Dark Mythiic Month ago


  • J Ro
    J Ro Month ago

    Are there any plans of Walmart making an RTX version of this laptop?

  • PraBesh Pathak
    PraBesh Pathak Month ago +1

    Javel mcghee??

  • Dino Lore
    Dino Lore Month ago

    Games like Space Engineers need the numpad for stuff like rotation of objects

  • the best doge gaming
    the best doge gaming Month ago +1

    1:26 hey! it says free pickup on my birthday!

  • Psylou8 xx
    Psylou8 xx Month ago +4

    As long as it plays classic wow.

    CYNICAL sTeTKin Month ago

    Türkler like atsın 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Dems s
    Dems s Month ago +2

    Accounting simulator 😂😂😭😭💔

  • gsilva220
    gsilva220 Month ago +4

    2 Mini pcie slots... Does someone know if raid is possible with 2 NVME SSDSs?

    In other news: It's worth it, but only if it's 800 bucks again.

  • Ha Nx Lsjjs
    Ha Nx Lsjjs Month ago +1

    "full of openis"

  • McThiccen
    McThiccen Month ago

    Tried to cover a few things this review didn't in my own review of this laptop. Feel free to check it out, maybe you'll find some information you couldn't find here!

  • Ganesja Ryan
    Ganesja Ryan Month ago

    Just 800$ :)
    I need gofundme

  • Seal
    Seal Month ago +4

    Can you do a review on the ROG strix hero 3?

  • Chelsea Martinez
    Chelsea Martinez Month ago

    I actually used the num pad on my MSI laptop all the time! I use music notation/production software and a lot of helpful shortcuts can be used with it. I'm also a band director, so a computer with a num pad is super useful when I'm writing in grades. I don't ever use it for gaming, though.

  • TheSilentStrikez
    TheSilentStrikez Month ago

    Linus can I have this laptop please? my surface sucks for gaming ;(

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark Month ago

    Linus, love your vids but just want to say something about the “why do laptops even have a numpad” comment. Mmo gamers like myself like using a mouse with the 12 button 3x4 side grid, and those buttons (not sure about others but I know at least the razer naga/triton, and corsair has one too) need to be bound to keys. When you already use your regular number and letter keys, those keys need to be bound to numpad, and then of course have numlock on to function. We don’t all just play fortnite and fps’s 😏

  • Tigerclaw
    Tigerclaw Month ago

    maybe i missed something but in the begiing of the vid i thought he said the laptop was 799 and then halfway through he said they 1400 for it

  • Thegamer Hadi
    Thegamer Hadi Month ago

    Guy the laptop 1300

  • Jake Schulte
    Jake Schulte Month ago

    Hey man just wondering if you could give me a recommendation on a laptop. I will be heading to college next year and I plan on getting a new laptop for around $1,000. I want to do schoolwork and some gaming and want to know what u think. I normally play overwatch, league of legends, and mordhau. Thanks a lot!

  • W 6
    W 6 Month ago

    12:23 is my favorite part. Ga

    WHITE LION Month ago +4

    That's incredible bang for the buck.

  • Zyzics
    Zyzics Month ago +1

    I cant take the Nitro 5 seriously, these bezels are disgusting.

  • Hemanth Reddy
    Hemanth Reddy Month ago

    28-may-2019 and its $1399

    • keithupton86ku
      keithupton86ku Month ago

      I just looked- it's out of stock, but they have it for $880. Or the i5 version for $722.

  • Bear Sausage
    Bear Sausage Month ago

    who the fuck uses the p2000 usps is better

  • CejkaComedy
    CejkaComedy Month ago +1

    the number pad is actually a big helper for me cause i play games that usually use it like Men of War Assault Squad.

  • Stupid MAN2488
    Stupid MAN2488 Month ago

    Shout out to everyone who got one of these for $800
    Best freaking deal ever, I put a second stick of ram in this and it’s a beast. Can run mostly everything on ultra and still hit 60fps.
    Just make sure to get a cooling pad, sometimes it can get hot, though my old msi got way hotter.

  • cluestormlay •
    cluestormlay • Month ago

    this laptop is full of openis

  • PkGam
    PkGam 2 months ago

    This is finally back in stock, but unfortunately they rolled back the rollback. So their Overpowered laptops are back to being overpriced. :(

  • Florian DrTurtok
    Florian DrTurtok 2 months ago

    Bought a similar laptop just with a 17" 120 hz screen from msi for 1.5k in 2016 still works pretty good. But I'd pick that thing in a heartbeat if i didn't have a gaming laptop already

  • Ruslan AltEmail
    Ruslan AltEmail 2 months ago

    I like Ivan...

  • Deso
    Deso 2 months ago

    Soo get this when my Walmart is Done being built lol.

    • Deso
      Deso 2 months ago

      Or just say fuck it and build me a 1500$ desktop that would run better

  • Haridev Kannancheri
    Haridev Kannancheri 2 months ago

    "the laptop is so o p e n i s"

  • New KING
    New KING 2 months ago

    15:50 ok

  • Chason Animations
    Chason Animations 2 months ago

    Linus, you sounded like a girl

  • Endia Banana
    Endia Banana 2 months ago

    Listen here you numpad hater. I am writing this comment on my 110% mechanical keyboard and it's awesome. It's so much easier to just switch to a num pad whenever you have to type a lot of numbers or a long number and you don't wanna awkwardly do it with the top row numbers because no one can accurately and comfortably touch type those from the home row. Yes, I'm a "gamer." But it's not like gaming is literally all I ever do!

  • TheSgtGamer
    TheSgtGamer 2 months ago

    Feels bad when they shit talk a 144Hz screen...

  • Alban Matlia
    Alban Matlia 2 months ago

    I find the laptop way better than the Acer garbage on the side

    • Red nut
      Red nut Month ago

      Ya but the laptop now costs 1.4k

  • Stunseed
    Stunseed 2 months ago

    is it really a 1060 6GB?

  • Guillaume Globensky
    Guillaume Globensky 2 months ago +14

    A laptop full with Opness.... awesome. Great one. Bravo

  • Andre Black Scribe
    Andre Black Scribe 2 months ago

    For us in europe this is a www.amazon.de/dp/B07NSC9SLY/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_3?keywords=xmg+neo+15+rtx&qid=1557968149&s=gateway&sr=8-3-fkmrnull

  • Billy TK
    Billy TK 2 months ago

    CRT? who in the hell is using a CRT in this decade?

    • PkGam
      PkGam 2 months ago

      As a gamer, I use one for older games as their response time beats out the lag of HD screens have. As an example, you can connect a S/NES to an HDTV (even a CRT one), but the HD image processing takes too long (analog to digital conversion, upscaling, pixel response time, etc...) and throws off your timing. That lag is also why stuff like light gun games (Duck Hunt for instance) won't work on HD sets.

  • Cora Taylor
    Cora Taylor 2 months ago

    Hey, Linus, ever play GTA San Andreas? That's why gaming laptops put a numpad. You can't progress the story in certain games without the numpad arrows.

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams 2 months ago

    So the acer is still better.

  • Bogart Gaming & Tech
    Bogart Gaming & Tech 2 months ago

    ROFLMAO "Oh no however will me address that?" Made me laugh truthfully far harder than it should have, and I'm not even watching the video, just letting it play while I multi-task.... Actually I'm on a Ryzen 5 2600 and I'm more than multi-tasking I'm.... (wait for it Intel Shills)... MEGA-TASKING!!!!! (Pretty sure Intel's stupidly overpriced HEDT parts just got owned in the marketing department by AMD's borderline entry level (It's kinda crazy to think soon 6 cores 12 threads will be entry level for Gaming..... Time flys man,, I remember my Duron 750mhz)

  • Tommy V
    Tommy V 2 months ago

    I bought an AMD Ryzen 5 Rx560x Nitro 5 ... I like it lol and I bought it for 579.99 at Best Buy

    PLAYBOSS120 AVRIL 2 months ago

    Can u stop cuz people like me who need a laptop to play games but don't have one but only a tablet

  • tedtrash
    tedtrash 2 months ago

    "What is going on here?!!" . . . .(WINDOWS UPDATER)
    Yeah, when in doubt . . . .

  • Gpguy Zero
    Gpguy Zero 2 months ago

    Or the desktop