Sub-Zero Laptop Cooling?! - Feat. Gamers Nexus

  • Published on May 9, 2019
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Comments • 2 494

  • WorkshopWeekly
    WorkshopWeekly Day ago

    i feel that though, i don't carry around a calculator but i hate having to use my phone calculator

  • Alexander Alden
    Alexander Alden 3 days ago

    Steve: Hello there

  • William Finstad
    William Finstad 3 days ago

    Polycarbonate wont crack for you like the acrylic does :) basicly you can do whatever you want , it is more heat resistand than the acrylic aswell.

  • Ernest Kidd
    Ernest Kidd 3 days ago


  • Sappy-Seaman
    Sappy-Seaman 5 days ago +2

    These guys are gonna end up shoveling graphite off the roof one day

  • Gregory Wiktor
    Gregory Wiktor 7 days ago

    Gosh, Someone needs a proper Champion Tap Handle Kit. Fun to watch though.

  • Travis B
    Travis B 8 days ago +6

    "Air creates condensation" so guys, I want to see you build a gaming PC in a vac chamber and see how low you can get your temp readings.

    • MrTheSmoon
      MrTheSmoon 6 hours ago

      you could try and put it under a pure atmosphere of nitrogen,co2 or some nobelgas to avoid condensation

    • Travis B
      Travis B 4 days ago

      @Sammie1053 friend. This is the Linus Tech Tips channel. 90% of these videos are absolutely pointless and dumb.

    • Sammie1053
      Sammie1053 4 days ago

      @Travis B It's possible but I'm not sure I see the point? Especially given the level of effort required. Not only do you need tubing runs that are rigid, go through the seal on the vacuum chamber, and are fit together snugly enough to not leak in a vacuum (which would be equivalent to having your loop highly pressurized), you'd also have to be sure the capacitors on the motherboard wouldn't explode.

    • Travis B
      Travis B 4 days ago

      @Sammie1053 you act like you think it's not easily possible.

    • Sammie1053
      Sammie1053 4 days ago

      That'd be a serious challenge because you'd have to put the radiator outside of the vacuum chamber. No air means no way to remove heat from the system.

  • G B
    G B 8 days ago

    14min in and Steven ties his hair back. get.......REAL!!!!!!!

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 9 days ago

    Steve is Caffeine Hyper.. can't stand still..

  • Gaming City
    Gaming City 10 days ago

    was that mumbo jumbo on the phone

  • Sighs Internally
    Sighs Internally 11 days ago

    whats the point if you cant use the laptop

  • Arlequin
    Arlequin 15 days ago

    "It looks really ghetto but in a good way" 😆

  • Tyler Pontius
    Tyler Pontius 15 days ago +1

    "Did you just call me a computer?" -steve(n) burke may 9th 2019

  • SilentGhilly
    SilentGhilly 16 days ago +1

    "Did you crank it all the way!?" well i am here to overclock :P

  • Pehr Meldert
    Pehr Meldert 17 days ago

    I can't wait until LTT does a crossover with RETRO Hardware or ExplainingComputers

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 19 days ago

    nice maptop

  • Saadullah Arain
    Saadullah Arain 19 days ago

    Why taking so much efforts .....just put your laptop into the mini refrigerator
    I am using it and completed many games, nothing bad happen yet✌

  • Dragonbeast6
    Dragonbeast6 20 days ago

    Iys funny how steve is trying to be in the back ground
    @ 3:11 super interested but still stays in the background .... lmfao

  • who8myfish
    who8myfish 23 days ago

    Steven's idle animation is a power stance

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores 23 days ago

    $6 on Ali Express 🤣

  • dirty thirty
    dirty thirty 23 days ago

    overclock such waste of time

  • Packerman120203
    Packerman120203 25 days ago

    “Attemps were made”

  • EndCSline 0
    EndCSline 0 26 days ago

    the definition of portable desktop..

  • Jeffrey Cronk
    Jeffrey Cronk 26 days ago

    Just go buy a small 10in drill press and use low speed for taping.

  • ManualFocusShow
    ManualFocusShow 26 days ago

    A 5k milling machine to tap a plastic hole.... when a hand drill will do the job.

  • ManualFocusShow
    ManualFocusShow 26 days ago

    Gamer nexus guy doesn’t need to come back, he’s douchey for no reason. Like literally has nothing to be proud of but still a douche.

  • Cat Guy
    Cat Guy 27 days ago

    13:53 this guy is now my favorite

  • Nakatomi Uk
    Nakatomi Uk 27 days ago

    Overclocking and cooling during the day time is it that's not right for Steve

  • Kally
    Kally 29 days ago

    Does Alex have an Android? If so, you can emulate any TI calculator extremely easy and it's GREAT.

  • mntnrder
    mntnrder Month ago

    So if you sealed the processor in a vacuum could you avoid condensate?

  • mntnrder
    mntnrder Month ago

    Alex doesn’t like that guy.

  • RadPlayz
    RadPlayz Month ago

    I don't think that can be called a laptop..

  • RubberFistFight
    RubberFistFight Month ago

    Holy shit that tiny copper cooler - I have one of those! It's still going strong after like 15+ years, it's insane.

  • Lee Hitashi
    Lee Hitashi Month ago

    That cooler looks like it's about to Nagasaki that room

  • Ahmad Salameh
    Ahmad Salameh Month ago

    nexus looks like your younger brother when download minecraft on his tablet and through the process you are convincing him that the game is fun but he is not buying it.

  • Ahmad Salameh
    Ahmad Salameh Month ago

    nexus looks like your younger brother looking at you while you fix his toy that he broke

  • I'm kind of a moron, but

    The battle of the two condescending computer dicks. Who will win?? FIND OUT ON TODAY'S EPISODE!!!

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn Month ago

    You can start a meal by gaming on this computee

  • Dan Barrett
    Dan Barrett Month ago +1

    [Hey there Delilah playing]
    Hey there DellAlienware.

  • xSparKxes
    xSparKxes Month ago

    Wait what bout the the thermal grizzly conduconat?

  • Open Brackets
    Open Brackets Month ago

    A lot of people give linus hate for the crap he does on his channel but it's his channel and it's not like he's verge-ing anything. Lowkey wishing for a father/big brother figure like him

  • Sentinel Fox
    Sentinel Fox Month ago

    Love the coop... thr topic mb not so for me but all the people!! Gud lord

  • Sameer Rishi
    Sameer Rishi Month ago

    20:54 LMFAO Really Good One

  • The Crescent Hawk
    The Crescent Hawk Month ago

    Steve is such a great dude...

  • Dork
    Dork Month ago

    5:08 - 5:15
    Music to help you sleep

  • Em Fernandez
    Em Fernandez Month ago

    just to be precise..we cant really do absolute zero...fairly close...but nope...not possible.

    TANVIR Month ago

    Say hello to Jesus

  • Being Aware
    Being Aware Month ago

    That guys an ass.

  • Mr Jay White
    Mr Jay White Month ago +1

    "is this a ground terminal?" "any of the bare leads her." o--kay

  • Del Hole
    Del Hole Month ago

    I dont know a ton about computers but enjoy watching your videos. And this may seem like a stupid question but i dont know. Cant you just flip the mother board upside down so the condensation doesnt pool up around the processor? Then just place a bowl or some way to catch the liquid. And maybe find a way to drain or pump that into the resevoir that is holding you coolant. Seen a couple of your videos about cooling systems and always having to put towels around the processor and other components to keep them dry. Just seems like a simple solution but im no computer guruu.

  • shepi
    shepi Month ago

    best video imo ! More steve and linus !

  • Jay B.
    Jay B. Month ago

    Linus, your the Frankenstein of computer mods. LOL

  • Troy Stover
    Troy Stover Month ago

    Over Kill.

  • Serge_B
    Serge_B 2 months ago

    Phone calculator is bad!? Hmmm ever heard of WolframAlpha

  • bledlbledlbledl
    bledlbledlbledl 2 months ago

    9:10 "Dew point" that's the reason I do not recommend cooling electronics below ambient. I've seen the catastrophic results in industry. Condensation->wet circuits->KABOOM!

  • johnny5finger
    johnny5finger 2 months ago

    Hey this is great news, all I have to do is setup a refrigeration system and get a 10 percent increase.

  • Alex Farmer
    Alex Farmer 2 months ago

    me: linus! what hind of laptop do u play on?
    linus: *shows a disassembled laptop with a massive sub zero cooler*
    me: WHY?!?! *drops dead*
    my pc built with modern parts inside an old case: and i thought i was ugly!

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 2 months ago

    öne i$ vveaRync ä Pün.
    the öther söme ´hex´ ^^

    jüst $Läyin v v

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 2 months ago

    Knövv öl his missync is a benD v v

  • Maxwell Poliquin
    Maxwell Poliquin 2 months ago

    I just started watching these tech channels and it nice to see they mostly collaborate toghter like this once in a while