Sub-Zero Laptop Cooling?! - Feat. Gamers Nexus

  • Published on May 9, 2019
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Comments • 2 374

  • Vertex_FR
    Vertex_FR 3 hours ago

    CNC but no turn to left x)

  • Michael Surran
    Michael Surran 10 hours ago

    its power caped its a laptop board

    • Michael Surran
      Michael Surran 10 hours ago

      take all the shit off the counter and pull a couple capacitors if you are trying to risk a comp and see more power levels

  • Algian Olarte
    Algian Olarte 23 hours ago

    I remember that funny video, Alex has subtitles and the others dont

  • Newvegas100
    Newvegas100 Day ago

    Watch as Linus and Alex sacrifice Steve to the Tech gods!
    Bad joke is bad.

  • Derby Mods
    Derby Mods Day ago

    "I've never used Ting, but put me in a ad about the product"

  • Roberto VM
    Roberto VM 2 days ago


  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 2 days ago

    This is a desktop

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta 2 days ago

    Steve[n]'s hair is cooler than any sub zero cooling medium you put there.

  • Chris Mccuskey
    Chris Mccuskey 3 days ago

    30k in parts but 5k for mill is too much?

  • Anand Sebastian
    Anand Sebastian 4 days ago

    Hi Linus, could you please, please rebuilt your teen built custom chiller but with acrylic casing and a variable dials to increase or decrease temperatures and have a huge radiator filled with either battery water or distilled water and some metal panels and RGB lighting?

  • Parson Thind
    Parson Thind 5 days ago

    i love how they hold a $5k laptop open with an alcohol bottle :V

  • CoCoDaeshan
    CoCoDaeshan 6 days ago

    TBH its kinda triggering that they always say ghetto. Considering ghetto means: `a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.`

  • John Sars
    John Sars 7 days ago

    what you are doing is PURE IDIOCRACY!

  • Levi Ferrero
    Levi Ferrero 7 days ago

    How many fucking ads are you gonna put in one video omg kys

  • Dandin
    Dandin 8 days ago

    Well that's what I call a traumatic Linus Tech Tips experience

  • Alejandro Heredia
    Alejandro Heredia 9 days ago

    I love these science experiments. Really thorough. Is there a chance the firmware or software metrics on temperature and speeds might be off? How to check?

  • LOoOn ARTs
    LOoOn ARTs 9 days ago

    Seen too much "The Verge - How to built a gaming pc" ? @Steven Burk

  • travis gibbs
    travis gibbs 10 days ago

    Have you tried solid-state cooling modules yet?

  • Poopenshnapples
    Poopenshnapples 11 days ago

    Why windshield washer fluid?
    Very interesting choice

  • jaces990
    jaces990 12 days ago

    linus i think you should check the eurocom/ clevo with the i9 9900k cpu ,rtx 2080, as well the 780 watt power supply to pass your power limits

  • jaces990
    jaces990 12 days ago

    sad all this attention on a ALIENWARE , when clevo has been doing this since the sold the alienware brand to dell ..... most of the clevo systems , aka , sager, prostar,eurcom,and many other use the desktop cpu and desktop spec video cards full running , ... the p870tm1-g ran a i9 9900k oc and 2x gtx 1080 or 1 rtx 280

  • Der_Mantie
    Der_Mantie 12 days ago

    This looks save 😁

  • Wiam Khader
    Wiam Khader 12 days ago

    I would pay to see the expression on the faces of the Alienware engineers seeing this :D

  • EuroFlight 38
    EuroFlight 38 13 days ago

    That guy rocks
    Btw: 3:55 is exactly how I imagine computer engineering meetings when creating a new product

  • Caleb Poley
    Caleb Poley 13 days ago

    ah yes, the saviour of this planet, Technolo-Jesus. may we be guided by his infinite wisdom, for we shall break free of sony and microsofts consoles. may we reclaim the superior technology, and shape the future, one dumb experiment after another.

  • Ryo Mario
    Ryo Mario 13 days ago

    No, you can't detect malware with Glasswire.

  • Jankubist Jk
    Jankubist Jk 14 days ago

    You should watercool a heater

  • Kaukus Anotherone
    Kaukus Anotherone 15 days ago

    Why does this other guy smile that awkward?

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills 15 days ago

    see gamers nexus is smart, use Celsius because it makes sense

  • Alex Mattaliano
    Alex Mattaliano 15 days ago

    holy shit, use a tap handle! lol

  • Johnny Whitemage
    Johnny Whitemage 16 days ago +1

    Steven Burke from Gamer Nexus burns the thread.

  • Ash Sherr
    Ash Sherr 17 days ago

    good to see alex more comfortable, go alax!

  • jayrodathome
    jayrodathome 17 days ago

    I tried and tried to use the intels extreme utility. For some reason I always got worse cpu scores than stock. When I went back to traditional bios overclock I was able to get significant performance increase while remaining cool on my 9900k.

  • rwjehs
    rwjehs 17 days ago

    A mill alone won't tap acrylic. Mills spin one way, threading out of a hole you need to spin backwards IE how a drill works. You need a self reversing tap head on it as well or you'll just rip out the threads you put in when you pull back up. Enjoy buying a Tapmatic, they're straight up $1000. I use one every day at work on acrylic.
    Or just buy a ten dollar tap bit and put in a drill and do it by hand.

  • zorhis1996
    zorhis1996 18 days ago

    anyone see that memory +1040 jesus

  • Blei1986
    Blei1986 18 days ago

    Sub-Zero Laptop Cooling:
    was i the only one expecting liquid nitrogen ?

  • Grim Exploration
    Grim Exploration 20 days ago +1

    Linus, do you have any coffee mugs in your merch store? I couldnt find any and thought it would be cool for my office

  • CavalierLiberty
    CavalierLiberty 20 days ago

    Ok, finally a long hair that knows stuff!

  • Jan Kopciuch
    Jan Kopciuch 21 day ago

    so.. why are you doing things like that in the kitchen and not the workshop?

  • TuxNewsit!
    TuxNewsit! 22 days ago

    Imagine if Linus had Steve hair

  • Something Good
    Something Good 22 days ago +1

    *Linus promo ad starts*
    "With glass, you can instantly see-"
    *Skips 10 seconds*
    Shit son if I can finally see whats below me, sign me up.

  • Andreas Reuter
    Andreas Reuter 23 days ago

    I want to see you subzero cool a mineral oil imersed machine to avoid condensation. That would be sweet!

  • Sjoer van der Ploeg
    Sjoer van der Ploeg 24 days ago

    Holy shit dudes, the "king" of overclocking put for ten dies worth of paste on there...

    • Sjoer van der Ploeg
      Sjoer van der Ploeg 24 days ago

      Such evolved scriptkiddies, you only toyed with GUI tools :(

    • Sjoer van der Ploeg
      Sjoer van der Ploeg 24 days ago

      You need to mod the ME firmware to stop changing power limits and throttling

  • jared zimmerman
    jared zimmerman 25 days ago

    insert area 51 memes here

  • Flerger Bergitydersh
    Flerger Bergitydersh 25 days ago

    Um, I'm American. Do other Americans use Fahrenheit for component temperatures? How the hell do you even measure those against everyone else using Celcius? Fahrenheit is for the outside, ya dummies. If you're going to use our weird imperial measurements, at least do it where it's appropriate.

  • Топорищев Константин

    Кто позвал Тарзана? :))

  • Rex Baird
    Rex Baird 25 days ago

    After so many years Linus you need to show us a custom loop or at least use a cooling block that doesn't have tubes coming 90° off a motherboard you can get them with tubes coming parallel to the board...

  • Moonded
    Moonded 25 days ago

    Linus, PLEASE mute this squeaking. IT IS HORRIBLE

  • Bear Boulder
    Bear Boulder 26 days ago

    This is probably the dumbest video I've seen in a while from you Linus. I love it.

  • Martika Kotopoyli
    Martika Kotopoyli 28 days ago

    Can you guys make a water cooling for asus gtx 1660ti???? There is not one in the market!!!!! Not even Air Cooler! Please!!!!!

  • mounkeyboy99
    mounkeyboy99 28 days ago

    Buy a CNC mill

  • RdL
    RdL Month ago

    18:57 this is what linus is planning with the newly aquiered machines for alex.
    linus inhouse cooling merch

  • Jonas D. Atlas
    Jonas D. Atlas Month ago

    "We don't see ourselves as being grounded type people" - Linus 2019

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly Month ago

    I love the trypophobia mouse

  • Chris Winkler
    Chris Winkler Month ago

    "It's not a race, Alex..." *racing intensifies*

  • Virtual Insanity
    Virtual Insanity Month ago

    Can anyone count the times Linus says "Nah it's fine" ?

  • asymsolutions
    asymsolutions Month ago

    Is it me or has Tech Jesus lost weight?

  • Scott Murray-Anderson

    No Ting in Canada!

  • Scott Murray-Anderson
    Scott Murray-Anderson Month ago +1

    You cannot touch the compacitor even when the AC unit is off. It will have to be discharged first.

  • Logan F
    Logan F Month ago

    Slam it in a fridge

  • Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee Month ago

    I would love to see a mashup! Use your subzero cooling system to cool a mineral bath that houses all the components! AND WE SHALL CALL IT "THE ARCTIC OIL SPILL"! You should be able to run the coolant through radiators in the mineral oil bath to drastically bringing the entire system's temp down! In theory this should also prevent any moisture buildup on the components as the outside of you tank is where the system would build condensation /sweat.

  • Ogherwin
    Ogherwin Month ago +2

    Why can’t y’all figure out a way to mount that unit the correct orientation so that the sweat from the cooling block would drip harmlessly away from the comp?

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S Month ago

    Stop looking over my shoulder STEVE...

  • Mediocre Yak
    Mediocre Yak Month ago

    I respect the ti 84+

  • Gary Pranzo
    Gary Pranzo Month ago

    Submit this to setup wars

  • Teo lewis
    Teo lewis Month ago

    Oh my goodness who does the glow-in-the-dark Nalgene belong to I have one exactly like that

  • Edward Kostreski
    Edward Kostreski Month ago

    Why use a non customer as a reference ???????????????????????

  • Tim Biester
    Tim Biester Month ago

    Hey its hoagie from dott!

  • KingOfGames
    KingOfGames Month ago


  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Month ago

    This video has inspired me to continue growing my hair beyond 2 ft.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Month ago

    Steve Burke is confirmed a beast.

  • Adam Baldwin
    Adam Baldwin Month ago

    I haven't watched a single second of the video yet but just wanted to say that Steve brought me here. Any time Steve is a part of another TheXvid channel is a momentus occasion.

  • Ejax Khan
    Ejax Khan Month ago

    I wonder if you could build a cooler with that.

  • jack martin-beales
    jack martin-beales Month ago

    @LinusTechTips could you do a ARMA 3 build, will happily let you have access to my steam for it and also I would love to send my pc to you for a bit of Linus touch (would pay you to mod it up a bit and make a video laughing at how bad it is lol)

  • Alex Kamal
    Alex Kamal 2 months ago

    I fully thought that he was a woman from the thumbnail