MythBusters - Match Bomb

  • Published on Apr 20, 2009
  • New episodes return Wednesday, Oct. 7th @ 9pm E/P on Discovery! Check out exclusive footage straight from the MythBusters' own video cameras:

    Was the TheXvid video of a bomb from a bucket of match heads real?

    Watch the original TheXvid video here:

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  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten 2 months ago

    You really should scratch the striker pad off the box, crush the powder off the stocks, and put it all in an enclosed container to build pressure.

  • Chrome0gnome
    Chrome0gnome 3 months ago

    Its better to scrape off the match heads. Although its lot of work. You get a better reaction. Im looking for vids on solid rockets... matchheads should work as a fuel. But im not finding any videos.

  • Mac Bruno
    Mac Bruno 6 months ago


  • Koom Soup
    Koom Soup Year ago

    reported for abusing copyrighted content and seriously blueballing the end of the video.

    • Koom Soup
      Koom Soup Year ago

      @ignore official pirates maybe

    • ignore
      ignore Year ago

      It's an official channel

  • nunya biznez
    nunya biznez Year ago

    Nothing but another f*****g CLICKBAIT channel! I'll never come here again. Big waist of time. Thumbs down!

  • seoulkidd1
    seoulkidd1 Year ago +6

    This show didn't mention that you need the phosphorus off of the striker into the mix.

  • Jess Hubler
    Jess Hubler 2 years ago

    just looked up the rest of it- it worked and then they eventually went and did a 1 million match bomb and that worked too

  • Pale O'Pterix
    Pale O'Pterix 2 years ago +13

    fkin clickbait

  • Landleben Live
    Landleben Live 3 years ago


  • mattmacd2009
    mattmacd2009 3 years ago

    Not only do you have to sit through a garbage advert,

  • trancehi
    trancehi 3 years ago +18

    Pointless upload, don't waste your time.

  • Jimmy Pham
    Jimmy Pham 4 years ago

    Sorry I am already in the process of attempting the million matches at home bwuahhaahaha

  • TechUnravelled
    TechUnravelled 4 years ago

    Who came here from slow mo guys

  • Austin Goblin
    Austin Goblin 4 years ago +59

    Who came here from Slow Mo Guys?

  • javelin1010
    javelin1010 5 years ago

    The poster has a very short attention span. WHOOOOSH. Up in smoke. Dork.

  • AmateurEngineer
    AmateurEngineer 6 years ago +1

    what a tease, this is not TV!

  • WindmillStalker
    WindmillStalker 6 years ago +9

    Technically this should be flagged for misleading title...they say match bomb and they dont actually show the match bomb.

    FU, discovery.

  • Chao Liu
    Chao Liu 7 years ago

    why i can't watch the video

  • Ins4ne
    Ins4ne 7 years ago +2

    discovery network fuck you with your half videos

  • DrKonijn
    DrKonijn 8 years ago


  • Simon Beck
    Simon Beck 8 years ago

    @pizzapification Yes. It worked.

  • TubaAssassin
    TubaAssassin 8 years ago

    you fuck

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 8 years ago


  • MegaMetalmadman
    MegaMetalmadman 8 years ago +1


  • Lou Baine
    Lou Baine 8 years ago

    sooooo...did it work?

  • Flatchlenter
    Flatchlenter 8 years ago

    Stop complaining about it being a commercial and look up "Project Free TV" on Google. Click "Tv-Shows" on the top and go to M and find "Mythbusters". Taadaa.

  • 1Hawk2Hawks
    1Hawk2Hawks 8 years ago

    @parth7277 yhe couse discovery is really goining to give you free shows to watch on youtube

  • Joona Kujanen
    Joona Kujanen 8 years ago

    yo dwag, we put youtube video inside youtube video so you can watch video while you watch video

  • Sralladah
    Sralladah 8 years ago


  • Psygnostic
    Psygnostic 8 years ago

    Whaaaat? Did Jamie just say Potassium Chlorate is the fuel? That's completely wrong, it's the oxidizer.

  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy 8 years ago

    so i watched all of that bollocks to not even see the end result... cheers for that

  • Dee Deedz
    Dee Deedz 8 years ago


  • Rachamacha
    Rachamacha 8 years ago

    Wouldn't it have been easier to get the amount of potassium chlorate equivalent to that amount of matchheads, throw some chips of wood in there and light it?

  • J Henni
    J Henni 8 years ago

    @tomalotube thanks for saving my time

  • elvijsp
    elvijsp 8 years ago

    WHOOOOSH like that

  • Niels Bentzen
    Niels Bentzen 8 years ago

    the girl is only there becuse of the boobs

  • goofy6dog1
    goofy6dog1 8 years ago

    I wounder how much thrust you can get off the matches. you cna get a hell of a fire but can it make somthing move? oh well thats me. lol

  • Ardarygu
    Ardarygu 8 years ago

    Press f1 to skip ads

  • Jungie Cual
    Jungie Cual 8 years ago

    I love Mythbusters

  • xlr8fast11
    xlr8fast11 8 years ago

    I love how the top 2 comments are flaming megamindstorm101

  • Nick Dunca
    Nick Dunca 9 years ago

    @melmccon13 id use toyota technology to make you shut up its getting really old

  • henrik199414
    henrik199414 9 years ago

    @JELLJELL1111 lol , love the tf2 reference :P

  • Propane TreeFiddy
    Propane TreeFiddy 9 years ago

    @Snchez1337 atleast the comment takes long to be gone. lol i just realised, you have to wait for a toyota commercial to watch THIS commercial to watch a commercial on their site to watch the final video who isnt that great anyway.

  • Oscar Sanchez
    Oscar Sanchez 9 years ago

    @tomalotube YOU WONT GWT THUMBED UP

  • Propane TreeFiddy
    Propane TreeFiddy 9 years ago

    this whole thing is a fucking commercial. thumbs up this so everyone can see

  • 3dlambert
    3dlambert 9 years ago

    @SnowballHacks sponsors

  • Zael Devyon
    Zael Devyon 9 years ago

    @drexel1217 Cause they get paid, and have insurance.

  • Mel Mcconville
    Mel Mcconville 9 years ago

    I'd use toyota technology to make the ads shut the fuck up! :P

  • Desert Ninja
    Desert Ninja 9 years ago

    commercial in the middle of my vid now??? wtf?

  • Thomas Wagteveld
    Thomas Wagteveld 9 years ago

    One crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate, one errant twitch...and kablooie!

  • coffee484
    coffee484 9 years ago

    god the puns that the narrators make are terrible

  • coffee484
    coffee484 9 years ago

    @assassin4than HAHHAHHAHAHA you said tit

  • Topos Famish
    Topos Famish 9 years ago

    @SnowballHacks lol nice

  • Ooobama
    Ooobama 9 years ago

    i watched that shit wheres the end you fucking fuck FUCK YOU

  • nanotech2080
    nanotech2080 9 years ago

    What about 1 billion match heads? I bet they can do that!

  • weeagona
    weeagona 9 years ago

    @SnowballHacks what did megamindstorm101 say

  • mathew
    mathew 9 years ago

    waste of time
    heres 1 000 000 matches

  • tjy148
    tjy148 9 years ago

    @phinsters its a preveiw ok

  • MadoxXXV
    MadoxXXV 9 years ago


  • Seth Pond
    Seth Pond 9 years ago

    nnoooooo i wanted to seeeee =(