Everything GREAT About Alita: Battle Angel!

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • Alita! Critics weren't fans, but guess who was? All of us! Here's everything right with Alita: Battle Angel!
    Just a heads up that there won't be a new EGA for 2 weeks.
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Comments • 3 987

  • Junkie XL
    Junkie XL 4 months ago +1622

    Was a really fun experience bringing Alita and entire world to life with music. Cheers !

    • weirdo 101
      weirdo 101 17 days ago

      Junkie XL at first i thought you were fake but HOW AND WHY ARE YOU NOT VERIFIED

    • Robby Morin
      Robby Morin 21 day ago



    • eventhorizon
      eventhorizon Month ago

      You tied the whole movie together, no matter how amazing the acting, no matter how amazing the sound design and everything else is, when the music is off in a scene, it can make it fall flat. If it's simply ok it just isn't noticeable. I know there are tons of movies where I love a scene but couldn't tell you for the life of me what music was scoring it.
      What you did added to every single moment, freakin' amazing work!

    • ZaCloud Animations
      ZaCloud Animations Month ago

      Dude, you and this movie both didn't get enough credit. It was a thrilling, emotional, and fun experience for me as a viewer, and your score was a HUGE contribution to all that. It accentuated every scene perfectly, always adding the right feeling to every scene. So many modern movies have such bland, 'safe' scores that end up just being background noise, but yours was powerful and memorable. Thank you so much for being a BIG factor in how amazing this movie was. I just hope more people will realize as much over time. Great job dude!

    • 1Galan
      1Galan 2 months ago +2

      Your music in Alita was truly a work art itself, priceless. I listen to the tracks upon dawn when I'm heading home. We thank you sir and hope to hear more of your work in tbe Alita sequels🤩

  • Charles Clements
    Charles Clements 6 hours ago

    Boy! You really know how to ruin a movie. I might have wanted to see this movie before viewing your video but now, no thank you. That is only after seven minutes. Forget the rest.

  • Kevin Dorn
    Kevin Dorn Day ago

    not flawless but enjoyable movie with great visuals and a likeable protagonist

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King Day ago

    The anime eyes put off normies. If only they left her face alone...

  • davemm696
    davemm696 3 days ago

    Never read or watched the previous iterations of this. LOVED this movie.

  • Killer Dog
    Killer Dog 3 days ago

    I loved this movie and I never heard of the Alita battle angle anime before until the movie came out but I might go watch it if I can find it

  • Rin Kairiozuki
    Rin Kairiozuki 4 days ago

    I mean, i have her avatar, so i might not to speak, but, ahm... i read Manga after i saw first few trailers, just to compare how big fail it's gonna be. Ended up watching movie 7 times, spend 200$ on tickets just to take whole my family to see it, bought Steelbook (i never do that) and whole collection of hard Cover mangas. Movie is great, full of action, well made CGI and most importantly - Alita. Thanks Rosa for that. Oh, and it was refreshing to see movie not relying on CGI army fights, instead they did focus on well choreographed 1v1 fights (mostly) They did stay close to Source, and i hope there will be sequel, too bad, most of western viewers don't really get Japanese story telling, as this is story about Alita, and nothing else matters, but here we go. Will thank for China if sequel will happen.
    P.S. if it have more Wins then Sins, i am cool with that :D

  • AmoebaMan
    AmoebaMan 4 days ago

    Opinion of somebody who doesn't read manga, or watch anime: the people knocking this movie for its plot are being far too critical. It made sense, none of it felt too forced, and damn did it get me in the feels. Multiple times.
    Also: I couldn't decide for a very long time while watching whether I thought her face was totally computer-rendered, or if it was post-processed Snapchat-filter-style. That is bar none the most impressive animation that has ever been produced, and people aren't giving it enough credit. A lot of people deserve to retire rich for bringing that to life.
    Were the eyes odd? Yes. Were they the oddest thing in the movie? Hell no. Did they spoil anything for me? Not even close.

  • BladeFit Academy
    BladeFit Academy 5 days ago

    Alita is a fantastic movie! Pitch perfect coming of age story. I'm not a giant manga fan. I watch the occasional anime. This movie was able to suck me into the world which doesn't seem easy to do these days. Most movies today don't focus on characters, which is a shame. Cameron and Rodriguez should be proud of what they achieved. Salizar was brilliant. Looking at you, Junkie XL, for the score that expanded the universe so good.

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz 5 days ago

    I am a 59 yr old jazz pianist expat living in Copenhagen. I don't even know what manga or anima is. But I get that this is an extrodinary cenimatic experience. I live on the barest shoestring budget ;self enforced . So I haven't seen it yet. Intrigued!

  • Madison Myers
    Madison Myers 6 days ago

    I watched it expecting nothing. I'd never read the Manga or seen the anime. Me and my dad just thought it looked good and my dad also knows a lot about CGI and motion capture and all that cool visual stuff and likes to see it in action (he is a level designer for Call of Duty, the game that just came out he worked on). I like to as well and he tells me a little about it sometimes. We thought it was good. There might have been a couple things we didn't quite understand or didn't think were perfect but they weren't significant enough to remember off the top of my head. I also felt the movie left enough "loose ends" (that is in quotes because that is not exactly the words I'm looking for but I don't know how to say it exactly so I'm hoping whoever reads this gets what I'm trying to say) so that there is room for a good sequel that could possibly be even better.

  • Matthew D
    Matthew D 6 days ago

    I freaking loved this movie.

  • James McPherson
    James McPherson 6 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie and I am not a Manga or Anime person

  • Hokius
    Hokius 10 days ago

    There's a ton of awesome stuff in this movie. The special effects were great. And you're dead-on about the uncanny valley going away. But boy did I think there was too much going on. She becomes a pro athlete AND a bounty hunter. She saves her boyfriend from an assassin, puts him in a robot body, and then watches him fall to his death all in like a 20-minute span. I'd like a sequel, too, but I do wish this had been a little more focused and hope that a sequel can find that focus to make a tighter story.

  • Uma Nerd com Auto-estima Muito Elevada

    Please, do _Everything GREAT About Rise of The Guardians!!!_

  • Jeff Froment
    Jeff Froment 12 days ago +1

    Alita: Battle Angel is so underrated. They needed to pump this movie instead people really didn't know to much about it. I was very impressed with the CGI in this movie, especially the fighting scenes. This movie already has a cult following and it just came out. Hope they make a sequel.

  • Frank Borlois
    Frank Borlois 13 days ago

    Thank you for this precious analysis of this great movie. After almost a year that still make my eyes drop some tears... False, I cried a lot XD

  • Mika Kiomy
    Mika Kiomy 13 days ago +1

    I saw him and I screamed

  • Mika Kiomy
    Mika Kiomy 13 days ago

    My Name is Lalita😂 nearlyy it could be my name😂 my brother was irritated when they said Alita😂😂

  • JCL01
    JCL01 13 days ago

    Youre not Jai Courtney's last remaining fan. I loved him in both Suicide Squad and Expendables.

  • Shinto Siréne
    Shinto Siréne 13 days ago

    Do you make love to all the movies you watch or just this one?
    Plus did you know 99 being a precursor to 100 is a perfect nonary. Seeking to be 99 is the same as saudi seeking to be the number 1. 99 is what happens right before nature takes over and starts showing off. It's perfect because 9+9=18=8+1=9 Rotate it for 6 and you can use the point of numerical 6 to create a perfect distortion of a romantic entanglement which will eventually go right back to 99. Also Kyukyu or kuku. So 99 would be "The brink of Insanity" which is where this story is placed. A world in flux. Alzheimers and schizophrenic brains are at the wavelength of 99 then work backwards to 1 for newborn baby, like a revved motor. And this is what happens when you can hear peoples heart rates for a living. Saving people from heart attacks is rewarding stuff but it'd just be nice if they'd pay for it. I love money, not dog treats. If you ever wonder how a dog can detect a brain schism it's because the heart attack actually starts down in your feet and your blood pressure convolutes in the brain so if your footsteps change drastically, and you start to act like vertigo is happening, then you're either about to flatline or stroke. If it's not either of those things from your blood pressure then the only thing left is heart attack. Thinking back to kuku, the japanese are heavily influenced by western culture. They see as untrustworthy equals. The cuckoo is one of their passions. So Alita is the perfect example of the misplaced cuckoo that becomes a leader. All japanese narratives resemble animals in some way. So this would be the phoenix with the wings outstretched. Each narrative makes a bloodline map on paper. Incredibly fun to draw out.

    p.s i love how 'deep' you go ;)

  • P Des13
    P Des13 14 days ago

    Breathe man Breathe !

  • Zerofightervi
    Zerofightervi 14 days ago

    I really don't understand Hollywood, this film had a genuine passion behind it & is perfectly setup for a sequel & yet we're still left hanging.

  • gary Aa
    gary Aa 16 days ago +1

    I never read the Magna so, I absolutely loved this movie.

  • Matt
    Matt 16 days ago

    Great movie!!

  • Miguel Lemir
    Miguel Lemir 16 days ago

    It hurts that we live in a world where there is enough cash to make three shitty Terminator reboots (although Ive a soft spot for Salvation) but we have to scrap for an Alita sequel

  • Elvin Punzalan
    Elvin Punzalan 16 days ago

    I want a sequel please please

  • Simon E
    Simon E 17 days ago

    Don’t call it a MOn gah. MANga like Man-gah. Not Mon-gah

  • Robert Bullard
    Robert Bullard 18 days ago

    Now that Disney owns Fox. There won't be a sequel.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 18 days ago

    I used to hate going to the movies before I saw alita. Now I can't skip an interesting looking movie knowing that movies can be as great as this one! Sequel please

  • Benjamin Kemer
    Benjamin Kemer 18 days ago

    Doesn't Nova have a mutant son? How the hell does he live up in the sky with that?

  • David Solomie
    David Solomie 19 days ago

    I'm no anime fan but I do know stuff about the lore of Alita. The movie is f***in' brilliant. And from what I understand it's a pretty good adaptation of the source material. Honestly, I hope we do get a sequel, because this film really deserves one.

    KASPER 19 days ago

    Please do Arrival

  • Miguel Lemir
    Miguel Lemir 20 days ago

    I think they should ve included Yugo's "funeral" that bit when they put his arm attached to a baloon so it can rise upwards towards Zalem, as he always dreamed. That would give some bittersweet closure to their tragic love story

  • Ace Gamer
    Ace Gamer 21 day ago +1

    Alita battle angel is the best female led movie for me

  • ConmanWolf
    ConmanWolf 22 days ago

    Add a win because the dog lives. He got made into a robo dog. The Twitter page "WeRateDogs" had a video. twitter.com/dog_rates/status/1097949040946212864?lang=en

  • Shadman Chowdhury
    Shadman Chowdhury 22 days ago

    Shouldn't have killed her dog. Zalem is going down.

  • Rene Moya Mata
    Rene Moya Mata 24 days ago

    I find Alita far more interesting than Ray in Disney's shitty ass Star Wars.

  • Noah Carnes
    Noah Carnes 24 days ago

    I saw this movie with some friends of mine, which worked out perfectly since none of my family wanted to see it. I have never been a big manga reader or anime watcher, and I had never heard of the manga until I saw a picture of Alita on the Fox website. I only wanted to see it because of the filmmakers attached to it (James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez) and because I love the VFX work of WETA Digital. Seeing this in theaters was an absolute blast. I love this movie! I was never once bothered by Alita's eyes or the uncanny valley aspect of her. If anything, her eyes are one of her defining attributes, and you could really see the detail that the artists at WETA put into them. The action was intense and fun, and I fell in love with Alita as a character. Rosa Salazar gave it her all and I really hope she gets more roles because of it. I'm dying to see a sequel and see what Edward Norton could do as Nova. Please filmmakers, if you're watching this video and reading these comments, we want a sequel! We need more films like this!

  • Saifi Talat
    Saifi Talat 24 days ago

    Never even knew the manga and anime existed and still loved the movie.

  • James Callaghan
    James Callaghan 25 days ago

    I kinda may have watched this movie just so I could watch this video.

    I had some issues with the acting, especially in the early parts of the film (Hugo did not work for me until later, for some reason). But once things kicked into gear, I definitely enjoyed it.

    I'd watch a sequel, even if it brings out the anime avatars again.

  • Marisa Faith
    Marisa Faith 25 days ago

    I noticed how everyone at the motorball was booing alita but in the end they all cheer for her.

  • Martin Ma
    Martin Ma 26 days ago

    I do recognize that the uncanny valley is a thing but the movie is so good you have so many reasons to ignore it.

  • kit kat
    kit kat 26 days ago

    You should do Ghost in the shell

  • Sketch Craft
    Sketch Craft 26 days ago

    *Alright all, what movie did you prefer: Alita or Ready Player One?*

    • Sketch Craft
      Sketch Craft 26 days ago

      I preferred Ready Player One personally

  • Carl McAlduff
    Carl McAlduff 26 days ago

    If you need someone to score your life, listen to Two Steps From Hell

  • n0nexReb0rn
    n0nexReb0rn 26 days ago

    Can't wait for Alita to get to Atlas- i mean Zalem. Yeah, Zalem

  • 6Hell6oopz6
    6Hell6oopz6 26 days ago

    I read manga... Years ago. Like just after elementary school, and I'm almost 30 rn? I only remebered bits here and there, but I remembered that I adored Alita. Watched the movie about hour ago. I... I loved it. Really really much.
    I could sell my heart for a sequel!
    I belive it's not only great action movie, it's also one of these movies that lefts You with warm feeling around Your heart. A movie that makes You feel kinda more naive and idealistic. Kinda more... Pure. Dunno, maybe I'm the only one, but I belive this is a type of movies we actually really could use.

  • Kya Lazz
    Kya Lazz 27 days ago

    ......I mean Keenan was in it same with Rosa which made me like this movie like 10% more and they did amazing.

  • gwidao123
    gwidao123 27 days ago

    Alita's first fight in this movie was so refreshing and new as well as amazingly well coreographed, it legitimately caught me by surprise, and i was speechless. This clean, tight coreography in this movie was just incredible to witness for the first time, even the avengers movie didn't have such that as such a strongpoint. Just amazing

  • TK2822
    TK2822 Month ago


  • Mergatroid Mania
    Mergatroid Mania Month ago

    I found Alita's eyes to be quite attractive. They never even came close to the uncanny valley for me.
    IMHO, this is the best Action movie of 2019.

  • Guicho 271828
    Guicho 271828 Month ago +1

    "I'm surprised the swastika came out so easily" Hahaha, Inglourious Basterds reference! Win Counter +1

  • Ryan Hamilton
    Ryan Hamilton Month ago

    I have seen the anime and loved it enough to go see this but I was apprehensive. The only really good live action remakes have come from Japan in my opinion but that's not to say there have been decent attempts. I said to my fiancee that if I didn't see the bridge to Zalem scene I wouldn't forgive them for making this movie. The uncanny valley for me was very quickly to relinquish as it was not only done so well but her grounded character made her relate-able. The most astonishing thing for me was the action and power on show. It was very much in the anime style and they nailed it down with excellent scenes, I often found myself leaning into attacks and punches at the cinema such was the weight of the attacks, something that rarely happens when I'm at the movies. My only wish is that this was rated R and we would have got all of the gore, disgusting and horrific nature of humans barely surviving in this depressive world where the rich stay on top and the poor scrounge for a living. Even the anime had nudity but it wasn't sexual, it was showing how it was used as a tool to survive. This movie could have become a real cult classic being R rated and being way more dark and gritty. Something Anime has done really well, showing how brutal life can be through big cartoonish anime eyes.

  • D. Scott
    D. Scott Month ago

    1:12 I have a sneaking suspicion that it was changed to "Dyson" as a Terminator 2 reference

  • Schwarzes Eis
    Schwarzes Eis Month ago +1

    But to be honest, the movie has its flaws: There's shots without Alita in them

    • Scott Perry
      Scott Perry Month ago

      😄 I didn't like those parts either.

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis Month ago

    I really liked the STORY that was told above the battles.

  • Mereya
    Mereya Month ago

    This just looks like a mockery or something like that, but hey positivity..

  • Ben From Gulf City
    Ben From Gulf City Month ago

    I want a sequel to this, dang it!

  • Funktastic Ed
    Funktastic Ed Month ago

    Everything great, ruined by one main flaw.
    Adapting three tomes of the manga, three storylines in one, cut it paste it differently put things out, add new plots to fill holes make shortcuts here and there, overexplain to make the storyline likely, but you'll never be as fluid and good as the original.
    That's like trying to mix the thre first Harry potter movie in one, even the best montage can't save such a doomed project.
    Yes the movie (like the 95 anime) tries to adapt three different narrative arcs of the original manga in a two hour movie, and that's impossible to do correctly.
    Just a simple exemple, the first book had no motorball, and no Zapan Hugo story, the main plot was the Birth of Alita, and how she becomes a hunter warrior, then Grewishka (Makaku) trying to get revenge over Alita after she kicked his ass.
    Still the first manga had largely enough material to make a great movie on its own, the confrontation with Makaku (Grewishka) was brillant and smart.
    As an exemple, in the movie Grewishka is no more the main vilain, now he is just a big stupid robot who follows orders, its character have lost its substence that's what happens when you cut things and paste others, to mix diffeent storylines, in the manga he was a runaway, with its own logic and justifications, he was not just "bad" and he had no master.
    Although it is a beautifull movie with brilliant production, it missed one crucial point wich all modern movies does , it never takes the time to let us enjoy and Watch its beauty, everything is too fast and there's a plot overdose, too many things going on in short moments.
    Everything feels like James Cameron and Rob Rodriguez wanted to show too much in one movie, they wanted to give too much, like they couldn't wait to show us Zapan, and Motorball.
    We are not drugged with speed when we go to theater we don't need overcut action scènes and rushed character development, we Don't need the movie to kick us in the head, give us time to enjoy your work for christ sake.