With or without KD, the Warriors wouldn't beat the Bucks in the Finals - Max Kellerman | First Take

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Max Kellerman says a Kevin Durant return for the 2019 NBA Finals won't matter for the Golden State Warriors, as he predicts Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks will claim the East and end the Dubs' chances at a three-peat.
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Comments • 3 296

  • loc power
    loc power 9 days ago

    Raps 2019 Champs
    Lakers 2020 Champs
    Bucks 2021 Champs

  • Pratik Bhusal
    Pratik Bhusal 26 days ago

    Now bucks aren't even in the finals lmao


    Where the Bucks at now?

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors 27 days ago

    And then raps beat bucks and now you guys saying gsw going to beat raps lmao 😂😂

  • Lamont little
    Lamont little 27 days ago

    So funny coming back to these predictions 😭

  • Cam Nadi
    Cam Nadi 27 days ago +1

    Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
    I, on the other hand, know my shit.
    Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • Detroit Rock City
    Detroit Rock City 27 days ago

    They get paid to not know nothing about basketball smh stop making predictions lmao

  • panakinskywalkr !!
    panakinskywalkr !! 28 days ago

    Didnt age well... lol

  • Ruben Aizvera
    Ruben Aizvera 28 days ago +1

    First take has a worse curse then drake lmao, just go back this whole season and if you bet the opposite of what they think about players, teams that’ll win, lebron, you’d be rich

  • Young Stoner Society
    Young Stoner Society 28 days ago

    Max "wrong answer"

  • Arhum Ahmad
    Arhum Ahmad 28 days ago +1

    Kawhi Leonard: hold my iced capp

  • Justin Heaton
    Justin Heaton 28 days ago

    Toronto took that series 4 wins straight no faith everyone blow off Toronto but how wrong they were

  • Esteban Garcia
    Esteban Garcia 29 days ago

    What happened? Bucks?

  • Gabriel Albu
    Gabriel Albu 29 days ago

    Yet the raptors won

  • Corey Bonkowski
    Corey Bonkowski 29 days ago

    I love how they don't even mention Toronto, they sound pretty dumb now.

  • a and
    a and 29 days ago

    Max’s job is to do hot takes. All this is is entertainment. He’s very very smart and knows analytics. Numbers say warriors aren’t as great as they seem. But numbers and on court are a little different.

  • jerome andres
    jerome andres Month ago

    bulshit MAX KELLERMAN where are the bucks now idiot.! look at your bucks MA KELLERMAN? you dont deserve to be there,you better hosted dancing or singing contest hahaha

  • Harold Gil
    Harold Gil Month ago

    Now what he Will say!??? 😜 Raptors won!!

  • Paul Yu
    Paul Yu Month ago

    Shut up Max, you also said "The Series is Over when Bucks beat Raptors on Game 2" you c#nt

  • singh gamezTM
    singh gamezTM Month ago

    laughing stock

  • nikolas b
    nikolas b Month ago +1

    Bucks can't even beat Raptors... so...

  • Lienahk Tha Loner
    Lienahk Tha Loner Month ago +1


  • Do it
    Do it Month ago +5

    just came back to laugh at these so called analysts analyzing a game that will never happen.

  • jay dubbs
    jay dubbs Month ago +5

    Bucks can't even make it to the finals 😂😂😂😂

  • Chasing Autos
    Chasing Autos Month ago

    Lol I see it now and the bucks already lost

  • A G
    A G Month ago +1

    Another example of how dumb Max Kellerman is... FIRE MAX!!!!

  • Only Females Have Ass/Buttocks

    Warriors would have swept Milwaukee or in 5 games. Milwaukee couldn't even win against Raptors. Barely won 2 games, Raptors should have won 4-1.

  • ItzShahツ
    ItzShahツ Month ago

    wait bucks

  • Gustavo Perez
    Gustavo Perez Month ago

    Look what we have

  • Anderson Lee
    Anderson Lee Month ago

    Every time Max talks about Basketball he doesn't make any sense whatsoever

  • Otmar Manuela
    Otmar Manuela Month ago

    Yes, the bucks are unbeatable this season.. 😂

  • Juliet Mislang
    Juliet Mislang Month ago +1

    Fuck you espn ANALyst

  • ajaira kaj
    ajaira kaj Month ago

    It's funny how they all guaranteed that the bucks are going to the finals. lmao

  • Gabriel Vitono
    Gabriel Vitono Month ago

    Back here after the Raptors defeated the Bucks. The Warriors wouldn't beat the Bucks in the Finals. True words Max, you can't loose if you're not participating.

  • 最終兵器彼氏
    最終兵器彼氏 Month ago +2

    Max choke

  • Javier Angel
    Javier Angel Month ago

    And i’m back to say Max you again are just WRONGGGG. Not only did the bucks not beat the raptors but they’ll never get the chance to try competing with the warriors. Max and Skip are great examples or sports analysts just being normal guys who know nothing more than the average fan. Just on TV stating random opinions.

  • Dondee Moneymaker
    Dondee Moneymaker Month ago

    Max...max ...max... i came back here coz tonite the raptors won the ECF. Your bucks did not even win the east to compete with the warriors. Im just wondering what nonsense analysis you will say tomorrow.

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor Month ago


  • Rhey Jhey
    Rhey Jhey Month ago

    hey max.. you look like ryan reynolds.. you should be deadpool..

  • Rhey Jhey
    Rhey Jhey Month ago

    hey max.. tell you what.. your bucks lost.. so sad..

  • Pastor J
    Pastor J Month ago +1

    Like I said.......

  • CrazE Go Entertainment


  • Adrian Burgess
    Adrian Burgess Month ago +1

    LMAO 😂. I guess they won’t be beating the Bucks in the Finals. They were right!

  • Azurim Galindo
    Azurim Galindo Month ago +1

    Max needs to stick to farting cause the Raptors beat that ass and are headed to the finals

  • Jayvyn Grant
    Jayvyn Grant Month ago +1

    LMFAO 😂.. Smith, Max..are just funny as Fuck to me.. First Golden State doesn't beat Houston without KD..By Houston... And they can not beat Milwaukee with or without KD...My stomach is officially hurting.. Milwaukee could not even beat Toronto.. So just to hear the so called experts disrespect the Raptors and Golden State is very disrespectful 😠 and funny to me😂... But they do entertain me, so I keep watching..

  • Aditya
    Aditya Month ago +6

    They must feel stupid af right about now

  • Paulo Apilado
    Paulo Apilado Month ago +6

    Confident that the bucks will beat the warriors in the finals
    Me : they just got eliminated by the raptors

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago +1

      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • aimthemoon quaytalig
    aimthemoon quaytalig Month ago +4

    who came back here after raptors win series vs bucks?

  • VaRia
    VaRia Month ago +5

    This aged well huh?

  • Sparsh Kapar
    Sparsh Kapar Month ago +4

    LMAO hold this L Max

  • Buzz 19
    Buzz 19 Month ago +4

    I came here to say... Fuck these bitches. RAPTORS WHOOPED BUCKS ASSES

  • ZsimondTelan
    ZsimondTelan Month ago +54

    Yeah warriors wont beat the bucks in the finals cause bucks wont be there 😂😂

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago +1

      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

    • Tracy Sharp
      Tracy Sharp 28 days ago

      Ha ha ha!😂😂😂!

  • Mister migger Man
    Mister migger Man Month ago +9

    Whos here after the Raptors won?

  • joão paulo gomes
    joão paulo gomes Month ago +6

    LOL 😂😂 Bucks Will beat Warriors, Max is a Clown!

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago

      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • Ian jan Calzada
    Ian jan Calzada Month ago +8

    Well this aged well.

  • Ali
    Ali Month ago +3

    lol this did not age well max

  • MaxPayne2604
    MaxPayne2604 Month ago +4

    Max 'I don't understand basketball' Kellerman, so Bucks over Dubs in The Finals? Ahahahahaha!

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago +1

      hahahaha good one!
      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • Jon Thompson
    Jon Thompson Month ago +3

    Sources say Max Kellerman is threatening ESPN to delete this EMBARRASSING video after Raptors cleaned Bucks 😂😂😂

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago +1

      hahahaha my G!
      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Month ago +2

    The disrespect to the Raptors, shame on you ESPN. Making these dumbass assumptions instead of waiting to see the end result before making opinions. “Can you hear me shaking my head”

  • Splaaesh.
    Splaaesh. Month ago +2

    If Toronto makes it, I’m rooting for GSW because Amurica.

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther Month ago

    The NBA refs are absolutely horrible/! Either they are cheating for someone or they are completely inept/!!

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago


    • king t
      king t Month ago

      @CRAZYNATION11 lol bucks fans went back under the bridge after all that shit talking

      CRAZYNATION11 Month ago

      lmfao thats tough

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago +4


    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi 27 days ago

      Max doesn't know shit. Steven doesn't know shit.
      I, on the other hand, know my shit.
      Go to my channel and view my videos 2-1 in last 3 Picks.

  • Basir Attahee
    Basir Attahee Month ago

    Max, u change your mind after each game.

  • Skabanis Malaka
    Skabanis Malaka Month ago

    Golden state has a all star break now!

  • Skabanis Malaka
    Skabanis Malaka Month ago

    Well this didn’t age well! Hahahaha idiots!

  • opendebate
    opendebate Month ago

    How the fuck Bucks gonna beat Warriors when they’re not even sure to beat Raptors

  • Mondo Rubio
    Mondo Rubio Month ago

    Stephen A with or without Max can never be as good as Shannon and Skip Bayless!!!! 😂 To be honest Will is so underrated he’s better than max. Sad Skip left to a better team and its just wrong he joined a superior all for money and ratings a snake move lol. Max is basically a devils advocate you can tell half the time he don’t even believe the crap he says. He’s not even a top ten sports personality he’s terrible.

  • Arman Agquiz
    Arman Agquiz Month ago

    Idiots you predict early the game..

  • Dyn juma
    Dyn juma Month ago


  • oussama housseini
    oussama housseini Month ago

    I know that the warriors wont beat the bucks in the finals cuz the bucks wont make it to the finals 😂😂😂😂

  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar Month ago

    Let's see if they beat Raptors first. lol

  • Buzz
    Buzz Month ago

    Watch kevon looney shuts down brook slowpez. Giannis is their only legitimate threat cuz of his athleticism and length. warriors winning at every other positions by far.

  • KruLxTepes
    KruLxTepes Month ago +1

    well warriors cant beat bucks if they're facing toronto in the finals 😂

  • HB Hamilton
    HB Hamilton Month ago

    These so-called prognosticators look like fools right now.

  • jijijin_a ,
    jijijin_a , Month ago +1

    Came here for Max after watching the Raptors lead the series 3-2. Beter stop predicting Max.

  • djgruv
    djgruv Month ago +1

    Lmao! Ya right! GS will smash the Raptors or Bucks.

  • Pablo Cantoria
    Pablo Cantoria Month ago +3

    Who's here after the Raptors beat the Bucks 105-99 in Game 5 Taking the lead of the Series 3-2.😀😂

    • jay dubbs
      jay dubbs Month ago

      Here after game 6 😂😂😂😂

  • Colton Meyers
    Colton Meyers Month ago +1

    Who’s here after Toronto wins on the road going up 3-2??

    • milton ashmeade
      milton ashmeade 29 days ago

      I am here after raptors make it to the final and will be back when they win!

  • Shiloh Delta
    Shiloh Delta Month ago

    Uhh Max?

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard Month ago

    Title is facts 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  • VaughnJogVlog
    VaughnJogVlog Month ago +1

    Max drunk.

  • Saranya Sountararajah

    Who’s here after Raptors wining game 5 and leading the series 3-2.

  • Ava global4
    Ava global4 Month ago

    Lol that's because the Warriors will probably play Toronto. All I know is anything these guys say its usually the opposite.

  • Cesar M., Esq.
    Cesar M., Esq. Month ago

    But can GSW beat Bucks though?

  • Asiel Nils B. Castillon

    Bucks is just a one man offense and he is not the ultimate best player plus they dont shoot high percentage free throws. Bucks gets eliminated in the end because they are poor 3 pt shooters and cant defeat Kawhi

  • Jim C
    Jim C Month ago

    Warriors will BEAT the bucks these two dumb asses havnt watched the Warriors all year Looney !McKinney and Cook have played well all YEAR

  • Pedro Pablo
    Pedro Pablo Month ago

    Jajaja the bucks arent going to the finals you bobo

  • KaNe
    KaNe Month ago

    This is not aging well.. Raps up 3 games to 2 : )

  • VishnuAviation
    VishnuAviation Month ago +1

    To beat the Warriors you first need to pass DRAKE

  • Guriqbal Singh
    Guriqbal Singh Month ago

    If buck go to final😂

  • Kid jayson
    Kid jayson Month ago +2

    F*ck you max

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando Month ago

    Because they'll play Raptors lol

  • Picasso Julien
    Picasso Julien Month ago

    Kawhi in 6!

  • sam fischbach
    sam fischbach Month ago

    This hasn't ages well. Might not even make it there Max! Swallow your words

  • tommy dang
    tommy dang Month ago +1

    This aged well

  • misael linsangan
    misael linsangan Month ago

    With raptors up 3-2 u might wanna rethink this max :)

  • Logan Voong
    Logan Voong Month ago

    You’re right. Cause them Bucks couldn’t even make it to the Finals. Can’t beat something that ain’t there.

  • Clarkyx kenshin
    Clarkyx kenshin Month ago

    Uuhm "I hate people who has a big mouth"

  • Rolando Sta Elena
    Rolando Sta Elena Month ago

    Max is like a NewYork fan. always looking at how “his” players are are going to do things and conveniently ignores the negative.. He literally said Mirotic and Hill and Lopez are going to affect the Warriors. Really. Those guys are not going to be off the bench in a finals against the Warriors unless it’s trash time. If the Rockets can’t handle the pressure to shoot threes, how the fuk does he think hill and Mirotic are going play when the heat is on? And how does Lopez keep pace with Draymond when they go small.