Hotel Hell S02E04 - Hotel Chester

  • Published on Nov 23, 2016

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  • alexandra urbanowicz

    This made me want to cry! It broke my heart when Gordon handed the her the key and she just had such a big look disbelief on her face.

  • Ege Yaldız
    Ege Yaldız Day ago +1

    Also Suki means Bitches in Russian

  • Ege Yaldız
    Ege Yaldız Day ago +1

    Gordons an alpha dog but hes got a tender heart

  • Y.Oda
    Y.Oda 3 days ago

    Ok who the hell disliked this video

  • Shannon Doyle
    Shannon Doyle 6 days ago

    I enjoy watching this episode.for once a sweet couple who are in love and never argued with one another and Gordon Ramsey. They really appreciated everything that Gordon did .their children well behaved,respectful etc.glad to see they kept it up!

  • Mein_Kunt
    Mein_Kunt 7 days ago

    13:36 close your eyes

  • Kimberley Latierro
    Kimberley Latierro 7 days ago

    They honestly deserved this out of everyone he has helped so happy 😁

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews 7 days ago

    So amazing to see. Puts a smile on my face. These people deserved the help Gordon gave them. And I’m glad they got it. Hope everything works out for the best with the hotel Chester!!!

  • Laila Sunga
    Laila Sunga 8 days ago

    I think this was the first time i cried watching hotel hell

  • Alex kim
    Alex kim 8 days ago

    I luv this emotional and beautiful episode but y is there always footage of nude Ramsay

  • Lia Darracott
    Lia Darracott 9 days ago

    This hotel is only a couple of hours away from me, I’ll have to make the trip to check it out.

  • Hasib Dreyar
    Hasib Dreyar 9 days ago

    Was it necessary to show Gordon naked? 😐

  • tb urso
    tb urso 11 days ago

    2 things I cried in this and endgame

  • JLPlays 15
    JLPlays 15 11 days ago

    The nicest episode tbh rofl

  • StandOffJam
    StandOffJam 11 days ago

    This is the sweetest episode I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • Wigga Mcwiggins
    Wigga Mcwiggins 12 days ago

    They deserve that apartment

  • Dragon 0762
    Dragon 0762 13 days ago

    My god

  • udyshuhaimi
    udyshuhaimi 13 days ago

    Why amI crying 😭

  • Jeanette Ong
    Jeanette Ong 13 days ago

    The son is fine

  • NessMasterGengar! !
    NessMasterGengar! ! 14 days ago

    What I realized with Gordon’s shows like this and Kitchen nightmares is that the more sane the owners are the more likely it is to stay open

  • Space Force
    Space Force 14 days ago

    A true teddy bear Gordon episode

  • NessMasterGengar! !
    NessMasterGengar! ! 14 days ago +1

    Sukie is probably a good sushi chef... but her weird combinations ruined it

  • sebastain shaw
    sebastain shaw 14 days ago

    This ep is fav ep out of hotel hell

    PERSEON 15 days ago +1

    may God bless them

  • 2 Dimension
    2 Dimension 15 days ago

    Gordon is so sweet in this episode. Make me want to cry.👍🏼😭

  • Billy Martin
    Billy Martin 15 days ago

    Why are they filming gordan in the bath

  • Husain Miah
    Husain Miah 17 days ago +1

    Everyone thinks that Gordon is a guy who hates everyone who makes bad food but he’s actually a kind hearted guy and cares about everybody

    • The trash man
      The trash man 10 days ago

      Except for Amy and Sammy from Amy’s baking company

  • Nathan Campbell
    Nathan Campbell 20 days ago

    Gordon is a magician

  • iZzY
    iZzY 20 days ago

    the theme song makes gordon seem like an instagram baddie

  • Persephone Pomegranate

    2019, still open. good job

  • Samir
    Samir 21 day ago

    wow david is a fucking dick “this old bitch”
    well this beautiful woman is doing more than you

  • Cooper Johnson
    Cooper Johnson 21 day ago

    See guys Gordon dose have a heart haha

  • Colt Todd
    Colt Todd 21 day ago

    suki is a ride or die lady . great example of a strong japanese/ asian woman . (lotus flower )

  • EALM95
    EALM95 22 days ago +1

    They're just so sweet and naive that even their daughter didn't want to criticize Suki, you often see families or employees that can't talk to the owners out of fear in Ramsay's series' but this is totally different. The daughter knew her parents and everyone was struggling but still trying their best.
    They really just needed a jumpstart, they're good people and owners,they have no problem with their employees or customers, they needed more capable hands on deck and a makeover. Ramsay granted them that and more, and they're still going!
    I'm so happy for them.

  • Jada Suong
    Jada Suong 22 days ago

    Aww love this episode..these couple well deserved everything

  • the thiccfish
    the thiccfish 22 days ago

    Damb gordan buff

  • The last FPS
    The last FPS 23 days ago +1

    Fuck the waitress is hot and only Gordon can steal a chip from people without getting hit in the face

  • Johnson Aerostar
    Johnson Aerostar 23 days ago

    14:47 nice reference there Gordon

  • LuckyYt-_-
    LuckyYt-_- 23 days ago

    Wait So Do The Chefs Work There Forever?

  • Cecil W
    Cecil W 24 days ago

    They’re such a sweet couple. I’m so happy they’re still open and doing good

  • Tim Heidel
    Tim Heidel 25 days ago

    I feel sorry for them...Suki is a strong lady...

  • Tim Heidel
    Tim Heidel 25 days ago

    the husband is the problem...

  • Atiqah Ismail
    Atiqah Ismail 26 days ago

    Their son is so fineeee. Hahahaha

  • Luis Kern
    Luis Kern 27 days ago

    6:37 ' i love your sense of humour...It's dry... '

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez 27 days ago +1

    13:18 close your eyes and imagine the scenario

  • Spill Thy Tae
    Spill Thy Tae 27 days ago

    Someone please, find a behind the scenes clip of Gordon shooting the intro clip.

  • Xiaomi 920190
    Xiaomi 920190 28 days ago

    1:04 sounds like the opening to Layla.

  • Hoes Mad
    Hoes Mad 28 days ago

    This just shows how Gordon isn’t the asshole people think he is. He’s so kinda and generous to these people.

  • Hoes Mad
    Hoes Mad 28 days ago

    I want to hug that lady ;-;

  • cairo bohol
    cairo bohol 29 days ago

    This was a great example of being humble in front of one of the worlds best chefs. No pretentious-ness. And Gordon "did what the British are good at doing." Taking over and making it better. Lol.

  • It's Carlo
    It's Carlo 29 days ago

    How can over a hundred people dislike this episode?

    STOPYOURCLICKBAIT Bruh 29 days ago +1

    Her trying to cook is me in BOTW making stuff

  • ChocolateBacon99999
    ChocolateBacon99999 29 days ago


  • WeirdKid ThatLovesPokemon

    Cameraman intrudes couple making love xD

  • MerliShu
    MerliShu Month ago

    Cutest couple

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl Month ago +5

    No one:
    Absolutely Nobody:

    Let's record Gordon Ramsay taking a bath and post it to the whole world

  • Lark Alfen
    Lark Alfen Month ago

    2:56 My mouse is confused

  • Savy Simon
    Savy Simon Month ago

    Omg her making Tomago lol poor sweet lady. I hope Gordon can help this wonderful family. ❤️. And that is why I love Gordon Ramsey. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Pokerface Entertainment

    26:14 I was not prepared for this.

  • J0fVW UhJnV7
    J0fVW UhJnV7 Month ago

    Idk why but Gordon acts so immature in this video...

  • Cheesecake Kun
    Cheesecake Kun Month ago +1

    not gonna lie, I wanna taste that strawberry sushi

  • Irven Chang - Rowntree PS (1493)

    Now we see how nice Gordon Ramsey really is

  • minslemo n
    minslemo n Month ago

    I was looking at the son looked better than the whole plates they were eating

  • Aaron Bolanos
    Aaron Bolanos 2 months ago +3

    zachs a straight up cutie

  • John Carlo Colot
    John Carlo Colot 2 months ago

    i wanna see zach mollendor....

  • Katherine carreon
    Katherine carreon 2 months ago

    I watched this maybe a year ago and just rewatched it and I'm crying this hit way to close to home now

  • Regina J Rosado
    Regina J Rosado 2 months ago

    I am so happy for them they r so humble and sense of humor and above all how appreciate they r from Gordon help

  • Kyle Klabunde
    Kyle Klabunde 2 months ago +1

    who's cutting onions!

  • Rachelle H.
    Rachelle H. 2 months ago

    This is the most touching episode of Hotel Hell ever

  • Meli Detwiler
    Meli Detwiler 2 months ago

    This is my favorite episode

  • Miss Nivetha
    Miss Nivetha 2 months ago

    Best episode in hotel hell 😍😍

  • Eowyn Charles Bueno
    Eowyn Charles Bueno 2 months ago

    My most favorite hotel hell episode 💕💕

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins 2 months ago

    Like everybody likes watching Gordon Ramsay because of his anger and everything which is hilarious but this really showed his sweet side this episode just makes me happy

  • HL Watts
    HL Watts 2 months ago

    Is it me or is the playback not syncing with the video?🤔

  • Tanner Monday
    Tanner Monday 2 months ago

    I love this episode the MOST!❤️🥰🔥 They deserve the help, there so sweet❤️!🥰🔥

  • Natasha Montalvo
    Natasha Montalvo 2 months ago

    This was the most genuine heart warming episode and they truly deserved gordons help.

  • Riche Rifkind
    Riche Rifkind 2 months ago

    What a gorgeous couple and well deserving

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 2 months ago +1

    *_So happy to see the owner up & moving since his accident!! Love his new enthusiasm!!!_*

  • Luis_ GM2001
    Luis_ GM2001 2 months ago

    I need to punch my eyes lol this is just sad man

  • Wholesome Guy
    Wholesome Guy 2 months ago

    2016: Strawberry On rice
    2017: Pineapple on pizza

  • Elizabeth Zeng
    Elizabeth Zeng 2 months ago

    Damn Gordan Ramsey is so nice

  • Asong Jamirtsur
    Asong Jamirtsur 2 months ago

    Gordon...i have been watching you helping brought tears to my eyes. How I really wish, you appear infront of me and help for my future. I know it's impossible as am from India.... May God bless you more

  • Matt Foke
    Matt Foke 2 months ago

    Holy shit 900,000

  • Matt Foke
    Matt Foke 2 months ago

    Mississippi baby

  • So-So-Gamer
    So-So-Gamer 3 months ago

    Gordon is so nice!

  • Aquamania Official
    Aquamania Official 3 months ago

    Aweeee Gordon,

  • Adiran
    Adiran 3 months ago +1

    Hello people scrolling down👋

  • Felix Tsang
    Felix Tsang 3 months ago

    They should make LED lights of the hotel name

  • Chrystjan Lapatha
    Chrystjan Lapatha 3 months ago

    The next ep is not that good

  • buddypat // zBudpat
    buddypat // zBudpat 3 months ago

    Imagine they had to pay everything xd

  • Oros Abaddon
    Oros Abaddon 3 months ago

    Absolutely my favorite episode.

  • MJFree2BeMe Alldayo
    MJFree2BeMe Alldayo 3 months ago +1

    💖😭19:50.. That daughter's heart was broken for her Mom😭 Gordon sees her tears and I'm glad he was gentle😩My Favorite Episode of All! Never saw owners so easily willing to change! I hope they are still successful and I'm gonna Google them to see😂😌Loved it💖Edit: 2019 and Yes! They are still open😄Awesome

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations 3 months ago

    Wait what is chester hotel demolition june 2012 wtf??! Its in youtube

  • ThankU Ari
    ThankU Ari 3 months ago

    I feel bad for this family, my heart breaks for them, but I would say that I feel bad the most for Sukie, cause she had done everything she could and I cried for her because the weight she have been carrying is like the weight of the world. Kudos and love to Sukie and her family!

  • Felix reang Felix reang

    Chef Ramsay Isa great person.

  • boysponge705
    boysponge705 3 months ago

    "My mouth's confused"
    That's going in the book.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 3 months ago +2

    Those 100 people who disliked this video....

  • Sari Ho
    Sari Ho 3 months ago

    Gordon your an angel...happy for all

  • Tims howtomake
    Tims howtomake 3 months ago

    Gorden is an angel I am very very very glad for this couple ;-) very good job Gordan and bevor I go to heaven I have eat one of your burgers ;-)

  • Marvs Paycana
    Marvs Paycana 3 months ago

    Gordon is so fucking good!👌