[MV] Jessi(제시) _ Down

  • Published on Jul 6, 2018
  • [MV] Jessi(제시) _ Down

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    :: iTunes : itunes.apple.com/album/down-single/1408563378?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes
    The new single ‘Down’ is a cool tropical sound song perfect for the hot summer, produced by GRAY.
    Let’s listen to Jessi’s new song ‘Down’ that’s never going to disappoint us like the lyrics “I won't let you down”!
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  • Quincy Copps
    Quincy Copps 41 minute ago


  • Super Shepherd
    Super Shepherd 2 hours ago

    I would so let Jessi suck me all over

  • ftwhobi
    ftwhobi 16 hours ago

    c'mon jebbies let's get to 10M before 2019

  • Finja Schewe
    Finja Schewe 20 hours ago

    I feel so confident and sexy every time I hear this, it's crazy🤣😁😏Thank you Jessi for letting me feel confident ❤❤Queen

  • 영어공부
    영어공부 Day ago

    진짜 너무이쁘다

  • not. anderiaema
    not. anderiaema Day ago +1

    Love ♡

  • Lpsdolly Bedward

    What a beautiful girl and a amazing voice

  • foreverVanney
    foreverVanney Day ago

    this is such a blessing to the gay half (or more like three quarters) of my heart

  • fatmanur karslı
    fatmanur karslı 2 days ago


  • 황시현
    황시현 2 days ago


  • conor macgregor
    conor macgregor 2 days ago

    You are trying so hard to look like a slut not a singer !!

    • k t
      k t 18 hours ago

      conor macgregor
      sis what tf how do you love her but hate her concepts. you realize that she paid for her boobs and you expect her to not show them off. she’s also a grown woman and this music and mv is not slutty. she’s trying to do a mature concept.

    • conor macgregor
      conor macgregor 2 days ago

      +not your J-hope if she doesn't care at all Does that change the fact that she's being a sluty !!
      What are you saying !!
      I don't hate here actually I love here but I want to support here as an artist not something else .
      Nobody is talking about here songs but everyone is talking about here body do you know what I mean

    • not your J-hope
      not your J-hope 2 days ago

      No she's not she's just being herself not caring what people think

  • Sher Khan
    Sher Khan 2 days ago

    nicky minaj korea vision..

  • Ana Beatriz Rodrigues


  • Katie Noor
    Katie Noor 3 days ago +1

    This is such a good song

  • 후늬
    후늬 3 days ago

    너무 큰거 넣은거 아니야?

  • _체라체리
    _체라체리 3 days ago

    노래만드는건 그사람맘임
    그렇게 보기싫으면 자신이 노래를 내고 뮤비를 건전하게 찍으세요 ㅡㅂㅡ


    One of the best body in kpop💞

  • runiTV이루니
    runiTV이루니 4 days ago


  • Serah Soney
    Serah Soney 5 days ago

    I came here right after watching Hyolyn's see sea

  • 이새희
    이새희 5 days ago

    너무 예뻐

  • 홍준영
    홍준영 5 days ago


  • Kookies And Tae
    Kookies And Tae 5 days ago


  • Kookies And Tae
    Kookies And Tae 5 days ago


  • Kookies And Tae
    Kookies And Tae 5 days ago


  • Keykeyo Queennasia
    Keykeyo Queennasia 5 days ago

    I likely

  • Rheatess Ng
    Rheatess Ng 5 days ago

    Jessi is our queen

  • Hyde Tube
    Hyde Tube 5 days ago

    I need to smash dat ass, oh well guest ill just use my imgnation right guys

  • MAGDA 30
    MAGDA 30 6 days ago

    yaaaas queeen 😍😍😍

  • 담요노래
    담요노래 6 days ago +1

    완전 짱이네

  • 이지우
    이지우 6 days ago +1

    겁나 멋있어

  • jeny jeon
    jeny jeon 6 days ago

    hyolyn and jessi collaboration please

  • min jiminie
    min jiminie 6 days ago +1

    I really admire Jessi for how confident and beautiful she is

  • I love BTS
    I love BTS 6 days ago +1

    “Asians r like those cute school girls” these r lies

  • infires man
    infires man 7 days ago

    Down : Korean version of anaconda

  • Im not you So dont say Im not perfect

    I keep coming backkk

  • isabel maria santiago diaz


  • Yezi Hyun
    Yezi Hyun 7 days ago


  • Jungshook jikook tus patrones :v

    Puta :D con amor

  • hi low
    hi low 8 days ago +1

    Mf queen

  • Uwax Abdiraxman
    Uwax Abdiraxman 8 days ago

    Im a girl not in a bad way but when my sis showed me this songs first and i loved it but then i said she did a boob surgery and she was like how do you know that my answer i have never see boob's so perfect in my entire life she is so damn beautiful 😇

    • k t
      k t 18 hours ago

      Uwax Abdiraxman
      that’s so fucking weird to only think about her boobs . like bitch can sing, rap, and dance too.

  • Uwax Abdiraxman
    Uwax Abdiraxman 8 days ago

    She is so beautiful

  • 권햄찌
    권햄찌 8 days ago +1

    제시 원래 이런컨셉이고 당당하고 섹시한느낌이고 노래도 너무좋은데 굳이 자기가 여기까지와서 욕할이유는...?

  • 롮잆좂롮잆좂롮잆좂

    ㅗㅜㅑ 가슴봐

  • Raven Levis
    Raven Levis 8 days ago

    i liked her before

  • renjun// miin.
    renjun// miin. 8 days ago

    we love a confident qween

  • Lanie FanGirl
    Lanie FanGirl 8 days ago

    The She Only GurL version of Jay Park 🔥🔥🔥

  • 여현수
    여현수 8 days ago

    역시 유교탈레반 선비민국 답다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    외국인들은 칭찬일색인데 몇 안보이는 한국인들만
    이게 예술이냐
    야하기만 하다
    이지랄하고있네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 彡퓨링
    彡퓨링 9 days ago


  • wtf honey
    wtf honey 9 days ago

    this is woman is so hot, fuck my pussy

  • Grethel Quehl
    Grethel Quehl 9 days ago

    Jessi you need to collaborate with cardi b. You guys would make SUCH a good song

  • Dan Enfield
    Dan Enfield 9 days ago

    Beautiful Sound this is what you are good at, Please post this for me Christmas Time, Thank you Daniel Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

  • azza A
    azza A 9 days ago

    Oh my

  • adriana arias
    adriana arias 10 days ago

    Feisimo xD quiere imitar a nikiminach :v

    HVHL ILL 10 days ago +2

    유갖더키 아갖잇락...ㄷㄷ.....

  • Kimchou Sann
    Kimchou Sann 10 days ago

    While her natural dark skin is so sexy but her make up make her face look white.... that make her look ...

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 10 days ago +1

    Is it just me or is she like the Nicki Minaj in KPOP

  • Black Monster 'Donovan'
    Black Monster 'Donovan' 10 days ago +1

    Melanin honey🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Habiba Ashraf
    Habiba Ashraf 11 days ago

    cool 👅❤

  • Priscilla Fonseca
    Priscilla Fonseca 11 days ago

    I Love Jessi 🌷💕

  • Bella erving
    Bella erving 11 days ago

    Is that bali?

  • K-Pop Fever Likey Like

    I miss Jessi Jessi do you miss UNNIES?

    • rozila abdullah
      rozila abdullah 11 days ago

      sooooo much!!!wish they make a comeback 😭😭😭

  • 김민서
    김민서 11 days ago

    분명한국말인데 영어처럼 들리는것은 기분탓인가요?

  • vero soria
    vero soria 12 days ago

    Esa es una coreana

  • Han Minhoe
    Han Minhoe 12 days ago

    This gives me Starships - Nicki Minaj vibes

  • Jodie Tenrilenka
    Jodie Tenrilenka 12 days ago

    I like her when she's only down on all fours

  • nella A.P.
    nella A.P. 12 days ago

    Korean with black skin

  • poison v
    poison v 12 days ago

  • Jenna-Marie Tumminello

    Love her voice

  • Lee Know You Know
    Lee Know You Know 13 days ago +2

    body goals

  • Rusdy Baldwin M
    Rusdy Baldwin M 13 days ago

    Hi i'm new to this lol i don't know her but somehow her videos just pop up after i searched CL. I'm pretty sure this is in Bali! The first scene is La Brisa second floor... if i'm not mistaken. Please let me know haha. She's cool btw

  • selrina sung
    selrina sung 13 days ago +22

    진짜 미국팝송느낌 많이 냈네

  • 띠요니
    띠요니 13 days ago

    뭔 성상품화 이지랄까고있어 같은 여자들도 멋있다고 하는 판에
    제시가 자기관리 열심히해서 자랑 좀 하겠다는데
    니들이 뭔상관이여
    제시가 몸매좋으니까 질투하는거아녀~~
    러브유어셀프하세요 제발 살좀빼고
    니가 뚱뚱한걸 사회탓을하지말라니깐

  • Prachi Das
    Prachi Das 13 days ago +1

    I love how she doesn't whitewash her skin n is confident with her skin colour !such a beauty❤️

  • Squad de bots BR
    Squad de bots BR 13 days ago

    Xixi coco

  • Jossita Liyarita
    Jossita Liyarita 13 days ago +1

    She doesn't look like korean

  • 이바보
    이바보 14 days ago


  • 두목님
    두목님 14 days ago

    이야... 몸매 끝내주네 예술이다 bb 저렇게 하는것도 몸매가 되야 함 아님 욕 겁나 햇을껄

  • josefa elisondo
    josefa elisondo 14 days ago

    I'm lesbian now.

  • bimos Rex
    bimos Rex 15 days ago +1

    My first time i see asian black skins

    • Reka Bena
      Reka Bena 10 days ago +3

      Yeah it so beautiful most Asians are ashamed of sck skins so they use whitening products

  • Anuj Navik
    Anuj Navik 15 days ago

    Wow 💞💓💗💘

  • 사랑해
    사랑해 15 days ago +1

    성 상품화해서 돈벌려고하는거 싫다

  • 小W
    小W 15 days ago


  • iiCloudish ii
    iiCloudish ii 15 days ago

    I saw the relay dance and just had to look at this, it got stuck in my head. You get it gurl and be confident! 😍👏🏾

  • 개새야뭘봐
    개새야뭘봐 16 days ago

    몸매 진짜 끝장나는구나 ..

  • 김지원
    김지원 16 days ago

    니키 미나즈 같은 느낌

  • 꽃 꽃
    꽃 꽃 16 days ago +1

    ㅗ ㅜ ㅑ

  • BitterSweetCandy :3
    BitterSweetCandy :3 16 days ago

    Jessi: ill give it to you
    Me: oh holy goddess of hotness please give me the confidence you have🔥🔥😮😮😱😱🔥🔥

  • BTS EXO 1
    BTS EXO 1 16 days ago


  • Stár Subie
    Stár Subie 16 days ago


    IVAN YT 16 days ago

    She look like blackpink jennie

  • jin's Handsome faceu
    jin's Handsome faceu 17 days ago +1

    *person:* all kpop girl idols act cute. They act like babies!
    *jessi:* *BITCH PLEASE*

  • Grace Diabagate
    Grace Diabagate 18 days ago

    One of the best rappers how mixes Korean with English a d doesn't sound cringe!

  • Shin Christine
    Shin Christine 18 days ago

    박재범이랑 제시 미국물 먹은 애들 중에 어찌 이래 노래도 잘하고 랩도 잘하는지.. 진짜 좋네

  • Pancake •
    Pancake • 19 days ago

    Mommy its not what you think

    CHIM CHIM 19 days ago +1

    Jessi is like a korean version of nicky minaj

  • 꿍 꿍
    꿍 꿍 19 days ago


  • Sophia Yamaguchi
    Sophia Yamaguchi 19 days ago +1

    You guys gotta remember shes a korean American whos really westernized

  • Courtney Weatherman
    Courtney Weatherman 19 days ago +7

    A lot of arrogant westerners in the comments say that Korea "has a long way to go." Why do westerners assume that their values are correct and Korea's are wrong? Korea likes modest women, and there is nothing wrong with that. Women who get lip jobs, boob jobs, and twerk in thong bikinis like Jessi are not "groundbreaking", they're just copying trashy Kardashian culture. We don't need more of that in this world.

    • Lilly ol
      Lilly ol 6 days ago +1

      you're right, thank you , finally somebody said it

  • •K Y M I•
    •K Y M I• 19 days ago +1

    Al puto principio no me gusto Jessi,luego me encanto,esta bien hermosa

  • ftwhobi
    ftwhobi 19 days ago