Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review


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  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 4 hours ago

    Who or what is childish Gambino? I'm way out of the loop.

  • MovieData
    MovieData 5 hours ago

    Can someone do a petition for Disney to sell starwars franchise?

  • Alexandra L
    Alexandra L 5 hours ago

    I wanted to thank you jeremy , you and chris stuckman seem to be the only reviewers that are not absolutely blowing disney on all 4's. One of the only good reviewers ,you are(lame yoda voice)

  • OnThisSideoftheSky
    OnThisSideoftheSky 5 hours ago

    Skip this one if you aren’t impressed with TLJ or Disney’s current quality in Star Wars. Disney’s progressive SJW reign of terror won’t end if people still spend all this money to go see the movies and buy the Blu-ray.

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller 6 hours ago

    Won’t see it don’t care. And I love Star Wars

  • bogen broom
    bogen broom 6 hours ago

    Watch- '200 Eric Dubay....Now translated into 20 languages and has been watched by millions !

  • Colin Booher
    Colin Booher 6 hours ago

    I just don't trust any reviews anymore ....yall said the last Jedi was shit....and it was awesome ......yall said black panther was the it's just OK ......yall been against this film when they brought it up ....I bet it's really good

  • Hector Otero
    Hector Otero 6 hours ago

    Thank you you just saved me money by not going to see this!

  • Brent Reimer
    Brent Reimer 6 hours ago

    Vote with your wallets people!
    You *can* and *should* demand better cinema than this assembly-line bullshit.

  • B Smith
    B Smith 6 hours ago

    Just think, when you buy a ticket to this film, you support a group of individuals that want to keep making Star Wars eWok movies.

  • B Smith
    B Smith 6 hours ago

    Keep watching Kathy the Kunts and JJ abrams shitty star wars movies. This way they will be sure to make more.

  • Daniel Bringmann
    Daniel Bringmann 7 hours ago

    Yup i am going to see it, but not opening weekend. It is my litle protest to make them do better with Star Wars.
    I kinda hope Solo will have a bad opening weekend just so the higer ups will reflect on what they are doing...
    I like Star wars and hate the direction it has taken(looking at you Last Jedi), it has nothing to do with “women ruining Star wars” but it feels like they are not even trying to make a good movie.... just show the Falcon, Star destroyers and a stormtrooper and the fans will give you money

  • Tumba9Tumba
    Tumba9Tumba 7 hours ago

    Han Solo dies at the end

  • A M
    A M 7 hours ago

    last comment, but man i cant imagine the self importance one must have to sit there watch the final edit of this video and not go...fuck im a douche

  • A M
    A M 7 hours ago

    oh man I just ended up here....your voice...and attitude....and editing...god damn dude.

  • 8un3zz
    8un3zz 7 hours ago

    Is this an improved version of Snoke's Throne Room??

  • Blaze The Movie Fan
    Blaze The Movie Fan 8 hours ago

    I'm sorry you felt that way about the movie, hopefully I'll enjoy it more.

  • Ben Titcombe
    Ben Titcombe 9 hours ago

    Guessing boba wasn't in it then😔

  • Henry Torres
    Henry Torres 9 hours ago

    Solo the propaganda story

  • kokobin
    kokobin 9 hours ago

    Jie Peng
    1 hour ago
    this guy is annoying
    Of course! That is his shtick.

  • kokobin
    kokobin 9 hours ago

    I am sure I will enjoy myself and see this movie again and again and again. JJ is a d-bag, what else is new? Catching the thursday preview at Odeon Luxe, Swiss Cottage, London, UK

  • Noel Crenshaw
    Noel Crenshaw 10 hours ago

    This might be heresy but Han wasn't interesting enough in the OT to warrant his own solo movie.

  • amit nagpal
    amit nagpal 10 hours ago +1

    Jeremy.. I just saw an old video of yours. You have gone from a 4 to a solid 8.

  • Firion316
    Firion316 10 hours ago

    So, how did the Illusive Man get into a Star Wars film?

  • Jie Peng
    Jie Peng 11 hours ago

    this guy is annoying

  • Q's Reviews
    Q's Reviews 11 hours ago +1

    I love how your video is bringing out the crybabies. Some people can't handle brutally honest I guess? Fantastic video!

  • kyle eaton
    kyle eaton 11 hours ago

    Doesn't resemble Han at all.

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous 11 hours ago


  • Felipe N A
    Felipe N A 11 hours ago

    Can deadpool go back in time to stop George Lucas from giving Star Wars to Disney and Kathleen Kennedy???

  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan 12 hours ago

    There will only being three Star Wars masterpieces

    The Phantom Menace
    Attack of the Clones
    The Holiday Special

  • Macario Patrick
    Macario Patrick 12 hours ago

    Jeremy Jahns is more conservative when it comes to reviewing movies.

  • Beezzyy
    Beezzyy 12 hours ago

    I feel like this guy only gives positive reviews on Marvel movies...

  • Slayed
    Slayed 12 hours ago

    they normified our star wars REEEEEEEE

  • uberlaz0
    uberlaz0 13 hours ago

    Please do not support Kathleen Kennedy in the destruction of the Star Wars legacy! Do not go and watch this movie.

  • wv11989
    wv11989 13 hours ago

    Now i feel bad for what i said about jar jar he actualy did a good job for a rasta fish alien

  • Alfredo Calle
    Alfredo Calle 13 hours ago

    did anyone notice that the "bad guy" looks like the Illusive Man from ME?

  • Kenny
    Kenny 13 hours ago

    Jeremy isn't even hyped enough to wear his Star Wars cape, that tells you just how disillusioned he's become with Star Wars.

  • Alan Caylow
    Alan Caylow 13 hours ago

    As much as I love the Star Wars franchise, maybe "Solo: A Star Wars Story" is proof that you CAN get too much of a good thing. After Episode IX is delivered next year, maybe it's time for the Star Wars franchise to go to sleep again for awhile. Ya think?

  • Jose
    Jose 14 hours ago

    Not funny

    This is boring stop

    This is not creative Just stop

    If that's what u wanna do with ur life

    How are the kids ur wife?

    Not good?oh sry

  • WinterSplinterM.II
    WinterSplinterM.II 16 hours ago

    I will go see it someday when I get a free ticket from work. I will not use money to go see this movie.

  • spy cab overlord
    spy cab overlord 16 hours ago

    Revan: A Star Wars Story

  • TheLastHyena
    TheLastHyena 17 hours ago

    I don’t know how I’m gonna react with this one. Out of the Disney ones I loved TFA, hated Rogue One and was really mixed with TLJ. If this one isn’t good I won’t be watching any more of the anthology films

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise 18 hours ago

    They only care about the very FIRST weekend numbers. So if you wanna see it but don’t want it to succeed then see it any day after Sunday.

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise 19 hours ago

    Is it true they made Lando gay? And did Han shoot first?

  • Elijah El
    Elijah El 19 hours ago

    Glad you took that shill cock out of your mouth Jeremy.

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell 19 hours ago

    When Kathleen Kennedy is fired people to need make videos dancing to Yub Nub. It will be as big a victory as when Palpatine fell.

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell 20 hours ago

    At an end your rule is Kathleen Kennedy, and not short enough it was.

  • Lilliam Cruz
    Lilliam Cruz 20 hours ago

    I seen this review 5 times lol

  • CrashFan93
    CrashFan93 20 hours ago +1

    I didn't even realise Solo was coming out now I thought it would be Christmas. The movie doesn't sound appealing to me I always liked not knowing Han's back story. I still think Rogue One was the best "current" Star Wars movie.
    Oh well, roll on Jurassic World! 😋

  • Chas X
    Chas X 20 hours ago

    No embargo on reviews?

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 20 hours ago

    I’m still going to see it, because firstly it doesn’t cost me anything and secondly i may actually like it, I don’t always agree with Jeremy’s reviews, for example I really liked Dunkirk

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 20 hours ago

    Solo: a soy boy story

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens 21 hour ago

    I think the last Star Wars movie I liked was revenge of the sith.

  • ShenaniGuns1
    ShenaniGuns1 21 hour ago

    Nothing can touch or ruin the original trilogy. I learned that during the prequel era

  • ShenaniGuns1
    ShenaniGuns1 21 hour ago


  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown 21 hour ago

    Paul Bettany as... THE ILLUSIVE MAN. And he's hardly in the movie. LUL no villain.

  • Dominic Matich
    Dominic Matich 21 hour ago

    This isn't Star Wars -- It's Kathleen Kennedy's shit in a toilet

  • Nils Holgersson
    Nils Holgersson 22 hours ago

    I guess i´ll opt out of this one then. Thanks for the review!

  • Mannmade
    Mannmade 22 hours ago

    You said it my friend, "corporate merchandising". That's what Star Wars has become.

  • YJ XJ TJ Guy
    YJ XJ TJ Guy 23 hours ago

    Inconsistent pacing is a Star Wars theme.

  • Gamemaniac 85
    Gamemaniac 85 Day ago

    Why isnt Jessica Chastain or Mckenzie Davis in Marvel/Star Wars movie yet?...
    The Entire Cast from the Martian has had a part in Marvel/Star Wars movie...
    Mark Hamil as the Beyonder in Avengers 4 will be epic AF

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit Day ago

    They never learned from Justice League, never change director in mid- production.

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 21 hour ago

      White Rabbit They kinda had to. The original directors wanted Solo to be much more of a comedy.

  • Rev
    Rev Day ago

    Damn, figured this is what would happen. Not much of a fan of Ron Howard.

  • chrisbomber101
    chrisbomber101 Day ago

    im waitting for the deep fake fan edit were they replace that chumps face with a young Harrison Ford

  • drumsandroses
    drumsandroses Day ago

    Talk about Mowgli teaser!

  • WarPigz0
    WarPigz0 Day ago

    ....I liked in the Heart of the Sea :(

  • RecSport Education

    Please boycott this movie. I needs to not make money, so that we might get good movies by people who know what they'er doing in the future.

  • Luis Miguel Meza Delgado

    star wars cant rely on nostalgia ever, they must listen to their fans just as marvel did.

  • Dario Motta
    Dario Motta Day ago

    Goodbye Starwars, hope the failure of this movie is a reality check for Disney

  • Phuck Ewe
    Phuck Ewe Day ago

    Disney needs to remove Katheen Kennedy from all future projects.

  • Catchism
    Catchism Day ago

    Rental! Thanks for saving me $30.

  • bob mcmillan
    bob mcmillan Day ago

    Omg do you have to cut between every damn sentence!!!! Its so annoying. You talk so fast! Shut up

  • EmanuelAvenged
    EmanuelAvenged Day ago +1

    I’ll do you one better. WHY is Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • queendsheena1
    queendsheena1 Day ago

    Not shocked by the boring judgment. Not shocked at all.

  • EtchedInStone
    EtchedInStone Day ago

    Funniest review you've ever done.

  • Anna Crystal
    Anna Crystal Day ago +1

    If they have talent,they can make a good movie about Han!! Cuz he’s interesting character anyway!!Kenobi was Disgusting !!!!!! Especially when Mcgregor played him. Never like him!!
    I wanna movies about young Mara jade & Luke ,Leia & Han adventures!!!!! & than,movies about, their children ,Jaina,Jasen & jedi academy!!!!! I don’t wanna any more of Disney’s UNTALENTED CRAP BULLSHIT SW movies !!!!!!!!!! All their ideas are DUMB AS SHITT!!!!!! FUCKIN dickney KILLED STAR WARS!!!!!

  • djprideone1
    djprideone1 Day ago

    dam =( i guess ill watch it on bootleg

  • Bystander A11
    Bystander A11 Day ago

    It is so sad. Star Wars is owned by people that aren't even fans of their own franchise.

  • Sturmpionier03
    Sturmpionier03 Day ago +1

    Star Wars died after Return of the jedy

  • Arnies Videos
    Arnies Videos Day ago

    I wasn't excited for this movie and now I'll wait until its on nextflix but man its really disheartening to see them intentionally ruining such and integral part of modern media. At least the prequals that nobody liked weren't intentionally bad

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart Day ago

    after watching rogue one and the last jedi i'm all set on this whole new batch of star wars movies. they just aren't good enough. nostalgia alone isn't enough to get me in the theatre. Having said that, I absolutely loved The Force Awakens....glad to know i can skip the Solo movie

  • Johnny John
    Johnny John Day ago

    Do a review of Jim Carrey new movie dark crimes

  • GerudoKing
    GerudoKing Day ago

    And this is why Star Wars directors can't head in a new direction. They seem to be trying to tell a different kind of story that is unique from the rest of the franchise. And while they most likely ruined the pacing with multiple directors, they could probably try something like this in the future and get it right. This video wasn't too negative, but keep in kind that this is constructive criticism. Not everything needs to be like the original trilogy, despite those three (subjectively) being the only substantial films in the Star Wars franchise

  • jbarrett987
    jbarrett987 Day ago

    I hope this movie fails. Please boycott this movie people! If we keep giving our money to this crap Disney will continue to churn out garbage!

  • jason robledo
    jason robledo Day ago

    Why does the video keep skipping?

    • Scott Sullivan
      Scott Sullivan 11 hours ago

      Maybe your internet sucks. Mine played fine.

  • Ανδρέας
    Ανδρέας Day ago

    Star Wars is dead

  • Dr.Sonic
    Dr.Sonic Day ago

    Surprisingly the whole comment section is in agreence about the movie

  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson Day ago

    Kathleen Kennedy killed Star Wars she should be fired.

  • Tristan Bennett
    Tristan Bennett Day ago +1

    SPOILER ALERT: In "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", Supreme Leader Snoke becomes half the man he once was.

  • senyum0
    senyum0 Day ago

    Hah...!! Caught you dissing last jedi jeremy.. huxby and phasma. Weak villains. KK suck. SJW destroy everything. Even thundercats

  • James Jung
    James Jung Day ago

    Kathleen Keneddy needs to die. She destroyed Star Wars with her SJW bullshit.

  • Christopher Purcell

    Fire Kathleen Kennedy

  • Robin 2.0
    Robin 2.0 Day ago

    I’m probably the only person here who actually liked the last jedi. I mean come on aren’t we all allowed to have different opinions? I’m fine with people hating it, I can see why people do but can’t Star Wars fans just let people have a different opinion?

  • Martin Mooney
    Martin Mooney Day ago

    Lay off the meth..

  • Jerry Ament
    Jerry Ament Day ago

    A few more reviews like this and I will not see this SW movie on the big screen. The last 3 out of 4 SW films were abysmal.

  • 김승원
    김승원 Day ago

    I don't care if it's good or not I quit watching starwars in a theater after Ryan and Kathleen's shit

  • Sdsdfdu
    Sdsdfdu Day ago

    My take away is that Kathleen Kennedy ruined Star Wars

  • Raymond Arias
    Raymond Arias Day ago

    Seems like Sebastian Stan would have a hard time making a young Luke Skywalker film, only if he would be considered for the role.

  • marco avila
    marco avila Day ago

    This movie looks like shit

  • K.C LeJeune
    K.C LeJeune Day ago

    I saw some actual Star Wars movies before, first one in 1977 in a theater in Houston Texas and last one in 1983 in Lafayette Louisiana where I'm from. Rogue One was good, imo. That's it, those were the only REAL Star Wars movies I've seen.