EXPLODING - Football, Basketball, Soccer ball, Yoga ball & Space hopper

  • Published on Jun 24, 2016
  • In this video we take some everyday sports or leisure equipment, then over inflate them to ridiculous levels until they blow up. It's safe to say I will never look at a Gym ball or Yoga ball in the same way for the rest of my life. Totally unexpected.
    You can also see some stats like distance traveled, what pressure it exploded at, how long it took, and see whats inside.
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    Space hopper @ 50 seconds
    Football @ 1:54
    Gym ball / Yoga ball @ 2:54
    Basketball @ 4:03
    Soccer ball @ 5:10
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    Copying anything you see in this video or on the website is done at your own risk entirely, the purpose of the video is to entertain and educate.
    Air pressure can be dangerous, this should not be copied by anyone under 18 without adult supervision, and then it's not wise either. I do not recommend you over inflate or pump anything up beyond the recommended air pressure.
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Comments • 74

  • Lil Huntindacut
    Lil Huntindacut 21 day ago

    Baseball next

  • Gage
    Gage 2 months ago

    4:47 - Jesus Christ that’s almost like the speed of a shotgun to the head.

  • Shelley Rayborn
    Shelley Rayborn 3 months ago

    Body rip rip

  • ken
    ken 4 months ago +4

    I got anxiety as the ball expand.

  • bibasik7
    bibasik7 6 months ago +2

    Step 1: Inflate yoga ball to 3.5 PSI
    Step 2: Climb up on the roof
    Step 3: Jump from roof to yoga ball
    Step 4: Upload to TheXvid

  • Nadine Stewart
    Nadine Stewart 9 months ago

    13.8b years ago yes 2019 😨 how has it not popped 1trillion years later it is not popping inf years later bang!!!!&!!!!!!!!!!!!!&&&**!!!!!!!!!!!😨😭 it popped 1 like = inf hugs

  • whydoieventryanymore
    whydoieventryanymore 10 months ago

    If only you had some flex tape.

  • Alex Cantu
    Alex Cantu 11 months ago

    Can a football inflate on its own caused by humidity and explode? *Asking for a friend.

  • Alexander E. Minge
    Alexander E. Minge 11 months ago +1

    I searched for this just to make sure my Yoga-ball was not over-inflated.
    I think i can rest easy :)

  • Jyoti Swaroop Agrawal

    how much

  • Talking Gorilla
    Talking Gorilla Year ago +1

    As a kid I was pumping up a basketball in my hands and then I put too much air into it and it exploded and I could like see the shockwaves going down the hall and my chest and arm got all purple and bruised up it was very painful and then my gym teacher got super mad at me for some reason lmao

  • Leslie Taylor
    Leslie Taylor Year ago

    I drive a rolloff dumpster truck, and run over basketballs all the time (also soccer and volleyballs).. oddly, footballs dont wind up in trash piles very often

    BUBBA HERRERA Year ago


  • Ray Sun
    Ray Sun Year ago +2

    3:38 I would like to bounce on that yoga ball though

  • Nolan dash
    Nolan dash Year ago

    I would stop at 30 psi

  • urvil karia
    urvil karia Year ago +4


    • Shlushe 10
      Shlushe 10 9 days ago

      I find it strange how it makes squares

  • Runaway train Productions

    HOW does this video not have 1 million views yet

  • Yashimoto The Red Star


  • Sarah Lyndie
    Sarah Lyndie 2 years ago

    I blew up a basketball when I was your and damaged my hearing. Like crap damn

    • Sarah Lyndie
      Sarah Lyndie 2 years ago

      BMG LiFe pumped up a basketball with an electric air pump till it exploded damaging my hearing

    • Harry Kelly
      Harry Kelly 2 years ago

      Sarah Lyndie what did you say?

  • Jamie Bales
    Jamie Bales 2 years ago

    I'm sorry, Wilson!

  • Haywood Griffin
    Haywood Griffin 2 years ago +1


  • AccessGaming 11
    AccessGaming 11 2 years ago

    I had a basketball pop on my stomach and it gave me a third degree burn, it was pumped up to much and I was throwing it and bouncing with it on my trampoline and it started making sizzling noises then pop

  • EDOG'S Music
    EDOG'S Music 2 years ago +1

    Agent of shield

  • IDK
    IDK 2 years ago +4

    I'd love to hump the yoga ball at around 2.75 or the space ball at near explosion

  • But Khoi
    But Khoi 2 years ago

    a basketball 1 time explode in my physic class everyone thinks that a bomb

  • laurdy
    laurdy 3 years ago +11

    do a hot water bottle

  • Pickled Lightsaber
    Pickled Lightsaber 3 years ago +2

    Wooo!!! I'm the 15,000 viewer :)

  • Maximiliaan steengracht
    Maximiliaan steengracht 3 years ago +1

    Eh ya y exploded a baket bal on my Hand and now y god 6 stitches that are already there weeks there

  • John Carey Ultra
    John Carey Ultra 3 years ago

    3:19 Jesus christ

  • John Carey Ultra
    John Carey Ultra 3 years ago +17

    do a sex doll

  • shaun mcpherson
    shaun mcpherson 3 years ago

    Subscribe to ywamsandy

  • shaun mcpherson
    shaun mcpherson 3 years ago


  • laurdy
    laurdy 3 years ago +2

    do some inflatable pool toys

  • shang2222
    shang2222 3 years ago +2

    how about an anti-burst gymball?

  • RS 1990
    RS 1990 3 years ago +2

    Very dangerous indeed!
    If your face is too close, it's like being hit with a sledgehammer!

  • DJ Omnimaga
    DJ Omnimaga 3 years ago +1

    2:29 future New England Patriots inflategate? :P

  • YumCherryPies
    YumCherryPies 3 years ago +2

    Sure :)

  • YumCherryPies
    YumCherryPies 3 years ago +41

    The yoga ball popping in slow mo is beautiful

  • YumCherryPies
    YumCherryPies 3 years ago +4

    Do this with a vollyball

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  3 years ago +3

      I'll put it on the list if I do this again ;-)

  • YumCherryPies
    YumCherryPies 3 years ago +14

    1:18 What if you hop on that...

  • blunt*
    blunt* 3 years ago +1

    Your my favorite TheXvidr

    • TheJoJmaster
      TheJoJmaster Year ago

      lil water *you’re

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  3 years ago +1

      Thanks, I will keep trying to improve my videos and post more often if I can gain subsribers ;-)

  • John Price
    John Price 3 years ago +1

    I can't believe this video only has 900 views!

  • The Wee Leggies Camper
    The Wee Leggies Camper 3 years ago +3

    fantastic video and good to see some good research taking place lol :-)
    Take care

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  3 years ago +1

      All in the name of science ;-)

  • Redheadijg
    Redheadijg 3 years ago +6

    what do u mean it was fast

    • Magda Nuñes
      Magda Nuñes 5 months ago


    • Dark Shiba
      Dark Shiba 2 years ago

      BrainfooTV hi again you said squid in your video and I'm a big fan of splatoon and there is squids in splatoon

    • BrainfooTV
      BrainfooTV  3 years ago

      I only just pressed pulblish

  • Redheadijg
    Redheadijg 3 years ago