Real Arc Reactor (ionized plasma generator)

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
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    Is it real? Well, it's a real "arc" reactor that generates plasma, but as we explained in the beginning of the video, it's impossible to create a device that uses less power than it produces due to the Conservation of Energy, a fundamental law of physics: (summarised as energy in = energy out + losses.)
    When we charge the phone, it's just using power from the main battery. Plugging it into the house - also just a skit. Sorry to get your hopes up! But one thing is for certain - it's the most realistic arc reactor ever made - at least compared to the CGI one in the movie.
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  • Patrick
    Patrick 35 minutes ago

    Kahn Buy the Reaktor please

  • The Whisler
    The Whisler 2 hours ago

    Anyone noticed his Tony 'beard'

  • Tejas Balkhande
    Tejas Balkhande 3 hours ago

    Make spider web

  • Tejas Balkhande
    Tejas Balkhande 3 hours ago

    Make spider web

  • Tejas Balkhande
    Tejas Balkhande 3 hours ago

    Spider web

  • Tejas Balkhande
    Tejas Balkhande 3 hours ago

    Make spider web

  • Tejas Balkhande
    Tejas Balkhande 3 hours ago

    Make spider web.

  • FGamer X29v
    FGamer X29v 7 hours ago

    Almost 9 million views and only 7million subs, people are so selfish these days

  • Regulate Gamer
    Regulate Gamer 10 hours ago

    Bro when you pull the leaver up my house light gone off

  • BiggBoi
    BiggBoi 17 hours ago

    does air pressure/density of air affect how easily a arc forms?

  • Ketan Mesta
    Ketan Mesta Day ago

    You would have borrowed my power bank.

  • Vankeepuram Yamini Jyothsna

    Can you make gauntlet

  • Pryingcarni
    Pryingcarni Day ago

    Alguien habla español?

  • Will Gamer
    Will Gamer Day ago +1

    Make a Hulk buster sut

  • Samani Kun
    Samani Kun 2 days ago

    Waw kereeeenn banget...

  • ribaat2024
    ribaat2024 2 days ago

    It's not an arc reactor. Just the arc. There has to be a reaction(like radioactivity) to generate the arc. Here it's external power source doing that

  • Gabriel Nash-vanderwall

    Try to jim start a car with it

  • Arthur_ Woolston
    Arthur_ Woolston 2 days ago

    You should try and make a J.A.R.V.I.S AI system

  • rahul rock
    rahul rock 3 days ago

    Bro can you sell this arc reactor I would buy for 7000

  • Dr. UnReal
    Dr. UnReal 3 days ago +2

    Yea cool but Tony’s arc reactor is a fusion reactor that works on quantum physics so technically this is possible so you can build a working arc reactors so that loop in the reactor is plasma to make heat so the hydrogen smashes together that releases a lot of energy and heat and sense it’s on a quantum level the 1st law of thermodynamics doesn’t apply to Tony’s reactor so it’s not impossible it’s just very hard

  • Alao Sefuiva
    Alao Sefuiva 3 days ago

    This channel is to advanced, if a 5 or 2 year old could do it, my mind will leave this Earth ( hope not )

    KING RULEZ 3 days ago +1

    Im no scientist but i think that if you were to make a circuit that after the power was changed to heat it would change it back to electricity and run it through again. So in theory, if not much heat was lost, then this might work. I’d like to see you try to make this, seeing as though you have many tools and a whole team/company.

  • Sabrina Ting
    Sabrina Ting 4 days ago

    To-do list in the background at 12:09
    -clone riley
    -find groot
    -feed bogdan

  • Jordan Khong
    Jordan Khong 4 days ago

    Give the box a paint job.

  • SkiddyTheGreat
    SkiddyTheGreat 4 days ago

    Hacksmith: It’s impossible to build an arc reactor
    Also hacksmith: Let’s build an arc reactor!

  • Shrek
    Shrek 4 days ago

    I will pay good money for this

  • Agent 456
    Agent 456 4 days ago

    Fabulous video

  • Spiderwallgeek Unhook

    whats that girl

  • Rafael Vargas
    Rafael Vargas 5 days ago

    Energy can be created you just have to be a genius to make it happen. The impossible is always possible, if you’re not willing to play with Elements that may result in your death you are not capable of becoming a stark.

  • crabbee88
    crabbee88 5 days ago

    No its literally a fusion reactor in iron man arc reactor sounds better tho

  • Mayur Padvi
    Mayur Padvi 6 days ago

    raelly cool bro

  • Sean Chandler
    Sean Chandler 6 days ago

    Why didnt you use a vacuum tube for the reactor section. Have traces of gas which ionise blue, I think oxygen or nitrogen would have sufficed. Only need about 50kv to ionise it that way. Etc etc.

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin 6 days ago

    Put a frequency through the copper wire coils.

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson 6 days ago

    Dude that's so cool

  • Marwin Steiner
    Marwin Steiner 6 days ago

    I want one!

  • bestaeroplane
    bestaeroplane 6 days ago

    I loved this project,keep it up. Maybe we can recharge our laptop or devices in our home.

  • bestaeroplane
    bestaeroplane 6 days ago

    Hoi,there ..... Look there ,it looks like an adult king cobra. It is so dangerous and venomous,if it bite a human being,that person has about 30 second to live. Hmm? I am gonna try ,pick it up. Hoi hoi ,it's angry!!!

  • Rajat Kumar
    Rajat Kumar 7 days ago

    Do you sell this???

  • prince Chauhan
    prince Chauhan 7 days ago

    alex has made better then this arc reactor

  • Raghunatha Rao
    Raghunatha Rao 7 days ago

    Make a arc reactor suit

  • Md Shahariyea
    Md Shahariyea 7 days ago


  • Sudhir parsad parsad

    Speak in hindi brother

  • Oneside 143 A
    Oneside 143 A 8 days ago

    Proud of sir

  • Roni Rama
    Roni Rama 8 days ago

    3:11. Is that a hologram?

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 8 days ago +2

    Try powering an electric car with that

  • Сергей Блановский

    Я думаю что такой реактор возможен, конструкция и принцип работы примерно как в токомаке, но строители токомаком и ему подобные идут неправильным путём, у них плазма не стабильна и не может быть такой, потому что принцип и кострукция установки неправильна, а так всё возможно.

  • Kraftykat
    Kraftykat 9 days ago +1

    So u r basically tony stark so u r gonna snap to save the world and die u r literally iron man/tony stark

  • GeneralBacon 74
    GeneralBacon 74 9 days ago

    proof that the hacksmith has a heart

  • Dr_ Shoy
    Dr_ Shoy 9 days ago

    It hits differently now

  • Alex Rhinehart
    Alex Rhinehart 9 days ago +1

    Tonys arc reactor isnt a perperual energy device, its most likely a fusion reactor. Its energy isnt limitless, just practically limitless. Like a black hole dyson sphere.

  • Jeka Agramakov
    Jeka Agramakov 9 days ago

    No No No body and battery??? Lol this is not reactor)))

  • Ren Ookami
    Ren Ookami 9 days ago

    "I'm a problem solver, not a genius"
    And...That's exactly what geniuses are, successful problem solvers. They simply are people skilled at adapting themselves to new situations, getting ahead of people giving up "because no conventional method works" simply because they are not aifraid of experimenting unconventional methods no matter if they should face failure along the way. But problem solver is a way to say it that's for sure way less scary for most people.

  • Weird Gamingz
    Weird Gamingz 9 days ago

    FBI wants to know your location

  • Parth Joshi
    Parth Joshi 10 days ago

    Means arc reactor is just playing a role of a transformer

    LEO NET 10 days ago

    Alex lab has real working arc reactor collab with him it would be fun.

  • Oscar Marin
    Oscar Marin 10 days ago

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