Eating & Training like Eddie Hall | 7,000 Calorie Boxing Diet

  • Published on Oct 16, 2021
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    Eating & Training like Eddie Hall | 7,000 Calorie Boxing Diet

Comments • 755

  • Eddie 'The Beast' Hall

    Thanks for coming over brother it’s always a pleasure to spend time with you 💪

  • SlimJimLim
    SlimJimLim  +174

    Man this is really impressive to see Eddie’s cardiovascular abilities + strength. Did not expect that. An elite elite athlete

  • DeathEgg666

    Eddie’s wife is amazing, looking after the family like she does!

  • Boxing LM
    Boxing LM  +876

    Eddie has been around for so long and he started so young, so it's crazy when you realise that he's younger than Matt

  • Emmy Edman
    Emmy Edman  +418

    Matt’s expression when Eddie said ”so we do a mile and a half”… priceless 😂

  • Tom Lee FPV

    You both have great humour so having you both in a video together just makes my day

  • James
    James  +28

    Gotta say Eddie seems like one of the nicest, most genuine people around, such a great video Matt!

  • James Shepard

    Eddie is the symbol of peak human performance and it’s sad how many people don’t see it that way. What a beast! Props to you for keeping up for the day!

  • Izzy Taylor

    Honestly this was the funniest video, I was non stop laughing 😂😂 Matt made into a meme for 33 minutes 😭😂

  • baz a
    baz a  +47

    Really love your vids with Eddie!! As always great vid Matt!

  • Owen Jones

    Not even half way through and one of my favourite videos. Love Eddie hall and love Matt so put them both together and instant banger.

  • Suzy Whall
    Suzy Whall  +406

    Eddie explaining the benefits of the hot and cold water*

  • Jonah Wantenaar

    This was amazing! So frickin hilarious. I feel like I was watching a comedy show. Both Matt and Eddie have such great chemistry. This was entertainment gold right here!

  • LowryPlayz9

    Ahh yes mate!! What a great long video to end my evening, always putting out bangers Matt!!

  • PeteOnPurpose

    I think Matt and Eddie need to start a series! 😅

  • Luke McCormick

    Should defo eat and train like Eddie for a whole week, that would make an epic video 💪

  • Stefan
    Stefan  +10

    This was so impressive. He is The Beast! Liked how you got full access and Eddy is so fun to watch - EVERY time! haha keep making more video's togheter. much love from Amsterdam!

  • Neil Luhar

    Eddie Hall is an absolute beast. His core, chest and calves, were incredibly toned aswell, which was surprising.

  • Autumn Shull

    I wish both of you guys good luck in your training and upcoming fight. Doing it for charity makes the match so much bigger than just a rivalry match.

  • Paul Mills

    Sick video dude. Fair play for doing all what Eddie did. I’d of definitely chundered !!