Hotel Hell S02E04 - Hotel Chester

  • Published on Nov 23, 2016

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  • Matt Foke
    Matt Foke 34 minutes ago

    Holy shit 900,000

  • Matt Foke
    Matt Foke Hour ago

    Mississippi baby

  • Rogue gaming
    Rogue gaming 2 days ago

    Gordon is so nice!

  • SR Animal Enthusiast

    Aweeee Gordon,

  • Adiran
    Adiran 7 days ago

    Hello people scrolling down👋

  • Felix Tsang
    Felix Tsang 7 days ago

    They should make LED lights of the hotel name

  • Chrystjan Lapatha
    Chrystjan Lapatha 8 days ago

    The next ep is not that good

  • buddypat // zBudpat
    buddypat // zBudpat 9 days ago

    Imagine they had to pay everything xd

  • Oros Abaddon
    Oros Abaddon 9 days ago

    Absolutely my favorite episode.

  • Free2BeMe Allday
    Free2BeMe Allday 10 days ago +1

    💖😭19:50.. That daughter's heart was broken for her Mom😭 Gordon sees her tears and I'm glad he was gentle😩My Favorite Episode of All! Never saw owners so easily willing to change! I hope they are still successful and I'm gonna Google them to see😂😌Loved it💖Edit: 2019 and Yes! They are still open😄Awesome

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations 12 days ago

    Wait what is chester hotel demolition june 2012 wtf??! Its in youtube

  • Grande Avenue
    Grande Avenue 14 days ago

    I feel bad for this family, my heart breaks for them, but I would say that I feel bad the most for Sukie, cause she had done everything she could and I cried for her because the weight she have been carrying is like the weight of the world. Kudos and love to Sukie and her family!

  • Felix reang Felix reang

    Chef Ramsay Isa great person.

  • boysponge705
    boysponge705 17 days ago

    "My mouth's confused"
    That's going in the book.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 18 days ago +2

    Those 100 people who disliked this video....

  • Ho Sari
    Ho Sari 18 days ago

    Gordon your an angel...happy for all

  • Tims howtomake
    Tims howtomake 19 days ago

    Gorden is an angel I am very very very glad for this couple ;-) very good job Gordan and bevor I go to heaven I have eat one of your burgers ;-)

  • Marvs Paycana
    Marvs Paycana 19 days ago

    Gordon is so fucking good!👌

  • doczg88
    doczg88 20 days ago

    Sometimes this salty Scot is such a sweetheart...

  • GBNate75 13
    GBNate75 13 20 days ago

    I love this, finally people who actually have hotel experience and are suffering for a legitimate reason out of their control, working hard, trying their best, and doing the best that they can the right way, not delusional owners or uneducated people, someone you an actually sympathize with

  • OmNom Omelet
    OmNom Omelet 21 day ago +1

    Oh no when the daughter started talking about the accident teared up a bit 😢

  • Aylin Villarreal
    Aylin Villarreal 21 day ago

    Naked Ramsey though!!!

  • andrew
    andrew 21 day ago

    I cried of happiness in 39:00 thanks Gordon.. God bless u n family

  • Ronald Hilal
    Ronald Hilal 21 day ago

    This episode is different because it's about financial business and not about stress so it is very cute

  • Ishan Green Reyes
    Ishan Green Reyes 22 days ago

    Why does this video have 100 dislikes whats the matter

  • thekingofbeast
    thekingofbeast 23 days ago

    It’s over 900000

  • Z House
    Z House 23 days ago

    I’m gonna cry

  • The MockingJay
    The MockingJay 24 days ago

    Gordon : I love your sense of humor , it's dry and very funny"

  • gonzalez sean
    gonzalez sean 24 days ago +1

    Shes using a chopping board as a wooden ladle

  • VorteX GameR
    VorteX GameR 25 days ago

    Is that sukisukigirl?

  • hogal pai
    hogal pai 26 days ago

    Gorden liked these people because they were 100% honest and actually gave a damn.

  • Mahaila Joe
    Mahaila Joe 26 days ago

    Suki excited about her grill corner hit me in the heart gut

  • Putri Mygkra
    Putri Mygkra 26 days ago

    I’m burst into tears 😭 I love sookie and david so much, specially gordon ❤️

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S 27 days ago

    I cried this was so touching

  • umar farooq
    umar farooq 27 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay where's your wings you are an angle

  • Tyler Bridges
    Tyler Bridges 27 days ago

    That guy at 41:16 doe 😂

  • Scott Telford
    Scott Telford 29 days ago

    Never anger an asian woman. I know from experience.

  • kayreb
    kayreb Month ago +1

    I just wanna give sukie a big hug...shes just trying so hard

  • Mat Syuk
    Mat Syuk Month ago

    “ Strawberry in the fucking sushi , what was she thinking “ Gordon last work 😂😂

  • Vic 34
    Vic 34 Month ago +1

    This place is still open and they have a Burger on their menu called the "Gordon Burger". Great to hear they're having success.

  • Timmering
    Timmering Month ago

    If I was served a burger by Gordon Ramsay I would be so happy. :0
    Would totally make up for the wait.

  • Al Network
    Al Network Month ago

    I like how Ramsey starts off treating them like he does to everybody else on his shows, but later begins to sympathize and feel bad for them.

  • Zang Shadows
    Zang Shadows Month ago

    gotta respect the husband owner for his sense of humor despite the grave situation

  • MaFess ABR
    MaFess ABR Month ago +1

    Chef Gordon brought happiness in my heart seeing you helping elders. You're unique Chef. May God give you strength in what you do .

  • Amal Sait
    Amal Sait Month ago

    This is deep... So deep😭😭😫

  • Luiz Meirelles
    Luiz Meirelles Month ago +1

    Fucking ninjas and their onions

  • keith barthe
    keith barthe Month ago

    This brought me to tears...

  • perfectly adequate
    perfectly adequate Month ago

    Biggest salute to Chef Gordon. Thanks for helping this 💑. May God bless you more abundantly!

  • I love My Car
    I love My Car Month ago

    The beginning genuinely wanted to make me cry, I shed a few tears not gonna lie.

  • lordskysixss
    lordskysixss Month ago

    Man, this hotel is going down.
    Owner : "hahahahahahahahahahahahaha"

  • Minervski
    Minervski Month ago +3

    2019 Hotel Chester are still open with a 4.5 star rating. God Bless

  • Matthias Schwalbach

    Cue the tears every time I watch this episode. I'm visiting Hotel Chester as soon as possible

  • Lonely Phantom
    Lonely Phantom Month ago

    29:12 Don't waste that food! Get a doggy bag or something!

  • TheVoltageKid
    TheVoltageKid Month ago

    Most cheesiest Intro Ever

  • C J
    C J Month ago

    wanna cry tooo T_T

  • Snoop Doge
    Snoop Doge Month ago

    glad the hotel is still in business

  • Venche Serrano
    Venche Serrano Month ago

    So gordon had time to talk to the owner, the daughter, head to the store, buy ingredients, prep and make burgers.... all before she cooked what they ordered? After an hr into service already? Lol

  • Rubén Ramírez
    Rubén Ramírez Month ago

    Suki’s face throughout the entire episode had me in my feels. I feel so bad for these two. It’s great that they’re doing a lot better now.

  • Ez Pete
    Ez Pete Month ago

    amazing episode - they couldn't deserve this more ! Great job Gordon and crew for picking this family

  • The Rad Gamer
    The Rad Gamer Month ago

    Gordon did a good job

  • sulkalmah :D
    sulkalmah :D Month ago

    Aww! elders are so cute!
    Edit: just look at 20:43

  • Dolly Gunnz
    Dolly Gunnz Month ago

    This episode ❤😭 lol. So sweet

  • Francis Jon Pasion
    Francis Jon Pasion Month ago

    Do you guys still have updates about this hotel????

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Month ago

    i was just watching the video and wondering when is Gordon going to show them their new room, and turns out it was an apartment.

  • Swi_ zzle
    Swi_ zzle Month ago

    37:45 hotel chester lol

  • Mark N.
    Mark N. Month ago

    They should have invested in their sons modeling career.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    This is so emotional 😭 Thank you Gordon for saving them, they deserve the help!

  • SS Creations
    SS Creations Month ago

    Gordons the bestttttt!!!!!

  • LUIGI G.
    LUIGI G. Month ago

    I cried 🙁

  • Korean Jesus
    Korean Jesus Month ago

    3 star hotel, 5 star rating, gordon is a lifesaver

  • Umesh Chimariya
    Umesh Chimariya Month ago


  • Josh N
    Josh N Month ago

    13:36 thats what they all said....

  • Sonia Marchan
    Sonia Marchan Month ago

    This has to be the more saddest episode, but they're in this state due to medical reasons. I hope they're doing okay. It sucks when you're on top if the world and one tragic event changes your entire life:( I cried the entire episode, Ramsey is such a sweet man.

  • DANNN 73
    DANNN 73 Month ago

    I know I’m late but that waitress is soo cute

  • iYasubo
    iYasubo Month ago

    Do you guys notice how they are eating so well you can tell they haven’t eaten food like that in a while

  • Thechubbybunny
    Thechubbybunny Month ago

    these damn onions....... T.T

  • Sam Skrillah
    Sam Skrillah Month ago

    the daughter could get the D :D

  • Alexander Vegt
    Alexander Vegt Month ago

    Gordon is a filthy fry thief.

  • Anna Lyons
    Anna Lyons Month ago

    Is it in Gordon's contract that he has to get naked at least once every episode?

  • Dragonoid AMV
    Dragonoid AMV Month ago

    im so happy for them...😢😢

  • Dragonoid AMV
    Dragonoid AMV Month ago

    im so happy for them...😢😢

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago

    watching this eating microwave chicken

  • kaitie torres
    kaitie torres Month ago

    bruh i cried so much when they saw their house, such a sweet family they deserve this so much.

  • I See You Everywhere

    their son is so cuute

  • Alissa and Alyza
    Alissa and Alyza Month ago +2

    Wow. I'm so happy for them.
    Reception with about 150-200 people staying for 2 days. That is what you call an improvement.❤ so happy for them and all thanks to Gordon and his daw for making everything happen.🙏

  • Alissa and Alyza
    Alissa and Alyza Month ago +1

    She's a great wife and mother. I LOVE her.
    He is a funny guy and nice. I hope the best for him, so sorry for his injuries. Love him. And definitely is his sense of humour.
    Love this family

  • Knox Fountain
    Knox Fountain Month ago

    There’s not even a f****** window

    -_- no

  • Pempjuice
    Pempjuice Month ago

    See how nice Gordon can be when you’re not arguing with him and don’t live in denial and blame everyone but yourself, big up Gordon and his heart of gold

  • Punched
    Punched Month ago

    40:30 someone said kiss XD super sweet episode tho

  • deathgenebunny
    deathgenebunny Month ago

    I’m not crying, you are!!

  • Diabolik771
    Diabolik771 Month ago

    Damn, paying for salary for a Chef and 2 sous chefs until they get on their feet. Holy shit.

  • Sruthi Menon
    Sruthi Menon Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay you are my Inspiration, Love from India!

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    This was the most satisfying episode of hotel hell and the owners really deserved all that they got from Chef Ramsey unlike some other episodes where the owners we're just rude nd ungrateful. Truly a sweet episode.

  • Yos
    Yos Month ago

    The husband has the most unfunniest jokes but his laughs are amazing, a truly beautiful human being

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy Month ago

    One potato, two potato.

  • Rhea Cerbas
    Rhea Cerbas Month ago

    Anyone watxhing this feb2019? Just want to ask did hotel hell last only 3 seasons? And why?.. too bad. Im just starting to like this show :( ilove mr gordon :)

  • x Crxzy
    x Crxzy Month ago

    How to find out if there’s trouble between you and Gordon:

    “2 seconds”

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 2 months ago

    Omg I just want to hug sukie

  • WARDOGS Droops
    WARDOGS Droops 2 months ago

    13:35 that's what she said lol 😭😂😁🤣😎 nice people tho they deserve the help

  • Huzaifa Amir
    Huzaifa Amir 2 months ago

    God this episode made me a emotional wreck but I am happy that they are doing well now.