Belgium 19-0 Armenia | Our Record Score Game |

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • 25/11/2021 - Den Dreef (Leuven), Belgium. Our Flames broke their goal scoring record in their fifth qualifying game of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup campaign. Tessa Wullaert scored five times. Other goals by Tine De Caigny (3), Amber Tysiak (3), Hannah Eurlings (2), Jarne Teulings (2), Janice Cayman (2), Sarah Wijnants (1) & Justine Vanhaevermaet (1).
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Comments • 450

  • idk
    idk  +392

    Respect for not leaving the pitch

  • Celeste C
    Celeste C  +344

    This was a close game

  • AHH
    AHH  +11

    England 20-0 Latvia, Belgium 19-0 Armenia. This world cup is going to be insane!!!

  • Vince Barbary

    I liked the way that the Belgium players knew right from the kick off that Armenia was never going to be anything other than a pushover so kept the goal scoring celebrations to a minimum.

  • anarchy
    anarchy  +35

    according to statistics, the goalkeeper deflected 90% of the shots well done armenia

  • michele croce

    4 0 after 10 minutes.. what a beatiful day for the gk!

  • polystyrène

    franchement y'a de super bons mouvements et enchaînements dans ce match malgré la tâche grandement facilitée par l'adversaire

  • Mr. Beamss

    When you play a FIFA game on "beginner" difficulty

  • Love Adeola

    Most of the possession Armenia had, was from the goalkeeper bringing the ball out of her net.

  • Jonatan Romeo

    Why the referee give 4 min extra time with the match 15-0 unbelievable

  • PyroTeamAmsterdam

    Mijn respect voor België 📈📈📈

  • Inverness Fan

    That was an impressive win.

  • Wouter
    Wouter  +12

    A central defender with a hattrick 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mariksen
    mariksen  +14

    It would have been cool if Nicky Evrard had scored! Against Armenia, she could have scored AT LEAST a hat-trick!!

  • shmet
    shmet  +169

    Bij Armenie zetten ze precies de kleinste speler in de goal ipv de grootste😅

  • Norhod
    Norhod  +23

    Referre when it's 88th minute and already 15-0 : "alright let's add 4 minutes, seems fair"

  • Cyril Baudoux

    Incroyable! 🔥

  • Buldoboy
    Buldoboy  +24

    "A vaincre sans péril triomphe sans gloire".

  • Татьяна Алимова

    Счёт как в уличном футболе

  • michele croce

    Why is the Armenian goalkeeper like 120 cm tall?