*NEW* MEGA FISH IS INSANE!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #715

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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  • o Mcginty
    o Mcginty Month ago

    Bbc trolling ceo of Google.. Haha I'm the apple space ship 🤣

  • SketchWind
    SketchWind Month ago

    0:59 is what you came for

  • عايض العتيبي511


  • cs go
    cs go Month ago

    the best yo

  • giotatela-g00
    giotatela-g00 Month ago

    Better a this game

  • Tek mi? Çift mi?
    Tek mi? Çift mi? Month ago

    0:57 why are you came for
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  • Callum Oulsnam
    Callum Oulsnam Month ago

    0:17 triggers me, he dropped a blue AR and kept the green one

  • Dan Fam
    Dan Fam Month ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not even a single soul:
    Pokemon: yo why u steal our magrikarp

    MR YEET Month ago


  • herra possu
    herra possu Month ago

    00:16 why he drop him blue assault rifle?

  • tiffany fresques
    tiffany fresques Month ago

    0:52 is what your looking for!
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  • Piggish
    Piggish Month ago +1

    I don’t know why, but watching bcc has suddenly made me feel very happy lol

  • ITsLucky
    ITsLucky Month ago

    8:26 ahí no me di cuenta cuál era el bot

  • X rayvee
    X rayvee Month ago

    Im literally in school

  • Кирилл Свириденко

    И русские как всегда долбоебы 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nico Schwab
    Nico Schwab Month ago

    bei dem ersten Clip schmeißt er die blaue weg statt die grüne ar

  • xkaey
    xkaey Month ago

    1:07 Plu!!

  • HappyAsain
    HappyAsain Month ago

    This is what you came for 0:51
    Use code BCC in the item shop!

  • Rasa
    Rasa Month ago

    It's just a normal glitch, happens every time with many things.
    What's so insane about it? You can't ride it, you can't do anything with it.
    Just tryna get clout.


  • GALY Cécile
    GALY Cécile Month ago +1

    Thérèse ont giant Fish it’s just a big head of one player

  • シUzumaki_ Naruto
    シUzumaki_ Naruto Month ago

    0:56 Is What You Came For!
    Remember Use Code Bcc in The Item Shop!

  • gamer kid
    gamer kid Month ago

    Dude i love ur intro

  • Brian Ruffner
    Brian Ruffner Month ago +1

    Was the mega fish a glitch or is that actually part of the game

  • Pumpkin Boi
    Pumpkin Boi Month ago +1

    0:51 there you go

  • Onska Mettälä
    Onska Mettälä Month ago

    Let's go baby

    PEPIKtheGAMER _CZ Month ago

    0:51 Is what did u came for enjoy :)

  • Roberto Guadarrama
    Roberto Guadarrama Month ago

    0:51 is what you came for

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  • ツOCbigboss
    ツOCbigboss Month ago +1

    You came for 0:49 thank me with a sub plz😂😁

  • Drift 46
    Drift 46 Month ago +1

    0:25 it like fish

  • Trystan
    Trystan Month ago

    the clip at 2:16
    i thought he was gonna fish him off . but nope

  • JoshiRie
    JoshiRie Month ago +1

    There are sooo many XBox players in this Video👍🏼

  • vxnix tv
    vxnix tv Month ago +1

    1:15 its pluuuu

  • Green Blue
    Green Blue Month ago +1

    8:16 that mam cheated he used the slurp juice glitch plzz ban him

  • Alonso Ac
    Alonso Ac Month ago

    0:51 finally i found someone with my skin owo

  • TheXPGod
    TheXPGod Month ago

    0:51 is what you all came for.
    Also use code BCC in the item shop!

  • game master yt
    game master yt Month ago

    Yooo noooooooo the clip of the dude getting sniped out the boat that was the guy I got in a squad fill with 🤦‍♂️

  • Kauan Fg
    Kauan Fg Month ago

    Olha os brs aí

  • Prince Ahmed
    Prince Ahmed Month ago

    what you came here for 0:51

  • VSGAMER022 _
    VSGAMER022 _ Month ago

    Br vamooo

  • Jesiboe _
    Jesiboe _ Month ago +1

    Can you subscribe me🔴 I would appreciate that!!

  • Dr.AsianRice
    Dr.AsianRice Month ago

    5:18 wow so cool he threw a guy and his teammate shot him amazing who could have thought of that

  • poyotropical
    poyotropical Month ago

    I hate almost every single comment here

  • Nbush97
    Nbush97 Month ago

    At 1:25 is plu lol

  • Jeiler Yt
    Jeiler Yt Month ago +1

    Like si hablas español :v
    Si quieres puedes pasarte por mi canal se agradecería

  • Aaron Ryan
    Aaron Ryan Month ago

    Ever since the update to chapter 2, I cant reaction build anymore! When I get shot at now I turn to build a wall like normal but now I just shoot my gun. Then build mode comes out! Then I have to let go of trigger and press trigger again to get the wall to place! Then building is normal as long as I don't switch from build mode to fight mode to fast. Does anyone else have this problem? Or if its some setting that I need to change back please help! I'm on an elite controller pc.

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  • retarded DroidUser
    retarded DroidUser Month ago

    4:41 you really shouldn't have shown that oooooooooof

  • XScoot
    XScoot Month ago

    Trying to hit 50 subs.
    (Plz sub to me)

  • Regular Noah
    Regular Noah Month ago

    that last one was the best

  • xXLittle King17Xx
    xXLittle King17Xx Month ago

    The tacos is plu's crew

  • JaxJax
    JaxJax Month ago

    I'm subbing to all my new subs comment I did it make me remember to sub to you

  • Dominic Garcia
    Dominic Garcia Month ago

    0:49 my body ran away...

  • J, K, & D
    J, K, & D Month ago

    4:44 they added a killbox

  • Prince Cook
    Prince Cook Month ago


  • Antman Mtz
    Antman Mtz Month ago +1

    00:51 is what you came for!
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  • Jpmining 07
    Jpmining 07 Month ago

    0:51 is what you came for.
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  • Apex Bread
    Apex Bread Month ago

    Any really underrate player, who wants me to check out his channel out there?
    Pls let me know.

  • Gintaro Sama Sajin
    Gintaro Sama Sajin Month ago

    Sometimes i use theise videos just to learn from it

  • Unknown_Gamer
    Unknown_Gamer Month ago

    7:54 did him wrong