E3 Coliseum 2018 - Tuesday with Westworld, The Last of Us Part 2, Todd Howard, Hideo Kojima and More


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  • TheRabidCabbage
    TheRabidCabbage 7 days ago

    Wtf Ted Price? "Oculus never thought of allowing people to play seated or that people would want to play seated." what are you smoking? that was literally the only option for the longest time... Remember, when the main controls were a gamepad and you couldn't turn around?

  • Chris Rosenkreuz
    Chris Rosenkreuz 7 days ago

    jsyk, that girl is 50 years old (Meche)

  • Kay McKee
    Kay McKee 8 days ago +42

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    *rеМеМbеr tо jоin Ме hеrе* » whx.io/a268?d=Au5fvF8Q72

  • MIRA
    MIRA 8 days ago

    4:09:50 - Amy Hennig

  • GizmoMaltese
    GizmoMaltese 9 days ago

    I can't wait for Stormlands!

  • The Bufo
    The Bufo 9 days ago

    lol! Dude at 1:42:58 was not impressed

  • inceptional
    inceptional 9 days ago

    Regarding stopping nausea during free motion in VR: I still think Google Earth VR's solution has done this better than any other, and in fact, I think it's really the only solution that genuinely works right now based on what actually causes motion sickness in VR. I wish more developers would look at this very specific solution and implement it in there games as another option.
    thexvid.com/video/6NsI6XgzSn8/video.html?t=7m27s (start at 7:27)
    I'm talking about rendering some kind of 3D room/area on the periphery of the player's view that allows them to always have a very clear visual indication that they are in fact stating stationary in the real world via the virtual representation of a 3D static room/area that they are in.
    Seriously, Google Earth VR is the only place I've seen this solution, and it's the best solution currently out there.

  • MobsLetsPlay
    MobsLetsPlay 9 days ago +1

    6:43:27 look at the scratch marks keyboard of dev. they basically play games. my kind of dreamjob=)

  • Alexandra Sandu
    Alexandra Sandu 10 days ago +4

    Westworld at 12:15 and it ends at 01:04:19

  • Of Many Adventures
    Of Many Adventures 10 days ago

    4:23:00 for filiming little children

  • diegox mikami
    diegox mikami 10 days ago

    Why the last of us part 2 panels host are always lesbians?

  • kenaz8521
    kenaz8521 10 days ago

    Love you Danny!

  • MrSmilesCam
    MrSmilesCam 10 days ago

    Finally a great host (no pun intended).

  • CityOfBhat
    CityOfBhat 10 days ago

    Do they discuss Starfield? If so does anyone have a timestamp?

  • Joe baggins
    Joe baggins 10 days ago +1

    Todd you sexy beast

  • Sir PanicAim
    Sir PanicAim 11 days ago +21

    6:13:00 Todd Howard

  • Adam Szczupał
    Adam Szczupał 11 days ago +1

    CyberPunk 2077 :D Also love The lust of us 2 but without that lesbian scene.... what is next ?gay people ? Or naked old gradpas with their children on rainbow parade ? Anyway cant wait for both games also for Death stranding and Resident Evil 2 Remake... maybe i missed some other games too ;]
    PS look how they try to avoid the topic of lesbian act in the Last of Us 2 they just say it is normal like everyday life; party, electricity, friends.... and then no word about that lgbt act......... The game becomes instrument for propaganda because of high popularity of that game...
    It is very sad that game industry is destroying (at least in small amount luckily) the original climate Last of Us 1 has....

    • KeimOne
      KeimOne 10 days ago

      D Suteki Oi, thanks buddy :) Hope you had some popcorn at hand. It unravelled so quickly suddenly, though there was an opportunity for arguments in the beginning. Enjoyed myself though, and all in all it stayed - relatively - calm. Good to see you as a fellow voice of reason, appreciate your comment. I enjoyed myself, it was my first comment discussion on YT. 10/10

    • D Suteki
      D Suteki 10 days ago

      KeimOne Damn, well done for your patience and logical argument. Quite sad to listen to people like him tho, conspiracies are vicious circles

    • KeimOne
      KeimOne 10 days ago +1

      Adam Szczupał don’t worry, I won’t quote you.

    • Adam Szczupał
      Adam Szczupał 10 days ago

      There is still freedom in thinking so think what u want. I will stick to my research... If u wanna laught from me go on. For now i am already homophobic and troll what more will u say ? I embarrass myself ? Ok, but i dont feel like that. So bye and let me decide what i see as right. Or maybe u will close me in jail because i said what i said... ? It is not far from that... But i will be happy being in jail and stick to what i think then live freely and think what others want me to think... BYE !
      PS: KeimOne if u quote me do it right....

    • KeimOne
      KeimOne 10 days ago +1

      *Enjoy your popcorn everyone*
      Ouh boi, that escalated quickly. Are you a troll? I just listened to you, mate :) Well, as you are obviously not to be reasonable in your position and a clear nut job regarding conspiracies, we will not end up on the same page. Unfortunately, people like you exists and this conversation will have us brought even further apart. I hoped for a fertile dialogue.
      "Sexuality issues", "LGBT propaganda to silence minority", "big lobby´s to make homosexuals" - come one dude, don`t embarrass yourself. Who would have an interest in having more gays, what would the benefit be and how would there be damage in trying, even if you are not born as homosexual?

  • BarkofthePheonix
    BarkofthePheonix 11 days ago +58

    07:39:20 for Cyberpunk

  • Bloou Ppilou
    Bloou Ppilou 11 days ago

    4:40:23 Bandai Namco's Fighting Dojo

  • Aman Pathak
    Aman Pathak 11 days ago +2

    7:39:00 for CP

  • JesterOfTheMoon
    JesterOfTheMoon 11 days ago +11

    5:10:10 Kojima

    • H
      H 10 days ago +1

      JesterOfTheMoon doing gods work

  • The Psychopath
    The Psychopath 11 days ago +1

    2:24:01 is the time you're looking for ;) (Cyberpunk)

  • TrulyHated1
    TrulyHated1 11 days ago +2

    I love you Jeoff. Ty for being so passionate for gamers. I've been gaming since Atari release! We are becoming fossils, old school gamers!

  • Bluetastic
    Bluetastic 11 days ago +61

    cyberpunk 2077 2:24:18

  • Benjamin Lopez
    Benjamin Lopez 11 days ago

    What's going on with these streams they start like 4 or 5 hours in when I press start?

    • uncoveringthelost
      uncoveringthelost 11 days ago

      I think it's the way TheXvid loads them. Eventually the whole thing should be available.

  • T'urev Schrödinger
    T'urev Schrödinger 11 days ago

    NAME HIM FRANK! www.change.org/p/bethesda-name-the-radical-rad-turtle-in-fallout-76-frank

  • Pat Morgan
    Pat Morgan 11 days ago


  • Benjamin Lopez
    Benjamin Lopez 11 days ago +10

    Why does mine start at 5:00:00?

  • Jonah D'Ambrosio
    Jonah D'Ambrosio 11 days ago +18

    57:00 is what you're looking for.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 11 days ago +7

    8:15:22 for the Grim Fandango reading

  • Hippy Jodorowsky
    Hippy Jodorowsky 11 days ago

    Imagine Turf Wars with Power Armour battles and races for nukes, this could be awesome

  • Seagull King
    Seagull King 11 days ago

    I hope this Metal Gear movie is the final nail in the coffin.

  • Korphan
    Korphan 11 days ago +1

    Hey guys, it's ya boi

  • lars roar h
    lars roar h 11 days ago

    all hail kojima san

  • Steven Zimmerman
    Steven Zimmerman 11 days ago

    Soul calibur already!

  • MrNintendosamurai
    MrNintendosamurai 11 days ago

    Penn is a bad mother.... shaft ;)

  • Orangutan
    Orangutan 11 days ago +1


  • Fox Crackers
    Fox Crackers 11 days ago +3

    oh hi i can comment cool